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Friday T&A: Continental Breakfast Edition

by | Mar 5, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 0 comments

It’s been quite an interesting week. The Fake President continues to fail upwards, while the country continues to collapse around him. Meanwhile, parts of the USA are finally reopening fully and the (VASTLY overhyped) threat of the Kung Flu is receding rapidly around the world. Spring officially started here in PommieBastardLande at the start of the week, though you wouldn’t know it based on the weather. (It’s still really bloody cold.)

One thing is clear, though:

Spring is coming, and with it, hope.

We went through a very dark and difficult winter. Politicians used the threat of the Chinese Mumps to usurp our rights and freedoms to an absolutely unprecedented degree (for the Western world, at least). People went into a fearful crouch and billions around the world still refuse to get out of it and embrace reality.

Hundreds of thousands in the West have quite happily chosen to be injected with dubious, untested substances that may or may not kill them. (In all fairness, our good friend The Male Brain over in Israel reports no real side effects from anyone in his immediate circle from the vaccines, so use your own judgement about those things.)

Millions more are HUGELY upset at the idea of anything ever returning back to “normal”. Unsurprisingly, people like to receive money to sit on their arses and watch TV and download PR0N all bloody day long. Never mind that staying in lockdown makes people fat, stupid, depressed, and seriously unhealthy – if we reopen back up, we MIGHT kill Granny!!!!!

Lord, have mercy, for we are surrounded by morons.

Nonetheless, we all appear to be emerging, blinking like moles exposed to sudden bright sunlight, back into a living world. And that is very much a Good Thing.

Now, make no mistake, the world around us appears to be spinning quite rapidly out of control. Politicians have gone mad with power, and people no longer hold them to account – because they CANNOT and WILL NOT. The impending breakup and destruction of the American (and European) system of government can no longer be averted. There are plenty of things for us to be glum and gloomy about.

And yet… something tells me that we are going to get through this, one way or another. As long as we stay focused on what our God wants for us, we’re going to muddle through.

With that in mind, let’s get to the real point of this post, which is to buoy your spirits with a highly buoyant woman.

This week’s Friday lady goes by the name of Aurelia Pietraszkiewicz, and as you can probably tell given the unpronounceable name, she is Polish – originally from Gdansk, I think. She’s about 21 years old (or so she claims – she looks way older) and competed in something called “Miss Europe Continental” in 2019 as the representative of her great nation. Beyond that, she has starred in at least one rap “music” video – remember, I do not consider rap to be music in any way, shape, or form – and makes a living flogging locations and products on her Instaham page.

If you look at her very earliest photos, you can see that she has CLEARLY had work done. Actually, that’s a massive understatement – it’s like calling a whale shark merely a big fish. And, honestly, that’s a damned shame, because I really do think that most (not all) girls at that age look better au naturale.

That being said, she’s not bad looking even now – though she does look a bit like a poseable RealDoll these days. She has lovely grey eyes – my absolute favourite eye colour – and that helps her out a lot.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. Try to focus your minds on all that is Good, Beautiful, and True this weekend, so that you can appreciate the natural wonders of the world around you. And have yourself a proper hearty English breakfast – eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, and possibly black pudding, all cooked in large quantities of butter. None of that limp-wristed “continental” fruits/yoghurt/muesli crap – that’s rabbit food. REAL men eat REAL food, even though doctors tell you (quite incorrectly) that it will kill you before you’re 50. (That sort of food is in fact PRECISELY what your body wants.) And come back on Monday fresh, focused, and ready to kick ass, because we’ve got lots of work to do.

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