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Is game a lie?

by | Aug 5, 2020 | The Agoge | 24 comments

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Our Mountain Man Roosh has been very busy renouncing pretty much every aspect of his past life as a pickup artist and smooth-talking fornicator, and good for him. However, it is possible that he might have gone a bit too far with his latest piece on the subject of relationships and game:

If you find a woman who doesn’t have God in her life, no matter how beautiful or moral she may be, her thoughts, words, and deeds are being driven by a secular and materialistic foundation. She may give you pleasure in the here and now, and she may even give you children, but what happens when she inevitably gets bored of you or tired of being your wife? What happens when another man offers her a better deal that makes her believe she will be happier? Besides, how loyal can a secular woman really be? Outside of our loyalty to Christ, there is no loyalty among man, and what may seem like loyalty to you is really a feeling of resignation that you’re the best she could get from sampling all the other goods on the sexual market. She stays with you just like how I stay with the car I’m driving—it would be too arduous and perhaps too expensive to swap it out for another. I’ll deal with it until it completely breaks down, which in the secular female mind means “I’m not happy” or “I’m bored.”

“But Roosh, game really does work! I started using it and I got a girl!” Tell me about that girl. Tell me about her lack of faith, her lack of daily prayer rule, her lack of desire to serve as the Body of Christ in his Church. Are you sure your game reward is not a punishment? Are you sure that the social moves and tricks you learned didn’t thrust you into bed with a woman who knows even more tricks than you? Game is simply the exercise of becoming a bad actor to attract a bad actress—you will receive exactly what you are. So what if you lack confidence or are socially awkward. So what if you’re nervous around women and don’t know what to say. As a Christian man, put your faith in God to match you with a woman who is suitable for you and all your flaws instead of acting like a clown for the short entirety of any union you create through your own power.

When I meet a woman today, I’m nice, perhaps excessively so. I may slouch my body, smile in meekness, and not use any of the game tricks I’ve spent nearly two decades mastering. If she is a worldly woman, she will be turned off immediately and run into the arms of a man who spends more time at the bench press than bowing before the Holy Altar, who knew that she needed entertaining stories, a cocky attitude, and a t-shirt one size too small, but a Christian woman would not be turned off by me, for she will see me as a faithful servant of Christ. “He is like Christ; he is a man who will bring me closer to Him. Lord, if this man is for me, let your will be known.” And if there is no woman like this then I will exist in my little church of one, and serve Him alone instead of a worldly woman who, through ignorance or pride, serves Satan.

The less game you know and have to use, the better. You’ll still have to embrace your God-given masculinity, and you must possess the basic confidence and strength to keep your wife and future family safe, but you don’t need to be outgoing, cocky, or smooth. You don’t even need to be attractive beyond maintaining basic hygiene and refraining from sloth and gluttony when it concerns your bodily physique. I can’t stress that the more secular methods you use to “improve” yourself—and we must take self-improvement to mean “being prideful and falling out of God’s grace”—the more you will get a secular woman.

I can’t remember who it was that wrote about Roosh’s repudiation of his previous writings. It might have been our beloved and dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Vox Day, or it might have been my friend and brother in Christ, Adam Piggott, the Gentleman Adventurer. Whoever it was, as I recall, the article in question talked about how Roosh’s renunciation of game and fornication and his fiery rhetoric against his former field of expertise is basically the zeal of the newly converted, the result of a man given to extremes, going to extremes.

You will find similar attitudes with other really sinful men who bent the knee and accepted the Holy Spirit into their hearts. They always find themselves strongly denouncing the very sins to which they were the most addicted in the past, and with good reason. There is nothing wrong with this. It is important for other men to understand how sin devastates and demoralises men, while making them feel “good”, if only in a very temporary way.

However, in my humble opinion, Roosh goes too far in denouncing game as purely a secular tool. He also mistakes the “overly nice man” posture that he adopts as an image of Jesus Christ. Moreover, he looks at happy long-term relationships and game through a purely Christian lens, and this is a bit of a mistake – it’s not like happy monogamous relationships didn’t exist before Christianity came along and codified the means and ways in which men can be happy with women.

First, Roosh’s definition of “game” is far too narrow. He has basically reduced it down to the canned routines and lines that he and many other pickup artists have used, very successfully it must be said, on countless thousands of women. That kind of game is, indeed, purely secular and reduces a man to the role of a performing monkey, a clown, a tool for the amusement of women.

That is not game.

True game – inner game – is about confidence, strength, and masculinity. It is about being an adult and not a child. An adult is not governed or ruled primarily by emotion. He understands his emotions, he accepts his emotions, but he is not ruled by them. He simply lets the tempests and storms of the world pass over him.

That kind of unshakable confidence does not necessarily come from faith in Christ.

Do not misunderstand me here. I am not rejecting the power of the Holy Spirit and its ability to lend calmness, strength, and power in the face of the storm. Quite the contrary – I believe, as a Christian, that the Holy Spirit is the only way to successfully stand firm in the face of unholy wrath. Which is to say, a woman when she is in the grips of madness, to which all women inevitably succumb one way or another.

There are, however, other ways to get it.

You can get inner confidence and strength from learning how to be good at being a man. You can get it from creating a rock-solid philosophy that is tailored to your life and your strengths. One of the ways to get to it is entirely secular. It is called “Stoicism”, and I call it the “almost solution” to the eternal Problem of Evil with very good reason.

Stoicism provides a foundation of strength and virtue and rightness of conduct that will see a man through much of the madness of the world. It will allow a man to endure the vicissitudes and tyrannies of a woman without losing his mind.

Will it make a man happy? Probably. But it won’t result in a strong spiritual union of the kind that Christians aspire towards, because Stoicism takes no strong position on the existence and importance of the Divine. Stoicism is a philosophy that can be used by atheists and Christians alike, and should be.

It is with very good reason that the early Church fathers regarded the Romans as “virtuous pagans” and argued that the ancient Roman republican qualities of austerity, hard work, stoic strength, and self-abnegation were entirely compatible with Christ’s commandments to His followers.

Second, when Roosh says that a smiling, meek, overly polite man is the very image of Jesus, who will lead a woman back to God, I can only shake my head and ask where he got that idea.

That is not the Jesus Christ depicted in the Gospels. Jesus, as shown in the Gospels, is the very image of a great King – strong, upright, confident, and yet compassionate, wise, and humble.

The only way you could make the argument that weakness is strength is if you look at, maybe, the Gospel of Luke, and only in isolation from the others, especially the Gospel of John. The Gospel of John is particularly important because it, uniquely among the Gospels, presents an incontrovertible image of Christ as King and Lord. The Gospel of Luke presents a much more analytical and calm Jesus, and the Gospels of Matthew and Mark tend to focus a lot more on Christ’s messages of peace and humility.

But the Gospel of John is all about Jesus as Lord – strong, commanding, noble, and stoic in the face of terrible suffering.

Furthermore, Roosh contradicts himself later on when he talks about how a man can and must embrace his own God-given masculinity and strength, and put his faith in God to point him toward a woman who will be his wife without using game.

Again, this only works if you stick to game as a very narrow set of secular tools designed to turn a man into a performing monkey. That is not game. That is merely one logical aspect and extension of game.

What game really comes down to is inner confidence. And the fact is that most men don’t have it.

How do you get it? By doing things that make you stronger as a man.

Too many Christians think that there is no need to go to the gym, because that is all about vanity. And that is nonsense. Strong faith needs a strong mind, and a strong mind needs a strong body. You can quibble and prevaricate and come up with as many exceptions as you like, but the FACT is that strength of mind needs strength of body. As long as you’re not standing in front of a mirror snapping selfies and pictures of yourself posing, like a damn girl, then there is nothing vain about showing up at the gym and learning how to lift.

Our beloved and dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Vox Day once wrote about the sign on the door above his old gym. It read, very simply:

“This room is for the weak, that they may learn to become strong. This room is for the strong, that they may learn to become humble.”

That is the true purpose of the gym. There is nothing more strengthening than picking up a chromed-steel bar loaded with plates and deadlifting it, or squatting it, or pressing it. And there is nothing more humbling than getting pinned under that bar, or failing to lift it, in front of an entire crowd of people, including women and weaker men.

Too many Christians also think that it is wrong to learn how to fight, because Jesus preached against violence. This is a sorely mistaken interpretation of the Gospels. Jesus didn’t say, “don’t fight back”. What He actually said was, “stand defiant before your persecutors, and give them a chance to repent their stupidity”.

Learning how to fight gives you strength and humility even faster than the iron can. Getting your ass kicked by men (and women) much smaller and weaker than you is extremely humbling, and you have to endure it repeatedly for months before you have any idea what you’re doing. It’s even worse if you’re in a grappling art like BJJ – you’ll get submitted by girls who weigh 100lbs dripping wet.

These trials make you more confident, more outgoing, and more thoroughly decent. It makes you automatically more attractive to women – and eventually you might just get to the point where you don’t need their attention. You’re just happy to be yourself.

The ancient Greeks believed in balance between strength, philosophy, and dancing. At least one major Greek philosopher – I can’t remember his name, because I’m an Olde Pharte now – argued in favour of spending a third of the day wrestling, a third reading, and a third dancing. (Or something along those lines.) Why? Because this set of activities made a man complete. And remember, the Greeks were, by Christian standards, either secular or idolaters.

Can we seriously argue and claim that older civilisations did not have happy monogamous marriages? Can we truly claim that the Greeks, the Romans, the Babylonians, the Jews, the Japanese, the Chinese, and so on, of ancient times, did not understand how to enforce the social contract of marriage?

That, too, is an aspect that Roosh is missing. It simply isn’t enough just to pursue and marry a Christian woman. A Christian may well have God in her heart – but you always have to go back to Genesis 3 and look at the curse that God put upon Eve:

Then he said to the woman,
“I will sharpen the pain of your pregnancy,
and in pain you will give birth.
And you will desire to control your husband,
but he will rule over you.

— Genesis 3:16, New Living Translation

(The NLT isn’t my choice of translation for most of the Bible, but for that specific passage, it is easily the best one out there.)

That hasn’t changed, at all. That curse endures to this day. Nothing in the Gospels or Epistles contradicts it, at all. That curse might be lifted when the Millennial Reign kicks in, but that’s a discussion for another time.

A Christian woman will still desire to dominate and control her husband. The only way that a husband is going to be able to stop her from doing that, is to have unshakable confidence in himself. And this is, trust me, very very very hard to do.

It requires becoming an adult. That is a very difficult and painful and unpleasant process. You simply have to do it.

My take on Roosh is that he is now going through some of the transformation required to become more of an adult than he already was. There were aspects of his personality that plainly were, and are, those of an adult. But there were other aspects, such as the constant pursuit of worldly pleasures, that were not. And in the process of becoming an adult, he’s going too far in certain directions to denounce parts of his previous life.

In so doing, he is missing the wood for the trees, so to speak. Yes, “clown game” is pointless and stupid. But that is not to say that game in and of itself is wrong, or broken, or untruthful.

In fact, game is merely an extension of what we men these days call “the red pill”.

What is the red pill? It is an extremely harsh and painful dose of the truth.

Game is derived from the truths about women and men. As such, it is not a lie. It is itself true. That does not mean that applying it will necessarily make you feel good. Possessing game is merely a necessary but not sufficient condition for attracting a good woman. Even Christian men can benefit from it, because learning the truths about game are absolutely necessary to avoid repelling the women that we’re with.

Consider: would a Christian woman be attracted to a man who slouches, is nice and polite and never raises his voice, and never asserts himself?

To ask that question is to answer it.

In reality, to walk in the path of Christ requires a man to stand up for himself and his rights. It requires a man to take risks – huge ones. It requires a man to be strong in the face of a world that hates and misunderstands him. It requires him to find solace within himself and to be alone for very large parts of his life. And it requires a man to be stoic and humble in a world that will offer him every possible temptation in exchange for his soul.

That is the truth of game – it is a tool rooted in truth that helps a man get what he wants in life. And if that tool leads him to God and Christ, so much the better.

To summarise, then: Roosh is absolutely right to reject and repudiate clown game. This was always a corruption of the understanding and insight provided by the red pill. But I do not believe that he is right to denounce game in general. This is merely an extension of the red pill concepts, built on truths, and is therefore itself true. And there is no incompatibility whatsoever between the red pill and Christianity. In fact, acknowledging the Fallen and broken nature of women is critical to understanding how to fix the problem, and for that you need both Christianity and the red pill.

The red pill is crucial for ripping away the all-too-optimistic and foolishly naive expectations that far too many Christian men have of and for women. And Christianity is crucial for helping men get past the rage that we always feel when we see and truly understand the kinds of lies that we’ve been marinated in, even as Christians, for most of our lives.

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  1. LastRedoubt

    I think Roosh is afflicted by a variant of something I see in Owen as well – very smart people who realize that very significant parts of the worldview they were sold is a lie, and then start to treat *all* of it as a lie.

    Is anyone in a position to point him to the Heretics of St. Possenti?

    • Didact

      Yes. This is the danger of very intelligent and socially ostracised people getting saved – they begin to rail against the whole world and question EVERYTHING. And that way lies madness, or at least the danger of it.

      Is anyone in a position to point him to the Heretics of St. Possenti?

      Good point, I'll recommend it to him.

  2. Dire Badger

    Thank you, this is very much the article I would have written had I any literary ability whatsoever.

    I have enormous respect for Roosh creating the basic aspects of Game, and helping push the basiuc knowledge of female behavior, but game as a philosophy has been vastly expanded and been applied to all aspects of life since then…

    And if you look in the bible, Game Clearly applied to those who transcribed the words of God, especially in their understanding of people. Game is what your Dad would have taught you about life, happiness, and women if you were born a century ago. Game teaches you how to balance Women's desperate need for leadership with their happiness, and how to motivate yourself to become a better person.

    PUA game? I am fine with his renunciation. It was an important, if unethical, start the same way Mengele took apart people to learn things… But you do not discard knowledge simply because it originated in sin.

    What Roosh should truly do is write a book on Christian Game… Which is absolutely real and absolutely essential and is as valuable to fathers as it is to Missionaries… but I do not know if he has it in him.

    But the basic precept of Game is the most simple statement in the world. "Do not be yourself, yourself is a stupid, pathetic asshole. Be better."

    • Didact

      Game teaches you how to balance Women's desperate need for leadership with their happiness, and how to motivate yourself to become a better person.

      Absolutely. The Bible is replete with examples of men who let themselves be trampled by their women – Ahab and Jezebel being the foremost example. It also teaches men how to stand up for themselves in righteousness and faith – and the dangers of failing to do that, i.e. Samson and Delilah.

      But you do not discard knowledge simply because it originated in sin

      Yep. You keep it as a warning to others. That's exactly why this bizarre push to topple statues of Confederate leaders and former slave-owners is so ridiculous. It all guarantees that slavery will return, because that is the core of Marxism and socialism, and the Black Looming Menace types are hardcore socialists.

      What Roosh should truly do is write a book on Christian Game… Which is absolutely real and absolutely essential and is as valuable to fathers as it is to Missionaries… but I do not know if he has it in him.

      Based on what he's writing nowadays, I seriously doubt it. He should do it, and he's uniquely placed to be able to do it, but I don't think he can.

      There is another book that seems to fulfill that need, though I haven't read it – Staying Married in a Degenerate Age by Michael Sebastian.

    • Dire Badger

      I will grab it next week. For right now, though, I love the cover art.

  3. Bardelys the Magnificent

    Armchair psychologist here. Roosh adopted game thinking that getting women in bed made him a man. He found that to be a false idol and became a Christian. Well and good, but he has discovered that merely being a Christian, albiet a devout one, does not make you a man . It can help you tremendously, but it does not make that change in you in and of itself.

    Christ is the way, but one cannot simply say "alright bishes, I'm a Godly man now, come and give me my due." Doesn't work that way. Wonder what he will do when Orthodoxy fails to land him a quality wife like game did?

    • Didact

      Christ is the way, but one cannot simply say "alright bishes, I'm a Godly man now, come and give me my due." Doesn't work that way.

      Amen, Reverend.

      You're right, it's not enough. One has to make oneself a man – an adult. And that requires tremendous amounts of hard work and taking a lot of hard knocks. It's a miserably difficult process. Roosh was able to refine and define a particular set of skills designed to bed lots of women. But that's a very short-term approach to life, and being an adult requires long-term thinking.

      Wonder what he will do when Orthodoxy fails to land him a quality wife like game did?

      Yeah, true. Orthodox Christianity is, from my understanding of things, far more masculine and tough than modern Catholicism and pretty much all of the Protestant and reformist denominations. But, most of the Christian FSU countries are Orthodox, and they have SKY-HIGH divorce rates. So something's not adding up.

      • Thersites

        Forgive me for missing out on this post. I have to say thank you making it. Your sentiments is similar to the mine.

        It was one of sad misstep that Roosh made in spiritual journey. Game was original for picking up chicks evolved into men dealing with their inner game and handling their issues. This is something that Roosh last game book address. Its not about methods to pick up girls but making a better version of yourself. The misguidance given to him made him go to the extreme to eliminate the game section from the forums and his books. Sad thing is the game section had hints of game changing again. Most of the PUA were starting note the difficult to have relationship as the number of notches made them incapable of pair bonding compare to girls with many partners. If Roosh allow the Game section to continue, we might as well see the game refined again for men to understand the dangerous of pick up and focus on finding better partner.

        As Hearsite said, the game is dangerous tool for the inexperience. Its fire that can lights one’s world, but burn it down in the careful. If Roosh didn’t go into the extremes, he be able guide men to use the Game in a more positive fashion tailored to Christian worldview.

  4. Robert

    Game is not inner confidence. Inner confidence is inner confidence. Fuck off with trying to redefine words, you dope. Game is what it is, a game. It is always in play whether one wants to be playing or not. The Prisoner's Dilemma was the best explanation I found for it. Ideally, the best outcome is when all parties cooperate. But in the game of life, more often than not, the situation isn't mutually beneficial. So by default, the best option is to only cooperate when the situation is mutually beneficial. All else is cuckery.

    • Didact

      There is no redefinition here, and if you think there is, then you are the problem, not me.

      What I actually said was:

      "True game – inner game – is about confidence, strength, and masculinity".

      Evidently your reading comprehension needs work.

      The Prisoner's Dilemma was the best explanation I found for it. Ideally, the best outcome is when all parties cooperate.

      The Prisoner's Dilemma as you present it also only works in one-shot games with completeness and perfect information. You can seriously modify that game with incomplete and/or imperfect information and multi-stage play and "trigger strategies". The analogy you're providing does not apply over long-term relationships very well at all. That's not the real world

      So by default, the best option is to only cooperate when the situation is mutually beneficial. All else is cuckery.

      Ah, here we go, the MGTOW-Gamma crowd is here again.

      Here's a little secret about relationships: they involve sacrifice, and not always to mutual benefit. That's what makes relationships painful. They require giving up one's own freedoms and happiness in favour of another's. It's not easy and it's not fun, but it IS an investment for the long term. Sometimes – a lot of the time – it doesn't work out. That's just the reality of things.

      Your "advice" dictates that men, AND women, should only get involved in relationships when they are mutually beneficial and with more or less equivalent payoffs. The reality is that this almost never happens – all human interactions involve trade-offs and hierarchies.

    • A.B. Prosper

      Robert is giving advice for secular people and may not understand that this blog is mostly Believers

      Still he has some point. Sacrifice without a corresponding benefit is narcissistic and self destructive. Jesus gave Himself to save mankind .Odin game himself to himself to save his people and help mankind also. Both were worthy.

      Now Christian men must marry and be fruitful and even when they cannot have children should adopt within the community. Unfortunately and this is why Orthodox divorce rates are high, the secular wold even where its not anti Christian, doesn't support it.

      THis makes it tougher but at least you aren't being thrown to Lions , yet anyway 😉

      The Christian MGTOW is reserved for Monks, Clergy in some denominations and on rare occasion those who build for the community, someone
      like da Vinci

      As I see it Sacrificing for a relationship when your partner is an endless back hole of damage not gained from accident within marriage is wrong since presumably someone capable of doing their Christian duty could be in a relationship with you.

  5. Bee

    "And in the process of becoming an adult, he's going too far in certain directions to denounce parts of his previous life."

    In his repentenance and zeal (which I celebrate and commend him for) Roosh has pendulum swung too far the other way. He is a baby Christian and he will find the correct balance over time.

    I was a Christian and a married man when I found game. Game principles helped my marriage; they improved my confidence, enabled me to identify shit tests, and taught me that I should be leading my family. Even my devout Christian wife occasionally throws shit tests at me. But less often now than before.

    Game is a tool; you can use it to fornicate or commit adultery, or you can use it to vet a potential wife, to improve yourself, and to better manage your wife and family.

    • Didact

      Correct. Game is a tool. It's that simple. It works because it is absolutely rooted in truth. HOW you use it is what matters. Game is something that Christian men can, and should, learn to use, because it is built upon truths that are highly compatible with Christianity.

      He is a baby Christian and he will find the correct balance over time.

      I think so too. Once that burning fire of the newly converted cools down a bit and things sort of stabilise, and the REALLY hard tests, begin, that brings a sense of perspective and calmness that Roosh will likely need in the coming days.

  6. JohnC

    Hi Didact.

    What are your thoughts on the spirit of the law vs just following the law?
    I talking from the Christian view not the government.

    I know this can be a dangerous way to look at Christianity, since you still want people to follow God laws. My experience is that many will follow the law but not live in the spirit of the law.

    I know some people that follow Jesus that go by rules but they become more like the pharisees. While others that don't go to church that can be more spiritual and Charitable.

    By the way I am not talking about Chruchians (Vox Day word) by the way. They are different since they follow the rules of the church over God's law.

    • Didact

      Short answer is that Christianity is ALL ABOUT following the spirit and not the letter of the law, but as always, false priests and deviant churches have altered and corrupted it.

      The two primary laws of Christianity are straightforward: Love God with all your heart, and love thy neighbour as thyself. From these come the Ten Commandments, which are a perfect moral code.

      The rest of the laws found in Leviticus and Deuteronomy can be largely, though not completely, discarded. Laws against sexual sin, for instance, are kept intact, while dietary laws get tossed out wholesale.

      There are plenty of Christians who pay lip service to the Ten Commandments – and then break them anyway. There are also plenty who engage and/or have engaged in sexual sin (self included) while still mouthing platitudes about abstaining and so on. These people are hypocrites and are rightly called as such by Christ.

      It's worth remembering that in Matthew and James, Christ Himself stated plainly that many will come to him saying, "Lord, Lord!" – and He will reply, "Go away from me, I never knew you". That is what happens to those who follow the letter and not the spirit.

      Going to church is not a requirement for grace and salvation. It's useful and helpful, and I wish I could do a lot more of it, because the church has fellowship and brotherhood that men need in times of distress. But one can live a fulfilling and honest life without the church, and one can be a Christian in name only even if one shows up to church every Sunday and participates in all of the activities.

  7. Adam P

    Yes, I wrote about Roosh's zeal, although bugger me if I can find the article.

    Basically, Roosh is an extremist. He has gone from one extreme to another. But like every extremist he has highly personalized his message. Thus his latest post where he announces that if you drink coffee then you are a dopamine slave. It's obvious that Roosh has had a problem with drinking too much coffee in the past, and now, wah'la! Coffee is bad bad bad.

    I drink a single cup of coffee in the morning. It is a pleasure. His lack of moderation does not mean that my own enjoyment of coffee is a vice. Roosh is projecting his own lack of self control onto others. This includes game.

    I completely agree with you regarding this, particularly his admonitions against working out and remaining a placid man in the face of evil. In his search for absolution, Roosh risks going off the deep end, and the truth that he does say is lost in the overall effect.

    • Didact

      Yes, I wrote about Roosh's zeal, although bugger me if I can find the article.

      Exactly. I thought it was yours, and I seem to remember it being one of your Friday Hawt Chicks & Links compilations, but I have no idea which one.

      His lack of moderation does not mean that my own enjoyment of coffee is a vice.

      Indeed – and as you have so rightly pointed out, the modern man is moderate.

      I'm all for listening to God's voice and asking Him for help and guidance. But I do not believe that God ever intended for us to be meekly compliant chess pieces on a vast chessboard. He intended for us to be free. And part of that freedom means taking offensive action, in every sense of that word, in defence of the truth.

      He's not the only one who has become quite severe in condemning things in which he used to be quite immoderate himself. Victor Pride, from Bold & Determined, bent the knee and revealed his real name, Nickolas, and now rails against exactly the same things that he once endorsed. It's the exact same mentality – extremists gonna extreme, basically.

      I do hope that Roosh gets over that phase. I like and respect him, but I feel as though he really is losing the wood for the trees.

  8. Kapios

    By Game, I think that Roosh believes that there is always a front, even if you are not doing the clown. There is not really a true self since personality and beliefs change over time, but Roosh is probably bothered by the fact that he has to give up certain personal principles in order to sleep with a woman and so he is swinging for the extreme. On some level, you do have to compromise, but it doesn't have to be the absolute core of the activities or thoughts that preoccupy your life with.

    Roosh used to get laid, even if it meant procrastinating on productive work or sleeping with a woman that he did not really like. In my opinion he needed to find the 'right' crowd of women to be happy. Meaning, those who don't play texting games or view their instagram profile every 10 minutes. If he swings for the other extreme and finds a woman who is a religious nut, and trust me you can spot them from a mile away, he will be equally unhappy.

    • Didact

      On some level, you do have to compromise, but it doesn't have to be the absolute core of the activities or thoughts that preoccupy your life with.

      Well yes, but that's kind of the problem with Roosh. He's pointed out recently that game is for broken women. But that is a classic example of selection bias if I ever saw one.

      I'm very much of the view that men and women attract partners who reflect their own flaws. I have seen this for myself firsthand in my own relationships, such as they are. Roosh was broken to his very core by his family experiences and sought out women who reflected his own problems. That helps explain why he was so successful, but it also explains why he was never really happy. He self-selected for women that were genuinely not good.

      If he swings for the other extreme and finds a woman who is a religious nut, and trust me you can spot them from a mile away, he will be equally unhappy.

      I agree. Roosh shows the classic signs of addiction to extremism. He's a good and decent guy, but his screeds of late have been very heavy-handed and reflect a probably overly literal interpretation of Scriptures.

  9. Bee

    This is an important post, and it is well written. Thank you for writing and blogging.

    • Didact

      Thank you for your kind words, and for stopping by to comment. Do share this post around if you can.

  10. Post Alley Crackpot

    Just wait, Neo, until you discover they're the same pill …

    But we know what you're really addicted to, Neo.


    [reveals a giant room with fifty million bottles full of pills of various shades of blue, red, and other colours]

    Oh, you don't care to partake today?

    You could not possibly try every choice in your lifetime, but yet, here this is, always waiting for you.

    Choice is the means by which you fool your mind into believing you have more agency than you have.

    So go ahead, Neo: we'll be back here tomorrow, and then you may choose again.

  11. Johnny

    Roosh swinging to extremes make me suspicious of anything he says.

    His utter renunciation of Game (which he defines narrowly) strikes me as haphazard. Anyone who does a 180-degree shift is likely to do so again in the future.

    Plus, what is unfortunate is that Roosh's sudden discovery of Christianity was just as Dalrock shut shop. Dalrock, as a much more mature Christian who was also in favor of Game (i.e. the broader definition of Game) might have been a good source for Roosh. Dalrock was the best in terms of proving there is no incompatibility between the red pill and Christianity. His archives are still up (for now), fortunately.

    Roosh's recent weirdness also seems to conveniently forget everything he used to know, such as a) women are hypergamous, b) almost no attractive women are virgins, and c) divorce court is rigged against men, no matter how 'Christian' you are.

    I also suspect that he was never actually good at Game beyond one-night-stands. For someone now extolling monogamous relationships with godly women, he doesn't seem to be able to secure one himself.

  12. Johnny

    I am also skeptical of Roosh's motives for a couple of reasons :

    i) Being over 40 now, and needlessly doing things that made him infamous (and not in the way that chicks dig), means he can't sustain the PUA life anymore, even in EE.
    ii) He definitely can't earn a living in almost any way anymore. Fully deplatformed, and certainly not capable of returning to Molecular Biology, he is done. Working in construction or on an oil rig are his options, at this point.
    iii) Hence, becoming a priest or monk at some obscure Christian monastery is his strategy for room and board for the rest of his life.


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