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Friday T&A: A Vowel for 500 Edition

by | Aug 28, 2020 | fat girl jihad | 1 comment

The Republican National Convention kicked off and concluded this week, and by all accounts it was a vastly more upbeat, interesting, well-produced, optimistic, hopeful, and genuinely just plain fun affair than the Daemoncrat one held last week. Even by the standards of the silly kabuki theatrics that characterise the Swamp dealings these days, the contrast was very stark.

On the one hand, the Daemoncrats offer lawlessness, grievance-mongering, identity politics, and angry whining.

On the other hand, the Republicans – or at least, the God-Emperor’s wing of it – offer law and order, a vision of a strong and free America, and prosperity and security and faith.

It’s a straightforward and compelling vision that, in my personal opinion, all but guarantees the God-Emperor’s reelection in November.

Indeed, I’ve been saying for months now that the God-Emperor is on course for a 2020 TRUMPSL!DE and I stand by that opinion even in spite of all of the polls. The polling data are so ridiculously unbalanced and unsound these days that they might as well call themselves fortune tellers, such is their lack of credibility. It is transparently clear that the pollsters have learned absolutely NOTHING in 4 years. They didn’t figure out how they were wrong in 2016, they didn’t learn from their failures in predicting the so-called “Blue Wave” in 2018, and now they are predicting that Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe is up in the polls – but they’re STILL oversampling Daemoncrats routinely!

Not that anyone reading this needs a reminder on the subject, but if you’re listening to the never-to-be-sufficiently-damned whorenalists of the mainstream (((media))), then you are making a colossal mistake. You are opening yourself up to literally Satanic poison, and you need to stop.

Heck, even Fox News isn’t very good in this regard, which is why they are bleeding viewership slowly but surely to the much more sensible One America News Network.

So if you are feeling black-pilled at any point, don’t worry too much. Although the chaos and the carnage is horrifying to watch right now, there is plenty of room for hope and optimism. The God-Emperor has failed to fulfill a number of his campaign promises, and he deserves to be held accountable for those failures. Most notable among these are his continued failure to halt ALL immigration into the USA, to cut off the highly corrupt H-1B outsourcing program at the knees, and to deport the tens of millions of illegals and anti-American paper citizens who festoon the country.

He is also a man who is more bluster than action, and he is a negotiator, not a warrior. He caves far too easily in many areas where he would be far better suited to staying the course. He listens far too much to his bleeding-heart daughter and her globalist, liberal husband.

And yet, for all of those mistakes, he has still proven to be by far the best President since Ronald Reagan, and probably the very best President since Andrew Jackson.

This is a President who continues to keep America out of foreign wars, and has not started any new conflicts since he took office. He continues to unwind America’s overseas troop presence while taking real and serious actions against America’s greatest threats – China and the Islamic world. He has delivered on so many of his campaign promises that it’s actually hard to keep track of them all. And he has continued to be hugely effective in disrupting the plans of the dyscivic and anarchic Left to seize total power by intimidation, mob rule, and violence.

The God-Emperor is a legend among men. He is proof positive that one man can make a difference, and that if we have the courage to stand firm in the face of the entire world’s opposition, we can win.

Therefore, do not despair, but celebrate instead, and prepare for the upcoming victory in November. If I’m wrong, hey, I’m wrong, and that’s fine. I’ll look stupid and ridiculous for a while, and I’ll have to eat a lot of crow, but for now, the signs point toward a decisive and epic victory for the God-Emperor and his Adeptus Astartes.

And that brings us to this week’s morale-boosting Instathot.

Her name is Anet Mlcakova, which is your typically unpronounceable Middle European name – as far as I can tell, judging by the Russian transliteration that you can find through Yandex, it’s pronounced as “Mol-cha-KOH-va”. She is originally from the Czech Republic, aged 23, and is a real model, which is not in the slightest bit surprising when you actually look at her. She looks quite a bit older than she actually is, though, mostly because of all of the warpaint – most of which is completely unnecessary. You can see from her beach shot down below that she really doesn’t need it. She looks great without all that nonsense.

Happy Friday, chaps. Pray for the God-Emperor, pray for strength and courage in the face of madness, and get some rest. You’re going to need it for the trials to come.

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1 Comment

  1. Kapios

    I made a quick search for all candidates and only 3 Republicans ran and then quit, but the Demoncrats had over 20 nominees and they were all at each others' throats. Maybe Trump was one of the few if not the first who at least got his party to support him with as little grudge and possibly in good faith. Even the instathot in this thread managed to unite more people in agreement compared to the lefties.

    I know that he made many promises about immigration and other policies, but can he really do it by himself, legally. I have no clue how laws are passed down on federal level, but doesn't he have to bypass the congress, the senate and the supreme court to accomplish his to do list without as little friction as possible? It would seem unfair to criticize him harshly if he truly has to go through the gargantuan mountain of bureaucracy just to even let out a fart so to speak.


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