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A gelded man in a gilded cage

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Office Space | 3 comments

A very great deal of ink has been spilled about the latest round of stupidity from Harry and the Half-Blood Princess. Quite a few genuinely hilarious memes have come out of it all too. You saw many of them in a recent Great Mondaydact Browser Crusher. I have no particular interest in joining that particular dog-pile, or at least, not more than I already have. It is fun, cheap, and easy to mock an attention-hungry well-ridden mixed-race divorcee and her whiny Beta husband. There is, however, a far more serious lesson to take from that situation. And that lesson is simple:

If you want to succeed in a relationship, do everything that Harry Windsor DID NOT do in his life.

Going Against Type

Back in late 2017, when Harry and the Half-Blood Princess announced their impending nuptials, Our Beloved and Dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Vox Day weighed in on the subject. He gave an answer through the lens of the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy, which of course he originally explicated. And he most assuredly did not have very kind things to say:

Harry is a prime example of a situational alpha who is a low delta at heart, and a delta with some noticeable gamma strains to boot. On the one hand, he’s extremely rich, extremely famous, tall, courageous, and better-looking than the average man. On the other, he has always severely underkicked his coverage; he’s had a long tendency to involve himself with older, not-very-attractive women. One would expect a “wild child” in his position to have a track record with women that made Leonardo diCaprio’s look modest, but if the media is to be believed, Harry has mostly been involved with women who are a bit old, a bit fat, or a bit plain.


Harry is a Mama’s boy who lost his mother at a young age and has never recovered from the loss. His sociosexual rank is completely out of whack as a result, as he combines elite social rank with infantile sexuality that is desperate for the Lost Mommy. Unless she possesses acute foresight and iron-clad self-discipline, this older actress is most likely going to eat the prince alive and control his life to an extent that will become distasteful to his family, to the public, and eventually, to Harry himself.

Take a look at his past history with women, and you will quickly see that Harry had a “type”. And while OBADSDL(PBUH)’s estimation of his tastes might be a tad uncharitable, he’s not wrong.

Meghan Markle is decidedly not part of that “type”. She goes completely against it. Ms Markle – or Mrs. Windsor, I suppose – is anything but your typical blonde or brunette English Rose. Various media outlets have put various appellations on her. The ones that come up the most frequently appear to be: “sassy”, “activist”, and of course, “actress”.

Image is Everything

Add to this the fact that “young” Harry Windsor (he’s my age, so he ain’t no spring chicken) never got over his mother’s very public and very awful death, and you have a man who clearly has a tough time standing up for himself and what he wants.

And it’s a damned shame, too, because the man has a great many superb and outstanding qualities.

I have been fulsome in my praise of the man’s past activities. And I will continue to be so. We can and should applaud a young man who fought honourably and bravely for his country and put himself in harm’s way. Certainly we should admire a man who clearly loves his brothers (and sisters) in arms. He did a great deal to publicise the plight of Britain’s wounded warriors before he dumped his family.

But, three and a bit years since OBADSDL(PBUH) made his predictions about the eventual fate of their marriage, we can see that Vox Day was absolutely right.

The British people have turned hard against the two of them. And they have succeeded in dividing the country in almost unprecedented ways. If you look at public opinion polls of Harry and Meghan Markle, you will see that older generations can’t bloody STAND them. But younger generations, especially the younger Shrillennials – the worst and most annoying generation ever – like them.

The stupidity of yoof, indeed.

Above all else, Harry Windsor is a prime example of how quickly you can destroy public affection and goodwill. In just 3 short years, he has gone from the most beloved of Royals, to among the least.

Life Lessons

As y’all know, ever since I started up The Agoge some months back, I’ve been about solving problems, not merely bitching about them. The mistake that Harry made with the Half-Blood Princess is one that far too many young men today make. And they will continue to make it until and unless older and wiser heads step in to tell them to knock that shit off.

I don’t have Harry’s reputation, money, looks, fame, or dating history. (Thank God for that last.) But I do have just a bit less than the sense that God gave a honey badger. (I know of at least one person who will argue that point. Good thing she likes me otherwise.) So I can often figure out for myself when a marriage might go very, very horribly wrong. In this case, plainly something has gone horribly wrong.

Here is how you avoid making the same mistakes as Harry Windsor.

1. You Will Not Change – and Neither Will She

Far too many people go into marriages thinking that they can change the other person. Women marry men thinking that they can shape those men into something better. WAY too many men play Captain Save-A-Ho and wife up a Train-Smash Woman, thinking that they can save her from herself.

Both instincts are profoundly stupid. The reality of marriage is that whoever you were when you married your significant other, you will likely stay that way. You will certainly grow and change together, but your fundamental character WILL NOT CHANGE.

If you were a grumpy old git who was only marginally more exciting than a block of wood to be around when you married, that’s what you will be 20 years later.

If you were a fundamentally good and decent and caring person when you got married, you will stay that way.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, layers will pile up on top through experience. That’s life. But your core values will remain.

That is the primary mistake that a lot of people make when looking at Harry Windsor today. They think that Meghan Markle chained and changed him. She didn’t. He was ALWAYS the whiny privileged soyboy that he shows today.

2. Don’t Play Against Type

Remember what I wrote above about Harry’s “type”? He most assuredly has one. We all do. Just take a look at my Friday T&A archives and you’ll VERY quickly figure out what my type is, more or less. He could have very easily been happy, and remained a part of his family, and continued to do good for his country. All he had to do was to stick to his type.

Instead, he ventured far outside of it. And as a result, he now looks quite contemptible to his own people. That is a pretty poor achievement for a man who used to pilot helicopters into combat and act as an ambassador for wounded veterans.

3. NEVER Date or Marry an SJW

Give Meghan Markle her due – she’s very good at her job as a race-grifter.

She knows exactly how to level the right accusations against the Royal Family. This is an institution that has withstood two World Wars and extraordinary social upheaval over the past two hundred years. It is part of a chain of tradition that stretches back something like 1,200 years, and probably more if you count the reign of King Arthur as historical fact. (Which I do, as it happens.) Yet it appears hapless and helpless against a half-Black C-list actress who calls them RAAAACISS!!!

That’s some ninja-level shit, right there.

It’s important to remember that some of the biggest accusations and claims that she made in her “bombshell” interview with Oprah were serious exaggerations, outright falsehoods, or scurrilous hearsay that no one can, or will, prove. This is most assuredly not a woman placed under terrible stress by vindictive and nasty in-laws. In fact, the Royal Family did everything in their power – and more besides – to make her happy.

And that is how she shows her gratitude – by stabbing them right in their chests.

This is what happens when you let SJWs in through the front door. Do not underestimate the dangers of letting them into your organisations. You must do everything in your power to make them feel unwelcome, and fire them outright if you have to. Remember, SJWs ALWAYS lie and they ALWAYS seek out weak targets of opportunity to attack.

If you date – or, Heaven help you, marry – an SJW, you have effectively invited a vampire in through your door. That is not an exaggeration or a threat. It is the simple truth. SJWs are parasites that seek to drain their hosts of life and vigour before moving on to the next unsuspecting host.

That is what Meghan Markle is. She has proven this time and again. And the moment that Prince Harry stops being useful to her, for her own purposes, she will kick him to the curb, or otherwise emasculate him – well, more than he has been already.

4. Live by the Code

Taking a look at Harry Windsor, one cannot help but feel pity for his plight. Problem is, he put himself there. And he did it willingly.

Now, there is nothing wrong with making significant sacrifices for someone that you love. I know of several people who literally changed their entire lifestyles to take care of ailing spouses. They do that out of love, honour, and fidelity. These are highly admirable qualities.

But it is quite another thing to willingly lock yourself up in a cage and hand your balls to someone else, simply so that she can be haaaaaapppy.

Does anyone doubt that Meghan Markle’s interview was a self-serving bit of publicity and promotion designed to further her own ends? Much of what she said has been comprehensively debunked. But even if half of what she said was true – and it wasn’t – what kind of husband sits by and lets his wife be abused?!?

That is a point raised by many observers. I read more of The Daily Mail than is healthy for me – especially given my very well-known and quite violent antipathy toward the whorenalists and presstitutes – but more than one columnist commented along those lines. So did John Nolte over at Breitbart.

Harry Windsor would do far better in his life to obey the Code of Hector:

Conclusion – Unlock Your Cage

That last video clip is from one of the few genuinely good swords-and-sandals epics of recent times. (Yes, I know, my taste in movies is awful. Go on, then, stick your mockery in the comments. NO ONE, however, can argue with my taste in music.) And it encapsulates the three things most necessary to live a good and virtuous life.

Honour the Lord. Love your woman. Defend your country. That’s all there is to it.

Harry Windsor did the third. But he probably fell for the wrong woman. And now he and his whole family are paying the price for it.

If you want to learn from his mistakes, do the opposite of what he did.

Stand firm with your brothers. Let NO woman get between you and them. Find a woman who will offer you advice and counsel, and who will try to force you to face uncomfortable truths about yourself. But do not let love of a woman blind you to her faults.

Defend your country and your people. Be honourable and just in the sight of the Lord. Do nothing that will tempt you to side with the enemies of your people.

Above all – stick to what you already know works for you, once you have sorted yourself out with the Lord. Stray too far from what works, from the wisdom of the ages, and you are just ASKING for trouble. Anyone who doubts that Meghan Markle represented serious trouble, never got around to reading the story of Samson and Delilah, or of Ahab and Jezebel.

Fail to heed the advice I have given you here, and you may well find yourself in the same situation as Harry Windsor – a gelded man in a gilded cage, cut off from all who love and support him by his own hand and mouth and deeds. Don’t put yourself in that position – it’s just not worth the pain.

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  1. Daniel Lynam

    Great piece thanks

  2. Jim S

    What is crazy is that Harry “Hewitt” did it to himself. Could’ve had anyone younger, smarter, and definitely of better character and attractiveness than this D-list whore from Pedowood. Never get involved with someone who has been divorced, especially if you have never been married. The divorcee is damaged goods. Maybe, Mr. Hewitt will wake up some day and realize WTF have I done? Unfortunately, now children are involved. At least Wills married someone who is 10x better on any day as a human being than the D-list whore.

  3. Bardelys the Magnificent

    Read over at Deep Strength’s blog: men who are afraid of God and nothing else are not afraid of their women. Harry made his bed and it was hers, not His.


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