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Show us your Bobas

by | Feb 27, 2021 | Office Space | 6 comments

So Gina “Crush” Carano sat down with the Littlest Chickenhawk, Benny Shapiru, to talk about the lessons that she learned from her firing by the Devil Mouse. Despite the fact that a Neo-Palestinian Gamma is interviewing her, the actual interview itself is well worth listening to (or watching) in full. There are many lessons to learn from this. I’ll break down a few of them below.

First, here is the video:

The interview itself presents us with a number of useful lessons in fighting back against the Hard Left. It is unusual, in fact, to find ourselves in possession of a widely distributed and easily understood instructional example.

Ironic, is it not, that we have Little Benny Shapiru to thank for bringing us this one?

Be that as it may – let us start unpacking the lessons here.

1. Warfighting 101

The first and most obvious lesson to learn here is that Ms Carano, and everyone else of a right-leaning persuasion operating in the Hollyweird fishbowl, needs to read one specific book in a VERY big hurry.

That book is, of course, SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police. If you have not read it already, you need to do so. It is the premier warfighting guide for dealing with SJWs.

Ms Carano is a lovely, soft-spoken, down-to-earth, kind, and honourable woman. That is plain to see in the interview above. She has charm, grace, and a big heart. And, especially considering that she got her start pummelling other women’s heads into the canvas, she is a model of compassion and humanity.

Precisely NONE of which matters in the slightest when fighting SJWs.

Now don’t get me wrong, the mental toughness that comes from cage-fighting comes very much in handy against SJWs. But that is not the only place where you need to learn how to be tough. And I speak from personal experience when I tell you that physical and mental toughness are as nothing compared to MORAL toughness. Many people have the first two. Most do not have that last one.

Ms Carano plainly has some, no question or doubt about that. But she has a lot to learn yet about why SJWs are what they are.

If you too lack an understanding of what an SJW is, and why xhe is dangerous, READ THAT BOOK.

2. Logic Does Not Work Against Emotion

Early on in the interview, Ms Carano points out that she tried to respond to her Leftist critics by using reasonable, factual, well-argued points. I do not criticise her for this. Most of us on the Right would do the same in her position.

However, this simply does not work to change minds in real debates. And the most highly skilled debaters know this perfectly well.

Consider almost any argument between any serious atheist and any seriously qualified Christian apologist. If the Christian knows his arguments, he will ABSOLUTELY DESTROY the atheist.

Don’t believe me? Just watch the debate between William Lane Craig and Christopher Hitchens. WLC is perhaps the finest apologist of our generation. He completely destroyed the late Mr. Hitchens’ arguments at every level. Yet it was precisely because of Mr. Hitchens’ rhetorical skills that he convinced many that night, and many more thereafter, that he won.

This is a point that many of us on the Right seriously struggle to accept. We are, by nature, used to thinking about the world in logical and empirical terms. We view the world as it is, not as we want it to be. Our view of reality is fundamentally rooted in a profound belief that the world is broken beyond Mankind’s capacity to repair it.

The Left does not share this same viewpoint, and cannot. To understand the difference, I recommend reading Dr. Thomas Sowell’s A Conflict of Visions and The Vision of the Anointed. I do not have time or room to explain it all here. The basic difference comes down to the fact that the Left views Man as perfectible. The Right views Man as containable.

These are two fundamentally mutex propositions. Since our belief systems derive from propositions that we consider axiomatic, by definition any challenge to those axioms meets with a furious response. The Left’s proposition leads to Utopian beliefs and ideals. The Right’s proposition leads us to realistic and restrained acceptance.

Note that the first outcome leads to an emotional basis for thought. The second leads to a rational one.

That is all simply a long-winded way of saying: don’t argue logically with idiots.

3. Your “Allies” WILL Abandon You

Ms Carano speaks further in the interview about the fact that NOT ONE of her coworkers explicitly defended her during her ordeal. If you ever have to go through an SJW attack, you will discover very quickly that most of the people that you considered allies, will abandon you.

This is because most people are highly vulnerable to sustained assault.

Look around you. Most of your friends and relatives have jobs, careers, and reputations to preserve. Will they risk their own lives and livelihoods for you? Don’t be absurd. Of course they won’t, unless they TRULY love you. And you’ll find out in an awfully big hurry whether they do or not.

Those who stand by you in such times are worth more than their weight in gold. Treat them accordingly.

As for those who abandon you – try not to judge them too harshly. That is human nature. When people around you experienced layoffs and job losses, did you step in to protest or defend them? Of course not. You were just grateful that you still had a job. That is how most people feel about you.

It’s a horrible feeling when you realise this. But it is what it is. Accept it, and move on.

4. Antifragility Will Save You

Our Beloved and Dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Vox Day the Merciless and Vengeful, commented on a very interesting piece recently on this subject. Here is the relevant article from Military Strategy magazine:

The third ideal type is the antifragile adversary. For this one, strategic performance serves as a stimulus for the growth in his military capabilities. This happens when the adversary with antifragile predispositions faces regular challenges appropriate to his current capabilities. Of course, what is “regular” and “appropriate” is context dependent. Antifragile adversaries are less common in strategic history. This is so because they manifest themselves only in instances when their predispositions match with the favourable character of the strategist’s attacks. One historical example that comes close to the ideal type were the Thebans in their wars against the Spartans (395-362 B.C.). The two polities fought each other regularly during the first half of the fourth century. The continual engagement in strategic performance made Theban forces stronger from one major battle to another. Though first suffering a defeat at Nemea (394 B.C.), Thebans fought Spartans to a standstill at Coronea (394 B.C.), routed them at Tegyra (375 B.C.), and slaughtered them at Leuctra (371 B.C.) and Mantinea (362 B.C.).[vi] Over the course of the wars, Thebans enjoyed gradually increasing morale, explored innovative echelon tactics and developed new kinds of military units. Therefore, by their own efforts as well by the repeated violent interaction with the Spartans, the Thebans fulfilled their anti-fragile potential. Seeing this development in practice, one Spartan sarcastically congratulated his own king that by the repeated attacks against Thebes, he had taught his adversary how to fight. Antifragile adversaries are not an artefact of a distant past. In fact, as David Betz and Hugo Stanford-Tuck argue in their recent piece, even the contemporary West has often pursued a way of war “which through one’s own efforts leaves the enemy stronger at the end than at the beginning.” Antifragile adversaries are universal and so is the unique challenge they pose.

This is the kind of adversary that you MUST become. This is what Gina Carano became, without even knowing it.

We can, should, and MUST praise her for this. She is one tough cookie. I greatly admire her resilience and ability to bounce back in the face of trials that would break most men, never mind most women. Clearly, she thrives under pressure and adversity, and that is a tremendous trait.

She is an example for you to follow. You must seek to become antifragile by building your own platforms and protecting yourself from Big Tech. That is your MINIMUM obligation to yourself and others who depend upon you. When the hard times come, you will become stronger, not weaker.

This is very hard to do, but it is not impossible. Create your own alternative income streams. The more you do this, the less you depend upon big corporations for your livelihood and existence. And the moment that they decide they don’t need you anymore, you can simply walk away.

5. Never Apologise or Back Down

This, again, is something that you will learn very quickly from OBADSDL(PBUH) Vox Day‘s writings. Gina Carano made a big mistake there – and she knows it. The problem is that, as I pointed out in (2) above, she did not realise who she was dealing with. She thought that she was dealing with rational

You MUST NOT back down when this happens to you. Never give an inch of ground. Refuse to concede that you did anything wrong, no matter how “reasonable” the terms offered to you might seem. You are not dealing with honest or rational people. Your enemies will use your admission of “guilt” to hound you into oblivion. Don’t bother – it’s not worth the time or effort.

6. Be the Hard Out

This phrase is something that comes from one of OBADSDL(PBUH) Vox Day‘s Darkstreams. If you haven’t watched it, the whole thing is freely available right now on BitChute:

The essence of the idea is to be as difficult to get rid of as possible. Gina Carano is a living example of that, as far as the Devil Mouse is concerned.

So far, Ms Carano has cost the Devil Mouse hundreds, possibly thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, of lost monthly subscriptions to their DevilMouse+ service. If each subscription amounts to, say, $15 a month, a single cancellation costs the Devil Mouse $180 a year in lost revenues. A hundred lost subscriptions therefore loses the Devil Mouse $18,000 a year. A thousand lost subscriptions dings them by $180,000.

This is peanuts for a giant evil Globohomo corporation. But once you have lost revenues in the MILLIONS, during a time when all of the Devil Mouse’s core businesses basically shut down, AND all of their merchandising operations tanking at the same time… then even an evil corporation that regularly shits all over its customers, has to sit up and take notice.

Ms Carano made one of the biggest and most nasty corporations in the ENTIRE FREAKIN’ WORLD shit its short trousers. And all she did was tell the truth without caring about the consequences for her own career.

Now, admittedly, the fact that Ms Carano is a woman and is somewhat better-looking than the wrong end of a dog, helps her out considerably. A number of male actors in Hollyweird have gone through the exact same experience, without anything like the same results. Just ask Kevin Sorbo, Antonio Sabato Jr., Dirk Benedict, George Peppard, James Woods, James Caan, Chuck Norris… the list goes on, and on, and bloody ON.

But the fact is that this one woman has done an excellent job of making Disney pay DEARLY for their stupidity. And good for her.

7. Choose Your Friends Carefully

This is more of a warning than anything else, especially for Ms Carano herself. See, she left the Devil Mouse – and jumped straight into the arms of a Gamma male par excellence. That is, after all, what Little Benny Shapiru is – you can SEE his Gammatude in that interview, somewhere around the two-thirds mark. Try not to cringe as he talks about his “Adonis-like figure” in a self-deprecating tone, thinking that he comes across as funny. He actually just comes across as bloody pathetic.

There is nothing worse or more dangerous than a Gamma male around an even halfway attractive woman. Gammas practically STINK of desperation and neediness. They also make appallingly bad managers, because their oleaginous manner toward superiors and their exceedingly shoddy treatment of subordinates. Gammas go through most of their formative years without any real attention or power, and seek it out desperately in their adult lives. They crave status, wealth, and women – and they hate men who actually have it.

These are not people with any real integrity. All you have to do to confirm whether Shapiru is one, is simply to look at the way that he treats many of his supposed “allies” on the Right, and his ideological, uh, “consistency” over time:

Ben Shapiro calls his own book "idiotic". : PoliticalHumor

This is a man who sold out to the Establishment Right years ago. Once again, OBADSDL(PBUH) Vox Day explains why:

I once had a conversation with a fellow columnist who was undergoing a crisis of conscience.  He admitted that for three years, he had engaged in no independent thinking or research and instead had simply followed the quasi-official consensus that happened to prevail at the time he was writing.  That he had done so did not surprise me, that he was candid enough to admit it to himself, let alone to me, certainly did. (1)

(1) Yes, I was referring to Ben Shapiro here. I hope you will note that I correctly ID’d him as a charlatan back in 2005, long before he had a career that anyone could possibly be considered “jealous” of. His subsequent “success” has not surprised me in the least. Nor will his eventual fall from the high horse.

This is not a man to trust. Shapiru is a Neo-Palestinian who repeatedly and quite happily conflates “Judaeo-Christian” morals with actual Christian morals when it is convenient for him, and then runs straight back to Judaic values when it is not.

Ms Carano shook his hand and signed a contract to work with his production company. I sure hope that she counted her fingers and checked up on her blood sugar levels afterwards, for her own sake.

Conclusion – You CAN Fight the Left and Win

Nonetheless, Gina Carano’s example is an inspiration for all of us. She did mostly the right things – except for apologising and trying to reason with the mob. But she clearly learns from her mistakes, and pretty damned fast, too. I expect that we will see her move from strength to strength over the coming years.

Make no mistake, she has received SIGNIFICANT amounts of preferential treatment because she is a woman. You, as a man (presumably), cannot expect the same. You WILL NOT get the level of attention and help that she did. But if you make yourself very, very painful to fire, and if you hurt your tormentors, and if you show them that you WILL NOT move, then you can win.

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  1. Matt FreeMatt

    Two things: Dropkick Murphys said: (from The Gauntlet)
    They’re gonna come when you’re not ready
    When you’re not to well-prepared
    They’re gonna prey upon your weakness no man’s soul is ever spared
    You’ve got to stand up, yeah, and fight them
    Show them what it’s all about this man is not for sale there will be no backing down

    Stand up and fight and I’ll stand up with you!
    We shall succeed
    Stand up and fight and I’ll stand up with you!

    Also, yeah I wouldnt put Shapiro in my corner. Hides behind bodyguards and couldnt deal with Nick Fuentes.
    Almost a calibrating stereotype

    • Didact

      Indeed. Which is ironic given that Nick himself is something of a Gamma. It’s interesting to note how far down the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy extends as a fractal concept.

  2. Scavos

    Reading Point 2, one of Mark Twain’s quotes came to mind: “Don’t argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

  3. Kapios

    Never completely understood the archetypes in different alphabet letters if I’m honest.

    There is alpha, sigma, beta, gamma and omega? I get that there is a certain cluster of behaviours that make up an archetype, but it’s confusing for people who don’t know the jargon. I prefer Chad vs. Simp. Makes things much simpler.

    Shapiro is a simp and William Lane Craig is a Chad. I think Shapiro had William in one of his podcast. He won the debate because Hitchens underestimated him, and because he knows how to connect different topics without making the viewer feel lost.

    Shapiro talks fast and he injects some truth to his statements, which makes him look smart, but after seeing both, there is no denying who is true leader who can inspire people.

    A far as Hollyweird goes, most of these archaic studios will die eventually. The actors who used to depend on them are now making a living as producers and actors and they can pretty much promote and get investment without those studios if they wanted.

    • Didact

      Never completely understood the archetypes in different alphabet letters if I’m honest.

      There is alpha, sigma, beta, gamma and omega? I get that there is a certain cluster of behaviours that make up an archetype, but it’s confusing for people who don’t know the jargon. I prefer Chad vs. Simp. Makes things much simpler.

      I understand why you make this point, and I even agree with you, to some extent. The problem with a binary Chad-Simp approach, though, is that it ignores two key facts about the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy:
      1) Chad-Simp is a sexual hierarchy, whereas the social hierarchy is more complex and nuanced;
      2) The Chad-Simp breakdown does not permit for fractal understandings of male behaviour. Consider that Benny Shapiru, a Gamma, lost face in front of Little Nicky Titty Baby Fuentes, also a Gamma. But in relative terms, in the world of Gammas, Nick Fuentes is a higher ranked character than Ben Shapiro. A Chad-Simp approach could never capture this nuance.

      A far as Hollyweird goes, most of these archaic studios will die eventually. The actors who used to depend on them are now making a living as producers and actors and they can pretty much promote and get investment without those studios if they wanted.

      I agree. It’s already happening, and it’s beautiful to watch. Did you see the latest movie rumours about a Superman reboot featuring a Black Man of Steel? That is going to go over at the box office like a plate of cold sick.

      • Kapios

        I had no clue about the black man of steel rumours. I stopped watching DC movies and t.v series a long time ago. I only watch the animated movies, but I’m not sure how long it will take them to catch the SJW bug. They already ruined they teen titans animated series unfortunately.


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