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Domain Query: Rhetorical Kill Shots

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Domain Query | 0 comments

I am finally back with another episode in the Domain Query series. This one addresses an interesting question from LRFotS Randale6who asks:

Could you do a podcast (or perhaps two, one for each form) on verbal and written rhetoric. While there are many books (often freely available as PDFs) I got the sneaky suspicion that it will take more then reading them to turn theory into (effective) practice.

I’m happy to oblige with any insights that I can provide. In this podcast, I illustrate five (more or less) principles of highly effective rhetoric, that apply in both verbal and written form:

  1. The most effective rhetoric is always couched in truth.
  2. Brevity is the heart of good rhetoric.
  3. Highly effective rhetoric always attacks what a person does not want to be identified with, OR paints him as something that he is not to begin with.
  4. Good rhetoric must always respect and be tailored toward the hierarchy in which someone operates.
  5. Always respond to rhetoric with rhetoric.

That should keep our friend busy for a while. Let me know if you guys would like any follow-ups on this subject, as it is quite a broad and fascinating one.

Here is the podcast:

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The Art of Rhetoric by Aristotle – the original text on the subject, and easily the best
SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police by OBADSDL(PBUH) Vox Day the Most Merciless and Terrible

Here are some videos on the subject as well, starting with OBADSDL(PBUH) Vox Day’s video about rhetoric vs dialectic:

See also this video from OBADSDL(PBUH) Vox Day’s Voxiversity series about the SSH:

And see this video about Gammas to understand why rhetoric is so effective against them:

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