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Friday T&A: The Buns of August Edition

by | Aug 14, 2020 | fat girl jihad | 7 comments

It’s been an interesting week, once again. We now have confirmation that the woman that the Daemoncrat Party actually wants to run the country is named Kamala Harris, and she is by far one of the most flagrant political hacks and poseurs ever to run for high office.

Never Trumpers would undoubtedly retort with a bunch of word salad about how ridiculous Donald Trump is, with his orange face and coiffed hair and crazy talk, and how Camel-Toad Harris is basically just a reflection of him on the Daemoncrat side.

To which I respond:

Do you mean, His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, may the Lord bless him and preserve him?

Because that’s what we call him around here, and that’s what he is – the Chaddest of Chads ever to Chad across the world stage, the Ur-Alpha, the lion who walks among men.

I do not go quite as far as some of the other Fox News talking heads in claiming that the God-Emperor has delivered on every single promise that he made, because he HASN’T. That’s just a fact. Illegal immigration is way down, absolutely, and the God-Emperor gets full credit for that. But legal immigration is still a huge problem in the USA, which is rapidly devolving in parts of the country to Dirt World status.

And the God-Emperor still hasn’t done anywhere near enough to rein in the big banks, flatten Big Tech, drain the Swamp, crush the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed (((media))), or pull America out of all of its ridiculous and stupid foreign entanglements.

He also hasn’t done nearly enough to destroy globalists like George Soros and others who insist on attempting to corrupt the outcomes of legitimate elections – which, not at all surprisingly, is what his enemies consistently accuse Trump of doing – and he has not, in my personal opinion, done enough to make an anti-globalist alliance with Russia, a world power that has far more in common with the Christian West than most of Europe does at this point.

Worst of all, while the God-Emperor has done a tremendous job of cutting back regulations and job-killing government stupidity, the US debt continues to expand at warp speed, to the point where predictions of complete financial ruin and collapse by 2033 will probably turn out to be highly optimistic. And it’s happening on his watch. He’s making Bush AND Obama look like absolute pikers by comparison.

The debt issue is a terrifying one. When that bubble pops, the economic devastation it wreaks will be felt around the entire world, and NO ONE AT ALL will be safe.

Frankly, I don’t see how even the Lion of Midnight can get that particular problem under control. Republican Presidents LOVE them some deficit spending – that’s been true going back all the way to Calvin Coolidge, the last Republican ever to put in serious budget cuts and reduce spending.

It’s not the God-Emperor’s fault that the Federal budget is so out of control – you can thank Daemoncrats for that. Social Security and Medicare were, and are, country-destroying monstrosities rammed through Daemoncrat-controlled Congresses with the enthusiastic support and backing of Daemoncrat Presidents. But Republicans haven’t done a whole lot to stop the growth of government either.

And the plain and simple fact is that NONE of this matters in the end.

The national debt is meaningless if the NATION doesn’t exist. And the American “nation” is actually an empire held together by force on the geographic footprint of the USA. I showed you a map a few days ago in which the various ethnicities of that empire were mapped out. The true American nation is in fact a land-locked, mostly White, mostly Christian grouping surrounded on all sides by hostile non-Americans who control the ports and the high-tech hubs and the cities.

That situation is untenable. It will fall apart eventually. The God-Emperor, blessed be his name and his reign, has done little more than buy us a few more years before it happens.

And that was all that could ever be asked of him. It was more than could be asked of almost ANY man – no one else that I can think of, could have delivered that gift.

For that, and for his resolute defiance in the face of the Satanic forces that threaten to destroy him at every turn, every single day, he has my utmost respect. And I very much look forward to celebrating TRUMPSL!DE 2020 with all of you later this year.

But that’s all in the future. For now, let’s talk about the present, with a gift from me to you in the form of the weekly Friday Instathot.

Her name is Veronika Istomina (Вероника Истомина), originally from Chelyabinsk in the Urals and age 26. She is in fact a well-known international model who competed in regional pageants in Russia. She also competed in Russia’s version of America’s Next Top Model, which is a show primarily known for not actually producing top models. Interestingly, she placed 8th in that competition, back in 2012, but she’s actually vastly better known today than the winner of that competition.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. Enjoy the weekend, get some rest, do the usual routine – or, as Indians would say in their hilarious accents, “kindly do the needful” (cracks me up every time I hear or read it) – and make sure you get some time in at the range. We’ll see y’all back here on Sunday for the podcast, and on Monday for the usual compilation of awesomeness.

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  1. Dire Badger

    Didact, you are quite well-versed in the banking industry, Look at exactly what has been used to repay the interest lately.

    The treasury is re-collecting hard currencies and commodoties.

    Ask yourself, if Trump is pulling together 'hard' currencies like gold and silver, and trading debt instruments to the fed and other global banking tools, what do you honestly think is the most likely end-game?

    • Didact

      It means that the Treasury is expecting a severe credit event that will result in significant devaluation of the dollar, and it wants to avoid defaulting on the debt by paying in commodities and gold.

      Fun times ahead. It's not out of the realm of possibility that the God-Emperor will eventually force-nationalise the Federal Reserve and dismantle its ability to print endless amounts of money – although, given his background in real estate, the idea that he would be in favour of higher interest rates strikes me as very unlikely.

  2. Post Alley Crackpot

    "He also hasn't done nearly enough to destroy globalists like George Soros …"

    I don't understand why Soros still has US citizenship given all of the terrorism he's supported around the world.

    The level to which Soros has been shielded by The Demoncrats must be so substantial that even the Trump admin can't go up against the protection racket … yet.

    Although the proper solution to the Soros problem involves the Mossad and not the USG, come to think of it …

    By Israel's standards, George Soros still is a war criminal awaiting trial.

    Doesn't the US have an MLAT with Israel?

    • TheMaleBrain

      Soros has supporters even in Israel. Don't think that just because the Israeli PM is from the right, there is no deep state here

    • Didact

      Dawn Pine is correct. Israel will not, and cannot, do much of anything about Soros the Sith Lord.

      George Soros isn't actually Israeli, technically speaking. He is a Hungarian Jew and, while claims that he was a Nazi collaborator are almost surely overblown, he definitely spent time taking inventory of goods taken by Nazis from Jews in Hungary.

      He is also not actually an Israeli citizen. His citizenship is Hungarian and American, so Israel has no jurisdiction over him whatsoever. Indeed, if he wanted to, he could probably easily get Israeli citizenship.

      Moreover, even if he were Israeli, that doesn't by itself mean that Israel would hand him over to the USA to face criminal prosecution. Israel is well known for protecting its own interests and citizens in highly robust fashion – even when said protection involves clashing with US interests, such as the notorious USS Liberty attack. So Americans and Brits should not put much faith in the notion that Israel will allow a member of the Tribes to be taken to a foreign country to be prosecuted for war crimes.

      Dawn is also right that Israel has its own seriously entrenched Deep State. If anything, their own version of the Swamp is even more dangerous than the American version, because theirs is deep into the judicial system as well as the legislative bodies.

  3. Kapios

    Looks like there is nothing fake on this instathot's body. No make up or tattoos. She looks super clean, unlike the Demoncrats who are the complete opposite.

    • Didact

      I do like Russians, for this exact reason.


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