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Friday T&A: Hudson’s Milk Bar Edition

by | Jul 17, 2020 | fat girl jihad | 9 comments

Things appear to have slowed down a bit this week around the world, and that is well and good, as the summer lull has taken hold in the Northern Hemisphere, at least. Law and order are coming back into fashion all of a sudden, thanks in no small part to the effects of the Black Looming Menace in American and European cities, and foolish liberaltards everywhere are discovering a belated and renewed appreciation of the very same weapons that they once regarded with horror and revulsion.

The old saying goes that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged (or raped, depending on the narrator). Judging by the way that many erstwhile conservatives are now turning to the Hard Right and becoming full-throated nationalists, one has to wonder what the equivalent descriptor for a nationalist might be.

At any rate, it would appear that we are rapidly approaching the point where the Cold Culture War will turn hot – and by that, I mean “Five Alarm Fire” levels of conflict and danger.

Don’t be afraid of that conflict. It has to happen. Too much has gone wrong for too long for the current state of affairs to continue. The coming conflagration is an urgently needed purging of a very great deal of accumulated stupidity.

But that’s all for another time. For now, let’s get in the right frame of mind for the weekend.

So here’s your Instathot for the end of the week. Her name is Becky Hudson, age 27 from Richmond, VA, and I’ll be the first to admit that her eyes look genuinely weird when you look at the rest of her. It’s not actually that unusual for women to have dark hair and grey or blue eyes – you see this in Russia quite often – but that’s because of the unusual genetic distributions of the country.

Anyway, make of her eyes what you will – most of you won’t even be looking at those, presumably. Keep the faith, stay strong, and remember: conflict is the air we breathe, it is the water we drink, it is the food we eat, and it is the world we live in. Don’t run away from it. Embrace it, because that’s the only way to win.

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Good morning ♥️ do you like the color black on me ?🌹

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“i'm smiling on the inside I swear” ♥️link in my bio .

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Happy Friday 💙 @fashionnova ad

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Have a blessed day everyone 🕊 @bagleyphoto_

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  1. NewTunesForOldLogos

    Those are some unnaturally beautiful curves.

    • Bardelys the Magnificent

      The term that comes to mind is "bulbous"

  2. Johnny

    I don't like this one at all. Far below the standard of most of the last ten thots.

  3. Dire Badger

    Could someone please explain that Becky Hudson is the definition of "Curvy", Not Rebel Wilson?
    Is it any wonder Leftists love Pollock? Their Aesthetics are completely fiscked.

    • Didact

      That's what happens with people who align themselves against all that is Good, Beautiful, and True.

      Admittedly, this 'ere Instathot is anything BUT "true", and it's likely that she isn't very Good either, but she is certainly beautiful, at least in the eyes of some beholders.

    • Dire Badger

      I actually agree, Not my usual 'type', and I know she's likely rotten to the core, but I think she has created a new 'type' of which she is the sole member 🙂 Except for her lips, her face is actually quite youthful and pleasant, and her body is just on the edge of being 'slightly too heavy' without actually crossing the line.

      Fair warning, though, it looks like she may have done some porn.

  4. Tom Kratman

    Hips too wide.

    • Dire Badger

      You don't like a woman that can give birth to triplets? At the same time?

    • Tom Kratman

      Contemplate the implications of that in…full.


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