“We are Forerunners. Guardians of all that exists. The roots of the Galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending. Where there is life, the wisdom of our countless generations has saturated the soil. Our strength is a luminous sun, towards which all intelligence blossoms… And the impervious shelter, beneath which it has prospered.”

Even a super-genius can figure this one out

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David Cole gives his take on one of the MANY schisms that have riven the Dissident Right over the last few years, and provides an interesting perspective on an argument that has made its impact felt even ‘ere at this very ‘eavy, very ‘umble blog:

Hey, everybody—it’s raceball season, and you gotta pick a side! Which team are you on? Team Noir or Team Frijole? That’s the debate in a nutshell in Unz’s comments section; everyone brawling over who represents the “real problem.” Blacks? Mexicans? Jews? Leftist whites? It reminds me of the “blind men and the elephant” parable. You have a bunch of blind guys trying to comprehend what an elephant looks like by touching it. Each man thinks the totality of the elephant is the part he’s wrapped his hand around. “An elephant is sharp and pointy,” says the blind man touching the tusk. “An elephant is round and flat,” says the one touching the ear. “An elephant is thick and stocky,” says the one touching the leg. “An elephant is thin and snake-like,” says the one touching the tail.

Of course, the reality is that the elephant is all of those things. Unz, myopic as always, can’t see that. He can grab only one part of the beast and declare it the whole.

Yes, our current turmoil does indeed demonstrate how bad things have gotten regarding black America. If there is a “black problem,” it would be difficult to describe it as anything other than irresolvable. White and black America are like an old married couple who’ve spent an eternity in counseling, to no avail. One partner has tried time and again to follow every piece of advice to make the relationship work. That partner earnestly committed to being an active listener, a thoughtful lover, the first to concede error and imperfections, and the first to back down to avoid a fight.

The other partner, though being the one who demanded the counseling in the first place, spends the entirety of the sessions grinding teeth and seething with silent hostility. And, once home, the smallest crisis shatters the facade of progress, as that partner explodes with rage and violence in a flurry of punches and kicks accompanied by a recited litany of every wrong—real or imagined—suffered since the first date.

It’s the kind of relationship where the only good advice is “end it.” But we can’t end it. So it becomes an ongoing, eternal headache. This hopelessness, this fatigue, is exactly the kind of psychological stress that can lead people to make poor long-term decisions. In a time of immediate anxiety, fear, and chaos, who cares about future problems? To put it another way, when times are bad, that’s when people are most likely to smoke or drink, to relieve the pressure. “Think about your long-term health” is a message that carries no weight when you’re just trying to get through a terrible week. When times are good, when we’re happy, that’s when we’re more likely to say, “I think I’m gonna quit smoking because I don’t wanna get lung cancer in twenty years. Life is good and I want to be around for a long time.”

Bad times—terrible times like what we’re experiencing now—encourage myopia. “Our cities are on fire; who cares about long-range demographic trends?” It’s therefore understandable that some on the right find Unz’s sermon appealing. As “white dissident” podcaster Tony Odarg stated while cheering Unz’s thesis, the problems caused by Third World immigration are “too abstract, too distant” to merit attention. Whites shouldn’t look so far into the future; just focus on what’s in front of you right now.

The entire piece is well worth reading. And it’s particularly interesting because both David Cole and Ron Unz are Jews who have turned hard against the narrative given by the Tribe to the rest of the world.

That narrative focuses very heavily on the persecution of the Jewish race over the centuries and millennia, and the horrors inflicted upon them by the Holocaust. Both men have taken somewhat different approaches to dealing with that particular issue.

In Ron Unz’s case, he has posted a number of articles in his “American Pravda” series concerning the ways in which the Holocaust has been exaggerated and blown completely out of proportion and used to guilt-trip the entire world into policies that benefit Jews to the detriment of native populations. For his troubles, he has been roundly vilified, hated upon, and smeared repeatedly.

In David Cole’s case, he argued that Auschwitz wasn’t actually used to gas Jews and that the infamous gas chambers were nothing of the sort. And for his troubles, he’s been physically assaulted three times, treated like garbage, thrown out of every “respectable” conservative circle, and been blacklisted from almost all of mainstream America.

So you’d think that these two Jews would be able to see eye to eye on the true root cause of America’s troubles. But only one of them actually Gets It.

And that is David Cole, not Ron Unz – despite the fact that Mr. Unz is almost surely VASTLY more intelligent and has done far more for the Dissident Right in terms of the infrastructure and knowledge base that we’re going to need when the Collapse finally comes.

Ron Unz’s argument essentially comes down to: “Black people have checked out of America, immigrants aren’t nearly as bad”. This is flatly ridiculous on its face. Black America amounts to 12% of the American population, about 40 million or so people. At this point, roughly 100 MILLION people living in America are either first-, second-, or third-generation immigrants. Most American citizens these days are descendants of foreigners who owe absolutely NOTHING to the original English and Dutch settlers who founded the country.

The effects of mass immigration have made themselves extremely clear over the past hundred years. Even immigrants from White European nations have had a massive impact upon the politics and policies of the USA. The small-government, limited-authority ideals of the Constitution were smashed to pieces long before the current mass immigration wave from the Dirt World started.

The conflicts which tore America apart in 1861 were rooted in the very origins of the USA. The original 13 colonies were really 13 distinct tribes joined in a loose alliance that gradually became stronger and more united over time, but had to suffer an extremely traumatic rupture in the form of the War Between the States. (Yankees call it the “Civil War” – despite the fact that there was nothing civil about it – and Southrons call it “The War of Northern Aggression”, which is objectively more accurate.)

Eventually, a rupture of some kind had to occur. The cultures of the North and the South were simply too different to permit coexistence without forceful intervention.

And yet… Northerners (or, as the Southerners call them, “Damn Yankees”) and Southrons were still brothers and were still capable of sitting together at the same dining table without trying to kill each other.

That is not the situation today.

Ron Unz is not alone or unique in pointing out that Black America has completely checked out of the entire idea of America. Blacks want all of the benefits of living in a civilised White-majority country but also want to be free to act as their African ancestors and cousins act, in Africa. You CANNOT do both. It’s simply not possible. Africa is a continent where life is cheap and death stalks everyone every single day, where hygiene is abysmal and the ability to live in safety without fear for one’s life is often non-existent.

It is a continent packed with people whose IQs make it impossible to maintain high levels of infrastructure and technology. That is NOT my own opinion, that is objective reality. Sub-Saharan Africa, in particular, is rife with 70-IQ nations where high technology and innovation simply will not take place because the native population cannot handle it.

But Black in America are not the same as Blacks in Africa. The former have a roughly 20% White DNA admixture and VASTLY better access to nutrition than the latter – and that does make a huge difference, which is why Black Americans have an average IQ of 85, while most of Africa languishes below the 75 level.

Now, obviously, IQ is not the whole story, not even close. IQ alone does not determine much of anything. It merely determines cognitive capacity. It’s like the rated clock speed of a processor. That tells you how fast a processor can crunch information. The processor alone, however, does not determine the overall speed, power, efficiency, and usefulness of the computer that it sits in. That depends on the other components and the engineering and compatibility of the same.

And when you look at the overall composition of the USA, it is very clear that mass immigration has resulted in components being added which are utterly incompatible with each other:

It is worth remembering that Hispanics already outnumber Blacks in the USA. And if you look at the current demographic composition of the USA, it becomes extremely clear that the current tenuous peace between all of the various factions simply will not last:

Ethnic Composition of the United States – Philip Kearney ...

That map represents the reality of the USA. Blacks make up the majority in a tiny number of counties and cities, and live very uneasily next to their White and Hispanic neighbours in a belt that stretches throughout the American Southeast. Wherever they go, the Great Black Undertow devastates entire cities because of the dysfunction and violence that they bring.

But they aren’t the real issue.

The real issue is instead the fracturing of America along racial lines, caused by mass immigration over centuries.

Those fractures were felt first and foremost during the War Between the States, but, as I pointed out above, that was a war fought between neighbours who actually had a very great deal in common with each other.

Today’s immigrants from Asia and Africa have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in common with the majority Whites who populate the heartland of the USA, and that is becoming more obvious as time goes on.

Ron Unz should be able to understand this. While he vastly overstates his own intelligence for shock purposes, and while I think he’s absolutely dead wrong about the notion that the Kung Flu is a failed Deep State operation, I do think that he’s an incredibly smart man and that we in the Dissident Right owe him a very great deal of respect for what he’s done with his online archiving system.

But he doesn’t, for reasons which I cannot fathom. The harsh reality is that immigration does matter. Population dynamics do matter. There is simply no way that you can import millions of people from Africa and India, concentrate them into specific cities within the USA, and NOT expect those same cities to turn into reflections of the Dirt World whence those immigrants came.

If you do not believe me, or if you find my conclusions hard to stomach, I simply invite you to take a drive through lily-White Vermont, and then drive over to Jamaica, in Queens, NY, to observe the differences in the urban environments. It’s not THAT hard to figure out why the two are so radically different.

As for the countries that those immigrants came from – many of those same countries have immigration problems of their own. The primary difference between them and the USA is that they aren’t quite so stupid in the way that they deal with them.

In India, for instance, roughly 20% of the population in Muslim, and that is due to conflicts and changes dating back centuries. Those roughly 200 million Muslims are surrounded by over a BILLION Hindus, and yet their “religion”, such as it is, commands them to hate everything that Hindus stand for. That is not to say that Muslims in India are not good people – they are. They simply have some serious issues living with their Hindu neighbours.

Do you know how the Hindu majority keeps the Muslim minority in line?

By lynching and burning and hacking them to death if they do not comply with the wishes of the Hindu majority.

That is NOT what I want to see come to the USA, but it is inevitable if Dirt World immigration continues unchecked.

I will leave off here by paying homage to longtime reader and friend of the blog Bardelys the Magnificent, who often leaves amused comments here pointing out that I take five pages to say what he could say in one paragraph. He’s right, of course, so let me summarise things in a fashion that he would appreciate:

If you import the Dirt World, you get the Dirt World. And America is turning into the Dirt World. All the rest is merely commentary.

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  1. Bardelys the Magnificent

    When you think about it, the lands of America were always destined to be fought over. Tocqueville noted the different European stock that settled the colonies: Puritans in New England, merchants in the mid-Atlantic and pirates in the Carolinas. Then you take into account the French colonizing Canada and Louisiana, and the Spanish taking Florida and the southwest. Not to mention the warring Indian tribes. And they would do all of this decades before anyone discovered California! Everyone wanted a piece of the New World. That could be one of the unstated reasons the colonists felt it necessary to rule themselves: they knew they had enemies all around (they were Englishmen, after all) and thus could defend themselves better than the Redcoats. Or that the Crown didn't understand the severity. A stamp tax was merely a good excuse to make that happen. Of course, that doesn't make a good founding myth, so it was scrapped.

    PS: if the trolls ever ask who hurt you, you're more than welcome to drop my name 😛

  2. weka

    The way to handle Muslim tribalism has always been reprisal. The Persians, Russians and even the British learned that the hard way.

    Otherwise you get the bloodbath engineered by Mountbatten in 1948

  3. Post Alley Crackpot

    "That is NOT what I want to see come to the USA, but it is inevitable if Dirt World immigration continues unchecked."

    Here's one of the things that is not at all obvious to observers inside the United States and that is rarely obvious to observers outside the United States: the "Vietnam Conflict" has not ended for Americans on their own soil, and that a rigorous policy of "containment theory" with its own domestic "capitalist encirclement" has taken root in America itself.

    This is one of the reasons why there was no such thing as "white flight" from the cities to the surrounding suburbs in the United States, but instead an economic and social reconfiguration that eventually extended down to the individual level, organised top-to-bottom.

    The most important point: George Kennan's "Long Telegram" and NSC 68 remain more relevant to American politics today than any discourse about socialism within a two-party system.

    George Kennan's initial aim: "In course of further development of international revolution there will emerge two centers of world significance …"

    Jane Jacobs provided an adjusted sight picture: she saw the cities and the supply regions of these cities as the two major alignments and economic forces, rather than seeing things along political lines.

    Returning to the present then, what happens when the cities become "doughnut holes" where most of the engines of economic activity lie outside a convenient demarcation line, such as an outer ring motorway as is the case with many American cities?

    Peaceful coexistence with "Evil Empires" in Reagan's parlance has given way to a negotiated settlement (pun intended) in which the contained cities represent the residual expression of banal differences amplified to a noise resembling major grievances. The remainder of people in these cities imagines great fights with people who have largely left them alone and abandoned precisely because they have better things to do with their collective imagination than to play stupid games to win stupid prizes.

    And so rightly Americans outside the cities may see the encircled cities not as any particularly great driver of economic activities, but instead as residues and remnants of an American economy that escaped such places primarily because its survival was at stake.

    If the supply regions are capable of operating with decentralised control, using such things as the Internet and networks of mobile fleets in lieu of needing centralised social and economic relationships, then why do the supply regions need cities as their Jane Jacobs-styled economic amplifiers?

    What do American cities today offer to the nation as a whole?

    Are they merely consumers of last resort?

    Until American cities have very good and very substantial answers to those questions, the supply regions around them will continue to disengage from them, and at some point the inevitable question gets asked …

    Could America do without its major cities entirely, or even just a few of them?

    I'm expecting the answer to that question to be Clausewitzian in its eventual expression.

    For now, American corporations operate from their vast urban carparks on the naïve ambitions of urban "progressives", whether they identify as Leftists or not.

    It turns out that George Kennan's theories work just about as well on American soil as they did when the United States had to deal with the Soviet machine.


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