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Friday T&A: Tyumeni Notes Edition

by | Jul 24, 2020 | fat girl jihad | 14 comments

It’s Friday again, and what a week it’s been.

It looked for a while as though His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, had lost control of both the country and the media narrative surrounding his blessed reign. But it is a very, very bad idea to bet against the God-Emperor, and he has proven that yet again this week.

A week ago it looked like all of the polls were against the God-Emperor and, with just over 100 days left until the big day of electile dysfunction, he was headed for a nasty thumping. But recent events have shown conclusively that the pollsters and “experts” are wrong, yet again, in every conceivable measure.

The polls don’t count. They don’t matter anymore. By and large, they are still undersampling conservative and Republican voters and have not yet accounted for the “silent vote” of people frightened, indeed terrified, by the Black Looming Menace and the colossal failure of the Daemoncrat political establishment to protect the electorate.

Does this mean that the God-Emperor’s victory is assured? Of course not. There are no guarantees in politics. A number of factors will come into play over the following weeks and months that will determine whether it is the God-Emperor or Creepy Sleepy Uncle Joe that grasps the brass ring.

However, I reckon that once the debates start, and people can see for themselves just how completely out of it and over his head the Creeper is, the probability of victory for the God-Emperor will skyrocket – though you won’t know it from looking at the mainstream media.

Never forget that the (((media))) themselves used to admit that they gave Daemoncrats a roughly 15% tailwind against Republicans – and that was back in 2004, when the bloviating and quite vapid John Kerry was the best that they could come up with. These days, it’s easily twice that, probably more.

But the trust that people have in the (((media))) has been significantly eroded, to the point where their poll numbers mean nothing anymore. Nobody knows what the polls indicate. Which means that all we can do is stick to basic realities on the ground.

Those same realities indicate that the God-Emperor is capitalising on a huge wave of anger and frustration over Daemoncrat-imposed state and city lockdowns against the Kung Flu, and a profound sense of rage about the lawlessness and anarchy gripping the streets of America’s biggest cities.

His foolish pandering to the Black vote and his relentless Boomer civnattery aside, the God-Emperor remains the single best chance that true nationalists have of getting peaceful, coherent, relatively painless separation of the American empire into true nations.

And now that we’ve gotten all of the political shit out of the way, let’s get on to the closing Instathot for the week.

It’s been a while – far too long, in my personal opinion – since I featured my favourite kind of girl in this series. And that is of course the Eastern European kind. So let’s rectify this glaring error with an entry straight from Russia.

Her name is Kseniya Belousova (Ксения Белоусова), age 33, originally born in Tyumen, Russia. For those unfamiliar with Russian geography (i.e. most people), Tyumen is a small-ish city of about 680,000 people located roughly 2,120Km east of Moscow and about 5 hours east of Yekaterinburg by car.

In other words, she’s about as Siberian as it gets – born in the middle of f***-all and raised in a small city.

That being said – if you think Russian girls in Moscow are beautiful, wait until you go to the smaller cities like Voronezh, Ivanovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Tula, Pensk, or Chelyabinsk. (I’ve only been to the first two on that list.) They absolutely get better looking.

Anyway, Ms Belousova was scouted as a model for Guess back in 2016, is currently based in Italy and the USA, and has married Nigerian footballist Ugo Ukah, who presumably is a sportzballist who plays with a bat on a field of some kind.

Dude, don’t ask me, I watch MMA for shits and giggles, I DO NOT understand or care about sportzball.

That said, there is nothing to misunderstand about Ms Belousova here. And she’s your Friday thot, so enjoy.

Happy Friday, lads. You know the drill – rest, sleep, relax, beer, lift, shoot, wife, kids, repeat.

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  1. Dire Badger

    Physically a solid 10 despite her age. Some girls have lucky genetics, like christie brinkley, to move the wall back a few years.

    Or she's a vampire, which is also a possibility.

    • Didact

      Slavic girls age much better, generally speaking, than their Nordic and Western peers – especially the hambeasts that populate Western cities these days. It's not uncommon to find Ukrainian and Russian women in their mid-thirties who easily cause traffic accidents. That said, it's usually because they have excellent (and very expensive) skincare and fitness regimes to keep them in good shape.

      Of course, she could just be a vampire, as you say.

      That being said – she's head and shoulders above anything you'll find in most of Asia.

      That is especially true of Indian girls – they get smacked with the Obesity Wand of the Hambeast Fairy pretty much the day after they get married, and quite often months before.

  2. Dire Badger

    See, this is why Hockey Is so Awesome.

    You have two teams of professional killers in platemail, in sub-zero temperatures, travelling at hundreds of miles an hour using GLAIVES to shoot a solid steel projectile at each other at speeds approaching that of sound. They do this on the hardest surface on earth, for a gruelling amount of time, wearing SWORDS on their feet.

    And then, to make the fights more interesting, they take their armor OFF in order to pound the crap out of each other more effectively, and then smash through barricades whilst attempting to end each other before the rest of their team gets into the action.

    And they don't take a knee during their national anthem, and the teams are almost exclusively of European descent… and there's no jumping up and down and screaming in pain just because someone got too close to them with the puck, unlike South America's laughable 'football'

    A sport without deadly weapons isn't a sport, it's a children's game of tag.

    • Bardelys the Magnificent

      Me like hockey


    • Didact

      I do have a high opinion of ice hockey. It's like MMA on ice. I particularly like the fact that the referees are told explicitly NOT to interfere in a fistfight between players until and unless someone actually goes down onto the ice itself.

      That said – even ice hockey is tame compared to the Gaelic origins of the sport. I remember being told by a tour guide in Scotland back in, oh, 2004 that shinty, played in the highlands with a stick and basically NO protective equipment, sometimes on the ice in winters, was and is so brutal that Highlanders who play it today often have missing teeth and eyes.

    • Didact

      and there's no jumping up and down and screaming in pain just because someone got too close to them with the puck, unlike South America's laughable 'football'

      Lord but I hate football. Yes it's actually a pretty brutal game in terms of contact and tackles and so on, but I'd love to see those European nancy-boys play a game of full-contact American gridiron and THEN complain about how hard their sport is.

      And then there's the diving, which always makes me see red.

      A sport without deadly weapons isn't a sport, it's a children's game of tag.

      Yeah, I'm kind of with you on that one. That's why I like watching MMA – high-level problem solving with devastating physical and mental consequences for any mistakes.

    • furor kek tonicus ( yo, LeBron. you're worth 500 mill, move to Africa and you could be a kangz )

      while the diving in international futbol drives me as nuts as anybody, the game started by decapitating an enemy combatant and kicking the head around.

      that's kind of badass.

    • Didact

      I'm not convinced about the validity of that hoary old chestnut. Quite apart from the fact that a severed head isn't round, kicking it is far more likely to break the small bones in one's foot than it is to accomplish anything meaningful.

      As far as I can tell, the most ancient predecessor of football is some sort of Chinese game called cuju, involving a leather ball and a silk net.

      But that's just being pedantic. I must admit that the story of Mongolians kicking severed heads around is ghastly and intriguing – which is everything that the modern sportzball equivalent is not.

  3. NewTunesForOldLogos

    “Modeling” is a dysgenic disaster. In any sort of sane world, this woman would have already had half a dozen daughters. Sadly for us, her genetic line probably ends here.

    • Kraemer

      Considering the name of her husband, her kids will not resemble her at all.

    • Didact

      They don't. She has at least one daughter with her African husband.

      That being said – I know, through a reader, about this one half-African, half-Russian girl serving in the Russian Army. She looks like a young Naomi Campbell with curly hair.

      I've also personally observed African men with Russian women during my time in Russia. It does happen, though it's very, very rare. From what I can see, most Russians are pretty easy about that sort of thing, but it's not considered normal, at all.

      It's worth noting that the pairings are always African man, Russian woman. Pairings between Russian men and African women simply DO NOT seem to happen, from what I have seen. I'll leave it to others to speculate as to why.

  4. Johnny

    Much better. It is good to see normal service resumed. The one last week did exactly zero for me.

  5. Dire Badger

    You know, we often bust on the way Indian Men, and especially Indian Women, Behave in an almost Parody of the west's woke attitudes, but every once in a while a real Gem comes out of India that makes me hope that they have the Balls to give the Chinese a knobby knee up the patootie.

    This scene from Baahubali 2 is quite possibly the coolest, most awesome and ridiculous, over-the top alpha thing I have ever seen come out of ANY foreign movie…shooting past some of the more ridiculous over-the-top stuff the Japanese produce as a matter of course.


    Anyone that can produce something like THAT still has hope, in my book. Even if all the chicks in the movie resemble Danny DeVito.
    Not to mention that the Sari-Choli combo is one of the most attractive classical outfits ever produced for women, when the women are actually attractive.

    • Didact

      This scene from Baahubali 2 is quite possibly the coolest, most awesome and ridiculous, over-the top alpha thing I have ever seen come out of ANY foreign movie

      Yeah, I have to admit, that's pretty badass. Of course, Hollywood did it better – back when they still made decent movies:


      And that version of Robin Hood couldn't even do a proper English accent.

      Not to mention that the Sari-Choli combo is one of the most attractive classical outfits ever produced for women, when the women are actually attractive.

      That's very true. However, the women who look the best in those dresses, aren't Indian. They're Russian.


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