“We are Forerunners. Guardians of all that exists. The roots of the Galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending. Where there is life, the wisdom of our countless generations has saturated the soil. Our strength is a luminous sun, towards which all intelligence blossoms… And the impervious shelter, beneath which it has prospered.”

The Party Post 2020

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Office Space | 3 comments

Honestly, gents, I know that a lot of you aren’t in much of a mood to celebrate. This was a very, very difficult year. I know it, you know it, and we both know that 2021 is not likely to be all that much better.

But, remember that we are not given a spirit of fear, but of hope, faith, and love. So let us take that spirit into 2021 and look forward to brighter and better days ahead – no matter what happens. We have a Power on our side that is infinitely greater and stronger than anything that confronts us and frightens us. Take heed of what that Power says, and align yourself with what He wants for you, and your life will get better in a very big hurry.

Time to have some fun, chaps. Let us begin with some fireworks:

Time for a hymn to focus our minds on that Great Power that guides and sustains us all:

Bring on the girls – those who, once again, didn’t make the cut for either Mondays or Fridays for whatever reason, but which I saved for precisely this day.

We start (inevitably) with a Russian girl named Anastasiya Bova (Анастасия Бова):

Alicia van Wollingen from the Land Down Under:

Nina Lipkina (Нина Липкина) from Russia:

Bruna Luccas from Brazil:

I found a proper redhead for our resident Badger:

Can’t say that I see the appeal, but hey, that’s me.

The Twins, Mathilde and Pauline Tantot:

And, classing things back up slightly, Catherine Enn (Катя) from, again, Russia:

Oh, wait, I almost forgot one…:

I don’t wanna hear no bitchin’ from nobody. Cortana’s appearance in the year-end post is TRADITION. And as you all know, you DO NOT MESS with tradition.

A bit of wazzockery as well:

Right, let’s have some music, shall we?

Forward to 2021, lads!

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  1. Matt FreeMatt

    I dig the NY partying Eddie. I have a few “Irons” fans around me.

    Happy New Year, internet acquaintance!

    • Didact

      And same to you, sir!


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