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The Best of Friday T&A 2020

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Das Beste Aus | 1 comment

As we all know, everyone comes by here for the great writing, brotherly advice, and brilliant insights. But y’all actually stick around for the hot girls that come along twice a week – once on Monday and once on Friday.

The Monday thots are usually a bit… odd. They are usually rather plastic and more than a little tacky, unless I’m feeling generous. But the Friday thots are the classy ones (generally speaking – there have been exceptions).

You’ll notice, however, that there is a small gap in the spread down below at #16. I explain the issue there, but trust me, there is a catch-up later on.

This year also saw the old blog, Didact’s Reach, hit 2 million pageviews, so I crafted together a very special celebration edition, the results of which you can see down below.

Overall,I think that Longtime Readers will agree that the quality of the Friday T&A segments simply gets better with every passing year. With a bit of luck and a very great deal of cocking about hard work, I think we can look forward to a 2021 filled with gorgeous ladies every Friday of the year.

That’s it for another great year of spectacular women. Tell us which lovely lady was your favourite in the comments below. And, as always, thanks for stopping by and admiring the scenery.

1. Farrago

2. World Aflame

3. Kherson Express

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@yandy @dreamstatelive

A post shared by Leanna Bartlett (@leannabartlett) on

4. Frigg’s Day

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💛 @loungeunderwear

A post shared by ʜɪʟᴅᴇ ᴏsʟᴀɴᴅ ♡ (@hildeee) on

She’s preggers now, by the way. Well done to her – and even more well done to the lucky guy who knocked her up.

5. Toothache

6. Still Not Tired

7. Valentine’s Day Massacre

8. Не Русский Бот

Ekaterina Enokaeva gets my vote for the most beautiful woman of 2020 – and possibly of the entire FT&A series.

9. Leap Year

10. Smiley Face

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Relax time 🤤 📍@astarte_suites

A post shared by Galina Dub (@galina.dub) on

11. Lucky Thirteen

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xo🖤 @moezart

A post shared by Anjy Shamo (@anjy_shamo) on

12. Cabin Fever

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A post shared by Amanda Taylor ♡ (@amandatayylor) on

13. Bodyweight Boredom

14. Spanish Guitar

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#hello 🍒🌹 #saturday ❤️

A post shared by ➰Eva Padlock➰ (@evapadlock) on

15. The Good

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u good?

A post shared by Abby (@abbyrao) on

16. Honey Nut Cheerios

Nothing to see here, sadly. The thot in question filed a DMCA claim, took her Instaham account private, and threatened me with legal action if I didn’t take her pictures down. I made it up to you down below, though.

17. Cerebro

18. Mayday

19. Crazyfornia

20. Freedom Riders

21. Two Million

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would rather be in Cancun than in quarantine @revolve

A post shared by Hannah Palmer (@hannah_cpalmer) on

22. Thorny Roses

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You got a $100 dollar bill… 📸 @benm_photo

A post shared by Nicole Thorne (@nicolethorne) on

23. Acting Out

24. Spanish Civil War

25. Красавица

26. Cuba Libre

27. All-American

28. Murphy’s Law

29. Hudson’s Milk Bar

30. Tyumeni Notes

31. Malibu Barbie

32. Balinese Idol

33. The Buns of August

34. Saving the World

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Something’s been missing. ♥️

A post shared by BRITTANY OLDEHOFF (@brittanyoldehoff) on

35. A Vowel for 500

36. Tree Hugger

37. Peace Lilies

38. Viennese Walz

39. Tatar Horde

40. The Savage Time

41. Berlin Wall

42. The Jacksonians

43. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

44. Moscow Never Sleeps

45. Morale Booster

46. Quiet Riot

47. Strong Islands

48. Polska Polka

49. Uptown Girl

50. Double C

51. Miller Lite

52. Late Round

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1 Comment

  1. Tyler Cook

    Rosana Hernandez, hands down. That toothy, vulnerable grin completes that shot—inviting, yet timid. Ay caramba!


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