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Friday T&A: Murphy’s Law Edition

by | Jul 10, 2020 | fat girl jihad | 10 comments

Here we are at another Friday, and what a week it’s been. If you’ve been keeping up with things – and I’ll be the first to admit that I generally haven’t – then things definitely have been moving at warp speed.

The most interesting aspect of the week had to be the arrest of one Ghislaine Maxwell. Apparently her name is pronounced “HiLAYNE”, for some odd reason, but hey, she IS French, or at least so we are led to believe, so who knows.

It would appear that the denizens of the Hellmouth are running seriously scared as a result. Someone named Naya Rivera, who was associated for some time with a severe degenerate and worked on a show called Glee that did a great deal of damage to the culture, has gone “missing” all of a sudden. That might be totally coincidental, or it might not be.

What is clear is that the frenzy of activity and the tremendous upsurge in daemonic rage and violence that has followed, is that something has gotten the servants of Hell running very scared.

What stick poked that particular hornet’s nest?

I don’t know. But I’m willing to bet that it has quite a bit to do with His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him.

Something about Donald Trump drives those who hate the truth and do not want to see things as they are, absolutely incoherent with rage and fury. I was too young to remember what St. Ronald Magnus of the Right was like in his time, but that’s the last time that I can think of a major political figure causing such an outpouring of hatred and vitriol, simply because he speaks the truth.

The God-Emperor is NOT perfect. Not even close. He’s been a disappointment on multiple levels. And yet… his effectiveness as a servant of the Lord is astonishing.

So don’t give up on him. Don’t give up on your nation. Don’t give up on your freedoms. Celebrate them, hold them dear, and be ready and willing to stand, and fight.

And so onward to your closing Instathot of the week.

Her name is Ryann Murphy, age 27, from Los Angeles, Commiefornia. She’s known for her work as a Maxim Mexico model and for her bikini shots on Instagram, where she has quite a sizable presence, apparently.

Let’s hope that posting her up does not invoke the Great Daemon Murphy, whose Law is succinct indeed: “anything that can go wrong, will”. The engineer who came up with that saying wasn’t trying to be glib or flippant, he was trying to state a real hard truth.

At any rate, enjoy the weekend, boys, and try to stay away from the results of the Great Daemon’s machinations. Get some rest, lift some heavy stuff, drink a few beers, enjoy the sunshine, and be ready for the next round of battle – for the ride never, ever ends.

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    MrsUNIVAC was into Glee, so I ended up watching a bunch of it. The first season was pretty decent, but as soon as they had an audience, the woke preaching started in earnest. Every other episode from then on was about the gay kid and his problems, and half the characters either became gay or acted out because they were secretly gay. It was ridiculous and I gave up on it pretty quickly after that.

    By the way, off-topic, but I think I found the perfect book for Dire Badger (he’s the one who likes redheads, right?) dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4321382/Photographer-captures-portraits-130-redheads.html

    (Full disclosure: MrsUNIVAC and SonOfUNIVAC count themselves among the ranks of the gingers.)

    • Didact

      I do believe our resident Badger will greatly appreciate that link. It's full of images of women with lots of freckles and no souls )).

      Actually, I'll be the first to admit that most of those girls are quite fetching.

      My family was big on Glee back in the day. Even then I could not see or understand the point of crap like that, long before I understood how the Hellmouth works. Fast forward several years and I can see that my initial instinct was correct.

    • Dire Badger

      Thank you sir.

    • Dire Badger

      I gotta say though… Yandex is the total package when looking for images.


    • Didact

      The Russians appreciate beauty. Spend any amount of time in one of the smaller Russian cities – Voronezh or Ivanovo or Nizhny Novgorod, for example – and you'll be doing the full Linda Blair head-spinning shtick because of all of the beautiful well-put-together girls walking around on the streets.

  2. Dire Badger

    Err… something about her creeps me right the hell out. Maybe it's the whole 'skeletor with tits' thing, but the only desire she inspires is the desire to make her eat a goldarned sandwich or something.

    At least she's not tattooed. I figure a needle pushing into her would hit bone too quickly.

    • Didact

      Sadly she has one tattoo on her forearm.

      MrUNIVAC has a link above to help cheer you up – it's full of soulless gingers ))

    • Dire Badger

      Erp, you are right, I missed the arrow…. the whole jack skellington thing kinda distracted me.

  3. Kapios

    She's hot, but why does she have a dude's name? lol. Ahem. Still, that's a good eye bleach after watching internet historian's video on tumblr convention.

    As far as the French woman who was caught, I expect nothing but Hillary Clinton suicide memes with the next 7 days (?) max. If they don't pull an Epstein on her, they will come up with another creative scheme to hide their dirt. Shit gets more violent, but it reveals a lot about the true colours of the elites.

    • Didact

      Judging by the rapid increase in already frenetic Hellmouth and daemonic activity over the past couple of days, I'd say it's better than even money that Ghislaine Maxwell suffers some sort of very "convenient" accident that may not result in her death – that would be way too obvious by now – but will silence her permanently somehow.

      The good news is that the denizens of the Hellmouth are running very scared right now.


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