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From cold to white hot

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Before this week, a young man named Kyle Rittenhouse probably had the same dreams that most of us did when we were 17. He probably wanted to be popular, get into a good college or university, get a good job, have a nice girlfriend with perky tits and a cute butt, get married, have kids, and so on and so forth.

That future is almost certainly over. And his dreams are done because of what young Mr. Kyle Rittenhouse did a few days ago during the riots in Kenosha, WI.

During those riots, which saw a mob of mostly White, “mostly peaceful” protesters smashing shit and breaking things, Rittenhouse shot three people and killed two of them.

Now, the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed-and-scorned whorenalists of the mainstream (((media))) haven’t done their homework. (Yeah, I know, say it with me now: SHOCKING!!!11!!!) Britain’s most popular toilet-paper substitute, The Daily Mail, claims:

Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse shot one of his victims five times including in the head, the criminal complaint reveals – but his attorney has claimed it was he who was ‘attacked’ and insisted he was acting in self-defense.

Rittenhouse’s attorney Lin Wood said the 17-year-old vigilante was ‘attacked’ with ‘lethal force’ and ‘had the right to defend himself’ when he shot dead two unarmed Black Lives Matter protesters and injured a third man in the streets of Kenosha Tuesday night, as new video reveals a different angle to one of the attacks.

Footage has emerged online of the suspected killer shooting his third and only surviving victim Gaige Grosskreutz in the arm while the 26-year-old was carrying a handgun.

This came moments after Rittenhouse is accused of fatally shooting Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, of Kenosha, and Anthony Huber, 26, and calling a friend to tell them ‘I’ve killed someone’.

Rittenhouse is accused of riddling Rosenbaum with bullets, with the criminal complaint revealing he shot his victim a total of five times – in the right groin, back, left hand, left thigh and right side of his forehead.

Huber’s devastated girlfriend broke her silence over his ‘murder’ Friday, saying her ‘heroic’ boyfriend died trying to save the lives of her and other bystanders.

Rittenhouse, a police-obsessed Donald Trump supporter, appeared before a judge briefly on a Zoom call on Friday.

Shaking my damn head… You’d be hard-pressed to find a more carefully coordinated smear job than that.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, people who hopefully haven’t sold their souls and taken the ticket have been analysing the video footage captured from the riots, and that evidence very clearly supports the self-defence argument:

The evidence is very clear, from multiple angles.

Kyle Rittenhouse was being chased by someone with clear intent to do terrible bodily harm. He turned and fired at the first assailant after that man threw something at him, which looked flammable and might well have been a Molotov cocktail.

He was further chased by another man wielding a skateboard attempting to bash his skull in. He fell to the ground, rolled over, and in desperation shot his attacker five times at practically point-blank range.

And finally he shot a man at nearly point-blank range and very nearly blew the guy’s arm off – and that guy just so happened to be holding a pistol in his hand, both before and after he got shot.

He then approached the police who were speeding toward the scene, with his hands up, attempting to turn himself in and submit to authority, which as an apparently “police-obsessed” young man he almost certainly greatly respects.

As for the rioters – “mostly peaceful” protesters, eh? Yeah, right. “Unarmed”, my ass. These hoodlums were out to cause serious property damage and ruin lives.

Now the woke mob has started baying for #BasedTucker’s head (again) because he had the temerity, the gall, the bare-faced CHEEK!, to say that if the police won’t step in to do their damned JOBS, ordinary people will, and that means that other ordinary people dun gon’ get KILT:

Tucker Carlson doesn’t need me to defend him. I respect him immensely and he is of course the only talking head on cable news to whom I pay even the slightest amount of regular attention. But he is getting hammered by the regressive Left for simply telling the truth.

And what he is saying is TRUE. The first video up top explains that Mr. Rittenhouse’s group went into Kenosha as a sort of libertarian (read: libertoonian) outfit intent on protecting private property and which sympathised greatly with the Black Looming Menace. They weren’t there to start a fight. They were there to do the job that the police would not or could not.

Looking at the broader context of the cultural cold war that has been brewing within the USA and the West for decades, it is becoming very clear that this cold civil war is rapidly turning hot.

I’ve been writing about this for years. It was only a couple of months ago that I pointed out that the regressive Left is quite happy to unleash Apocalyptic levels of violence and destruction in order to seize power through a revolution. And I am far from an original thinker in this respect. Our beloved and dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) did a Darkstream hot on the heels of the incident in Kenosha to point out that the shooting has definitely started:

Watch that video before it gets yanked – not because of (((YouTube))), but because the SDL keeps those videos on Unauthorized.tv.

The SDL points out a harsh truth that I talked about all the way back in January 2017 – the shooting starts when the talking stops. And as I pointed out about a year ago, the factions that are breaking America apart have long since stopped talking with each other, and are now talking past each other. I have been saying for years that there is no reasoning or accommodation with the Left, and no hope of reconciliation whatsoever. We are now at the point where the time for talking is done, and the time for shooting has begun.

I fervently wish it were not so. I do not want to see the USA or the Western world torn apart by bloodshed and violence on a truly horrific scale. But what I want, what I think of the problem, is totally irrelevant.

The only thing that matters is whether or not people like you and me are on the side of what is Good, Beautiful, and True. If we are not, we will be swallowed up by the violence and madness just like everyone else.

Now, let’s not get overly hyperbolic here. There is no reason to think – yet – that the country will devolve into an orgy of bloodshed tomorrow. In much of the USA, the violence won’t even be apparent or evident, because most of the country is not urban in terms of geographical distribution. Population distribution is an entirely different question, of course; most of the US population is urbanised, which means that a very large proportion of the country will have direct experience of the horrors to come.

All that we can do is prepare for it. Get ready, gun up, protect your families and tribes, stand firm in the face of violence and madness, and understand that the time may come, very soon, when you will be looking down the gun-sights at someone very much like YOU.

Just like Mr. Rittenhouse had to do, at far too young an age. And just like he is now going to be tried and likely condemned for doing.

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