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It’s good to be a toxic fan

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

After years of denials and scorn heaped upon the fans who clamoured for it and argued that the theatrical release of Justice League was absolute ASS, the fortuitously timed merger of AT&T and TimeWarner has finally given the world the film that we always should have had:

It’s very clear that the trailer is a GIANT middle-finger to all of the powers that be which released the original film and turned it into such a horribly mangled and ruined mess of a movie. And it appears that Zack Snyder’s original, much darker, vision of a Justice League film is definitely a lot better than the theatrical release.

Most of all, this is a huge victory for the Fandom Menace, for “toxic” fans everywhere. It is NOT coincidental that this was released as part of DC’s “Fandome” broadcasts. The very name indicates that DC’s parent company acknowledges the existence of the fans and is not interested in shitting all over us – for now.

It’s important to add that qualification. These big converged corporations will always end up going the wrong way eventually. That’s just what they do. Most of them have absolutely no clue how to stop the true toxic fans from getting in the door – the social justice asshats who always end up ruining things in the end.

The way to deal with those people is very simple. You FIRE them. Instantly. Without hesitation. Without remorse, regret, or mercy.

Now obviously, the bought-and-paid-for whorenalists of the access (((media))) hate fans who just want good movies without a lot of politically correct dross injected into them. That is because those access-media shills took the ticket, and now stand against everything that is Good, Beautiful, and True. That’s what happens when you sell out – you end up working for people who hate good art for the sake of art.

In the case of the original theatrical release of Justice League, I am well aware that not everyone was a fan of Zack Snyder and his signature slo-mo, CGI-heavy style of film-making. I personally am a huge fan of 300, which I loved when it was released and love even more today because of its sheer balls-out badassitude. (In fairness, the source material is AMAZEBALLS and has been for well over 2,400 years. You don’t really need to do anything significant to tell the story of the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae. The story sells itself.)

But his work with Watchmen left a lot of fans of the legendary Alan Moore graphic novel – self included – feeling a bit let down. Time and perspective have since shown us that Snyder did the very best that he could under the circumstances to adapt a graphic novel that most – again, self included – thought could never be adequately put on film.

And, in fact, if you watch Watchmen today (see what I did there?), you will likely see and understand that, for the most part, Snyder was deeply respectful to the original source material and did his level best to bring it to life in gory, glorious, spectacular visuals that made audiences everywhere sit up and go, “Holy SHIT”.

With Justice League, however, Snyder had a lot to prove. Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were sharply divisive among fans, not because they disrespected either the canon or material, but simply because of the tone of the films. Snyder is obviously extremely well suited to making dark, gritty, powerful films that tonally suit a Gamma wish-fulfillment character like Batman, but the lighter and more optimistic touch necessary to deal with another Gamma wish-fulfillment character like Superman is evidently somewhat beyond him.

Based on the evidence that has come out since the release of the original theatrical cut of Justice League, it is clear that Snyder did the best he could under, again, difficult circumstances. And that is before we get to the personal tragedy that saw him leave the set of the film to deal with the awful news of the death of his daughter.

It remains a mystery to me as to why DC and Warner Bros. thought that it would be a good idea to bring in Joss Whedon. I like Joss Whedon’s work with Firefly, a lot. I think that is one of the greatest sci-fi series ever put on screen. But Whedon is an outright SJW, and proud of it – and, like most “male feminists”, he has the baggage to prove it. Pretty much by default, that means that if you give him the product of a superior director’s efforts and skills, he’s going to ruin it, because that is what SJWs do.

And ruin it, he did.

I have not watched Justice League. I can’t be arsed. I just do not care about any adaptation of the DCAU that doesn’t involve Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, and/or the true dynamic duo of Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy. But the box office numbers do not lie. Justice League was a disaster of a film.

Fans were thoroughly displeased by the schizophrenic tone and weird lighting effects and strange editing. The film was an incoherent mess that pleased no one, and the box office numbers reflect this. The film had a $300 MILLION budget, making it one of the most costly movies of all time, and grossed “only” about $657 million worldwide. When you factor in marketing costs and other development issues, the film barely broke even – and it was supposed to be a blockbuster.

But instead of taking the blame for their own failures and owning up and dealing with things like responsible adults, and listening to the audiences that hated the film for its weirdness and flaws, DC and Warner Bros. decided to blame their customers.

That proved to be a very stupid and very costly mistake, and the very same people who spent so much time and effort mocking and deriding the fans, have now lost a major battle against them. I have no doubt that there are numerous ex-Warner and DC execs currently spitting out their morning coffee and venting in rage at the fact that their own bad decisions, incompetence, foolishness, and narcissism is about to be exposed for the entire world to see.

As for the Snyder Cut itself… will it actually be any good?

Well, judging by the trailer, it looks like a much more coherent film than the theatrical release, that’s for sure. It has a much darker and grittier tone, as is to be expected from a filmmaker like Zack Snyder. We’ll see what happens – maybe it really will be brilliant, or maybe all of the fan hype was for naught and it will turn out to be a crappy TV movie series.

Either way, though, the Hellmouth has been put on notice. Disrespect the fans, and you will pay the price. It’s taken multiple and brutal beatings with a clue-bat for them to get the message – STAR WARS Episode IX: The Fall of Skywalker, anyone? – but they finally appear to be listening.

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  1. Kapios

    The way Watchmen was made, it was like producing Justice Leauge Apokolips without the previous movies to get a good grip on the characters first. It would make sense for WB to release a movie with Darkseid now, but for Watchmen, we didn't get any deep character background first. They just threw everyone in one movie without any previous buildup. A Dr. Manhattan movie would be better than Marvel's Dr. Strange imo.

    • Dire Badger

      I absolutely loved the interplay between Dr. Manhattan and Rorshach… The only two characters with any real buildup or character. Especially Rorshach, who was the only real hero in the movie…

      Of course, the fact that he WAS the only real hero is why the new series attempted to pillory him… and it's failure was absolutely justified as they tried to turn it into yet another formula racism show that tries, and fails, to paint US, and anyone with uncompromising standards and visible ethics, as the villains.


    I think the reason why they brought on Whedon is straightforward – he had directed two of the Avengers movies, and they wanted him to bring that same touch to this crapshow. Warner's entire handling of the DCCU can be summed up as "we want some of that sweet Marvel money, but without putting in the hard work that Marvel did to build up its brand." I've never seen any of them, but I heard all about Superman murdering innocents by the million and snapping a guy's neck, and was like "nope, not my Supes."

    • Dire Badger

      That was supposed to be the plotline for s vs. b. They really hyped it hard, the idea that absolute power corrupts… but when the movie actually came out it was absolutely obvious that the power brokers cracked down on it hard and they had to rewrite the whole thing while they were filming it… I don't blame Ben Affleck like so many people do…he is actually a decent actor… but it seems like every movie he is in winds up being rewritten to suck up to the Karen Crowd.

      It's a true shame. I grew up with supes, and a power corrupts plotline ending in death and eventual redemption sounded incredibly powerful to me.


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