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Friday T&A: Polska Polka Edition

by | Nov 27, 2020 | fat girl jihad | 4 comments

It’s the day after Turkey Day, and no doubt many of you are groaning with indigestion delight over the culinary specials that your girlfriends, wives, and/or mothers cooked up for you last night. Or at least, that is the case if you live in a relatively free and sensible part of the USA. For those in the blue states and cities run by tyrants, fools, and lunatics – New York F***ing Shitty or Chicago or Austin, places like that, etc. – then you have my condolences.

I feel even more sorry for you if you decided to wake up stupidly early to go stand outside a block-store in the freezing cold, waiting to charge in to snap up deeply discounted TVs and computers and gaming consoles today. That’s right, today is the annualised bacchanalia of orgiastic shopping known as “Black Friday”. The fact that a day dedicated to excess and rampant consumerism is known by such a sinister term, should tell you everything that you need to know about its true purpose.

For those of you who aren’t interested in mindlessly spending on useless shit and pleasing Mammon in the process, though, it’s a good day to sit back and engage in a bit of introspection. (Or play with dogs, which is both more wholesome and more fun.)

As I pointed out in the last couple of posts, it’s very easy for us to get down on ourselves because of all of the insanity going on around us right now. I’m certainly not immune to that problem. I’ve gotten into some heated arguments with my own family about the ways that people have lost their minds in the face of a lethal and terrifying world-destroying disease that has a survival rate of 99% OR HIGHER if you’re under the age of 70. And don’t even get me started on trying to discuss the mandatory wearing of masks with people – family members have literally gotten up and walked away from me because they think I’m crazy for pointing out that mask mandates have been ineffective at stopping the spread of the Kung Flu.

When you try to point this out to people and back up your arguments with the (so far) ONE AND ONLY true randomised controlled trial on that precise subject, along with multiple studies about the usefulness (or lack thereof) of masks (both surgical and not) in preventing the spread of influenza, you will be treated like a crazy person with no rational expertise whatsoever.

If you have family members like this – even if they are parents or siblings or, God help you, children – then I’m sorry to tell you that you can’t do anything to help them.

That’s just the harsh truth. They are blind to the truth and panicked and crazed by fear. You cannot stop such people from being afraid without grabbing them and physically slapping them silly.

All you can do is concentrate on keeping yourself strong, mentally and morally. So focus on that instead. Keep your morale up and do your best to stay optimistic.

Yes, times are hard and getting harder by the day. But there are reasons to be optimistic even so. And here’s the secret to staying upbeat and hopeful:

Take every day one little victory at a time.

I’ll give you a damned good example from quite literally yesterday. I got this information just this morning from an old friend and reader after speaking with him for two hours, and he mentioned . Apparently, the Notorious ACB did the right thing and ruled in favour of religious liberty in a 5-4 opinion that directly rebuked both New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the previous precedent of restrictions imposed by the Court itself.

That ruling is, in and of itself, highly telling. Justices Thomas and Alito opined as we expected. But Justice Gorsuch’s words on the preservation of the Constitution in times of crisis are fighting ones. This man may misrule on a case or two here and there, but our faith in him may well be rewarded yet. And Kavanaugh, squishy centrist that I thought he would be, turned out to be just as ardent a defender of the First Amendment.

The unknown quantity was ACB – and she delivered, in spades. This was a litmus test of the new Justice’s commitment to Constitutional fidelity. And she passed.

There will be many more such tests to come. But the battle lines in the Court have now been revealed. Chief Justice John Roberts is unquestionably now part of the liberal wing.

When – not if, when – the God-Emperor gets the electoral fraud issues before the SCOTUS, we now have some reasonable idea what to expect. And I reckon that my initial hunch about this being a 4-4 situation with a swing vote to decide the whole thing will be correct. Justices Gorsuch, Alito, and especially Thomas will likely vote in favour of the God-Emperor. Barrett very likely will as well. Kavanaugh will as well, I hope. But Roberts will not.

Nonetheless, that 5-4 ruling is all that we need to stop the destruction of America’s republic cold, at least for a few months to a year. The God-Emperor will face a tremendous battle to restore anything after that, because vicious and violent civil war will then be unleashed into the streets and cities of America.

And well past time for it, too. As I’ve been saying for years – America cannot be saved in its present form. Let it die. Save what you can, because America as a concept is gone.

With all of that verbiage out of the way – let’s get on with some more morale-boosting, in the form of a pretty girl. That’s why you’re ACTUALLY here, after all. My dashing good looks, debonair manners, supremely cultured accent, devastating wit, and exquisite repartee all pale in comparison with a hot chick in a bikini with nice big tits and a round firm ass.

As the saying goes, I don’t make the rules, I just play the game. So, here you are.

This week’s lovely lady of loveliness is Halinka Wisniewska, age 28 (I think), and as you can probably guess by her name, she’s Polish. As far as I can tell, she’s from Warsaw.

Information about her is limited, but I’m given to understand that she’s some sort of fashion model for a clothing brand called “By O La La” – WTFH that means. At any rate, she’s your waifu Instathot to get your weekend off to the right start – no doubt my Polish readers, all two of them, can inform us whether she meets with their approval.

Like most such Instathots, she actually looks a lot BETTER without all of the warpaint. But I will say that she has quite a lovely smile. Women ought to learn these days that a nice smile can cover a multitude of sins on their part – a pretty smile and a good attitude can elevate a 7 straight to a 9 in most men’s estimations almost instantly.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. Enjoy the weekend, get some rest, and try to work off the impact of all of that turkey and beer and football. Interesting and challenging times lie ahead, as you no doubt know – so be ready for them.

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  1. Dire Badger

    heh. You are aware that the reason it’s called black friday is because, with an enormous amount of commercial business, it marks the end of the ‘red’ period (February through november) and the beginning of the ‘black’ period.

    A lot of businesses lose money all year long and only make it up around the Christmas/Chucknuts/New year season, where all their yearly profits are made. Especially certain types of clothing, electronics, and toys.

    Black Friday is a celebration of all the red monthly earnings statements suddenly turning black as their income finally…dramatically…exceeds their costs.

    This is the time of year for me, also, where my best commissions profits come in as people get art made for their friends and family (Or the freaks need art of naked foxgirls to jerk off to over the holidays to dodge depression) and I can literally make 3000 dollars a day depending on how many hours I am willing to put in, and how well my wrists, elbows, and shoulders hold out.

    Every December I stop having time to work out daily in order to scrape up next year’s profits. And then I get to spend all January and February making up lost gains.

    And I Start On Black Friday, when I hold a ‘cheap sketch’ day, and ends February 11th where I draw pinup pictures of girls wearing glasses and lying on Lab coats while they look at sliderules, test tubes, and multimeters in baffled confusion
    (February 11th is international women and girls in science day, and I like to make fun of them in front of my liberal audience.)
    Usually by next November almost everyone has forgotten my thought crimes and the profit wave hits again.

  2. Didact

    heh. You are aware that the reason it’s called black friday is because, with an enormous amount of commercial business, it marks the end of the ‘red’ period (February through november) and the beginning of the ‘black’ period.

    I know. I was being somewhat facetious.

    • Dire Badger

      I was wondering about that, considering you worked in financial systems 🙂

  3. Post Alley Crackpot

    “Women ought to learn these days that a nice smile can cover a multitude of sins on their part …”

    I’m looking for the deeper-set eyes and the Morton’s toes.

    Because INTJs aren’t only judgemental, INTJs have Standards. 🙂


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