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Monday morning Bonding with the best

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Mondays | 2 comments

Ugh. Monday again. And the Monday BEFORE an election, no less. Not just any election either, but also the possible (I would say extremely likely) re-election of the God-Emperor, Donald Trump.

But we still have to get through this day to get to the next one, in which – hopefully – we will see a true TRUMPSL!DE emerge over the following days. And there are plenty of signs that tell us that the coming days are going to be VERY challenging.

For, as if 2020 wasn’t already the most miserable year in living memory – last Saturday we got the news of the sudden, though thankfully peaceful and painless, passing of a true legend of cinema.

That’s right, boys and girls… Sean Connery is no longer among the living. He, along with his epic accent, has gone up to the Great Film Studio in the Sky.

I was quite shocked when I read the news late Saturday night (my time). Sean Connery was one of those guys who you thought would just live on forever – like Sir Christopher Lee, or Lemmy from MOTORHEAD, or Ronnie James Dio. But, we all die eventually. Death is just another path that all of us must walk, and hopefully by the time we get there we will have done something useful with our lives.

So let’s remind ourselves just how great Sir Sean Connery was in his life:

Everyone remembers him for his work as James Bond. But here’s a pretty shocking admission on my part:

I’ve never actually seen any of his Bond films.

Seriously. Not once. Never. My understanding of the “Bond canon” comes solely from watching the Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig outings. (Feel free to mock Didact’s HORRENDOUS taste in films down in the comments, lads.)

However, that also means that my memories of Sean Connery involve far better and more powerful performances – such as his work in The Name of the Rose, Rising Sun (which is actually not as good as the Viggo Mortensen film American Yakuza) The Rock, First Knight, and of course The Hunt for Red October. (“Hey Ryan, be careful what you shoot at. Most things in here don’t react too well to bullets.” CLASSIC.)

Oh yeah – I almost forgot one: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. “The quest for the Holy Grail is not archaeology! It’s a race against evil! If the Nazis find it, they will use it to cover the world in darkness!”.

I also have watched a couple of absolute HOWLERS that he was involved in – such as the disastrous 1998 film, The Avengers, starring Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes. This was NOT a Marvel film, it was in fact an on-screen adaptation of a well-known (back then, anyway) 1960s PommieBastardLande TV series that was all about secret agents fighting global evil and all that sort of good stuff.

Don’t watch that movie if you actually like Sean Connery’s work. It’s truly AWFUL. Don’t watch The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen either – it wasn’t HIS fault that the movie was so bad, but that was a horrific car-crash of a movie and an insult to the original source material. (This constantly happens to Alan Moore’s work. No wonder the poor bastard hates Hollyweird and breaks out in hives anytime some hotshot film producer comes over to ask his permission to adapt one of his works.)

Maybe I’ll get around to watching his 007 films eventually. In the meantime, though, let’s pause for a moment to remember a legend of the screen and an icon of masculinity.

Clear skies, Mr. Connery. You were and are a legend and your on-screen presence influenced an entire generation of actors and filmmakers. You will be greatly missed by those of us who enjoyed your charisma and confidence on the big screen for so many decades.


His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, sure as shit isn’t ACTING like a man way behind in the polls:

The reason he isn’t acting like he’s way behind, is because HE ISN’T. The polls were “inexplicably tightening” all of last week, and a rash of polls emerged showing that the Trumpasaurus Rex is eating up Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, and Arizona too. In some states, he was basically dead even with Sleepy Creepy Corrupt Uncle Joe.

And he won a resounding victory last week when he oversaw the swearing-in of his third SCOTUS pick, Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett:

Most of us on the Hard Right have serious reservations about putting a woman on the most powerful court in the world – never mind a woman with Crazy Eyes and two adopted children not of her own race. (Her Catholic faith doesn’t bother me, personally; I do not particularly concern myself with doctrinal differences between various factions of Christianity.)

That is as it should be. As a general rule, women ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT be put in positions of power. The rare exceptions – Margaret Thatcher, Catherine the Great, Elizabeth I, Empress Gi, etc. – simply prove the rule. For every such exception, you can find dozens, if not hundreds of other examples in which women proved to be absolute disasters for their nations and empires when put in positions of power – Hatshepsut, Cleopatra, Indira Gandhi, and so on and so forth.

Let’s take all of that as read. In the short term, this is indeed a major win for the God-Emperor – because it likely means that, should the results of the election tomorrow be contested (which I put at over 95% probable), with absentee ballots causing serious problems for the vote counting, we can be at least 50% confident that a 5-4 majority will tilt the result toward the God-Emperor. I am assuming here that the very clearly liberal Chief Justice Roberts – who appears to be wholly owned by the Prometheans at some level now – will side with the other 3 liberal Justices, motivated by his deep personal dislike of the God-Emperor.

The stakes could not possibly be higher around this SCOTUS nomination.


Let’s change things up a little bit with some serious hyperporn – in the form of the Bugatti Bolide:



#BasedTucker is based:

This next pair of videos falls right under “UPS ate my homework”:

How much do you want to bet that the flash drive that Tucker’s producers sent to him has somehow, mysteriously, inexplicably, been corrupted?

Damn good thing that they made copies before posting via UPS. This story should give you chills, because it shows you just how deeply the Luciferians have penetrated our societies.


Mark Dice takes a serious and sober look at the way in which the Hollyweird-Whorenalist Complex have conspired together to destroy the God-Emperor, and, by extension, those who voted for him:


Dave from Blue Collar Logic explains to those working-class Democrats who have always consistently voted for the Jackass Party that the Bad Orange Man is actually pretty great:

And Jason does the right, big-hearted thing and admits that he was wrong about Drumpf:


Bill Whittle and Scott Ott look at a rare homosexual man of the Left with actual integrity who walked away from the very media company that he founded, because of that same company’s profound anti-Trump bias:

Glenn Greenwald is not, in any way, a supporter of the God-Emperor. But he IS interested in the truth. He’s one of the rare honest men of the Left, and he acts according to that inner conviction. And for that, at least, he has my respect.


The brilliant and erudite Dr. Jay Smith looks at the recent assault on our Christian sister, Hatun Tash, at Speaker’s Corner in London, and explains why this is a critical and desperate moment for Islam:

The fact that Muslim scumbags are assaulting women does indeed give you some idea of just how desperate they are to stop the truth about their fake “religion” from getting out. And they can’t stop it.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: we will live to see the doctrinal, foundational basis of Islam DESTROYED in our lifetimes. And we will live to see potentially 1.8 BILLION Muslims given multiple opportunities for salvation – to come home to the one true Word of God.


The Male Brain has plenty of good stuff to add with just a few hours to go before the voting kicks off. We start with a hilarious video from JP Sears about how to be a “spiritual” pick-up artist:

Somewhat ironically, real pickup artists would get a lot of success from using the same tactics.

Mr Reagan – great channel name – offers up a parody of the 60 Minutes interview with the God-Emperor:

Have you noticed how the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed whorenalists of the lying (((media))) have gone suspiciously silent and refused to address the footage that the God-Emperor released? That’s because they know perfectly well that their credibility has been utterly destroyed.

Joker from Better Bachelor examines that awful story about how a woman got her terminally ill dad to vote for Biden, and then exploited it for social media likes:

K-von gets to the heart of teh mostest importantust erection issue EVAR!!! – which candidate is the racist? The answer may surprise you:

Show me where in the Bible says that racism is a sin, and I’ll show you a $3 bill.

Wisecrack analyses how Presidential campaigns have changed through time, and how they are probably going to get worse in the future:


Allie Beth Stuckey‘s parody ad about the Daemoncrat Party is actually more honest and on-point than anything that the actual Daemoncrats have released during the entire election cycle:


The Golden One has some interesting philosophical thoughts to add to the discussion about time preferences, bodybuilding, monarchy, and parenting:

Now as far as I know, he’s a pagan and an Odinist. Nonetheless, he clearly has skin in the game, he loves his country and his people, he doesn’t want to see his culture denuded and raped by Islamic immigrants, and he talks an awful lot of good sense.

It’s just a real pity that he’s into the neo-pagan LARPing. As I’ve said before – that’s NOT a solution.


PJW is pretty black-pilled about the spineless and pathetic responses by European Christians to Islamist attacks against them in France and elsewhere:

Paul is absolutely right that weakness in the face of Islam simply will not work. The only way to stop them is to get Muslims the hell OUT of your countries.

It’s just that simple. Islam is a violent, intolerant, lunatic-fringe ideology masquerading as a religion. It is a vile heresy of the True Faith. It is a man-made blasphemous mockery of Christianity. There is nothing even remotely original about the whole setup, and serious examinations now being conducted into its origins have revealed conclusively that Islam’s own doctrines are full of blatant lies.

The Western world has a choice to make. Either continue to allow this violent and nasty ideology to flourish – or excise it and remove its influence.

And yes, there will be millions of quite peaceful and decent Muslims affected in the process. They are going to be forced out of “their” countries of birth and back to foreign lands, or rounded up and placed in internment facilities and isolated from the rest of their countrymen, for things that they, themselves, did not do.

That’s not going to be fun to deal with. The process will leave an ugly moral stain and scar upon the people who have to do it.

But they WILL have to do it. At this point, it’s a matter of civilisational survival.


Lord Razor of the Fist Clan shows us that the Bidens are far, FAR more corrupt than we could ever have thought:


China Uncensored give us an amused take on the CCP’s epic lies about their own economy:

“Signs of apparent data manipulation” – YOU DON’T F***IN’ SAY!!!

It would be hilarious to see the ChiComs lying through their teeth, if the numbers weren’t so horrifying.


America Uncovered investigates how the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed lying shitbag whorenalists of the (((media))) completely mishandled the Hunter Biden kerfuffle:


Jared Taylor from American Renaissance introduces you to your latest diverse and ever-so-caring overlords, the “Not F***ing Around Coalition”:


Terrence Popp looks at ten of the many, MANY absolute non-scandals that the God-Emperor was embroiled in by the Great Soylent Majority of Daemoncrats over the past 4 years:


Midnight’s Edge reports that the Queen of Toxic Feminism, Kathleen Kennedy, has plans to keep her nasty claws stuck firmly within the rotting carcass of Lucasfilm:


Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock really, REALLY hated the latest episode of the venereal disease stain upon Gene Roddenberry’s memory that is ST:D:

Just listening to DVD’s descriptions of what happened in that episode makes one feel queasy. There’s no way in Hell that I’m ever watching ST:D.


Gary from Nerdrotic is vastly amused by the fact that Marvel’s New SJWarriors lineup has been thoroughly cancelled:

Some of us on the Right have problems with the notion of calling these weenies “Social Justice WARRIORS”. The tweet from Daniel Kibblesmith that sent Twitter into helpless paroxysms of hysterical laughter explains exactly why the noun “Warrior” in SJW is so effective as a rhetorical attack:

This is what Daniel Kibblesmith actually looks like:

Meet ELLE.com's 41 Most Eligable Bachelors

Gamma soyboy par excellence right there, chaps. We’re supposed to be afraid of THAT guy picking up a baseball bat and coming at us? Seriously???


The Drinker is very disappointed by Netherflix’s The Haunting of Bly Manor;

The fact that this show has an LGBTQWTFISTHISSHIT theme at its core, and is all about diversity, probably tells you everything you need to know.


Your “Science is F***ING WEIRD” moment of the week is from Dawn Pine and concerns time-limited eating to lose weight – apparently, it’s not very effective:

Main Outcomes and Measures  The primary outcome was weight loss. Secondary outcomes from the in-person cohort included changes in weight, fat mass, lean mass, fasting insulin, fasting glucose, hemoglobin A1c levels, estimated energy intake, total energy expenditure, and resting energy expenditure.

Results  Overall, 116 participants (mean [SD] age, 46.5 [10.5] years; 70 [60.3%] men) were included in the study. There was a significant decrease in weight in the TRE (−0.94 kg; 95% CI, −1.68 to −0.20; P = .01), but no significant change in the CMT group (−0.68 kg; 95% CI, -1.41 to 0.05, P = .07) or between groups (−0.26 kg; 95% CI, −1.30 to 0.78; P = .63). In the in-person cohort (n = 25 TRE, n = 25 CMT), there was a significant within-group decrease in weight in the TRE group (−1.70 kg; 95% CI, −2.56 to −0.83; P < .001). There was also a significant difference in appendicular lean mass index between groups (−0.16 kg/m2; 95% CI, −0.27 to −0.05; P = .005). There were no significant changes in any of the other secondary outcomes within or between groups. There were no differences in estimated energy intake between groups.

Conclusions and Relevance  Time-restricted eating, in the absence of other interventions, is not more effective in weight loss than eating throughout the day.


Your long read of the week consists of Glenn Greenwald’s article about Joe Biden’s corruption, which The Intercept, the independent media company that Mr. Greenwald himself co-founded refused to run without heavy censorship:

The reality is the U.S. press has been planning for this moment for four years — cooking up justifications for refusing to report on newsworthy material that might help Donald Trump get re-elected. One major factor is the undeniable truth that journalists with national outlets based in New York, Washington and West Coast cities overwhelmingly not just favor Joe Biden but are desperate to see Donald Trump defeated.

It takes an enormous amount of gullibility to believe that any humans are capable of separating such an intense partisan preference from their journalistic judgment. Many barely even bother to pretend: critiques of Joe Biden are often attacked first not by Biden campaign operatives but by political reporters at national news outlets who make little secret of their eagerness to help Biden win.

But much of this has to do with the fallout from the 2016 election. During that campaign, news outlets, including The Intercept, did their jobs as journalists by reporting on the contents of newsworthy, authentic documents: namely, the emails published by WikiLeaks from the John Podesta and DNC inboxes which, among other things, revealed corruption so severe that it forced the resignation of the top five officials of the DNC. That the materials were hacked, and that intelligence agencies were suggesting Russia was responsible, not negate the newsworthiness of the documents, which is why media outlets across the country repeatedly reported on their contents.

Nonetheless, journalists have spent four years being attacked as Trump enablers in their overwhelmingly Democratic and liberal cultural circles: the cities in which they live are overwhelmingly Democratic, and their demographic — large-city, college-educated professionals — has vanishingly little Trump support.


Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:


The Neo-Tsar is dealing with some rather tangled border situations of his own right now. First, his preferred candidate in the FSU, and very Christian, republic of Georgia is facing serious challenges to his authority after the recent elections there:

The ex-Soviet nation’s opposition rejected the results of Saturday’s vote, which showed Georgian Dream with a narrow lead in the tightly contested election.

The demand for fresh elections could spark another political crisis in the Caucasus republic of four million, where elections are often followed by accusations of fraud and mass demonstrations.

Waving Georgian flags, demonstrators gathered outside the imposing parliament building on Tbilisi’s main thoroughfare after exiled ex-president and opposition leader Mikheil Saakashvili called for protests.

The crowd, many wearing masks against the coronavirus, burst into applause as opposition leaders said the vote had been rigged and demanded a new election.

“All of Georgia’s opposition parties are united in the decision not to enter the new parliament,” Nika Melia, one of the leaders of Saakashvili’s United National Movement (UNM), told the rally.

And now the situation in the Nagorno-Kabarakh contested region between Armenia and Azerbaijan is threatening to blow up in Putin’s face, because of the tangled web of mutual defence treaties and alliances in the region:

Armenia and Azerbaijan have been engaged in fierce fighting for more than a month over Nagorno-Karabakh, a region of Azerbaijan controlled by Armenian separatists in the wake of the break-up of the Soviet Union.

The flare-up has left more than a thousand dead, with world powers so far unable to persuade either side to stop fighting. 

Russia has a military base in Armenia’s second-largest city of Gyumri and has a defense treaty with Yerevan.

Moscow, which has previously said that its defense pact with Armenia does not extend to the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh, reiterated that help would be provided if the fighting expanded.

“Russia will render Yerevan all necessary assistance if clashes take place directly on the territory of Armenia,” the foreign ministry said.

On top of all of that, Putin’s government is dealing with some massive protests happening over in the Far East of the country, in the Khabarovsk region:

Russia’s expansive east, beginning at the Urals and stretching through Siberia to the Sea of Japan, has long had an uneasy balance with its western center. Since the days of Imperial Russia, its towns and cities have been seen as a mere extension of the European nation – an Asian frontier to be settled and tamed. As part of the Soviet Union, mass deportations eastwards and its status as a destination for gulag prisoners reinforced that notion. But now, as the protesters in Khabarovsk show, Russia’s Far East might be forming its own identity.

One major point of contention is that while eastern Russia holds much of the country’s natural resources – including oil, gas, and rare earth metals – the proceeds from their extraction are widely seen to line pockets in the west, rather than enriching local communities. A series of environmental catastrophes in the Far East, such as a petrochemical spill that led to the mass death of sea life in Kamchatka in October, angered locals who feel like they are being left to pick up the pieces.

While Russia is often stereotyped as ethnically homogeneous, around 10 percent of Siberians are from minority ethnic groups, and the Far East is home to more than 25 distinct cultures. Unlike the rest of the country, Protestant congregations far outnumber those belonging to the Moscow-based Orthodox Church. In the 19th century, Ukrainians were encouraged to settle along the southeastern limits of the Far East, from the border with China to the Sea of Okhotsk. The scheme was so successful that, after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, Ukrainian-majority areas centered on Khabarovsk attempted to declare their independence as “Green Ukraine.”

The point of all of this is to humanise Putin a bit. Far too many Americans think of Russia as this strange and scary place with exotic and weird people who speak an impossibly difficult language and are totally incompatible with Western values.

This is utter nonsense. The Russians are hands-down my favourite people anywhere in the world. I like them even better than I do Indonesians, and that’s saying something. They are stoic, tough, independent, rugged, and absolutely intolerant of nonsense and bullshit. They are also warm, affectionate, hospitable, kind, caring, and rightly proud of their history and culture.

Their leader is in many ways a reflection of their national characteristics and their deep love of their own traditions and country. But he also reflects many of their own insecurities and neuroses. To understand the Russian people, you first need to understand why they keep choosing a leader like Putin – and why they ABSOLUTELY WILL turn on him if he shows even a hint of weakness or indecision.

The challenges in front of the Neo-Tsar have rarely been easy to overcome. They are tougher than ever before right now. I expect him to get through them just fine, because he truly is a Russian badass. But he, too, is going to be heavily tested in the coming days and weeks.


Your Great Man of the Week hailed from the Indian Subcontinent, and was renowned as one of the greatest Maratha warriors that the country ever produced – Chhatrapati Shivaji:


History lessons of the week:


HALO 4 is coming to MCC on PC very soon, and I just can’t wait:

This is my personal favourite HALO game. HALO 3 is actually a more epic game in general, it’s simply awesome to play, particularly because of the Scorpion rampages. But… something about H4’s story and the interactions between the Chief and Cortana make it a far more poignant and immersive experience.


Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

This is for my money THE funniest TOP GEAR news clip EVER recorded:

Every single time I watch that one, I am always at risk of doing myself a severe injury due to uncontrollable laughter.


Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot:


Comedy hour:

In case you’ve ever wondered where the famous Starbuck’s logo comes from:

This one explains A LOT about the current absolute state of the US college admissions process:


Pics, guns, girls, starting with some good stuff and Halloween political memes from Dawn Pine:

Well, they know their audience over at The Guardian, you have to give them that much at least.

HELLoween memes up next:

On we go:

In case you’re wondering what that’s all about – Chelsea Handler used to date 50 Cent, and presumed to lecture him about his skin colour because Orange Man Bad:

'In exchange for you coming back to your senses': Chelsea kept the conversation going as she retweeted her ex's latest tweet and even offered to pay his taxes

Given the sheer number of ex-boyfriends and one-night stands that Chelsea Handler has in her very cobwebbed closet, 50 Cent is lucky that he got away from her… how does Terrence Popp put it? “Roast beef in a catcher’s mitt in an inverted windsock”?


I dunno, man… if you came to me with a picture of the Hilldebitch and told me that SHE is your wife, I’d be very sympathetic. I know what it’s like to date a mental case. I cannot IMAGINE what it’s like to be married to an evil, psychotic, power-crazed, daemon-loving Hellspawn like that, though.

This next one had me in stitches:

Headlines of the week indicate that Floriduh Man is taking the HELLOWEEN spirit a wee bit too seriously:

Your “Who Had Super-Pigs in the 2020 Disaster Bingo Pool for November?” moment of the week:

Your “Lizard People” moment of the week:

Your… dude, I can’t even BEGIN to come up with appropriate captions for this next set:


I mean, even Floriduh Man isn’t that crazy.

Your “Lady of the Lake” moment of the week:

Your “Having Fun Catching Crabs” moment of the week:

Your “innovative Legal Strategery” moment of the week:

Your “Perfectly Appropriate Response” moment of the week:

This next one is just… well:

Not just that, but he managed to do it on one of the most pacifist, Leftist planets in the entire Galaxy. TARKIN/VADER 2024!!!!!

Whoever carved this pumpkin, deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom:

Remember, lads, spell-check is good, but knowing how to write is gooder.

Gotta love Engrish.

Gun girls:

That one reminds me of the IRON MAIDEN classic “Women in Uniform“.


Your Dog of the Week is the lovable and handsome Chinook:

These 5 American Dog Breeds Are Proud to Be Made in the U.S.A.


Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

And your animals are absolute D*CKS moment of the week too:


Gym beast props this week go to Big Z himself, 4-time World’s Strongest Man Zydrunas Savickas:

He’s slimmed down quite a bit since his strongman days, but he’s still an absolute Titan among men. And no funny stuff in the comments about squat depth – 320Kg is 705.48lbs, and he did that for 12 REPS. That’s just… insane.


Buakaw Beatdown of the Week:

That’s about as brutal and ruthless a beatdown as you will get. The Buakawminator is genuinely terrifying, even at the doddering old age of 38.


Quality recognises and appreciates quality, and nowhere is this proven better than in this clip where UFC legend Daniel Cormier gives his thoughts on his teammate and even more accomplished champion Khabib “The Eagle of Dagestan” Nurmagomedov retiring:

Khabib is a class act. He’s an ambassador for his country, too. I’ve met a few Dagestanis during my time in Russia. Obviously I have plenty of differences with them based on faith, but once you remove that from the equation, they are tough, strong, yet deeply kind and hospitable people.

Just don’t whistle while you’re there. And don’t stare at their women. And don’t talk about Islam. And… well, basically, be careful. Dagestan IS NOT like the rest of white, Christian Russia.

As usual, MixedMollyWhoppery does a great job of explaining the Road Through Hell that Khabib had to walk to get that epic victory:


Jesus loves knockouts:


Synthwave keeps things futuristic:


I’ve seen the boys from SABATON play live, like, 5 times, and I’ve had an absolute blast at every single gig. These guys are utterly goofy buttheads, and they can’t help but charm you with their signature blend of awesomeness and comedy:

Oh, and on top of their great sense of humour, they will absolutely RIP YOUR HEAD OFF in a live setting. I’ve staggered out of SABATON concerts completely drenched in sweat, barely able to stand, sore in every muscle, with a huge grin on my face. Last time I saw them, they headlined a gig at the Best Buy Theatre – or whatever the hell it’s called nowadays – in Times Square. It was SUPER AWESOME AMAZEBALLS.



Lots of thrash this week because I’m in a mood to snap some necks:


And finally to round things out, here’s your Instathot to get the week off to a good(-ish?) start. Since tomorrow is Election Day in the USA, it’s only just and right to put up an all-American woman up here to get your morale up.

Her name is Kourtney Kellar, age 29, from a small town somewhere in the great state of Texas. She is a legitimate model and has been so since the age of 20. She’s also done a bit of work as a ring-girl for various boxing promotions. She gained some amount of fame when she became Miss Texas International in 2017 (whatever that means), and since then has become something of a big deal on Instaham. She is currently engaged to a country music singer.

I do believe she is what is meant by a “Texas Rose”.

All right, chaps, that’s it. Gird your loins for battle. Tomorrow is a VERY big day for all of us Men of the West.

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  1. Sasha Hrongmitts

    You’re really missing out on the earlier Bond movies. The character and the movies were made by guys that fought in WW2 and knew what they were doing. The books by Ian Fleming are highly entertaining.

    The James Bond movies effectively ended in 1989. All the movies since then have been pozzed. M is not a woman and Q will always be Desmond Llewelyn. I haven’t seen one since Goldeneye, and I thought it was terrible.

    • Didact

      Yeah, I probably am missing out on some good stuff. Those earlier films were great – very masculine, with an Alpha male type who drank, smoked, and seduced beautiful women left and right. Those were VERY much the Goode Olde Dayes, especially compared with the sad-sack no-fun Daniel Craig version we have today.

      I personally liked Tomorrow Never Dies a lot. Goldeneye was silly because of the absurd Russian accents, but Sean Bean and Izabella Scorupco rescued it from being completely absurd. (Having lived in Russia for over a year now, I can’t watch Hellmouth films involving Russkies anymore – the abysmal quality of the spoken Russian, and the stupid accents, are actually profoundly offensive to me by now.)

      But pretty much every Bond film since the 1990s, except for TND, has been disappointing at some level. The next one, Not Woke Enough or whatever it’s called, is going to be ASS compared with the originals.


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