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Monday morning electile dysfunction

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Mondays | 3 comments

This Monday sure as shit didn’t start the way that we wanted. Let’s just be clear about something, lads: no matter whether the God-Emperor wins his lawsuits – and I think he will – the outcome on Tuesday was a LOSS. A BIG one. And we have to accept that it was a loss.

Now, let’s also be clear on what kind of a loss it was.

Tuesday’s result – or lack thereof – was not a rejection of nationalism. It was not a repudiation of sensible policies and good ideas. It was in fact a rejection of God’s mercy and of all that is Good, Beautiful, and True.

Essentially, we’re looking at a scenario where millions of Americans are living next-door to people who hate everything that they stand for and believe in – on both sides of the political divide. There is no centre anymore. There is only Lie and Truth, and TENS OF MILLIONS of Americans, and BILLIONS of people around the world, have chosen to stand with lies.

There can be no peace between those who peddle in lies, and those who seek the truth. This is simply not possible. Even if the truth-seekers want to keep the peace – which we absolutely do – we will not be allowed to live in peace, simply because lies require more lies in order to sustain themselves.

What we saw on Tuesday was a triumph for lies over truth, and that triumph continues on to the present moment. And that is a tragedy of epic proportions. Never again will anyone believe the results of an American Presidential election. A Republican Presidential candidate will be extremely unlikely to get the electoral vote now. Anyone who seeks to be truthful and tell it like it is, will be silenced and shouted down and deplatformed.

That situation already existed before Tuesday. It will become exponentially worse now.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, it would appear that the latest round of electile dysfunction has gone to the heads of senior Daemoncrats:

I’m not writing any of this to black-pill or depress you. Let’s be clear about something: here at Didactic Mind, we don’t do black-pilling. We don’t do despair. We don’t do cowardice, retreat, surrender, or bullshit. We FIGHT.

That’s what you need to do right now. You need to fight through the despair, the word-smog from the (((media))), from the Daemoncrats. You need to carry on with your work and your commitment to God, your family, and your neighbours. You need to pray for your President and you need to support him in his war.

Don’t complain about the election results. Accept them for what they are – and start working to help your President organise, rally, and fight back.


His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, shows absolutely no signs of backing down or giving up on his fight to Make America Great Again:

Good for him. The God-Emperor must fight on, for the sake of his legacy, his family, his Administration and its achievements, his supporters, and his country.

The major problem right now is that the traitorous presstitutes and whorenalists are running away with the optics and narrative right now. And he’s letting them. They’re painting him as a weak, embattled, wounded old man who simply cannot accept that he lost.

If he has any hope of keeping the morale of his supporters strong, and pushing forward to ultimate victory, he needs to project calm, confidence, power, and strength – and he needs to do it YESTERDAY.

This is an easy job for him to do. He is the Chaddest of Chads. He can bring charisma and power to an entire room just by stepping into it – without saying a word.

But he needs to do it ASAFP.


#BasedTucker is based:

Tucker has been on an absolute tear for YEARS now, but that rant, right there, is one for the ages.


Mark Dice has been watching the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed whorenalists and presstitutes cover the clown-car-crash that is the 2020 election, and considers them to be clowns in their own right:


Dave from Blue Collar Logic looks at the gaslighting campaign currently underway to force the God-Emperor to step down in disgrace:

Fortunately, for now at least, it doesn’t appear to be working. The God-Emperor has made it perfectly clear that he intends to fight as hard as he can.

And Jason weighs in on the integrity, or lack thereof, about the current electoral process:


Bill Whittle and his buddies discuss whether or not the election night blue-state vote counts were fraudulent (spoiler alert: YOU BET YOUR ASS THEY WERE):


The Male Brain has been busy as usual with his contributions. We start with a very funny parody of the online game Among Us from the HISHE crew:

Turning a bit serious for a moment, Jonathan Haidt offers a new (only 11 years old) and in-depth understanding of the moral roots of liberalism and conservatism:

The Honest Trailer for National Treasure is, indeed, very funny – “I wanna be a part of the Deep State!”:

Charisma on Command offers some tips about how to turn around insults quickly and easily:

Ryan Long explains how to decide who is, and is not, a Nazi:

Film Theory points out that eating nothing but “HUNNY” all the time is probably not the healthiest lifestyle choice – this is great if you have little kids and want to mess with them just a wee bit:

Wisecrack looks at why comedy went from being funny to depressing:

Dawn Pine elaborated on that last one a bit by pointing out that a lot of these comedians aren’t interested in being funny – they’re only interested in getting attention. That would explain why you get “comedians” like Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, Amy Schumer (*bleargh*), and Lily Singh, who simply ARE NOT funny at all, yet get huge amounts of media attention. You’re told that these people are funny, and you are constantly subjected to gaslighting to make you believe that they are. But they’re just not.


Paul Ramsey is back after being put in the time-out room by YouTube for a week, and is every bit as astonished by the election chaos in the USA as the rest of us:

The only possible outcome after this is, indeed, secession and civil war. There is simply no way that the MAGA crowd will accept a Biden Presidency as legitimate, especially given what we KNOW the Daemoncrats will attempt to do. They haven’t exactly hidden their intentions, after all.


China Uncensored breaks down the motivation behind the latest ChiCom 5-year-plan, and explains why China’s latest moves actually indicate serious panic behind the scenes within the CCP:

There are also apparently some rather odd shenanigans going on with two of China’s biggest companies:


America Uncovered look at questions of uncounted ballots that have led to so much electile dysfunction:


Jared Taylor from American Renaissance breaks down the electile dysfunction with graphs and data, but argues that you should get ready for President Harris:

I’m not nearly so convinced as he is that President Harris is a lock. But Mr. Taylor is absolutely right about one thing: The Republican MUST become, first and foremost, the party of White people in the USA if they are to have any hope whatsoever of winning elections in the future. They need to align themselves with the interests of working-class and suburban Whites, which will naturally align them with working-class Blacks, Hispanics, and others. That is a winning coalition with a winning message.


Terrence Popp has a sobering message, and a rallying cry, to offer to all Americans during this time of MASSIVE electoral fraud:

Popp is absolutely right. If you are a patriotic American and you love your country, then you SHOULD be horrified by what has happened.


Richard from Entrepreneurs in Cars has some brutally honest advice to give a high-earning single mother with (apparently) three kids in tow about whether or not she has any hope for success in the SMP and MMP (spoiler alert: NOPE):


Ever wondered what a hypocrite looks like? Well, AOC is pretty much the living, walking, talking (unfortunately) definition of a Neiman Marxist:


Midnight’s Edge has more to narrate about the rumours swirling around Lucasfilm with respect to removing the Devil Mouse Wars films from official canon:

Indeed, the Devil Mouse is in full-on damage control mode with the STAR WARS IP, because the numbers are absolutely catastrophic. We can now likely expect a “multiverse” within the STAR WARS canon, and we can look forward to the “female-centric” (translated: ABSOLUTELY SHIT) series created by Leslye Hedland being set in its own timeline:

And that’s a Very Good Thing. They’re not winning me back as a fan anytime soon, but keeping an ugly character – both figuratively and literally – like Hedland away from the main canon will at least reduce some of the damage of her awful ideas.


Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock reckons that STAR WARS really is basically dead at this point, the heroic efforts of Lucasfilm’s The Mandalorian to rescue it notwithstanding:


Gary from Nerdrotic is very, very happy that he GTFO of Clownipornia when he did:


The Drinker is thoroughly disgusted by the latest season of ST:D, which appears to be about as filthy and diseased as its acronym suggests:


Tom Selleck and Alan Rickman in the same movie? How, exactly, did the sets remain standing before the combined weight of so much AWESOMESAUCE?


Your “Science is F***ING WEIRD” moment of the week is from The Male Brain and look at the possibility of finding the elusive “Planet Nine”, or “Nibiru” or “Dagon” or “Nemesis” or whatever:

The possibility of a ninth planet in Earth’s solar system, located beyond the orbit of Neptune, has gained momentum among astronomers in recent years as they’ve examined the curious orbits of a cluster of small, icy objects in the Kuiper Belt. Many astronomers believe the alignment of these objects—and their trajectories—point to the influence of an unseen object.

Although the vast majority of light observed from planets in the solar system is reflected light, the amount of reflected sunlight drops off dramatically for a planet as distant as Planet Nine, likely to be 12 to 23 times as distant from the sun as Pluto is.

If it exists, Planet Nine would be a so-called super-Earth. It would have five to 10 times the mass of Earth, be located hundreds of times farther from the sun than Earth is and 14 to 27 times as distant from the sun as Neptune is, said Laughlin, senior author of the new study and professor of astronomy in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

“This is a region of space that is almost entirely unexplored,” Laughlin said.

To detect objects that are otherwise undetectable, Rice and Laughlin employ a method called “shifting and stacking.” They “shift” images from a space telescope—like moving a camera while snapping photos—along pre-defined sets of potential orbital paths. Then they “stack” hundreds of these images together in a way that combines their faint light.

Every so often, the light reveals a pathway of a moving object, such as an asteroid or a planet.

I’ve seen a number of different theories about the “Nemesis Star” or “Nibiru” or “Planet X” (well, IX now, since Pluto isn’t a planet – or is, or isn’t again, depending on who you ask). Some argue that it’s a brown dwarf or dead star orbiting the Sun many billions, even trillions, of kilometres away.

Maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t. Who knows. All I know is that there is more going on in the Universe than our poor tired brains can understand.


Your long read of the week is by The Mountain That Writes, Larry Correia, about the VAST amounts of election fraud perpetrated during the recent electile dysfunction:

Here’s another thing you learn about auditing. The more chaotic the system, the more chances for fraud. So when you come across a system that is extra chaotic on purpose, that tells you that the people running it want it that way for a reason.

And the flags just keep coming in. This is going to be way worse than Florida in 2000.

What happens now? Beats me. It goes to court, and then the real question becomes how much spine the republicans have to actually fight. In previous years I’d assume they’d be a bunch of spineless chickenshits and wimp out like usual, but I’m not so sure this time. I don’t know if or how any of these will pan out, and without access to the real data, all I can do is guess.

I can say without hesitation though, that fuckery is afoot, and if an actual real investigation happens they’ll be able to prove it. Only this is politics, so who knows. The only thing I do know for certain is that this election is so fucked up it is just going to make America’s two halves hate each other even more.

I linked to that and discussed some of the points that Mr. Correia raised in my podcast yesterday. I concluded that the only way to resolve this problem is for America to break apart. The various factions in America absolutely HATE each other right now. If the God-Emperor triumphs in court – and I think that he will – then he will inherit a broken country where half the electorate rejected him, and the other half want him to double down on a hugely divisive agenda.

There is no way out of this mess. Every possible outcome ends in separation and probably extreme violence. A peaceful separation would be nice and good, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.


Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:


Dawn also sent over a rather interesting article about the Neo-Tsar and the possibility that he might be afflicted by Parkinson’s nowadays:

Back in 2015, researchers at the Department of Neurology, Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen, in The Netherlands identified signs in Putin‘s gait which could point to Parkinson’s.

The team spotted how the Russian strongman walks with his left arm not moving – almost pinned to his side – while his right arm swings freely.

Pictures of the President, 68, giving speeches also show him with his right arm resting casually on a lectern, with his left arm straight by his side.

The peer-reviewed research says a walk that shows a marked reduction in arm swing on just one side can sometimes be a symptom of Parkinson’s disease, says Medical News Today.

But the team also pointed out it could be a “gunslingers walk”, as KGB agents were trained to keep their weapons tightly pinned to their left-hand side.

Putin is an ex-KGB officer.

Observers who studied footage of Putin noted his legs appeared to be in constant motion and he looked to be in pain while clutching a chair’s armrest.

His fingers were also seen to be twitching as he held a pen and gripped a cup believed to contain a cocktail of painkillers.

And one of his critics, Moscow political scientist Professor Valery Solovey, has also suggested that Putin may have symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Solovey was previously a professor at Moscow State Institute of International Relations, but was dismissed in 2019 for “undermining political stability in Russia”.

He’s gone on record, suggesting to a Moscow radio station that Putin intends quitting his lengthy leadership in 2021.

Personally I put very little stock in such rumours. I’ve seen plenty of video evidence of the Neo-Tsar standing, walking, shaking hands, moving around, and generally being a statesmanlike badass. And judging by what I’ve seen from my time in Russia, Putin has every intention of sticking around until at least 2036. He’s about the only one who can lead that country without getting lost in the weeds. His constitutional reforms, passed earlier this year by an overwhelming majority of Russian voters (please, no lectures about rigged Russian elections, not after what we’ve seen this week from America), were crucial in devolving power away from the centre and back down to the regional level.

Putin knows and understands two very important things:

First, he is the only one who can rule over Russia the way that he has. He understands his nation’s soul and character very, very well. He has no intention of letting some weak-kneed rival without the stomach and the balls for the job ascend to his throne while he still has the power and vitality to do the job.

And, second, he understands that no one else should be allowed to command the kind of power and influence that he has enjoyed. The reason for this is simple. A lesser man would not be able to resist the temptation to enrich himself at the expense of the Russian people.

That is not to say that Putin himself has avoided this temptation. Far from it, in fact. He may well be the richest man on Earth, and by a considerable distance, because of his ownership stakes, held through various ways and means, in Russian energy and natural resource companies. He is rich far beyond the dreams of avarice and he makes absolutely no apologies for that fact. Plenty of Russians greatly resent him for this – they consider him a thief.

He probably is one. But unlike most thieves – certainly unlike the band of rapacious Jewish oligarchs who preceded him and prostituted the country’s mineral wealth and resources an destroyed its economy – he has also given much to the Motherland.


History lessons of the week:


You know why I like Poland and Poles? Because they don’t give the first flying F**K about who you are – they tell it like it is. Witness what happened last year when Alexandria Occasional-Cortex made her monumentally stupid remarks about how the USA is running concentration camps on the southern border. A Polish MP, Dominik Tarczynski, opened up a can of righteous whoop-ass on Babyvoice Horseface:


Your Great Man of the Week is legendary German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel:


Your HALO Meta-Moment of the week – the voice of Master Chief reads a story about the Master Chief:


Wazzocks gonna wazzock:


Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot:


Comedy hour:

Nobody – but NOBODY – does comedy better than the Limeys.

Time to get a bit edgy with some religious sketches:

You HAVE to watch the whole series there. It’s pure comedy gold. This next one, though, is a true standout:

Dr. David Wood is a top-three contender for greatest Joker ever – right up there with Mark Hamill and Heath Ledger.

One more awesome sketch:

And now for a Halloween sketch:

I very foolishly overlooked that one for last week’s compilation. But it’s always hilarious to see what happens when you get a bunch of oversexed testosterone-dosing veterans with LOTS of really big guns (and a freakin’ A-10 WARTHOG) together in a haunted house to blow shit up.

That whole “silver bullet” thing nearly made me collapse a lung from laughing so hard. It’s so wrong, yet so funny.

This clip from Megas XLR sums up precisely how most of us feel about the DMV:


Pics, guns, girls:

Well… that’s ONE difference. Another is that guns are actually useful for something.


Headlines of the week indicate that Floriduh Man has gone straight from quarantine to Yellowstone National Park:

Your “Kentucky Hot Dog” moment of the week:

Your “Are You Sure You Weren’t Looking at Siberia?” moment of the week:

Your “YOU DON’T F***ING SAY?!?!?!” moment of the week:

Your “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs” moment of the week:

Your “Whale Tail” moment of the week:

Your “Floriduh Padawan” moment of the week:

This next one is going to make your brain explode with the sheer awesomeness:

See what I mean?

RIP Sean Connery:

I mean, Andrew Jackson WAS war hero, after all…

Let’s see… “Tcädid”… yep, sounds like a towel-holder in an IKEA store.


Feel-good moment of the week:


This next one is apropos of nothing much, but one of the comments was just too funny – “Poland takes down the Thottoman Empire“:


Your Dog of the Week is the Basset Fauve de Bretagne short-legged hunting dog:

Basset Fauve de Bretagne Dog Breed Information - American ...


Related – how much would you WANT to work at Black Rifle Coffee Company given their policies about dogs in the workplace?:


Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

And now for your ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE FUEL moments of the week from the animal kingdom:

Enviroweenies keep telling us to give them their money so that we can preserve endangered species. The Bobbit Worm is proof positive that there are PLENTY of species that are NOWHERE NEAR ENDANGERED ENOUGH.


Pray silence, gentlemen, as we observe a specimen of Gymbeasticus liftheavyshitus in the wild:


Buakaw Beatdown of the Week, just in case your dreams were a little too comfortable and didn’t feature a walking avatar of Death made flesh beating the shit out of people:


Jesus loves knockouts:

Cody “No Love” Garbrandt? More like “No Chin”, at this point.


Synthwave keeps things epic:


A bit of shuffling to keep the mood bright:



Apparently, if it weren’t for this next band, RAMMSTEIN never would have existed:

Anyone in the mood for some Russian folk metal? I am:

(Ignore the borked screencap. If you click on the widget, it’ll play just fine.)

Beautiful song. Really haunting. And yes, I can understand quite a bit of it, and the lyrics are very beautiful. There is a reason why I consider Russian to be the most romantic and poetic language that I’ve ever heard.

The video itself reminds me of a highly underrated film about the “Lost Legion”, Legio IX, starring Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, and Olga Kurylenko, called Centurion. If you can find it on Netherflix or elsewhere – worth a watch.

Remember how I was spazzing out last week over the fact that Bruce and ‘Arry were in the studio, and I thought they were working on a new album? Well, I was ‘arf right – they were actually working on a new LIVE album. IRON MAIDEN’s current MO is to release a new live album after every major set of world tours, and this is their first since The Book of Souls: Live Chapter was released back in 2017. (Ah, the good old days – before the scamdemic.)

And this ‘ere is the first major song that they’ve released from that album:

Cover art’s not half bad either – though not quite up to par with, say, Live After Death: The World Slavery Tour. And I have to say, as much as I absolutely love this song – I deadlift to it in the gym – I find the Rock in Rio version from 2001 to be much better, simply because the mix is way punchier in that one.

Nonetheless, I am endlessly astonished by the power and longevity and sheer skill of this band. These guys are ALL at least in their mid-sixties – Nicko, the drummer, is getting on to SEVENTY – and the band itself has been around for FORTY-FIVE YEARS, and they’re STILL making bands one tenth their age look slow and boring by comparison.

Whatever jungle juice they’re drinking every morning to get themselves up and going, it’s clearly the GOOD shit.


And, saving the best (?) for last, here’s your Instathot for the start of the week. And they absolutely do not get any thottier than this one. Her name is Sophie Dee, age 36, from PommieBastardLande – specifically from Wales, so it’s quite surprising that her name is even remotely pronounceable – and she used to be a really-for-real “adult film star”. So if you go searching for her, you WILL want to crank up the SafeSearch filters to VERY “ON”. She’s since transitioned into sort-of-respectable real films (of the Z-grade variety), and flogging stuff on Instaham.

She’s very obviously quite artificial, and like most BritBongLand women she is aging fast, but she’s not too badly off, all things considered.

All right, gents, that’s it for this week. Off to work with ye.

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    Oh man, those Muhammad sketches are a real hoot. The Joker one had me in tears! “I was just spewing out a bunch of insane nonsensical crap! Isn’t that what we were doing?!?!”

    • Didact

      Yeah, I know. Dr. David Wood absolutely NAILS the character of the Joker. One of the comments in that video says something like, “David Wood isn’t in a Joker costume – Joker is in a David Wood costume, and now he’s finally playing himself”. And that’s absolutely true. Dr. Wood is genuinely brilliant in that role – he could easily take Mark Hamill’s place as the voice of the Joker if he gets the opportunity.


    This popped up on my YouTube feed and I figured you would enjoy it. It’s a fun watch once you get past the provocative title. Replace “Doom” with “Marathon” and it’s pretty much my experience, haha.



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