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“Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”

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Dr. David Wood is a very interesting character. His life is an incredibly compelling example of the power and the glory of God’s grace. He is – or was – a diagnosed psychopath with self-aggrandising tendencies. He nearly bludgeoned his own father to death with a ball-peen hammer and served hard time in a high-security prison. It was there that he was saved, thanks to his cell-mate, who helped him come to a clear understanding of God the Father and Jesus the Son.

Since his conversion and the ensuing near-complete turnaround of his character, he has become a fierce apologist and polemicist of the True Faith, and his arguments have proven exceptionally effective against Islam, in particular. It’s a LOT of fun to watch some of his videos in which he simply shreds straight through Islamic nonsense about the Great Heresy’s endless blasphemies against the Lord and against Jesus, and manhandles Islamic apologists when they talk smack about both their supposedly “preserved” revelations and the Testaments of our Bible.

He does a great job of talking himself up with charisma and elocution, (jokingly) referring to himself as an extremely intelligent, devilishly handsome, and devastatingly witty debater – which he actually is – while always remaining humble and warm toward his viewers and fellow Christians.

Recently, he posted up an hour-long video referring to the current climate of hatred and violence toward police. He has a rather unique perspective to offer on the issue, given his status as an ex-con as well as a current Christian evangelist, apologist, and polemicist. The whole video is well worth watching:

The TL;DR version of that video is straightforward:

There are five types of police officers serving today. The first is just there to pick up a paycheque and simply does not give a shit about doing anything above and beyond the strict requirements of duty. The second is there to pal around with the criminals and act like best buddies with them. The third is the “true believer” set, and not coincidentally, most of those tend to be Christian; they are there to save souls and stop evil. The fourth are the “sheepdogs” – strict disciplinarians who scrupulously obey the law and apply punishments sternly, but fairly.

The fifth, and by far the worst, type consists of the guys on a serious power trip. And as Dr. Wood points out, even though they are in the minority of correction officers – and by extension police officers – they are the most dangerous of all. It is these officers who happily abuse the law and use the “Blue Wall” to stop themselves from being policed.

The ancient phrase, quis custodiet ipsos custodes, applies perfectly to them. These are the bad apples that ruin the entire cartload of police officers.

Looking at things from Dr. Wood’s perspective, it is very clear that he is certainly on the side of law and order – which is unsurprising, given that he is an evangelical and devout Christian. And it is equally clear that he loathes the Type 5s and understands exactly why Blacks, with their long history of oppression and cultural baggage and racial memory, HATE police officers in general and make no particular distinction between the skilled, professional, courteous, and decent Type 3s and 4s, and the absolutely abominable Type 5s.

Now, the thing is, I don’t particularly like or trust the police. I don’t pretend to like their heavy-handed tactics and I don’t like having to deal with them. There is nothing fun or pleasant about having to deal with the police.

And yet… I cannot claim ever to have had a bad experience with the police themselves.

I lived in New York F***ing Shitty for four years. During that time, I NEVER had a problem with any policeman. I never gave them any reason to think that I was up to no good, and they never, ever bothered me.

My one run-in with the police dates back several years. I was in Ohio, with my parents and sister. We were there for my kid sister’s graduation from college. We were driving back from dinner somewhere – my dad was at the wheel of our rental SUV, but being a rental, we hadn’t yet worked out what all of the various dials and knobs and we were driving back at night to our hotel.

Out of nowhere, the blues-and-twos started flashing and we pulled over immediately. My heart rate must have shot up to about 150bpm in less than half a second – all sorts of nightmare scenarios shot through my mind, thanks to all of the anti-police propaganda that I had absorbed over the years.

A young fellow walked up to us and very courteously asked my dad if he knew why he had pulled us over. He explained that our lights were not on and he asked us why. My dad simply explained that it was a rental and we didn’t realise that the lights were off. The officer was quite understanding and looked on the dashboard, found the appropriate knob, switched on the lights, and wished us a pleasant evening.

And that was that. No muss, no fuss, no need for any sort of panic at all. To this day, years later, I still have no clue who he was, but he was just a very nice guy.

None of that changes the visceral reaction that most of us have toward the police.

It took several minutes for my heart rate to come back down to normal after that one incident. Nothing bad whatsoever had happened. The whole affair was over in about five minutes or less. The officer in question was unfailingly polite, very helpful, and resolutely professional. Yet I saw him as a threat, simply because of who he was and what he represented: the crushing, overwhelming power of tyrannical government and authority.

Most of us really do not like dealing with the police. And with good reason. Nobody likes being confronted with someone carrying a badge of government authority and a gun, telling us “you can’t do that” – or, worse, the dreaded “you’re under arrest”.

It’s not their fault, not really. Most of them are just ordinary men trying to go about their jobs, and a few of them – a very precious few – are tough, stern, and absolutely fair-minded. If you live in NYFC, one of the very few redeeming features of that city is the existence of the NYPD, which was and remains, even in this benighted day and age, the most professional, well-respected, courteous, skilled, and effective police force possibly in the ENTIRE WORLD.

There is a reason why other metro PDs send their officers to train with the NYPD – because they really are the best.

That is not to say that the police, at least in the USA, are in general a noble and honourable profession – not necessarily.

There are two serious problems with police forces throughout the USA, which I discovered from training for five years with one of the world’s top martial artists and Krav Maga practitioners. The only man on this Earth that I respect more than Grandmaster Rhon Mizrachi is my own father. Spend an hour training with him and you’ll very quickly understand why. I absorbed countless lessons from him over the years of my training with him and my second family there, and I’ll never forget the day that he got up in front of us after yet another police shooting – this must have been back in 2014 or thereabouts, right after the (entirely justified) shooting of the so-called “gentle giant” Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO – and explained to us some of the issues with police training.

The first of these serious problems lies in the real lack of training that far too many police forces get. Most police officers do not spend significant amounts of time at the range. They do not spend a lot of time practicing combative drills. They do not spend a whole lot of time dealing with scenarios in which an antagonist that is rushing straight at them with serious intent to commit grievous bodily harm.

I’ve seen what it takes to stop an attacker rushing forward. Once an assailant has significant momentum, you’re going to have a very hard time stopping him with strikes. You’re going to have an even harder time stopping him if he is carrying a weapon.

Suppose, for instance, you have an attacker running at you with a knife, a stick, or something halfway between like a machete – very dangerous weapon in the right hands.

Do you know how long it would take an officer to draw his gun, from the moment that the suspect starts charging, and fire his weapon?

It would take roughly 2.5 seconds, on average.

Do you know how much distance an attacker rushing forward at full speed could cover in that time?

Something like 14 feet.

In other words – you have no time to think. You have under 3 seconds to observe, orient, decide, and act in those situations – and many of them are life-and-death scenarios.

And most police officers DO NOT HAVE THE TRAINING to deal with them very well. If you don’t know what you’re doing, and if you don’t have the training to understand these timings and how to stop attackers, your first instinct WILL be to draw your weapon and fire immediately, without stopping to think about what’s going on. And that is not always the right answer.

The second major problem lies in the increasing militarisation and mindset of the police. There is increasingly a feeling among police that my teacher trained that the entire profession is under siege. Police are increasingly seeing themselves as separated from the people that they have sworn to protect. Rather than being members of the community that they patrol, they see themselves as strangers and outsiders who share little in common with those people.

This is leading to an increasingly serious rift between the sheepdogs and the sheep – to use the conceptual framework created by LTC Dave Grossman. (I finished reading his book, On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society, a few weeks back. Good book, but has some serious problems in its conclusions.) The sheepdogs don’t trust the sheep, and the sheep really don’t like the sheepdogs. And in the end, the sheep greatly outnumber the sheepdogs, and the more of those sheep that decide to take the law into their own hands and refuse to acknowledge or accept government authority, the more estranged that the sheepdogs become from their wards.

Things are not helped at all by sleazeball scumbag dipshit dickhole politicians (Lord, forgive me my redundancies) who seek to score cheap political points by using the Type 5 police officers – who are in the distinct minority – to abuse and destroy the reputations of ALL police officers. This is easy to do, because, once again, most of us DO NOT LIKE the police. But when politicians do that, the sheepdogs band together even more tightly and protect their own even more strongly.

That is the natural reaction of any tribe to external attack. That is a big part of the reason why we are seeing these riots in America’s biggest cities – because the public has LOST trust in their police.

Is that loss of trust justified? Well, perhaps, in some cases. There are plenty of cases in which police have shot men, women, and even children and dogs, who posed absolutely no threat whatsoever, were not resisting arrest, were not mouthing off, and were simply offering reasoned and polite objections to rather gross abuses of government power. And those cases linger in the public memory – because far too often, the officers involved don’t get particularly harsh penalties.

And then there is the outright incompetence of police forces in many big cities – London over in PommieBastardLande is rapidly becoming the punchline of bad police jokes everywhere because of stories like this one:

A violent drug dealer who absconded from an open prison tried to hand himself in seven times – but was repeatedly turned away, a court heard yesterday.

The case of Akram Uddin, 27, was described as a ‘shambles’ that was indicative of ‘a managed decay of the criminal justice system’ by his barrister, Liam Walker.

Uddin is said to have absconded from Standford Hill, an open prison on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, on June 17 to see how his mother was coping during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The court heard he contacted his solicitor 48 hours later and was advised to surrender to the authorities.

Between July 13 and August 13, Uddin tried to hand himself in at Lewisham police station in south-east London on seven occasions but was told there was no warrant out for his arrest, Maidstone Crown Court heard.

But Scotland Yard disputed the visits and said it was conducting a review to establish the facts. 

That, right there, is a searing indictment of human stupidity of epic proportions. And it is rapidly becoming normal across much of the Western world.

When you combine:

  • An increasingly militarised police force;
  • Balls-out incompetence among many Western police organisations;
  • A refusal to enforce the law due to Islamisation and fear of being called RAAAACISS!!!, such as in Sweden; and
  • The severe lack of training and emergency situation responses seen in smaller and less well funded police forces in the USA;

… you get a toxic stew of elements that will lead to an epic loss of trust and faith in the police.

And that is exactly what we are seeing right now – playing out before our eyes as hooligans riot and burn and pillage.

Do not misunderstand me. I do not condone ANYTHING that these people are doing. They are breaking the law, plain and simple. Rioting in the name of a Black person who died at the hands of a police officer – which happens far less frequently than the Black Looming Menace types would like you to believe, as the statistics show very clearly that the police in general are NOT racists – does not change the fact that said Black person died. And, far more often than not, you can pretty reliably predict that the Dindu Nuffin who got shot was not a Good Boy What Was Goan College!, but was in fact a Choirboy who acted in ways that required the police to respond with force.

But there are enough cases of outright police brutality, and absolutely ridiculous enforcement of absurd edicts, to ensure that the wider population is rapidly losing trust in the police.

That is an extremely dangerous outcome for both the enforcers and the public, because when the law enforcers lose their mandate to do their jobs – which they receive entirely because the public consents to be policed by them – then the public begins to fracture into tribes that protect their own, according to their own particular sets of rules.

The result that you get from that can be seen in downtown Los Angeles, for instance, where Black and Hispanic gangs have been waging a low-level war against each other for decades.

In conclusion, the police in general have a lot of soul-searching to do. There is no doubt that the vicious riots that have convulsed American cities for so long are way over the top, and there are plenty of people (like yours truly) watching those riots unfold who wish that the police would start seriously cracking down on those idiots. But there is also no doubt that the police have some serious systemic problems – of which racism CATEGORICALLY IS NOT one – that they need to address ASAFP.

If they do not do so, the price will be the steep and permanent loss of trust of the communities that they are supposed to protect. And once it’s open season on the police, you can basically call time on civilisation in general.

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  1. Veritas

    There can never be an ex or reformed psychopath. They are biologically wired that way and no amount of whatever engineering can correct or change it.
    They do however modify their behaviour to be more socialbly acceptable, which is part of their repertoire of deceptions they are capable of. I speak from bitter experience of being targeted by one. There are numerous experts on the subject, Dr Robert Hare, Martha Stroud and Hervey Cleckley. They have written some excellent books on the subject. Anyway, long story short, I would be extremely wary and sceptical of anything a “reformed” psychopath says or does.

    • Didact

      Anyway, long story short, I would be extremely wary and sceptical of anything a “reformed” psychopath says or does.

      I agree. Technically, Dr. Wood was diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder, and that is usually conflated with psychopathy. Whether they are, or are not, the same, is a question that I leave to psychologists – with my usual cynical disdain for their “profession” and their inability to give straight answers about anything.

      However, if you watch Dr. Wood’s testimony about how he bent the knee, you’ll hear from him how he actually gained a sense of morality and humanity pretty much solely from finally acknowledging Jesus Christ as King and Lord.

      He is now a father to five sons, two of whom have a severe muscular wasting disease. He converted his formerly agnostic wife to Christianity. He converted his roommate, the late Nabeel Qureshi, from Islam to Christianity after presenting Nabeel with argument after argument showing the truth of the Bible and the falsehoods of the Koran.

      A psychopathic leopard probably doesn’t change its spots – you can see Dr. Wood’s old character in his extremely confident and cutting statements about Islam and its so-called “prophet” and its “holy book”, and you can see how devastatingly effective his rhetoric is against Muslims. That kind of rhetorical manipulation probably does come from his old ASPD.

      But he’s also clearly a changed man, capable and willing and even eager to play nice with others, happy to collaborate with people, and skilled at defending believers from attacks.

      Such is the power of the Lord.

  2. Sasha Hrongmitts

    From what I understand, anti-social behavior is where a man knows he is hurting someone’s feelings (has empathy), but he doesn’t care. A psychopath doesn’t have empathy because their brains are incapable of it. They are literally broken in some way. That’s what makes them dangerous.

  3. Post Alley Crackpot

    “British, Irish and US intelligence agencies allegedly had information which could have prevented the [Omagh bombing], most of which came from double agents inside the Real IRA, but this information was not given to the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC). In 2008, the BBC reported that British intelligence agency GCHQ was monitoring conversations between the bombers as the bomb was being driven into Omagh.”

    Hazard a guess as to why.

    There are more bad actors involved than those who apply truncheons to those who appear to have been minding their own business.


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