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Friday T&A: Buns of Bronze Edition

by | Jan 15, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 4 comments

Well, that was weird.

I’m referring of course to the Shampeachment. If you’d told me in 2016 that things would unfold the way they did in 2020 and early 2021, I would have laughed at you – such a description of events would have seemed ridiculous to all of us.

I don’t imagine too many of us are laughing now.

Nonetheless, quite a few things appear to be in motion behind the scenes, the intent and purpose of which we simply cannot discern properly with the information that we have in front of us right now. Whatever happens on January 20th, the fight isn’t over and the ride never ends.

We’ve got a long and very difficult road ahead of us. We do not know what His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, the Chaddest of Chads, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, will do. Of course, we HOPE that he will have the courage and the stones to do what is necessary. But we simply don’t know.

If he does do what is necessary, he has a chance to save himself and his family and his nation from destruction.

If he doesn’t, then he will go down as the most spectacularly failed leader in American history.

Whatever happens will happen. In the meantime, pray for the President and pray for your nation. Trust that there is a plan, no matter how strange and chaotic things look to us right now. And trust in the Power behind that plan, because He looks out for all of us.

In the meantime, let us focus our minds on the Good, the Beautiful, and the True – and one way to do that is to observe the copious beauty of a Russian lady.

Truly, I am kind.

Her name is Inna Aminova (Инна Аминова), age about 27 from a city called Krasnoyarsk in the middle of Sibera. (A more accurate description of the city might well be, “a city of about a million people in the middle of absolutely f**k-all where the temperature in winter goes down to -30 Celsius, or lower, and the mosquitoes and bears will gladly embrace you in summer”.)

I happen to know a Muscovite woman who lived there for a while with her then-boyfriend. Let’s just say that she didn’t go there for the scenery. Apparently it’s a bit of an industrial city with absolutely sod-all to to during the winters – and, being Siberia, “winter” is about half the year. Getting there also involves a 4.5hr flight from Moscow. Honestly, it’s easier and faster to get to Kyrgyzstan than to Krasnoyarsk.

Coming back to this week’s Instathot, she is a “fitness expert” (*eyerolls*) and dietologist. In fairness to her, judging by what she has up on her Instaham page, she does actually have some good advice there about how to correct your posture, improve your fitness, and maintain good health. And she’s quite a stunner, so that helps.

She is definitely taken, and possibly hitched, and has given birth to at least one boy. However, her boobs are certainly fake – just look at some of her before/after photos and you’ll see what I mean.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. Get some rest, focus on what matters, and prepare for what is coming.

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  1. Kapios

    If the end of the world came, maybe the Siberians would outlive everyone. How can they survive such a brutal life. I don’t know what’s worst, trying to befriend a siberian tiger that kills bears or living under Biden administration?

    On a side note, I would love to have cuddled with the fluffiest feline in the world if it wasn’t a man eater.

    • Didact

      How can they survive such a brutal life

      Russians in general are tough, hardy, no-nonsense people – with surprisingly romantic souls. They are also highly fatalistic in outlook. I love them but they can be difficult to deal with at times.

      On a side note, I would love to have cuddled with the fluffiest feline in the world if it wasn’t a man eater.

      Actually I’m told that lions born and bred in captivity form extremely close bonds with their caretakers and basically turn into giant household pets. Heck, here’s a family somewhere in Siberia that lives with a wild bear.

      Speaking of which – Khabib Nurmagomedov grew up wrestling bears. I think I told you about that a while back. It’s absolutely 100% true.

  2. furor kek tonicus

    oh come on.

    a rib cage like that has been through a pregnancy? i’m thinking there’s more than just the titties that have some augmentation.

    • Didact

      She has DEFINITELY tweaked more than just her front bumpers. Judging by her pictures, we are looking at lip fillers, cheekbone sculpting, possibly an ass-lift, and probably work on her chin and maybe nose.

      I make no representations whatsoever about Slavic girls being all natural when I post them up here. I simply point out that they are way hotter than the competition.


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