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Friday T&A: Lane Change Edition

by | Jan 22, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 4 comments

It’s been a rough week, no doubt about that – and it’s only going to get worse from here. The Fake President is busy undoing all of the good work that the God-Emperor accomplished over the past 4 years. It had to happen. That was what Sleepy Creepy Corrupt Slow Joe and the San FranciscHo promised all along. But it’s hard to watch. And it’s really hard to understand how and why President Trump permitted it to happen.

The most plausible explanation that I can come up with is is that President Trump simply did not have any real armed support to help him do what he needed to do.

Let’s get real about this. The ONLY POSSIBLE WAY for the God-Emperor to cross the Potomac and do what he needed to do, was with the full support of the US military, or at least with a few thousand armed men ready to do what was necessary to fight by his side.

And that did not happen.


Because not ONE of the five branches of the US military – Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard – backed the God-Emperor.

That is likely because of the tremendous long-term damage done to the military by Clinton, Bush II, and Obama. The fact is that the top echelons of the US military are thoroughly infested by careerist bureaucrats that act in their own interests, not in the interests of their country. They care about their gold-plated pensions and government perquisites – not about upholding their oaths to the country, the people, and the Constitution.

My guess – informed by various contacts, and contacts of contacts – is that the Army and Navy abandoned President Trump because he directly threatened the Welfare-Warfare State that sustained their top bureaucrats and career officers. The airheads in the USAF can bomb things, but they aren’t ground-pounders by definition and were simply not the right people to hold and occupy enemy territory – which is what Washington, D.C., actually is at this point.

That left the Marines. And they were too few in number and too spread out to do much to help the God-Emperor.

What about the National Guard? They actually would not have been much help, for two reasons. First, they are from all over the country and lack the cohesion, operational doctrines, and unity of the Marines or the Army. Second, and more importantly, many if not all of the State Guard commands conducted intensive “vetting” operations on the Guardsmen called to duty to ensure that none of them were “badthinkers”.

The consequences of all of this are dire in the extreme, because the supposedly brilliant American system of checks and balances is now completely and irreparably BROKEN.

The US military – or at least, its top-level command – swore oaths to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign AND domestic. The military commanders who refused to permit President Trump to declare martial law, deploy the National Guard, and recall Army and Marine Corps units back to the homeland to deal with the resulting civil unrest, betrayed their oaths and forsook their duty.

They will be judged for this, make no mistake – but not by us.

In the meantime, get ready for what is coming. If you enjoyed the Obarmy years, you’re REALLY going to love what comes next. A hobbled economy, massive tax hikes on the middle class and the poor, epic money printing, endless unwinnable wars in the Middle East, global destabilisation, and the utter destruction of America’s industrial and military base, are all on the cards.

Oh, and watch as America’s much-vaunted military gets stomped by the Russians in Syria soon. Unlike the US Army, the Russians actually know how to fight a ground war these days. They are probably the most capable ground-pounders around right now, because UNLIKE the USA, the Russians don’t waste trillions of dollars on stupid shit like the Turducken Plane and gazillion-dollar artillery systems that can’t actually hit anything. Combine this chronic overspending on dumb things with the ongoing gelding of the actual warriors in the field by their superiors and civilian commanders, and you have a situation ripe for catastrophic American military defeat.

This isn’t going to stop. No election will fix this. Let’s be clear about something:


This isn’t the counsel of despair – far from it. I’m simply telling you things as they are, not as we wish them to be. America is now very clearly a single-party state. The Daemoncrats have an absolute hammerlock on power. They will do whatever they want because they now control two out of the three branches of government, and will probably look to control the third in a very big hurry.

Indeed, the greatest gift that the God-Emperor could give us on his way out of office was almost surely the fact that he revealed the single-party American state for what it is.

There is no use pretending that voting will get you out of this. It won’t. Your vote doesn’t count if it isn’t for the Daemoncrats. So why bother?

Concentrate instead on more fruitful activities – like becoming a crack shot. More importantly – MUCH more so, in fact – learn how to engage in small-unit manoeuvres with your friends in the woods. I’m not telling you to Army-LARP. I’m telling you to learn the basics of infantry tactics and outdoor survival. You ABSOLUTELY WILL need it in the coming years.

Again, I’m not being black-pilled. The black-pillers, who spread despair and misery, ought to be put in line right after the whorenalists, the Congresscritters who betrayed their oaths, and the domestic traitors who enabled and carried out the electoral fraud in 2020, for expedited field trials. I don’t tolerate them here or anywhere else.

This is simple, realistic, actionable advice. Build your own platforms, prepare for the coming storms, and be ready wen everything goes straight to Hell. The American experiment is over and it’s high time that we all recognised that. Trump was America’s last chance to save itself – and that’s done now. There will never again be a Republican President.

Some of us probably said that after the Daemoncrats won the White House, the Senate, and the House in 2008. The difference is that back then the voter fraud was nowhere near as pervasive as it is now, and Big Tech didn’t have anything like the power and influence that it does now.

So accept that America is dead, and move on. If you are American, create your own militias, hang tough, and prepare for the next steps. None of us can accurately predict what will come, other than that it will be very, very ugly.

But let us put all of that gloom and doom to one side. It is, after all, Friday evening, and around here that means a hot girl to cheer ourselves up and prepare for the weekend.

So here she is. Her name is Victoria Lane, age 23, born in the USA (I think) and of mixed German and Mexican heritage – and it shows. We know nothing much else about her, but damn if she ain’t a looker. (This being a Friday, we shall attempt to refrain from pointing out that being an Instathot often is a synonym for another word that rhymes with “looker”.)

Happy Friday, lads – insofar as any of us can find much solace these days. Stand fast, hold to your faith, and recall that this pattern of misrule, corruption, collusion, cowardice, and stupidity has happened before and will happen again. No empire lasts forever. America’s time has come – long overdue, most likely. Prepare for the hard times ahead, so that when the good times return – which they will – you can enjoy them to the fullest.

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  1. Post Alley Crackpot

    “… because the supposedly brilliant American system of checks and balances is now completely and irreparably BROKEN …”

    It always was: haven’t you heard of the phrase “legislating from the bench”?

    This is what happens when some appellate jurisdiction or some Circuit Court decides they can create law from previously untested precedent.

    There’s also “legislating from the executive branch”.

    What do you think the Code of Federal Regulations is, a legislative work?

    It’s all of the rules that the executive branch likes to imagine have a 100% basis in law.

    So this idea that the United States is a nation of laws? It’s very tenuous.

    It’s all aggressive fiat layered upon more aggressive fiat, right down to the currency itself.


    What would you expect?

    That a country can accept corruption at worst with open arms and at best with indifference and still survive its inevitable decay?

    This doesn’t bother me except in the sense that it limits the amount of time remaining that the United States remains a viable concern.

    But understand this: “as above, so below” may be the stinky phrase of a bunch of “illuminist” cultists, but they are entirely right about this situation because the stench from above has permeated what is below.

    Now the corruption is so deep that it’s down to the neighbourhood level, and the goal is quite obviously to have the corruption present in every house as well.

    The United States just got its moral high ground cherry popped because now the world sees the corruption very clearly, from Big Tech’s management of inconvenient narratives to the installation of a true Manchurian Candidate.

    “America is now very clearly a single-party state.”

    It has been since Eisenhower left office.

    He was the last true populist President who was elected on a platform and mostly delivered on it.

    Ever since then, it’s been a pretence of simulating a two-party system within the One State.

    Stop thinking George Orwell’s “1984” and start thinking Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “We” or Ayn Rand’s “Anthem”.

    Especially “Anthem”, because most people operate at the level of being techno-primitives with no clear concept of how anything really works, behaving like savages from a previous century thrown into a magnificent future that’s so amazing they don’t even need to understand it.

    “There is no use pretending that voting will get you out of this.”

    Slavoj Zizek said it best: voting is a solitary masturbatory act performed in a voting booth.

    Hate the man for the Communist he truly is, but this message is spot on.

    Deep down, I don’t trust “my fellow Americans”, but I also don’t trust “my fellow Brits” either, and that’s because they’ve believed that they can go into voting booths to jerk off emotively about their desired political enslavement while doing little to nothing to counteract the decay.

    They’re too willing to embrace corruption and welcome it on a personal level.

    “Concentrate instead on more fruitful activities …”

    Already have — why do you think I’m an agorist?

    Inside every socialist democratic capitalist, there’s an agorist waiting to be let out. 🙂

    • Didact

      There’s also “legislating from the executive branch”.

      Yes, and President Trump was one of the very, very few Presidents in the last 100 years NOT to do that, by and large. Those who missed that sort of thing are really going to love the Fake President’s attempts to emulate Odumbass the Lightworker’s end-runs around the Constitution via Executive Orders, and the totally spineless Republicucks whining and bleating about it won’t do a damned thing to stop him.

      That a country can accept corruption at worst with open arms and at best with indifference and still survive its inevitable decay?

      Well exactly. It can’t. That’s what I’ve said repeatedly for years. America’s destruction is assured and we’re watching its death-spiral.

      Stop thinking George Orwell’s “1984” and start thinking Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “We” or Ayn Rand’s “Anthem”.

      Funny you should mention them. I read both as a teenager and I found them to be highly compelling, if rather odd, visions of the future. I never thought either would come to pass, they seemed far too impractical. Now, of course, I’m not so sure.

      The future increasingly looks like the soma-induced nightmare of Brave New World combined with the absolute thought control of 1984 to enforce the total conformity of We.

      Fortunately, some countries have already gone through that nonsense and they aren’t about to have any more of it. The future may well belong to Christian Eastern Europe – assuming that they can really ramp up baby production there, which would be a MOST pleasurable duty for at least some of their men.

  2. Kapios

    At this point you can only enjoy the hot instathots and insulate yourself from the idiots. Trump was on a sinking ship with giant holes, fire on the deck heading toward a massive rock with a mighty kraken tailing it.

    Military spending and welfare are out of control. The war on drugs is continuing to reinforce the prison system and the central bank is printing money into oblivion.

    I think deep down, Trump understood what kind of shit storm he will find himself in if he continued to steer that ship (or what little he could). Let Biden take the hit and just hope that the right wing states will eventually separate themselves from this madness and make a new start on their own.

    • Didact

      I think deep down, Trump understood what kind of shit storm he will find himself in if he continued to steer that ship (or what little he could). Let Biden take the hit and just hope that the right wing states will eventually separate themselves from this madness and make a new start on their own.

      That is not my reading of the situation. From everything that I have heard – including from people with inside sources in the US military and government – the God-Emperor fought on until the very end, within the instruments and channels of government, to force a recount and full accounting of the election.

      Basically, the US military leadership – not necessarily the rank-and-file, but more the Pentaloons and the flag-level types – abandoned him and broke their oaths to defend the Constitution. In my personal opinion, they also broke the chain of command – the military acts under civilian authority and orders.

      Part of this was undoubtedly due to the fact – and it IS a fact – that the Trump Administration didn’t do a particularly great job of presenting their case about electoral fraud. Giuliani, Powell, and so on, should have created a far more convincing analysis of the fraud. I think they did what they could against relentless media pressure and manipulation, but their presentation was severely lacking and the data that they released were not overwhelmingly convincing to the tens of millions of people getting their news filtered through the kidneys of the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed whorenalists.

      As for whether or not the red states will separate – it’s not going to be anything like that simple. This “red-vs-blue state” divide is not clean. If you look at the county level in the USA, the picture becomes far more confusing. There are hardcore deep-blue counties scattered throughout deep-red states – see e.g. Austin, Texas, where the state Capitol sits. I’ve been there. It is one of the most tofu-muncher granola-friendly cities in the country, but it’s surrounded on all sides by hardcore Texans. You simply CANNOT separate Austin easily from the rest of Texas – and you cannot separate the Capitol from Austin.

      This is a more common problem than you might think in America. Another good example is Clownipornia – we think of it as the most ridiculously blue of blue states, but actually roughly 50% of its geography is red. The densely-populated blue areas simply wipe out the sparsely-populated red ones.

      The separation will not be easy or simple. It will be brutal, bloody, and horrific.


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