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Prove it

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Our good friend Dawn Pine and I obviously think very much alike, because we both saw this news story about actress Charlotte Kirk’s PoundMeToo claims and immediately jumped to pretty much the same basic conclusion:

British actress Charlotte Kirk has filed a secret lawsuit against three Hollywood producers in an attempt to lift a gag order relating to a 2013 incident in which she claims she was forced into having non-consensual sex to secure a film financing deal.  

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Kirk, 28, filed the petition in Los Angeles Superior Court on September 3. The lawsuit reportedly relates to Australian billionaire James Packer, and filmmakers Brett Ratner and Avi Lerner and ousted Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that the petition was filed under pseudonyms.    

Kirk now wants to lift a gag order to speak freely about an alleged incident that took place at Hotel Bel-Air on September 26, 2013, despite signing a confidentiality agreement last year. 

According to the suit, Kirk claims she was forced into having non-consensual sex with Tsujihara – who was then the head of Warner Bros – in order to seal a $450 million slate financing deal between that company and RatPac-Dune Entertainment – a production firm founded by Packer and Ratner. 

All four men vehemently deny the claims. A lawyer for Packer, Ratner and Lerner said his clients were victims of a multi-million-dollar extortion plot orchestrated by Kirk and two others.  

The filing relating to the Bel-Air Hotel incident states in part: When Kirk arrived, she was introduced to a cocaine snorting Tsujihara] who shortly thereafter left and went into another room. 

‘Packer told Kirk that Tsujihara wanted to discuss her career further in the other room. Kirk entered the other room to find Tsujihara naked on the bed and demanding sex. 

‘When Kirk hurried to the adjoining bathroom and strongly objected by text message to Packer, he ordered her to comply by replying ‘Be Cool’. When attempting to leave the room, the significantly taller and larger Packer blocked her from leaving and menacingly told her she had to have sex with Tsujihara. 

‘Desperate to have Petitioner comply, Packer offered her $30,000 to do as he demanded, which she did not accept. Fearing for her personal safety, being blacklisted and the destruction of her career before it ever began, she complied with Packer’s demands and engaged in non-consensual intercourse with Tsujihara under duress. 

‘Kirk later learned she was Packer’s offering to Tsujihara to further induce him to agree to a $450,000,000 deal between Packer and Ratner, and Tsujihara and Warner Bros.’

Kirk went on to have a brief consensual affair with Tsujihara. Last year, he was forced to resign from his post as Warner Bros CEO following claims he had promised auditions to Kirk in return for sex. He strenuously disputed those accusations. 

Now, Tsujihara is also vehemently denying the new claims that he had non-consensual sex with Kirk in September 2013. 

A PoundMeToo thot in the wild, eh? Right, let’s perform a rigourous check of her credentials:

Just as we thought: thar be a thot!

This becomes glaringly obvious when you look at one of the photos in The Daily Mail article:

Kirk is pictured with her current boyfriend, British director Neil Marshall

That’s her current boyfriend, a British film director. This is just a wild guess, but I strongly suspect that she’s not with him because he has a “good sense of humour”. It might just be safe to say, given Ms Kirk’s record, that she is perhaps not being entirely truthful when she claims that she was assaulted and violated.

Now let’s be clear: her allegations deserve to be investigated and checked carefully. She has made serious allegations against powerful and influential men. If they believe themselves to be above reproach and justice, then they need to be brought down to Earth in a very big hurry.

But… if that investigation finds that she simply made shit up, or finds no evidence whatsoever for her claims, then she deserves to suffer the full penalty for lying, under the law.

This is the biggest problem with the PoundMeToo movement these days – it is nearly impossible to figure out who is telling the truth and who is lying, simply because everything has gotten so emotional, politicised, and vicious. Sorting out truth from lies becomes exponentially harder when you are dealing with rape cases because our natural instinct, at least in the (nominally) Christian West, is to believe the woman. Our first desire is to protect our women – which we absolutely should, because our women represent our future and the survival of our nations and tribes.

That is not a universal attribute, at all. There is a very good reason why the PoundMeToo movement does not exist in Islamic and African societies, and exists only to a very limited extent in Latin American ones, and is virtually non-existent in most East Asian societies. Those societies don’t care about women’s rights very much – and if you find that offensive, I’d like you to explain to me why East Asian, specifically Chinese, and South Asian societies have appallingly high rates of sex-selective abortions, female infanticide, violent physical and mental abuse, and outright rape.

The only halfway reliable method of figuring out whether a woman is telling the truth about whether or not she was actually raped, as far as I can tell – and i’m no expert – is to look at her behaviour.

The following video is from 2015. The woman is a former porn actress by the name of Cytherea – I’m given to understand that she used to be very famous for, uh, producing waterworks during her performances. In 2015 her house was invaded by three Black teens and she was brutally raped in front of her family.

Look at her body language:

That is the body language of a woman who suffered the most extreme form of violation and control. That is the body language and manner of a woman attempting to make sense of a horrific assault that defies comprehension and that robbed her of all dignity and decency.

Now observe how a woman behaves when she makes a patently false rape accusation – I’ve taken one of the most blatantly stupid examples of such a thing that I could find, deliberately, to show the contrast:

The body language of the woman who made the false rape accusation in that video is haughty, arrogant, superior, and angry. Compare that with Cytherea’s gut-wrenching testimony above, and you’ll know what you need to know in order to understand how these false accusations work.

Ms Kirk may well be telling the truth. Let her allegations be investigated, and let’s find out. But by no means should men be held automatically guilty in the court of public opinion, especially given the fact that the PoundMeToo movement has ruined the lives and careers of entirely innocent men, who lose their jobs and suffer the utter trashing and destruction of their reputations simply on the whim of a spurned or scorned woman.

In the meantime, my advice to all young men out there is to vigourously observe the Mike Pence Rule. Do not hold meetings with women alone in a professional context. Do not associate with women in the workplace, at all, under any circumstances. Do not hire them if you can in any way avoid it. Do not mingle with them after hours. Do not mentor them. Do not promote them. Do not get involved with them, professionally.

The hard fact is that they do not belong there. Most women would be far happier, more satisfied, and more productive spending their time at home looking after a house with children – women are absolutely going to HATE me for stating this (and most of them already do), but it’s simply the truth (though that link is from The Daily Mail, so, y’know, golf-ball-sized grain of salt and all that).

PoundMeToo has been the ruination of men and women. It started as a legitimate and extremely angry reaction to the predations of wealthy, powerful, corrupt, and evil men who thought that they could get away with abusing women (and men, and especially children, for which they deserve castration and impalement). Many, but not all, of those Prometheans and followers of Baphomet and Moloch have been taken down and out, and that is very much to the good. The rest will face their reckoning one way or another – the Big Fella Upstairs wasn’t being hyperbolic or jovial when He stated, “vengeance is mine, I will repay“.

Today, though, PoundMeToo has become nothing less than a tool of persecution, repression, and oppression. The sooner that it is exposed for the evidence-free platform for persecution and Satanic ruination of the family that it has become, and the sooner that the public in general wearies of its hysterical overreactions, the better all of us will be.

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