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Guest Post: Read the F***ing Manual by The Male Brain

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Office Space | 1 comment

Our good friend from Israel, Dawn Pine, wrote in with some thoughts about the latest round of lockdowns in Israel, and has some excellent advice and real-life tips to offer those readers who are suffering through the misery and stupidity of yet another series of idiotic pronouncements about “flattening the curve” and “saving the healthcare system”. Many thanks as always to The Male Brain for his continued contributions to this blog and for all of the good stuff that he routinely sends my way for the Great Mondaydact Browser Busters.

Be sure to add your own tips and ideas about coping with the lockdowns through lawfare down in the comments section.

Israel is the first nation to go into lockdown again. I’m not counting those who are still in lockdown (parts of Australia and California, as I understand the situation). Before we get depressed and after we vent our feelings, I’m here to offer a (hopefully) helpful suggestion: RTFM.

Yes, read the law (or regulation) and read them to the letter. Almost everyone I know simply refuses do it. They use the (GASP!) mainstream media. Yes that same thing most of them look at with contempt (catching themselves in hypocrisy).

If I were a girl (yes, that’s a Beyoncé reference, deal with it), I’d vent you all the way to the end of the post. Good thing I’m a man, so I have a suggestion. It is: RTFL – “Read The F***ing Law”. Just by reading the law and regulations, you are ahead of 90% of the people (if not more than that). But that’s why the Manosphere exists – to help us be better and improve our lives.

I have put together a four part process for you guys to use:

1. Use the Internet for Reading

Sounds easy, and it should – but not always. You need to find at least 2 official sites that show the official updated regulations. I’m not sure how it works in your country, but in the Holy Land (Israel), government sites takes their time to upload the official updated regulations.

Another option is to go to the state police website. In Israel the police publishes guidelines. This is a start and can be cross-referenced with the regulations.

Once you’re done with that, move to the next phase:

2. Use Social Media


We are. I’m using Utilitarian logic here. The social media of your choice (not LINKEDIN, and I know as I’m using it daily for BizDev) can be a good source of “How To”. In our case – how to bypass the law, completely legally. FB groups, Twits and even Instagram stories relate good (and bad) advice. The reason you will go to these places is to get ideas. Not all of them will be good or useful, but why spend energy if someone else already did the work?

3. Think for Yourself

Once you have ideas and the regulations, now it’s time for the (mental) heavy lifting. Read the suggestions, categorize them, keep the useful ones and start thinking about other options by yourself. In the end of the process, you should have at least 3 (in my case I had much more) legal ways to avoid lockdown.

I do mean legal – meaning if an officer pulls you over, you should have a very good reason why you are out.

4. Make the List and Plan the Scenarios

This is the final and most crucial part.

In this part, per every scenario of leaving home during lockdown – you have a good explanation and reason which is legal, why you are doing it. This is crucial because when an officer will ask you why you are out – you have a good and sound answer. This does not guarantee that he will believe you, or let you go about your way. Yet in this case if you get a fine, you have a good case for appeal.


All of this sounds a bit theoretical, so I’ll ground it with some examples. The first rule is that, apart from being legal, each example has to contain a scenario that makes sense, and each one also has to be both easy and hard to check:

Example 1 – grocery shopping

In most lockdowns, unless you are stuck in China or some other totalitarian dictatorship [North Korea, Victoria in Australia, considerable parts of India, or Commief***infornia – Didact], you are allowed to go for supplies. If the regulation does not state that it has to be in your home town, go out to other towns. If it states that you should stay in your home town, find an “exotic item” you are purchasing from a store in another town. You need the story to make sense by going in the direction of an actual store which sells the item.

Example 2 – visiting your parents

My parents live in another city, and I used to visit them frequently. Today, under lockdown this is problematic. So I coordinate with them and take with me some medicine, of any kind. If I’m pulled over, I tell the officer that I’m bringing it to them. The regulation here states that you can leave the home to assist someone in need (yes – this regulation is vague). Let’s see which police officer upon seeing the medicine will tell me to go back. Oh, and don’t use a dead relative because that can be checked easily by the cops.

Example 3 – Work

If going out to work is allowed under certain conditions – e.g. customer care, special industry or whatever – use it. Tell the officer you are on your way to maintain your business (if it’s in another city), on your way to a customer (make sure this will be hard to validate) or carrying a delivery for your business.

Example 4 – Children

This is my favourite example – because it involves a great reason to be out.

I’m divorced, and my ex-wife lives in the same city as me. Yet this may not be the case for everyone. If you are divorced, and the kids live in another city, I do believe the regulation allows you to visit and/or take them to your place. Use it.


Having a lockdown sucks, but it is not the end of the world. By following the process I laid out for you, I do believe you will be able to “legally” bypass it. This, again, is not a guarantee but a praxeology used by me in the last 6 month (whenever we had lockdowns).

As for the actual reason you want to avoid the lockdown – be it traveling, visiting friends or family or whatever other reason you want to – that is up to you. The key thing is, you are free – even if your government tells you otherwise.

Good luck.

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  1. RW

    Good idea.

    Similar to the grocery; In USA, hardware stores are considered essential business. There’s always something that needs fixing at home and there’s always a hardware store on the other side of town that has that item you need.


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