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Never back down

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Office Space | 1 comment

(Note: The following post is based around an email that I sent my mailing list subscribers yesterday night on the back of the news about Gina Carano’s firing from Devil Mouse Wars. If you haven’t subscribed to the mailing list yet, sign up here.)

As I pointed out yesterday, the big news hitting the entertainment industry had to do with the fact that Gina Carano, the onetime Strikeforce Women’s Lightweight champion, lost her job as Cara Dune in Disney’s The Mandalorian streaming TV series. Now, I couldn’t give the minutest quantum of a damn about an aggressively mediocre show that is evidently doing its damnedest to salvage what little credibility the Devil Mouse has after destroying the STAR WARS franchise. But fans of the show apparently really liked Gina Carano’s character and respected her for her no-nonsense attitude toward SJW virtue-signalling.

Ms Carano made a name for herself by taking “controversial” (read: common-sense) stances against political correctness and over stupidity. She’s done it repeatedly in the past. But apparently one of her retweets went a bit too far recently.

She was called to the carpet and fired by the Devil Mouse because she wrote a tweet that compared the current extreme anti-freedom climate in Hollyweird and corporate America to the persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Clownipornia Screaming

I leave it to you to decide whether what Ms Carano wrote was offensive. Personally, I could not care less. I am neither Jewish, nor prone to fits of choleric rage simply because someone said something I dislike. In fact, I admire Ms Carano for being willing to touch one of the true “third rails” of political discourse. The moment that you start talking about the Holocaust, you are practically ASKING for trouble – at least, in America or Europe. In Asia and Eastern Europe, they really couldn’t give two hoots about that nonsense.

Now, Ms Carano is not your average spoiled Clownipornian princess. She is as tough as they come. This is the same Gina Carano who made her name as a hardass MMA champion, beating other women into a bloody pulp in the cage. (Again, you can think what you like about this sort of thing, but it takes a special kind of courage to put oneself intentionally in harm’s way at the end of someone else’s fists and feet.)

That mental and physical toughness explains why she was able to endure the wrathful storms of previous SJW assaults upon her employers and her reputation. But this time, she made one HUGE mistake:

She apologised.

Costly Mistakes

It seems likely that she has not yet read the three classic works on SJW thought, action, and culture by Our Beloved and Dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Voxemort the Malevolent. Those three books, SJWs Always LieSJWs Always Double Down, and Corporate Cancer, are REQUIRED READING in this day and age.

Here is the first and most important lesson to learn when facing SJW mobs and the terminally outraged:


You must NEVER apologise or show even a hint of submission, remorse, or guilt in these situations. This contradicts literally everything that we learn as children. Our parents, teachers, and culture all demand that we admit our guilt and express contrition when caught doing something wrong.

But what happens when you simply tell the truth and receive unjust punishment for it? Why should you apologise in that situation?

The answer is usually pretty simple. If you don’t, you’ll lose your job and your reputation.

Well, let me tell you this as someone who lost every single job that he had in the past 12 years:

It doesn’t matter.

They’ll get rid of you even if you apologise. They aren’t looking for your contrition or regret or humility. All they need is an excuse. So don’t give them one.

Furthermore, I know what I am talking about when I tell you that even if you apologise and, by some miracle, keep your job, you are doomed.

Harsh Lessons in Corporate Stupidity

Years ago, during a time of extreme stress and turmoil at my workplace, I changed my internal IM status to, “The beatings will continue until morale improves”. This is a well-worn satirical phrase. It is (mis)attributed to a wide array of sources, from Captain William Bligh (he of the HMS Bounty mutiny infamy) to some unknown Japanese submarine commander in WWII.

Well, apparently I deeply offended someone with my choice of words. And that person ratted me out to HR. I received a call from two people. One was clearly a White male. The other was clearly a Black female. They took my obviously satirical post so seriously that they thought I actually intended to harm people within the building.

(This little vignette, by the way, should help you to understand why HR is the single most corrupt, incompetent, dangerous, and irresponsible part of any business. If you are in charge of a business, you must take every possible effort to completely neuter the HR peons in your organisation. If you don’t, you WILL regret it.)

I wrote a grovelling apology letter – this was before I read OBADSDL(PBUH)’s work, of course – and tried to move on. People told me that I was lucky to keep my job. Except… I wasn’t. The company denied me a thoroughly earned promotion for two years in a row. By the time I finally WAS promoted, I’d had to endure FIVE YEARS without a pay raise during a time of rapidly rising inflation. This, even though I worked longer hours than anyone in my team and had responsibilities a full two ranks above my actual official position.

I was “lucky” only in the sense that a cancer survivor in remission is lucky before the horrid disease returns with a vengeance.

Stand Fast and Push Forward

Apologising to the SJW mobs doesn’t work. Don’t bother doing it. Forge your own path and fight them with every fibre of your being. The thing about SJWs is that their stupidity always backfires on everyone, including themselves – and those who appease these fools always end up regretting it.

Instead, take steps to protect yourself, and begin to fight back.

Educate yourself by reading those books that I recommended above.

Protect yourself by securing your online identity with a VPN connection. Right now you can get a 2-year subscription of Surfshark for a jaw-dropping 81% off. The cost will be less than a cup of that godawful pigswill that we know as “Starbucks Coffee”, every month.

And get yourself a Protonmail account while you’re at it to mask your more seditious activities

Build your own platforms so that you can stop depending on SJW-infested lunatic asylums masquerading as corporations. I lay that all out for you right here.


Bleed Them Dry

Sharpe's Waterloo - Sean Bean Image (22367788) - Fanpop

Make the SJWs fight you for every inch of ground. Most of them are utter cowards who cannot stomach a fight anyway. The moment that you show them your teeth and even a hint of resolve, they will usually run away screaming. Their greatest strength lies in their sheer numbers – but even if you are attacked by tens of thousands of them, you can still fight back.

And, never forget: they can’t hurt you if you don’t let them. I’ve been laid off from three jobs and seen all of my dreams shattered repeatedly by a fourth. As a result, I simply don’t fear the pod-people when they threaten me with job losses and expulsion.

Sure. it’ll REALLY hurt if they do that to me. But they can’t really stop me.

And, if you heed my words and do as I’ve told you above, they can’t stop you either.

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1 Comment

  1. Bardelys the Magnificent

    I had an incident at my old job. We had a company-wide intranet that included hundreds of forums, one of which was politics. It was actually a very civil group, as we knew corporate was watching and had shut it down before. No swearing, name-calling, etc. We policed ourselves very well and were quite respectful. We argued hard, but always kept our cool.

    Well, it was bound to happen, and it did. I was reported to corporate HR for some posts that two females claimed “did not make them feel safe”. Of course what I actually said was a nothingburger, and the investigator was quite reasonable and I told her so. Here’s the thing: I got back to the forum and called them out on it. I knew one of the girls; she was new and immediately began stirring up trouble. The other one actually confessed that they had gotten together through email and conspired to report me.

    Immediately, trust in the forum was broken. It was an unwritten rule amongst us that we were not going to report each other, no matter what. That was out he window. Two things happened: one, people, including those two girls, left, and two, SJWs inside the company were given a playbook and began targeting people. I was reported twice more before I left, and heard through the grapevine that they managed to claim at least one scalp.

    Vox is right: unless you purge SJWs from your organization, they’re going to pop up like dandelions in concrete. And since major companies are too large to police, you will have to be small and local. All of our solutions will have to be small and local.


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