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Friday T&A: Lodz to Tell Edition

by | Jan 8, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 3 comments

As crazy weeks go, this one definitely ranks right up near the top of the Loony List.

It started with yet another Kung Flu-related lockdown here in PommieBastardLande. Never mind that the !!SCIENCE!!!!11!!! doesn’t actually support the notion that lockdowns work. The past year has shown fairly clearly that by the time you implement one, the bug has already gone into super-exponential mode – or the infection numbers have already started to decline. And when you have a complete breakdown in trust in the system, as we are experiencing in the UK and the US, then lockdowns become worse than useless because people just don’t comply.

And it continued with the madness on Capitol Hill when a full-on mob of Trump supporters broke through police barricades and invaded the Senate chambers. I’m delighted to say that at least one clever wag parked himself in the Wicked Witch of the West’s office. Apparently the people who broke into Skeletor’s office also stole her lectern, which is just hilarious.

But all things considered, Wednesday was a sad and terrible day. Not because of the violence – I’ve long been of the opinion that Right-wing violence against the political system is WAY overdue – but because of the craven sellout by the Republicuck Party of its own base and its President.

It would have happened eventually. If the last 30 years since the end of the Reagan era have been any indication, you can always count on (Establishment) Republicans to sell out faster than a Tijuana hooker the moment that they actually have to stand and defend the Constitution. The reason why Presidents Reagan and Trump were so effective is because, in a lot of ways, they WEREN’T typical Republicans. They actually kept their promises.

For all that President Trump did wrong during his first term – and he did A LOT wrong, starting with not building the Big Beyooootifull Border Wall and continuing on with not slamming the doors shut to the USA as fast as possible for new immigrants – he has in fact done quite a lot right. His Administration was winning the trade war with China. It was winning the efforts to get NATO allies to pull their weight. It was winning with the economy before the Chinkvirus bodyslammed the entire world. And it was winning in the efforts to reclaim the culture.

Now all of that lies in ruins and tatters. The literally daemonic Left has poisoned the chalice of American politics to the point that even if the God-Emperor crosses the Potomac – and, as commenter TechieDude rather aptly asked yesterday, “with what?” – the destruction of the Republic is absolutely assured at this point.

Americans don’t have a Republic anymore. That is dead and gone. The Left killed it stone-dead by using every dirty trick in the book, and a few more that they pulled right out of Satan’s butthole, to corrupt and steal at least this election and probably the previous Congressional races in 2018 as well.

Mark my words, and mark them well, brothers: there is NO POINT WHATSOEVER in voting anymore. Your vote counts for less than shit. When your vote can be usurped and given to a dead person, you know everything you need to know about whether or not you actually have a voice.

You don’t. Not anymore. All you have left is violence and bloodshed. I’ve been shouting from the rooftops for years that the shooting starts when the talking stops. I very much fear that I am about to be proven very right in very bloody fashion.

The WINTER CONTINGENCY is upon all of us. May God help us all.

But let us turn away from such dark thoughts, at least for a moment. It’s Friday, after all, and wherever you are, hopefully the weather is a bit less dark, grey, cloudy, and downright miserable than it is here where I am in PommieBastardLande.

Seeing as it’s Friday, of course, ’tis time to brighten up our evening with a high-quality Instathot. So here she is. Her name is Marta Borkowska, age 26 from Lodz, Poland. I don’t know much about her beyond that, but she does appear to do well for herself as an Instathot. As for why a Pole two weeks in a row – well, OK, the one from last week is more or less American, but claims significant Polish ancestry – well, that has a lot to do with the fact that here in PommieBastardLande, the Limeys have very cravenly locked down YET BLOODY AGAIN.

This is emblematic of all of Europe. Here’s a simple picture from Kim du Toit’s place to sum things up nicely:

We do rather like the Poles around here. They seem a sensible and hardy bunch. I have never been to Poland itself, and would love to visit.

The Russians themselves don’t think too highly of Poland, as a general rule – the animosity between the two nations goes back centuries to the times of war and strife between them. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth actually won several key victories against the Russians in the early 17th Century and even occupied Moscow for 2 years during what the Russkies call, with characteristic understatement, the “Times of Troubles“.

But one thing that the two peoples share in common is a real understanding of how bad things can actually get – and a stoic attitude toward strife and stupidity. The Russians are taking this whole Commiepox resurgence nonsense – and that’s precisely what it is – in stride. Like their distant cousins in Poland, they understand that “всё ходит, и это тоже пройдёт” (“all things pass, and this too shall pass”).

At any rate, happy Friday, gentlemen. Hopefully wherever you are, the government hasn’t yet been dumb enough to fall for this whole “LOCK EVERYTHING DOWN FOREVER!!!!!!” nonsense that the Limeys keep falling for.

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  1. Post Alley Crackpot

    “Mark my words, and mark them well, brothers: there is NO POINT WHATSOEVER in voting anymore …”

    I did go to the trouble to verify my voting record … to make sure I didn’t have one.

    В Советской Америка, баллотировка отвергает ВАМ!

    BTW, you have a certain aesthetic with the Thot Parade around here, and I hadn’t been able to put it to words until now: future footballer wives.

    Tell me you’re not also seeing it now. 🙂

  2. Didact

    В Советской Америка, баллотировка отвергает ВАМ!

    Да, конечно, товарищ. Американских политик без коррупции щас и в будущем – это невозможно.

    BTW, you have a certain aesthetic with the Thot Parade around here, and I hadn’t been able to put it to words until now: future footballer wives.

    Whaddayamean, future footballbattist wives? A whole bunch of them are footballist wives already. Like this one, and this one, and this one.

    I have almost zero respect for (European) football as a game, simply because I don’t enjoy watching outrageous fake diving followed by grown-ass men flopping around like crying fish on a pitch only to get up and walk off whatever supposed lower-limb compound fracture they just experienced. And I think that their tastes in general are appallingly stupid.

    But I will say this about footballists – their taste in Slavic women is generally exquisite.

  3. Jimmy the Freak

    This one is downright gorgeous when she’s not trying to look like an Angelina Jolie clone.


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