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Friday T&A: Over the Hill Edition

by | Apr 30, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 4 comments

There are days when I feel OLD. Especially days like today. And, objectively speaking, I AM old – though many of my readers in their fifties and sixties will no doubt be either amused or annoyed that someone considerably younger than them is bitching about a few aches and pains here and there.

But the fact is that growing older SUCKS.

You just can’t do the same things that you used to be able to anymore. I used to be able to squat 315lbs without a belt. These days, because of chronic problems with bulging discs in my lower back, and a dodgy left knee, and a REALLY dodgy left shoulder, I simply cannot lift anything like those weights anymore.

But I carry on regardless. Just the other day, I ripped 440lbs off the ground for the first time in four months, and it felt AWESOME. And, just yesterday, I was benching 220lbs, even with a dodgy shoulder. I can feel myself getting stronger after over 4 months out of the gym. Truly, lads, the Iron God is benevolent and mighty to all who follow His Commandments of Steel.

There are a few things in life that make a man REALLY feel like a man – lifting heavy shit, fighting with one’s hands and feet, blowing up things with boolets, and bombs, passionate and loving sex with a beautiful woman (especially and most importantly the kind to whom you are happily and monogamously married), etc. Sadly, given the lockdowns and the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed whorenalists and presstitutes and their endless scaremongering about the Kung Flu, many if not most of these pleasures are off-limits to us.

Yet, despite the very best efforts of the globalist elites to control and censor and destroy us, they still can’t quite succeed. And do you know why?

Because the power that these evil people have is tremendous – but limited. And, to quote Princess Leia from STAR WARS – back when it was, y’know, GOOD – “the more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers”. Damn right.

And one benefit of getting older lies in the fact that you aren’t quite as distressed as the young whippersnappers when things go screwy. You’re just much more used to taking hard knocks, and you don’t get fluffed over minor stuff as a result.

Which is why I don’t get quite as worked about about human stupidity, and assorted idiocy, that much anymore. Instead, I spend much more of my time and effort working on ways to improve myself and others.

That, my friend, is how you win in a world that hates you. Don’t play by its rules – change the rules so that you can play by your own.

Speaking of people who play by their own rules – we rather like the Russkies around here, for fairly obvious reasons. They are a mighty and free people – soulful, grumpy, touchy, honourable, decent, kind, and understanding in ways that defy easy description. The Russians are foremost among all nations in resisting the Globohomosoc suicide cult that seeks to subdue us all under the yoke of evil. That is, of course, why the Globohomo cultists hate them, and especially their leader, so much.

But they will not succeed in bringing Russia to heel. The Russians have successfully fought off every attempt by the Satanists to control them, for a thousand years. It seems to take them longer to figure out their problems than most other countries – they suffered under the sheer genocidal madness of Communism for 80 years, after all – but then, given that Americans have very happily sat back and sold their freedoms away piecemeal for some sixty years, they really aren’t that bad.

And, seeing as it’s Friday, which means posting up pictures of a pretty girl to get us all in the right mood for the weekend, let’s put two great things together and come up with something even better.

So here you go – your Friday Instathot, from Russia.

Her name is Anastaiya Kisigach (Анастасия Кисигач), apparently age 21 from Ekaterinburg, Russia. (I’m not saying she ISN’T 21, but she certainly looks older. Or maybe it’s because I’M getting old and my sense of perspective is out-of-whack due to my rapidly advancing years. Seriously, I’m old enough to remember well the days of dial-up and the PowerPC – I’m ancient, and my body feels it.) It is difficult to find much information about her, not least because her name is very similar to that of a quite famous character from a Russian film drama about doctors, called “Interns”, or some such (in English).

Even so, she’s the girl for this Friday. Enjoy.

Happy Friday, everyone. And it’s actually quite a good Friday for me, for various reasons. We’ve all got plenty to be thankful for, no matter how badly life handles us at any given time.

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  1. Adam


  2. Kapios

    What a magnificent woman. During the last 3 days I tried to read news and watch videos on covid passports and got this very depressive nihilistic attitude. I stopped doing that and just drooled over the pics on this thread to clear my head.

    • Didact

      I’m telling you, it’s a real service that I run here, pretty much for free.

  3. TechieDude

    “But the fact is that growing older SUCKS.”

    Hah Hah…You’ve no idea. None. The suck factor is neverending.

    I had my rotator cuff re-attached after a full tear. It had apparently been that way for some time stopping me from lifting much of anything with my left arm. It got fixed, and a few weeks ago I started PT. As I sit here, it hurts to breath, because I tripped over my own fking feet walking the dogs and landed on that shoulder. I doubt I tore it, the pain is deeper, like a bruised rib deeper. The painkillers irritate my cheap Irish plumbing, which causes me to take acid inhibitors, which mess up the thyroid medication that I have to take to keep my moods from going dark, a relic from cancer therapy. I won’t even get into the allergies that have magically appeared in the last year.

    I was mighty and nimble once. Not all that long ago, actually. 6 years?

    Let me tell you, gents, 50 isn’t the new thirty. It’s 50, and it’s when things break and can go downhill really fast.

    Get in the best shape you can, because you can lose it really fast if you keep thinking you’re a young buck. Things will break and tear doing the dumbest, simplest shit.

    But I can still shoot. I can still tell funny stories. And I can definitely appreciate a hot Russian chick.

    I can’t imagine why the demented high school girls that are running this country are doing poking at the Russian Bear. Putin already made it very clear we’d pay a huge price. FFS if anything they should be allies. China’s building aircraft carriers and we’re gloating over our first all gay helicopter crew.


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