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The narrative was always false

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Uncategorized | 9 comments

Bodycam footage of George Floyd’s arrest has leaked out into teh innarwebz, and it shows a radically different story to the one that the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed whorenalists of the mainstream (((media))) are peddling these days:

Someone leaked police body cam footage of George Floyd’s arrest to the Daily Mail.


To me, what is most striking is how crazy Floyd was from the beginning. The officers tried to get him out of the vehicle in which he was parked and into their squad car so they could take him to a police station and book him for passing a counterfeit bill. This proved impossible. Floyd, in a highly emotional state, was yelling, “Don’t shoot me! Don’t shoot me!” when there was no prospect of his being shot.

Floyd wouldn’t get into the squad car, saying he was claustrophobic. The officers struggled with him for around ten minutes, but were never able to get him securely inside the squad car. At one point he tumbled out the opposite door of the squad car, onto the street. The officers, believing correctly that Floyd was high on drugs, called for an ambulance.

Floyd complained of being unable to breathe long before anyone knelt on his neck. (Shortness of breath is a symptom of fentanyl overdose.) He apparently preferred being on the ground to being inside the squad car. One of his companions, his “ex” according to the Daily Mail, made a finger-twirling-next-to-the-temple gesture to explain his mental state.

A more likely explanation is drugs. The toxicology report that was part of his autopsy found that Floyd had 11 ng/mL of fentanyl in his blood, along with other drugs and metabolites. Published literature (based on a modest Google search) finds lethal overdoses of fentanyl down to 5 ng/mL, less than half the concentration in Floyd’s blood. If I am misreading the literature, I am happy to be corrected.

Pretty much everyone who watches the famous video thinks he sees Floyd dying on account of a police officer kneeling on his neck. But Floyd’s autopsy found no evidence of physical trauma in the neck area, and documented no other signs of death by asphyxiation. It may be that what we are actually seeing in the video is one of tens of thousands of deaths due to opioid overdose. Or it may be that Floyd died later, on the way to a hospital.

The video of the late Mr. Floyd’s arrest does make for harrowing viewing. Here is said video – watch it before YouTube inevitably takes it down for “contradicting the narrative”:

That video indicates that the police arrest of Mr. Floyd is not quite as one-sided as Mr. Hinderaker’s Power Line blog post would have you believe. As RT’s take on the whole situation points out, the video supports the narratives of both the Black Looming Menace AND the Thin Blue Line crowds:

While parts of the video seem to vindicate at least some of the police officers’ behavior, other parts provide ammunition for police abolition advocates. Floyd’s ex-girlfriend, a passenger in the car, tells the police he is mentally unstable (“he’s got a thing going on”) regarding police and has been shot before, suggesting his erratic behavior could be a panic attack triggered by cops sticking a gun in his face. Police abolitionists often argue cops are responsible for responding to mental health incidents they lack the training to handle and frequently do more harm than good.

Officer Lane, whose attorney has attempted to have the case against his client for aiding and abetting second-degree murder and manslaughter dismissed, can be heard asking if the cops should roll Floyd on his side, stating he is “worried” about “the excited delirium or whatever.” Chauvin can be heard reassuring his colleague that the ambulance is on its way and Floyd is “staying where we’ve got him.”

The original video of Floyd’s arrest, filmed by one of the horrified bystanders who witnessed Chauvin kneel on the security guard’s neck for eight minutes, inspired months of protests against police brutality and racism across the US and in dozens of other countries. The demonstrations have occasionally turned violent at the hands of police or protesters, even spiraling into looting and arson, though the majority have remained peaceful.

What is clear from the video and from corroborating evidence found elsewhere is that George Floyd was absolutely no choirboy.

He was, in fact, a very big dude with a long history of violence and felonious behaviour – literally felonious, given his criminal record:

Furthermore, as the autopsy report points out, Mr. Floyd was high on a dose of fentanyl that was possibly twice the minimum lethal level.

Does this mean that the police were justified in their tactics when dealing with Mr. Floyd? I honestly can’t answer that question very well.

I don’t pretend to like police. I honestly don’t really trust them either. But I don’t have any problem with their existence – I recognise that police are absolutely necessary for the existence of civilisation. They always have been. They always will be.

In the case of Mr. Floyd’s arrest, the primary arresting officer, Derek Chauvin, was not well regarded or respected by his own side. He had a history of complaints against him by the community and a reputation for using excessive force. Certainly the fact that he approached George Floyd with his gun drawn is not going to go down well with a jury.

That being said – Mr. Chauvin may well be a royal asshole, and an arrogant jerk at that. I don’t know if that’s true. All we can do is go by his record, and the facts would indicate that those are accurate attributes.

That does not mean that Mr. Chauvin is a murderer.

That does not mean that Mr. Chauvin killed George Floyd by kneeling upon him.

And that does not mean that the police necessarily acted out of order or without proper training in the situation outlined.

From what I understand, the standard police procedure to deal with a suspect who claims that he is in serious distress, cardiovascular or otherwise, is to lie him down on his stomach. This allows the suspect to breathe more freely without too much danger of choking on his own vomit in case that happens.

Furthermore, the police involved in the arrest absolutely did call an ambulance to get Mr. Floyd the help that he so evidently needed. This was not any kind of cold-blooded killing just for being Black.

The most important takeaway from this video is that there is absolutely no justification for the standard (((media))) narrative that the police callously murdered George Floyd simply because he was Black. That’s not what happened.

The entire narrative was an absolute lie.

Now, anyone with enough sense to count time to music could have told you that. It’s not difficult to figure out that, if the entire Left-wing (((media))) is telling you that George Floyd was MURDERED!!!!!!111!!!, then he definitely wasn’t.

And that would be fine, if those lies didn’t have serious consequences beyond just being lies.

But that is not the situation in this case.

The lies that the (((media))) told, entirely in lockstep, resulted in a significant portion of the Black community going absolutely apeshit and embarking on an orgy of rioting, looting, pillaging, and violence. In the vast majority of cases, the damage was inflicted upon Black communities by Black people who evidently don’t give a damn about the fact that they are burning down and destroying businesses owned by their own people.

The (((media))) is directly complicit in the violence and bloodshed that has resulted ever since that day. They are directly complicit in provoking movements that are, for all intents and purposes, intent on violent overthrow of legitimately and duly elected governments.

For those who weren’t paying attention until very recently – NOW do you understand why people like me want to line up the (((media))) and have them tried, and in many cases shot, for treason?

As for Black America – I’ve been saying for some time now that Black America has basically already detached itself from the actual USA. The recent violence and unrest has made this more clear than ever. And it’s high time that White America finally understands that there can be no reconciliation any longer.

In fact, there is no reconciliation possible any longer between the multiple nations that exist within the footprint of the American empire. They must separate out, hopefully peacefully but almost certainly by war.

That war will be horrific beyond measure. I truly hate thinking about what is going to happen, because the possibility of a war with multiple millions of casualties is not something that gives me the warm fuzzies – it makes me sick, especially given the fact that many people that I really care about are definitely going to be on the wrong side of those wars.

But Black America clearly wants its own nation, and the (((media))) have a clearly vested interest in telling lies to make that nation a possibility. Why not kill two birds with one stone (so to speak), and get rid of both? If the (((media))) loves the idea of a Black nation with its own national anthem played at its own sporting events, let them have it.

The narrative that anti-Black racism killed George Floyd is simply false, and the video evidence makes this incontrovertibly clear. The people who pushed this narrative are responsible for mass destruction and violence, and absolutely deserve to be held responsible, tried, and punished for what they’ve done.

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  1. AM Apprentice

    Two Things:
    1) The Media pulled this same shit with the Rodney King beatings. Rodney King was completely at fault, but the media selectively edited the footage, which brought sparked the LA Riots.
    2) Technically, American Blacks had their own country to go back to: Monorovia, but it seems most chose to stay in America. Ghana has recently invited back the descendants of the people they sold into slavery .

    • Didact

      1) The Media pulled this same shit with the Rodney King beatings.

      Absolutely. From what I've read, the senior policeman at the scene was actually ecstatic that they had the whole incident on tape – he wanted to use it as a training video to explain to new recruits how escalating levels of force work. That went out the window PDQ when the riots started. But the grand jury involved in that trial simply could not indict the officers once they saw the whole tape.

      2) Technically, American Blacks had their own country to go back to: Monorovia, but it seems most chose to stay in America. Ghana has recently invited back the descendants of the people they sold into slavery .

      Correct. As far as Ghana goes, Blacks who go back there quickly realise that they're even more foreign in Africa than they are in America. Which is not the least bit surprising. Black Americans are a full standard deviation more intelligent, on average, than Ghanaians. It's pretty likely that they don't fit in too well, at least at first, when they get there.

  2. LastRedoubt

    An excellent summary of the video.

    Sadly- it's not a surprise. A number of people had already "guessed" at most of this from the evidence that was already known, photos that were already revealed. The shocking part to me is how baldly the DM spins the story. Forex: the bit about picking the gravel out of the tire treads. The loaded language used to describe every single step.

    Also – cops shooting him previously is a damn good reason to NOT GIVE THEM AN EXCUSE BY ACTING ERRATIC – if one is coherent enough to act rational. If one is not, they are, intentions aside, escalating the chances they get killed by the cops by their own behavior.

    All in all, while it paints Chauvin as more of a generally uncaring ass, it actually shows far more that the narrative of "cops choked out a black man because racist" was a lie.

    No wonder they didn't release the body cam footage.

    • Didact

      Yeah, the DM absolutely spun the SHIT out of that story. It's ridiculous – their own footage belies their printed words, and yet they apparently think that people reading their articles are dumb enough not to click and see for themselves.

      And you're right about Floyd's state of mind. He was clearly out of it, completely. The rational way to avoid getting shot by the police, if you've been shot before, is to be as calm and compliant as possible.

      Chauvin strikes me as a jerk, but the footage will likely exonerate him in a murder trial.

  3. LastRedoubt

    OH, FWIW, the start of my own series on FLoyd, and related matters: thelastredoubt.com/lies-and-consequences-setups/

    • Didact

      Yep. I read the series. I particularly liked the last one about Kafkatrapping.

  4. weka

    I am not sure if the Black community do want their own nation. A fair number of the people I correspond with who are American and Balck have no difficulty stating there are dysfunctional parts of their culture they need to own and change.

    I do think that the old parry of slavery wants a war of the minorities against the Christian West.

    I pray they do not get it.

    • Didact

      I am not sure if the Black community do want their own nation

      Perhaps the silent majority do not, and I'm happy to concede this.

      The problem is that the silent majority ALSO do absolutely dick-all to keep their own community in line and functional. And that, really, is the core of the problem.

      You don't need a majority of people agitating to break away from an existing body politic for it to happen. You just need a vocal and violent and intolerant minority, and for the majority to passively stand by and let it happen.

      That's partly how the British Raj ended up splintered into Hindu and Muslim nations, and that's also why the Partition was such a traumatic event with such massive loss of life.

      I pray they do not get it.

      Me too. But war is upon us whether we pray against it or not. It's here, now, on our doorsteps. And we're all going to have to choose sides very soon.

  5. Post Alley Crackpot

    "NOW do you understand why people like me want to line up the media and have them tried, and in many cases shot, for treason?"

    Actually in a war zone, the prevailing powers usually skip the trial.

    There was a BBC journalist who thought it a good idea to broadcast live via satellite uplink her reports from within a country in a state of war. She'd lived through a few scrapes and was known for her eye patch, which of course was one of the consequences of one of those scrapes.

    Of course, the benefit of transmitting via satellite uplink with gear that could be recharged off-site was that it'd be a lot more difficult for most adversaries to be able to locate the signal, or so went the theory.

    In practice, most of the major powers are very good at this, and so the country in a state of war simply asked their biggest ally for some assistance in locating the transmitter site.

    Rather than bursting data traffic out of the war zone from a new location every time or implementing some sort of distributed transmission operation, the journalist and the crew didn't consider their true InfoSec and OpSec exposure. They believed that since the country itself didn't possess a satellite targeting capability that they'd remain free of the risks of discovery, and so they'd do it all live.

    A few days after taking up a new transmitter location and using it to inconvenience that country's millitary and leadership with "reports from the field", or propaganda as they saw it, that country's ally fed them live and accurate information about when and where the transmitter was active.

    The BBC journalist and the crew literally never saw the hit coming.

    Over the years after seeing many badly behaving journos, not only with the BBC but also with other organisations, I've had to change my stance on these kinds of things.

    If you are ever in a position to take out the journalists slamming you with unfavourable coverage or brightening your enemies with praise-laden prose, you should do so at any convenient opportunity.

    Despite all of the bollocks they put forth as to being "independent observers", most journos are nothing of the kind.

    Dans chaque pays, il est bon de tuer une journaliste de temps en temps pour encourager les autres.


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