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There goes the Mandate of Heaven

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Uncategorized | 7 comments

First it was the Kung Flu, then it was a global economic shutdown, and now it appears that the Middle Kingdom has been hit with severe flooding:

You wouldn’t know it if you were paying attention to what the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed whorenalists of the mainstream (((media))) are saying in the USA these days, but China is in fact in significant trouble.

China has supposedly returned to growth and employment faster than any other nation in the world. That is absolute 100% unadulterated Grade A Bee Ess – mixed with horseshit, no less. You cannot trust the economic statistics coming out of China. We already know that their crackdown on Hong Kong, combined with the global community’s deep loss of trust in China, has resulted in a significant outflow of capital from the country to neighbouring Japan, Taiwan, India, and Vietnam.

The amounts involved may not come to much more than spit in a bucket, compared with the overall amount of capital invested in China so far. But the actual amount is far less important than the fact that the Chinese Communist Party lost tremendous amounts of “face”.

This idea of “face” is very important for Westerners to understand, but it’s not an easy idea to absorb because it sits so poorly next to Western ideas of personal responsibility.

In Eastern cultures, failure is taken very, very personally, and admitting any kind of failure is seen as shameful in the extreme – to the point that anyone who fails at a particular task or role will not be able to get anyone to look him in the eye. It’s literally as though he has no “face” at all – he has lost it.

This attitude is taken to its logical extremes in the Japanese code of bushido, which is both highly refined and highly alien to Western eyes, and the Japanese concept of yubitsume, “finger shortening”. The latter was (and still is) used by gamblers and yakuza gangsters to redeem themselves when they end up in soup due to debts or personal failures.

(If you think that losing a joint on your pinky is no big loss, just remember that the pinky functions as almost a second thumb on the hand and gives you a significantly stronger grip. That is precisely why the yakuza insist on removing the pinky joints one at a time – because it reduces the ability to grip a sword, thereby symbolising the true price of incompetence and the loss of ability to defend oneself.)

As I’ve explained repeatedly in past posts about Corona-chan, the main reason why the CCP tried so hard to cover up the COVID-19 outbreak for so long is because any admission of failure would have meant that the authority and omnipotence and competence of the Party would be open to challenge. And they can’t have that, because any such questioning is deeply shameful to their culture.

But things are now getting to the point where the incompetence, venality, corruption, and overall dysfunction of Communist China can no longer be covered up. And this coincides perfectly with an age-old set of portents that the Chinese people have always taken to mean that the rulers of their country have lost the right to rule.

China has been ruled for most of its much-vaunted 5,000-year history by god-kings and Emperors, and they adhere very closely to the idea of “the mandate of heaven”. I’ve gone over this in a past podcast. This idea is not unique to China. Kings and emperors in the West had to deal with a similar burden, and if they saw natural disasters and famines and plagues and so on increase during their reign, this was always interpreted by the populace as a sign that the guy in charge was not competent or fit to rule.

Essentially, the gods (or God) had decided that the MFIC was no longer competent to hold office, and meted out punishments to the people and the land to drive the point home.

In China’s case, there were omens in the offing a couple of weeks ago that pointed to some very nasty natural disaster coming straight down the pike. There were videos floating around on Chinese social media showing fish jumping out of the water and dancing and carrying on in very unnatural ways, indicating that a major disaster was on its way.

Fast forward about a month, and much of China’s most productive agricultural land – of which China doesn’t actually have very much, by the way – is under water. Many of its biggest and most important cities are flooded.

What does all of this mean for China’s leadership, and for its supreme leader, Xinne-the-Pooh?

Well, in the short term, the CCP isn’t going anywhere. The People’s Liberation Army and its various offshoots are loyal to the CCP, not to the Chinese people. They’re the ones with all of the guns, and they are well over 2 million strong. That doesn’t even count the CCP’s massive state- and local-level enforcement arms, which number something close to ten million and have full authority to take Chinese off the streets and throw them into “reeducation camps”.

But it is quite likely that Xi Jinping’s rule has been severely damaged, and it is entirely possible that the various factions that oppose him within the CCP will move against him in the near future.

The CCP is not a united entity. Like any Communist system, it is riven by jealousy, personal ambition, and greed. There are at least two major factions – I suppose you could regard them as “reformers” and “reactionaries”, though it’s not nearly that simple and clean a divide, and the aforementioned “reformers” are not actually pro-Western and pro-democracy. They are very Chinese in their ideas and outlook, and their primary interest is in preserving and extending their own power, not the freedom and prosperity of their own people.

Right now, the CCP’s dominant faction is controlled by Xinnie-the-Pooh and holds very closely to his imperial mandarin attitudes toward ruling the country. Make no mistake, Xi Jinping is an extremely smart man. No less a personality than Lee Kuan-Yew, perhaps the greatest statesman of the 20th Century (behind only St. Reagan Magnus of the Right), apparently once stated that Xi Jinping was the smartest and most talented national-level leader in the entire world.

I’m certainly not going to argue with the late Prime Minister of Singapore and the father of his nation. He knew what he was talking about. And everything that I have seen indicates that Xi Jinping is an extremely skilled, and extremely dangerous, politician.

Westerners cannot and must not underestimate him.

That being said…

There is reason to believe that Xi Jinping’s rule has been compromised by recent events.

The Belt and Road Initiative is faltering and failing. China’s bad debts are ballooning. The country’s attempts to steal high technology from the USA have been comprehensively and systematically thwarted by His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him. And we know by now that the Chinese ability to produce their own high technology is very limited if they cannot steal ideas from others.

The country’s economy has been absolutely hammered by General Tso’s Chicken Pox and the resulting damage to trade and manufacturing. Chinese productivity, which is actually worse than that of highly inefficient India, has taken a serious hit. Foreign companies are facing both sanctions against doing business in China, and significant tax and monetary incentives to leave and setup shop elsewhere.

And now, to cap it all off, the Chinese economy are set to take another severe body blow in the form of major floods and significant disruptions to food distribution.

It is far too early to write off Xi Jinping’s time as ruler of his country. I warn you again not to underestimate that man. He is an extraordinary politician and a highly talented bureaucratic infighter. He knows exactly how to build and maintain a power base – his much-lauded “anti-corruption” campaign wasn’t actually about rooting out corruption, it was all about offing his rivals and weakening their power bases, and it worked beautifully.

But there is reason to think that he is reeling from these blows as well. And if the God-Emperor of Mankind has any sense whatsoever – which he absolutely does – he will not let up on the pressure and will keep hammering Red China as hard as he can.

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  1. Kapios

    If Dante's inferno was real, the CCP would go straight to the 9th circle right beneath Satan's feet, next to Hillary.

    • Didact

      That would be a crowded room. Satan might well be chowing down on the remains of Judas Iscariot there, but Karl Marx and Lenin and Stalin would also be there, along with all of the other Commie bastards who did so evil.

  2. xavier


    I don't consider Lee Kwan Yew as one of the greatest statesmen of the postwar 20th century. As someone who's lived there for many years, I was always unimpressed by him.
    In any case, that Xi is a very smart man sure never underestimate your enemy. However, Xi strikes me what Nicholas Nassim Taleb calls intellectual yet idiot (IYI) Further given the craven, cringy sycophantic environment coupled by the mafia/secret society organization of the party, he's cut off from reality .

    As you remarked, Xi is friven by protecting himself and his clan against the rival clans to ensure the party's pertual hold on power not the best interests of the country.

    • Didact

      Hey, good to see you back, it's been a while since I saw you comment on a post.

      However, Xi strikes me what Nicholas Nassim Taleb calls intellectual yet idiot (IYI) Further given the craven, cringy sycophantic environment coupled by the mafia/secret society organization of the party, he's cut off from reality .

      I am not nearly so sure. Xi Jinping went from party elite to political exile in a literal cave to the very apex of political power in modern China. That is no mere ivory-tower intellectual with no skin in the game and limited practical experience. That is a man who knows every dirty political trick in the book.

    • xavier


      Nice to be back. Real life intervened:)

      Fair enough about him not being a IYI. Nevertheless the constant skulldurgey still makes him narrow minded all is nothing but war and extrapolates this mindset to life. I worry he and other world leaders will step on a rake and set off a crisis


    • Didact

      Plenty of rakes to be stepped on in China. And I have no doubt that Xinnie-the-Pooh is stepping on a fair few right now, what with a major plague, an economic catastrophe, and now severe flooding all hitting at the same time. The fact that censorship is increasing in China indicates to me that the leadership is getting seriously nervous about its own position right now.

  3. TheMaleBrain

    I will argue, as an Israeli, that David Ben Gurion stands in line with 20th century greatest statesman.
    He worked to found our state (not on his own), managed it on and off for 15 years. His doctrines on defense stayed sound for over 50 years – and this guy was not a military man.
    Talk about someone fighting the odds and establishing a nation.


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