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Friday T&A: Triumphant Edition

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As Holy Week draws to a close and we look forward to celebrating Our Lord Jesus Christ’s ultimate triumph over Death and evil tomorrow, it’s worth taking a moment to understand how we got to this point.

By “this point”, I mean, of course, a world ruled by panic, pride, and terror (to quote from Kipling’s immortal Hymn Before Action). We got here because we failed to pay heed to the words of God, written in the Bible by the hands of His chosen prophets and executors.

Looking back at the history of the human race, one cannot help but be struck by how arrogant and blind we have become. “Drunk with sight of power, we loose wild tongues that have not Thee in awe”, as Kipling wrote in another one of his great poems – and that, indeed, is what we have done.

We deny the power of God in our daily lives, and the imperatives of His Law that He wrote on our hearts. We insist on turning over authority to preening princes and corrupt administrators, instead of holding God up as the ultimate arbiter of morality and law. And look how we suffer as a result.

The world around us careens ever further into madness and stupidity. The few of us who try to keep our wits about us and look at the world at least somewhat objectively are mocked, derided, and cast out of “polite” society. We question the “official” narrative, and everyone looks at us like we are crazy.

This is hard on all of us. I know. I’ve had to endure it myself, no matter where I go – and what I go through is a mere quantum of what more public figures endure on a daily basis, because I actually mostly keep my views to myself, as a general rule. (What you see on this site is my unchained persona, without restrictions or blinkers. It is not my best side, perhaps – but it is my true nature.)

What, then, are we to do about the fact that the world has gone insane?

My answer to this issue is to start small. As with all things, we make progress in incremental steps.

Start by giving thanks. That’s all. Even if you are in a wheelchair, or struck down with some terrible disease, the fact is that you have the capacity to appreciate the beauty of this world.

When you wake up in the morning after a restful sleep, offer thanks for that.

When you meet a friendly doggo in the street that insists on poking you with his wet nose and making friends, give thanks for that.

And when you experience the great joys of this life, in the arms of a loved one or in the company of a friend or simply walking through the beauties of nature, be thankful.

Ungrateful people are miserable people. They are awful to be around. They suck the air and energy out of a room. Be glad for your tests and be happy for the fact that you are on this Earth for a purpose.

Let that gratitude build up in your life, and you will find that over time, you will develop the capacity to stand against evil. For evil cannot easily tempt those who are grateful for small things.

And the moment that evil loses its power over you is when the real challenges begin – because evil will then do everything in its AWESOME power to crush you into dust, to make you despair, and to force you to submit.

It is at that point that you will be faced with a choice – to live on your knees or die on your feet. Choose well, because it may be the only real choice that you’ll ever get.

That is one of the great lessons that Our Lord taught us when He died on the Cross and returned. He taught us that evil can be defeated, and that we really don’t have a whole lot to fear from it.

He reigns triumphant in the Kingdom of His Father, one with God, because He did what only God alone can do.

And that’s about enough sermonising for one day, I think. This post is, after all, merely a delayed version of what would normally have gone up on a Friday. So on to the lovely lady of the week.

Her name is Yulia Stremedlovskaya (Юлия Стремедловская), age 25 (I think – she looks older), from somewhere in Ukraine. She is a fairly well-renowned model in her home country, or so I gather, and has something of a jet-set lifestyle. (Given some of the posts that she has up on her Instaham page, that probably isn’t a good thing.) But, as far as I can tell – and I’m not a very good judge of such things – she is more or less natural.

Happy Friday, my merrye olde bande of Deplorables. Understand that the reason we face these obstacles is simply because we are running straight into the teeth of the enemy’s positions. The intensifying pressure and dreadful suffering that we are going through is inevitable and normal. Don’t let it get you down – power on through. Evil already lost the war – they know it, and we know it. They can only attempt to maximise collateral damage at this point. But they won’t win if you don’t let them.

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