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Friday T&A: Quiet Riot Edition

by | Nov 13, 2020 | fat girl jihad | 0 comments

The past week has been full of twists, turns, and weirdness all around. The sheer scale and depth of the corruption of America’s Presidential election last week is rapidly becoming very clear. Once all of the dust from the investigations has settled, I think we will all realise that ACTUAL electioneering happened this time around. And the Daemoncrats, the traitorous whorenalist (((media))), and Big Tech all colluded to stop the American people from re-electing Donald Trump.

Even then, in spite of all of the powers and principalities and thrones and dominions arrayed against him (I used that language very deliberately, by the way), His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, the Chaddest of Chads, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, could very easily still emerge victorious.

How do we know this? Look at the evidence:

  • Georgia is going through a full manual recount and audit of ALL legal ballots – Trump needs only about 15,000 votes there to win the state;
  • Pennsylvania is going through multiple lawsuits and challenges due to very evident and MASSIVE voting fraud caused by a combination of votes being “switched” by Dominion voting systems and mail-in ballots;
  • Arizona is still not officially called, and Trump is behind only about 13,000 votes there;
  • One county with about 10,000 votes in Wisconsin will need to flip red because their voting machines “erroneously” assigned those votes to Sleepy Creepy Corrupt Slow Joe;
  • Multiple counties in Michigan have seen major voting fraud and lawsuits and investigations are now underway;
  • Apparently 353 counties in the US had 1.8 million more registered than eligible voters, which is ridiculous, to say the very least;

None of this is absolute PROOF that serious election tampering occurred. We haven’t proven that beyond any reasonable doubt, not yet. But there is so much evidence of tampering, at this point, what with all of the affidavits, the video evidence, the rapidly escalating counts of misallocated votes by Dominion voting systems, and incorrectly marked ballots and mail-in garbage and so on, that we simply cannot conclude that this was a clean or transparent election.

And so a quiet revolution appears to be taking place within the USA.

Tens of millions of Americans believe, rightly, that their votes were stolen from them. An astounding 70% or more of Republicans believe that Biden did not legitimately win (which he did not and has not). And that is before we get to the fact that Biden HAS NOT, in fact, won at all.

That is the simple truth. Biden will not officially become the President-Elect of the United States of America until and unless the electors vote in the electoral college on December 14th. That means that the God-Emperor and his legal team have that much time to blast the system with lawsuits and injunctions and investigations to overturn all of these plainly illegal results.

I believe that he will succeed in at least some of these attempts.

Let’s say that he wins Georgia. (Very likely at this stage.) And let’s say that the one county in Wisconsin flips red, as it must. Joe Biden’s lead in Wisconsin then drops to about 1,500 votes – before recounts. Trump wins those recounts and gets WI and GA in the process. That puts him at 258 to 280.

Now suppose that he either gets AZ and MI, or picks up PA. That puts him at 278 or 279 electoral college votes instantly. And I believe that he will probably pick up AZ as well.

He has 30 days, thereabouts, to accomplish all of this. That’s a tall order. But it’s not impossible. And one lesson that I have very clearly learned over the past 5 years is: NEVER BET AGAINST THE GOD-EMPEROR!!!

Even if he loses, Trump’s revolution isn’t going away. Half the electorate believes that this was the worst and most unfair election in US history, and they are right. The only way forward is for that half to simply break away from the rest.

And if that means that huge numbers of blue-staters – or, more accurately, blue-citiers (shittiers?) – starve and freeze to death in the process… well, they pretty much brought that on themselves.

War is coming – this is undoubted and unquestionable. But we are seeing a quiet revolution now. And it was a very long time in coming.

We will see how that revolution plays out over the coming days. But for now, let’s get in the right frame of mind for the weekend. We need to keep our morale high and our will strong. I know of few better ways to do that than to look at a beautiful girl.

So here we go. Her name is Alexandra Ermolaeva (Александра Ермолаева), and apparently she is 27 years of age and from Moscow. (I can’t really find many biographical details of her online.) As you can see, though, there is nothing questionable or vague about her figure – she is quite something to behold. On Instagram she calls herself “Queen of Memes” (Королева Мемов) and claims that “my stories will make your day”. Well, perhaps they will, but honestly, nobody’s looking at her Instaham account for her stories.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. Remember, Biden didn’t win and Epstein didn’t kill himself. No matter what happens over the next month, we ARE going to win the long wars to come. So don’t let yourself get downhearted. Things looked truly bleak just a week ago – now look where we are. We’re going to get through this. Look forward to the day that we can give the Left a hiding that they will never, ever forget – the few that survive it, anyway.

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