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Just as Cicero predicted

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In his dialogue “De re publica,” Marcus Tullius Cicero explained, through the fictionalized voice of Scipio Africanus, that there are three basic types of government. The first is the monarchy, in which the king rules. The second is the aristocracy, in which a select class of privileged delegates rules. The third is the democracy, in which the people rule themselves. Each type of government has its strengths and weaknesses, and through those weaknesses, a cyclical process occurs in which one type of government devolves into the next.

Scipio, who is inclined to favor monarchy as the best of the three pure forms, nevertheless explains that as a monarchy becomes tyrannical, it becomes increasingly intolerable to the aristocrats, who overthrow the king and replace him with an elite ruling class. The aristocracy can rule effectively as long as its members are honest and place the interests of the state and the people before their own, but over time, their descendants lose their sense of honor and responsibility and gradually decline into decadence and venality. Eventually, they are overthrown by the people, who are offended by the preferential treatment that the ruling class provides itself at their expense, but rapidly exchange their new-found liberty for destructive, chaotic madness.

— Vox Day, “The Fourth Government”, World Net Daily, january 3, 2011

The never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed whorenalists of the mainstream (((media))) are worthy of nothing more than utter contempt at this point, but there are, in fact, some journalists out there who are still willing to go against their own inherent liberal biases and investigate issues and stories that repulse them personally. It is not a coincidence that most of these journalists are not working for Western news organisations.

One of them works for the Russian government-sponsored channel RT. And one of them – an Irishman, astonishingly enough – dared to peek under the covers of the new Fascist party of the United Kingdom, the successor to the British National Party, calling itself the New British Union:

So, is fascism about to make a comeback in the UK? RT spoke to the group’s leader, Gary Raikes. While his role is no secret, he was uncomfortable at the idea of conducting the interview by phone or in person, and with the media, he stated: “The press are not just biased, they actually lie.” So, we communicated by email.

Despite his reluctance to speak in person, he enthusiastically tweeted to his followers about the interview, advising them to look out for it.

Raikes describes himself as being involved in nationalism since 1974. Previously, he was the Scottish leader of the British National Party and stood unsuccessfully at the 2010 General Election, receiving 513 votes in the Aberdeen West constituency.

The NBU is not registered with The Electoral Commission, but this is part of its strategy; to join with other bodies and roll out more of its policies. Raikes told RT: “I think it will be in stages. We may be aligned with a nationalist party first before moving to all-out fascism. As most people are apathetic towards politics now and the way the world is going, it could well be within ten years.”

He continued: “British fascism reflects the British character; it differs from other forms of fascism, it stands for people before any political elite. At the moment, we have five years of one party which fails, so we have five years of a different party which fails, then back to the previous party which failed for another five years where they fail and on and on.

Let’s sort two things out right now.

First, fascism IS socialism. That has been true since day one. All you have to do in order to prove this is to go back to La Dottrino del Fascismo, written by Giovanni Gentile, in collaboration with a certain Benito Mussolini – you may have heard the name – and which lays out the clear doctrines of fascism. The major innovation in thought that Gentile made was in his understanding that Karl Marx’s idea of dividing society along class lines would not work, because all of the evidence since Marx’s time made it very clear that capitalism is in fact hugely successful at elevating the wealth and comfort of all classes, and capitalist countries are therefore far more harmonious, and far less likely to break down into revolution, than Marx predicted.

Gentile therefore argued that it was better to divide societies along national lines – in the very literal sense of the word, “nation”, the sense of “birth”. That, after all, is what the Italian noun natio means – “birth”. So the fascist ideology relies on a struggle between nations to achieve true socialism, not classes. That is why Fascism relies on the idea of “sticking together” – quite literally. Fascism derives its name from the Latin fasces, which is to say, a bundle of sticks. The idea behind that is the fact that one stick is easy to break in two – but a bundle of sticks is nearly impossible to break.

Second, and related, fascism is a more workable and sensible doctrine than communism, simply because it relates to the facts of human life rather better than the Utopian idiocy of communism. Fascism recognises that humans divide ourselves along lines of race and nationality and so on. Therefore, a doctrine that divides people along those lines and creates a system of government devoted to this division, is going to work a hell of a lot better than a government that tries to divide people along lines of class.

Do not misunderstand me here. This DOES NOT MEAN that fascism is a Good Thing. It categorically is not. Fascism is an absurdly idiotic, incredibly dumb, brutal, murderous, barbarous idea that rightly deserves nothing much more than scorn and vituperation. It is simply a less stupid doctrine than the literally Satanic doctrine of Communism. That is all.

Now, getting back to the interview, Mr. Raikes is quite correct that British fascism would reflect the British character. He is also correct in his contempt for the elites and what they have wrought. The interview goes on:

However, there are more extreme policies which the NBU advocates; a removal of all “politically correct” police chiefs, reinstatement of the death penalty and the deportation of all illegal immigrants.

The UK abolished the death penalty in 1969, but Raikes believes the public want that reversed. He explained: “They are overwhelmingly ready, the people want it re-introduced, politicians don’t – that’s the cost of democracy, I’m afraid. The death penalty will be up to the judge to impose or not, based on the evidence. Forensic science and DNA should ensure no mistakes are made.”


There has always been a link between fascism and racism, with people of colour unwelcome. Raikes seems to confirm this is still the case, but with a careful use of words. He said: “Under present law we have to let black and gay people join. White people are not allowed to have inclusive groups. We are pro-white not anti-black, we stand for the white minority… in the world – with the right to exist as the majority in our own homeland.

“People’s sexuality should be their private business and not inflicted on the whole of society. Gay Pride parades are now just a show of degeneracy, our children are being groomed by transvestites in schools and the push to normalise pedophillia [sic] is well underway.”

Look at what Mr. Raikes is proposing through the lens of Cicero’s arguments about the forms that government takes over and through time. What you are looking at is a massive reaction to the utter failure of the elites.

Britain was ruled by a monarchy for centuries. Over a thousand years ago, the transition toward rule by nobility began, culminating in the liberal democracies of the 20th Century, which started shifting right back to domination by elites in the last forty years.

Who can look at the secular liberal democracies of the West today and convincingly argue that they are not controlled by cliques of elites that hold pretensions of nobility, without having a drop of noble blood within them?

So what we are dealing with right now is another shift in the cycle, as we move from the rule of unqualified, arrogant, idiotic elites, back to rule by the people. But we can, and should, be worried about this change, because seemingly “lunatic” strands of populism, such as the fascism proposed by the NBU, are going to become far more popular in the coming years as the social experiments of the elites continue to fail at an ever-increasing rate.

The reason why I bring up the spectre of the rise of fascism – real fascism, mind you, not the kind of nonsense that the Pantifags and their supporters claim are exemplified by people like you and me – is because Fascism and Communism are both created through identity politics. In fact, identity politics is right there within the DNA of socialism, right from the beginning, both in theory and in practice.

Let’s go back to Cicero’s theory of politics. As summarised by our beloved and dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Vox Day, “[t]he aristocracy can rule effectively as long as its members are honest and place the interests of the state and the people before their own, but over time, their descendants lose their sense of honor and responsibility and gradually decline into decadence and venality“.

Would any of you argue today that the aristocracy of our time – the permanent bureaucracy that we call the Swamp, the political elites that all go to the same schools and circulate among the same clubs and live in the same suburbs and all think basically the same way – have not lost their sense of honour and responsibility?

Would any of you argue with a straight face that people like John Boehner and Joe Biden, who are supposedly from opposite parties but greeted each other so warmly before Barack Odumbass the Lightworker’s SOTU address a few years ago, have not put their own interests before those of the people and the nation?

Would any of you argue in all seriousness that the permanent ruling class of the British Tory and Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties are not an aristocracy of some sort? Or that the Daemoncrats (and Republicans) who have served multiple terms in office in the USA have not turned into an aristocracy that expect special treatment and break the very rules that they impose on others, with absolute impunity?

Do you see now where we are in the great cycle of governance that Cicero mentioned?

The election of His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, was a much-needed and long-overdue reaction by the people against the aristocracy that has done so much to damage the interests of the American nation. The MAGA movement was a wholesome and good expression of a desire to reclaim power from an aristocracy and return it to the people – which is exactly what the Founding Fathers ALWAYS INTENDED.

But the Founders did not intend for unrestricted democracy. They knew their Cicero. They knew their history. The Founders were acutely aware of Cicero’s predictions and understood that the past history of the Western world had conformed to those predictions very closely. That is why they intended for a balance between a King (the President), an Aristocracy (the SCOTUS and to a lesser extent the Senate), and the People (the House of Representatives).

What happens when that power becomes unbalanced? You get the situation that exists in the West today, where the ruling class’s interests have completely diverged from those of the ruled.

What happens when that imbalance goes way too far out of whack? You get lunatic-fringe terribly stupid ideas like Fascism coming back into fashion.

You get, in other words, an entirely predictable overreaction in the other direction. And you get, in the end, the reestablishment of tyranny.

Because that is always the end-point of mob rule. A tyrant must always come along and restore the order that has been lost. You can see it in the NBU leader’s notion of a “referendum” every five years to let the British people decide whether they want to keep the Fascists in power.

Really? Seriously? When was the last time that Fascists willingly gave up power? Franco and Pinochet don’t count, because they weren’t Fascists. Those who follow the dictates of Fascist ideology don’t liberalise an economy, they centralise it. Yet both Franco and Pinochet, dictators and tyrants though they unquestionably were, engaged in major liberalisation programs designed to bring prosperity and growth to their respective nations.

Fascists, as a general rule, don’t much care what the people think or what they believe. They do care about organising society as they see fit.

The existence of parties like the NBU is a direct, and dire, warning to the current crop of idiot elites running European nations straight into the ground through unfettered immigration, social engineering, equalitarian garbage, and monumentally stupid, venal, self-serving decision-making that only widens the gap between those with power, and those without it. That warning says, “Go too far, and we will start swinging the pendulum back the other way – HARD“.

It’s already happening. I will go out on a limb here and predict that homosexuality will become illegal in many Western nations as they rediscover their Christian roots – and I also predict that Jews will be expelled from more than one Christian nation within our lifetime, i.e. the next fifty years.

You might think it cannot happen, and you are welcome to that belief. But the facts on the ground have already shown repeatedly that what we consider to be “the natural state of things” is nothing more than a fleeting illusion. Sooner or later, the Gods of the Copybook Headings – that is to say, the facts of life – always catch up with us, and they always do so “with terror and slaughter”.

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  1. Bootstrapper

    The process you describe is called “Anacyclosis”. It was first described by the Greek pholosopher Polibus. The cycles vary, but generally last for around one human lifetime – approximately seventy years. Feudalism was one attempt to short-circuit this process and produced societal stability for about a thousand years.

    • Didact

      Feudalism was one attempt to short-circuit this process and produced societal stability for about a thousand years.

      Yes, but feudalism is based on one critical foundation, which is that wealth depends on ownership of land. The moment you take that away, through an industrialised society with an actual middle class, the entire edifice falls apart.

      The other major problem with feudalism is that it enforces a caste system by its very definition – which always results in stagnation until and unless subjected to severe external stresses.

  2. Kapios

    My theory is that at least 2/3 of any countries population is born to be sheep. I’m no genius, but it baffles me how hordes of people are swimming in a sea of delusions.

    Probably the reason why history is repeated.

    • TheMaleBrain

      More like 80% of the population (at least)


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