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Friday T&A: Balinese Idol Edition

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This year has definitely set an all-new bar for what “insanity” really means. And I’m saying that as someone who lived through the madness of 2008, right there in New York F***ing Shitty, and watched as one after another of the world’s greatest investment banks collapsed.

This is worse. What we’re seeing right now is far beyond that level of madness. And the reason for it is very simple. Back then, the United States of America was still fundamentally American. This was before Barack Odumbass the Lightworker was elected as the very first (and, hopefully, last) affirmative action President. And at that time, the country was still more or less united. So was most of the West.

Things have changed dramatically in just 12 years. The West has spent that intervening time importing millions of Dirt Worlders who have fundamentally changed the demographic balances of the once-strong, once-proud, once-free nations of Christendom. Globalist politicians on both sides of the aisle were quite happy to allow it, because globalists all think more or less alike.

The way it works is straightforward enough. Globalist businessmen like cheap labour because it increases their profits. They contribute to globalist politicians, who pass and enforce laws that make cheap labour easier to acquire in high-cost, technologically advanced nations. In order to sell this idea to the public – who never actually voted in favour of such a policy, mind you – they use both a carrot and a stick.

The carrot is: cheap Chinese чёрт (that’s one of the Russian words for “shit”), that gives people an illusory sense of a high standard of living.

The stick is: calling people racist, xenophobic, stupid knuckle-draggers for refusing to share the blessings of the Western way of life with the poor benighted billions around the world who, not coincidentally, are quite often utterly incapable of maintaining infrastructure and living standards bequeathed to them by the very same Western countries that they now invade.

But the sword always cuts both ways, and of late the globalists have been cut, badly, by their own ideas.

The West is waking up, finally, from its long drug-induced torpor. Large parts of America, at least, are voting against globalist policies. They are being frustrated in their expression of their right to preserve their own way of life, and that all but guarantees eventual and severe violence. But we’re not quite there yet. Another few years of the current climate, though, and we’ll be looking straight down the barrel of a fratricidal conflict that will horrify even those who looked into the eyes of Hell in Rwanda and the Balkans.

My message to you in the midst of all of this hopelessness and turmoil remains the same: do not lose hope.

This is hard to understand and harder to do. The way that you keep up your hope in the face of madness is to remember that our enemies are being pointed out to us. We’re literally being told: “That’s where the sick bastards are. Right there. Now go wipe them out.”

Whether we actually do wipe them out remains to be seen. But evidently we’re meeting with some success, because the strength and violence of the opposition is growing.

And on that cheery note, let’s get to our Instathot to close the week.

Her name is Anastasia Malysheva (Анастасия Малышева), and finding any biographical information whatsoever about her has been quite a challenge. This is in large part because there is another Instathot of the exact same name, who is vastly more popular but far less pretty. Basically, as far as I can determine, this Ms Malysheva is from Russia (well duh), in her early twenties, and lives with her partner and photographer in Bali.

I was in Bali in December. I can tell you from very pleasant personal experience that it is even more beautiful than it looks in the pictures. I can’t recommend it strongly enough as a holiday destination.

Happy Friday, boys. Enjoy the weekend and we’ll see you on Sunday for the podcast and Monday for the usual epic compilation of awesomeness.

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