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Friday T&A: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Edition

by | Oct 23, 2020 | fat girl jihad | 3 comments

The last few days have certainly flown by at fairly astonishing speed. The days are getting shorter, and as the fateful Day of Indecision draws near in the USA, crazier as well.

This is unavoidable to a certain extent. Politics in general makes people go nuts, and nowhere is this more true than in the US. Most outside observers look at America with disdain because politics seems so… messy. It’s all a very chaotic, freewheeling mess that makes the relatively consensus-driven political bodies of Europe and especially Asia look sane and simple by comparison.

What most of these outside observers fail to understand that it is precisely this messiness which makes the political debate in America worth following.

In most other parts of the world, people have given up their rights tamely and quickly – if they ever understood the concept of individual rights in the first place. That understanding is largely Western, and nowadays it is a uniquely American ideal that men have certain rights which must be defended with force of arms if necessary. This idea is considered anywhere from uncouth to ridiculous in the supposedly “enlightened” countries of Western Europe and Asia.

That is not to say that American politics is devoid of uniformity. Quite the opposite, in fact. For decades, a bipartisan consensus existed throughout most of the country – there were a certain range of acceptable policy positions, and both parties basically stuck to them. These policies immensely benefited the political elite, at the expense of great suffering and misery for the ordinary people. The illusion of choice was given to the people to keep them happy, but in reality, there was no actual choice whatsoever.

That all changed 5 years ago when a certain Donald Trump, a brash, uncouth, vulgar, self-aggrandising billionaire New York fat-cat, decided to run for President. We didn’t know it at the time – well, some of us did, but others like me weren’t so sure about the man – but he represented the single biggest middle finger ever shown to that bipartisan consensus.

And they absolutely hate him for it. The entirety of the media, political, military, and bureaucratic Establishment in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere around the world, has been against him from Day One.

But they haven’t managed to stop him. Nothing has managed to stick to the Teflon Don. For he has indeed become His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, the Chaddest of Chads.

I maintain my view that the God-Emperor is on course of an historic landslide victory, at least on the night itself, on November 3rd. We’ll see what happens with the mail-in ballots. But given the way that the polls are “suddenly and inexplicably” tightening, and given the pungent and growing stench of corruption, nepotism, and just downright EVIL surrounding the Bidens now, I’d say that we’re looking at an epic victory for Donaldus Magnus (PBUH).

We will certainly find out soon enough exactly who was right and who was wrong. In the meantime, it’s a Friday evening (well, it is in the US, anyway), and y’all know what that means:

The weekly Friday Instathot.

Now, this week’s selection is a special one, but not for celebratory reasons. It’s actually a bit of a catch-up.

You see, back in mid-April, I featured an Instathot who subsequently decided to take her account private, scrub all of her pictures on various search engines, filed DMCA take-down notices with various sites that featured them, and threatened legal action against sites that kept them up (including this one). For that reason, the post from that week no longer has any pictures whatsoever, or any mention of any kind of the person in question.

That, in and of itself, is not a big deal. But it does cause a bit of a problem in the sense that there is a BIG hole in the roster for this year’s running tally of Friday ladies. It is, after all, very bad form to have one less girl than there are Fridays in any given year.

So this installment has two ladies in it, to reflect the need to plug a gap in the lineup, so to speak.

The title is an historical reference to an actual 16th-century empire that consisted of the union of what we know of today as (most of) Poland and Lithuania. This alliance, then union, then commonwealth, was actually highly innovative in its systems of government and organisation (for its time), incorporating strict checks on the power of the monarchy and ensuring significant devolution of power to the nobility and landed classes.

On top of this, the Commonwealth in question managed to inflict significant damage and losses upon their Eastern rivals in Russia, pushing deep into Russian territory and conquering much of what we think of today as “Ukraine”. That is the reason why the Ukrainian language actually has more in common with Polish than it does with Russian and is quite challenging for Russian native-speakers to understand, despite strong similarities in script, pronunciation, and culture.

Commonwealth troops even occupied Moscow from 1610-12. That is a fact that the Russians have never, ever forgotten – not once in over 400 years. It is precisely because of the invasions by the Poles, Lithuanians, Austrians, and Germans from the West that the Russians are absolutely paranoid about their western-border states, such as Ukraine (an artificially created country as far as the Russkies are concerned), Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Anyway, enough with the history lessons for this week – you’re here for the ladies.

The first is called Katarzyna (Kasia) Motloch Kejsi, age 27 from Poland. She studied economics at something called “Uniwersytet Jagielloński” – I’m not even going to try to pronounce that – and now works as a ring girl for the Polish MMA organisation KSW and a Monster Energy representative.

The second is called Viktorija Jukonytė, age 18 (and a half, not that anyone’s counting) from a little town in Lithuania called Birzai near the border with Latvia. Apparently Birzai is famous for its castle and beer breweries – heck if I know anything about it, but there you go. She is known for being a dead ringer for a certain pop-tart called Ariana Grande – who, among other things, has a hit song that is the literal THOT anthem – and for her AMAZING hair. Seriously, look at that hair, it’s incredible. She’s like a black-haired version of Rapunzel.

And that double-feature does it for this week, gents. Enjoy your weekend, get some rest, relax a bit, and as always, be ready for the trials ahead.

Kasia Motloch Kejsi:

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Tunezja. Państwo muzułmańskie, ale mino wszystko mocno przystosowane do europejskich standardów, bo napływa tu masa turystów właśnie z Europy. Duża ich część to Polacy, więc Tunezyjczycy sprzedający pamiątki często potrafią wiele zwrotów po polsku a nawet czasem znają nasz język dobrze. Co do miasta Sousse: brud, masa śmieci i bieda, niestety tak to tam wygląda, dlatego zwiedzało się niezbyt przyjemnie. Zobaczyliśmy Medynę, czyli najstarszą część miasta wpisaną na listę UNESCO. Cieszę się, że byłam, zwiedziłam, ale nachalni handlarze, rozstawieni tam wszędzie ze straganami spowodowali, że nigdy już bym tam nie wróciła. Dla mnie masakra. 🙈 Także jeśli nie lubicie zwiedzać, nie macie co żałować Medyny w Sousse. Z tego co wiem w Tunisie medyna jest dużo większa i ładniejsza, więc tam pewnie warto pójść. 🙂 Zwiedziliśmy też największy port jachtowy El Kantaoui. Tam też wszędzie nachalni sprzedawcy. Nie wiem, czy tylko mnie to tak irytuje? ——— A teraz krótko o hotelu Marhaba Palace, w którym byliśmy: jedzenie pycha! 5 na 5, obsługa i animatorzy to samo, świetni! Nie mam porównania, bo to moje pierwsze wakacje all inclusive w życiu, ale do tych rzeczy nie mogę się kompletnie przyczepić. Jedynie sama konserwacja hotelu: np. odpadający tynk na zewnątrz itd… widać, że hotel będzie niedługo potrzebował odnowienia, choć w środku wystrój jest ładny. 🙂 Dostaliśmy informację na miejscu, że najlepszym hotelem w Sousse jest Green Park, który był zaraz obok naszego 🙂 Ja tam nie byłam, ale w Google ma trochę wyższą ocenę. 😊 W każdym razie ja byłam zadowolona i mogę Wam polecić Marhaba Palace. ——— Tutaj na zdjęciu widzicie piękną plażę, bo pomógł mi filtr @instafiltry.pl 😁 Tak naprawdę woda była szaro-bura i zamulona, po ogromnej dwudniowej ulewie i burzach, na które niefortunnie natrafiliśmy w dzień przyjazdu. Ogólnie takie mocne burze zdarzają się tu rzadko. W każdym razie, po takiej pogodzie woda przez jakiś czas się „naprawia”, ale my nie zdążyliśmy zobaczyć jej w tej pięknej, pokazywanej w internecie wersji.

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A post shared by Kasia Motloch 🐸 Kejsi (@kasia_kejsi) on

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Wspomnienia o 21:00 🥺

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Viktorija Jukonytė:

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Take me back🥺

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  1. Kapios

    Normally, I would have commented on the instathot of the week, but I feel bummed out by the whole corona-stupidity and on top of that I keep hearing news about Erdogan’s moves in Europe. I live in Cyprus and during the last few weeks the news kept bombarding us with a possibility of war. A scenario which I have no clue if it’s going to happen or just a way for the media to inject more fear and get more views.

    Does anyone have any clue where I can find reliable sources for this kind of stuff? I don’t feel comfortable if I don’t understand something and I tend to get obsessed about things that cause me to have a burning urge to learn the truth about.

    • Didact

      With respect to the Coof-related nonsense, the simplest and best way to fight back against that stupidity is quite literally to defy the idiots and fraidy-cats who keep everyone locked up and scared. Go back to Dawn Pine’s guest post a few weeks ago on the subject – there ARE legal ways to go out in public, and you can take off your mask anytime you want when you’re outdoors. So do that – reclaim some sense of freedom and independence. That’s the best way to fight the fear and nonsense.

      As for the situation with Turkey and Cyprus – well, that’s a tricky one. Turkey has controlled the northern third of the island for nearly 50 years, but I am under no illusions about Erdogan’s imperial designs. The man fancies himself a Caliph of the new century and the population demographics in Turkey make it absolutely inevitable that the hardline Islamists will take over the politics and society of that country.

      That being said… what is the benefit for Turkey to take control over Cyprus as a whole, other than to control trade in the Aegean? That control would be extremely costly. From what I understand of the situation, Cypriot Turks and Greeks DO NOT like each other – thanks in no small part to the way that the Brits ran things during their annexation of the island. I can’t imagine that Greek Cypriots would take kindly to being ruled by people that they detest.

      And I don’t believe that Turkey can afford such a misadventure. I visited Istanbul in 2018 and from what I remember, Turkey’s economy is in the shitter under Erdogan. The situation has certainly worsened because of the Kung Flu.

      So I don’t think that Turkish invasion and war is likely. But Erdogan is no fool. If he decides to get involved in Cyprus, it is because he wants to mess with the EU and reassert Turkish strength in the Med. The EU doesn’t have the balls or the men to stop him from interfering with shipping and commerce in and beyond the Bosporus.


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