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This is how you fight back

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

It is easy to look around as the West falls apart and be deeply black-pilled about it all, and give in to despair. The mobs are raging out of control and nobody in power seems to be standing up to them.

Guess what: that’s what THEY want you to think.

The mobs, and the globalists who have enabled them, want you to feel despair. They want you to feel depressed, apathetic, and resigned to your fate. They want you to be miserable.

But we are now seeing signs of backbone growing in the bodies of people around the country.

#BasedTucker’s latest video monologue showed a couple in St. Louis defending themselves, their home, and their family with loaded firearms after a mob of broke through the gates near their residence. I’ll keep the monologue for the next Mondaydact Browser Buster, but here’s some of the video showing how it all went down:

That, gents, is how you stop the mob – you just stand there, in their way, and make it really clear that you will not back down.

The McCloskeys of St. Louis were simply trying to defend themselves and their loved ones from a “peaceful” mob of “protesters” – who were so peaceful, peace-loving, totally peaceable, and just so full of peace love and happiness, that they were shouting slogans like “kill all cops!” and “f*** the police!” and verbally threatened the husband and wife with extreme violence.

For their troubles, they have been doxxed, their names and address have been revealed, their place of business is now online for all to see, and there are calls for them to be disbarred.

Fortunately, Missouri is a Castle Doctrine state, which means that people have the right to defend themselves and their homes with deadly force if necessary. Judging by the video above, it was ABSOLUTELY necessary in this case.

The lesson that the McCloskeys teach us is really simple:

Show your willingness to stand up and fight, and the mob will run away in fear.

That is what it takes. That is all it takes.

This is immensely difficult. Courage always requires putting aside fear and working through and beyond it. And that is very hard to do. But courage is what gets people through times like this.

And once you have worked your way past the fear, you can begin to take the fight to your enemies. For a case study in this, look at how the Legal Legion of Evil is taking on Patreon, who evidently are a bit too dumb to realise exactly what kind of people they are dealing with:

Patreon and other SJW-converged corporations are in deep trouble. They don’t realise it yet, and they don’t see that their business models are deeply flawed. Every single one of them has some serious vulnerabilities which are even now being exploited.

Some of them will take longer to collapse than others. Google, for instance, depends solely on its (extremely powerful) search engine and related ad revenues for something like 80%, maybe more, of its revenues. The fact that Google controls something like 90% of the market for global searches, also means that disrupting its business practices, and thereby cutting off one of the most effective vectors that the Left has for spreading its poison, is very, very difficult.

There are no real competitors to Google or Facebook out there right now. There are a few competitors to Twitter, but they all have some serious issues. There are several solid search engines that can compete with Google, like Yandex and DuckDuckGo, but they aren’t quite at the same level as Google, not yet.

That being said – it is an absolute certainty that these monopolies will collapse under the weight of their own internal contradictions fairly quickly once the rot within the parent companies reaches a certain terminal level. That already appears to be happening at some of them.

All you need to do, in order to be ready for the day it happens, is to act.

Switch your default search engine to DDG. Switch away from Google Chrome to open-source Chromium or Brave Browser. Get off Facebook and Twitter. If you must express yourself in short messages, then there are definitely other services out there. SocialGalactic, which I proudly helped to fund in its original iteration, is one of them, but SG2.0 is going to take some more time to get up and running for the general public.

As for the wider issue of mob rule – again, the same rule applies. Just act.

Don’t be afraid of the mob harassing you, doxxing you, calling you racist and sexist and homophobic and so on. If you are afraid of losing your job or your home or your family, then take steps to protect yourself. Start an online business, build your own systems, prepare an escape hatch, pull your kids out of public school and start homeschooling them, and learn a few basic survival skills so that you will be ready for the day that the mob comes for you.

Take courage from the example of the McCloskeys, who stood in the path of the mob, did not open fire, and simply made it clear that they would defend themselves and their home.

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  1. TechieDude

    Never, ever bend a knee. To quote Piggott's epic line: "The modern man knows that there is only one time in his life that it is appropriate to kneel, and that is when he is asking God for forgiveness for what he is about to do to His enemies."

    Look at the camera and say, "That's right. I had to defend my house because the police wouldn't or couldn't. I don't care if you know who I am or where I live. Just know, I have guns that I'm willing to use, and cameras. If you live, you'll be prosecuted and sued for whatever damages you've caused."

    I myself have two large dogs that will chase and bite until you are off the property. Nothing says stay away better than 2 x 80lbs of shepherd with deep bass "I'll eat your soul" barks ( a dark lord line, btw)

    • Didact

      I do like shepherds myself. That being said, I recently came across a specimen of a dog so bloody enormous that I thought it might be a bear.

      As it happens, the Caucasian Ovcharka (shepherd) is in fact bred for hunting and killing both bears and wolves.

      I'd love to see the looks on the faces of a bunch of pantifags when they come across big hungry shepherd dogs backed up by someone with a long-ranged weapon. God forbid it happens, but if it does and things go down in your neck of the woods, would you do us all a favour and send us the video?

  2. RobertDWood

    It is completely under represented that this is private property, everything in my circle has identified it as standing in their front yard threatening people in the streets… SJW always lie.

    • Didact

      SJWs and (((media))) are interchangeable at this point.

  3. Bardelys the Magnificent

    What have I said before? The time for 'splainin' is over. These two explained everything just fine. Succinct and to the point. Sans bowtie, as well.

    • Didact

      Long over. Unfortunately most of the Right still hasn't figured it out. Voting is not going to work. "Standing athwart history, yelling 'STOP!'" isn't going to work. All that will work is fire and flame.

      God help us.


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