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Then it’s not a law

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I have stated openly for years that I neither trust nor particularly respect the police, in pretty much any country – with the possible exception of Singapore. I consider police forces around the world to be corrupt and wont to abuse their powers of law enforcement.

The current Kung Flu pandemic has certainly shown us the worst side of police forces around the world, especially in places like PommieBastardLand, where people have been arrested and cited and fined and even had their houses entered and their families questioned, simply because the police want to be seen as “doing their jobs” in enforcing social distancing and quarantine rules.

So it is heartening from time to time to see that the police aren’t all bad, especially in states that have a reputation for obnoxious and overbearing police forces – like my erstwhile home of Noo Joisey:

Footage of police in New Jersey informing anti-lockdown protesters they’re in violation of Covid-19 executive orders, but will not face consequences, is the latest example of officers taking a more hands-off approach to the rules.

People began gathering outside Atilis Gym in southern New Jersey hours before it opened on Monday to show support for the business defying executive orders from the governor, and to protest the continuing lockdown measures in place across the state.

While almost no protesters wore face coverings and were clearly breaking social distancing guidelines by gathering in a big crowd, police simply informed those gathered that they were in violation of current orders – and to “have a nice day.”

“Formally, you are all in violation of the executive order,” an officer told the crowd. “On that note, have a good day. Everybody be safe.” Police then left the area to the sound of cheers from the protesters.

They came back later, however, after everyone had dispersed. An attorney representing the gym owners said they were issued a summons from the county for disorderly conduct and patrons inside the establishment were given formal warnings. The business plans to reopen again on Tuesday.

As citizens grow increasingly frustrated with coronavirus lockdown orders in place across the US, police in some states have begun seriously easing-off enforcing the rules.

The police in question absolutely did the right thing, both from a law enforcement and a civic standpoint. There is NO JUSTIFICATION WHATSOEVER for the enforcement of lockdown orders issued by Daemoncrat governors around the country.

Here is the video from the event, by the way:

The chants of “USA!!! USA!!!” right after the Chief Big Todger, or whatever his name is, finishes his quick spiel, are most heartening. That commitment to freedom, however tenuous and weak it is at times, is what I most admire and respect about Americans – real Americans, not paper ones.

So let’s understand what happened here by carefully exploring a bit of background.

The Chinkin Pox is nowhere near as deadly as we initially thought. We are nowhere near achieving this mythical “herd immunity” that the doctors keep talking about. Most young and healthy people have less than a 10% chance of falling seriously ill from the virus, and the true death rate is closer to 0.2% than it is to the initial 3-5% that we all feared.

Moreover, the evidence is mounting that social distancing and quarantines and lockdowns simply do not work. The total number of infections in the UK, for instance, was falling before the national lockdown orders were issued in mid-April, and those numbers have not been seriously affected by putting people in their homes for a month. If the lockdowns actually worked, we should have seen a dramatic drop in the number of confirmed cases after 2-3 weeks.

States that are reopening in the US show little to no evidence of spikes in caseloads and fatalities. States that remain closed are suffering far worse effects from the closures than they are from the virus.

Most importantly, the current situation is showing very clearly a fundamental truth about laws of any kind:

If you do not, or cannot, enforce a law, then IT IS NOT A LAW.

That is the point that these Daemoncrats keep missing – like Witless Gretchen Whitmer over in Michigan, who issues executive orders by fiat that are contradictory, confusing, and increasingly bizarre. If ever there was a case against putting women in charge of anything beyond a kitchen, that’s one right there.

Americans have every right to protest against these insane executive orders, passed without any regard to Constitutional authority or due process. And they have every right to choose for themselves what level of risk they consider acceptable.

Governors do not have the right to tell people to stay inside no matter what. They do not have the right to order police to arrest people outright and throw them into jail just for starting their businesses back up. They do not have the right to send police around to people’s houses and cite them for violating lockdown orders.

Some police forces, at least, are recognising these things – to their great credit. This is not true for other parts of the country – including, strangely enough, freedom-loving gun-nut central, Texas, of all places, where the much-mocked and thoroughly pilloried “Meal Team Six” SWAT unit was sent in to shut down a bar in Ector County.

In case you haven’t witnessed the Belly-Wobble Seen ‘Round the World yet, here it is:

That, by the way, is pretty much the norm for a lot of American police units, judging by what I saw in New York and New Jersey while I was there.

The governors in question need to understand something very clearly. When law enforcement units supposedly under their command refuse to enforce the executive orders – they aren’t even laws, they are just orders – then that is a direct breakdown of the chain of command that cannot be fixed by simply firing people and replacing them with yes-men.

That represents a much more serious breakdown of societal trust than politicians can fix. What we are looking at is essentially an acceleration of the collapse of government authority. And if William S. Lind and his fellow 4th Generation Warfare thinkers are correct, this in turn means that we will see those same governors become ever more desperate to hold onto power.

That is in fact exactly what we have seen – especially from the female Daemoncrat governors, like Witless Whitmer.

This is a colossal mistake.

It is quite obvious that Ms Whitmer is pushing hard for her possible future role as Vice Presidential candidate for Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden. But if she and her fellow blue-state governors continue to push far beyond the boundaries of their authority, they are going to find that ever-greater disobedience will be the result.

That path has only one destination: extreme and bloody violence, culminating in the total collapse of government authority of any kind.

I do not say that this is what we will see this year – or at least, I certainly hope not. I’d like to think that even Daemoncrats have a bit more sense than that.

But it will happen eventually. Demographics, culture, and economics make the collapse of the United States an absolute historical inevitability, and it is almost certain to happen in our lifetimes – probably within the next 15 years.

And when that happens, the very people who were once in charge of enforcing the laws, will find themselves faced with a horrible choice: either keep doing what they are doing and end up literally in the cross-hairs, or stop that shit, and abandon their posts.

To be clear: societies need police to maintain law and order. Men are not angels – if we were, law enforcement would never be needed. But there is a huge difference between enforcing a law that people understand and respect, and enforcing a law that people look at and mock.

That is why the concept of “speed limits” is nonsensical, as a general rule. And that is also why these social distancing and shutdown rules are even more ridiculous. They cannot be universally or easily enforced. The people who are in charge of enforcing them are rapidly losing their moral authority.

Once that authority is lost, there is no way back without significant and rapid de-escalation.

We shall see in the coming days whether idiots like Whitmer, Pritzker, Cuomo, De Blasio, and Garcetti figure this out. Current trends suggest that optimism is not warranted in this regard.

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  1. RJ

    Those same NJ cops came back the next day and took down the names and addresses of gym patrons. They are all going to receive citations in the mail. The cops also arrested a gym patron who refused to give them his name and address.

    When the time comes, cops will do as they are ordered.


    • Didact

      That's what worries me. The police will do what their paymasters tell them to – but in so doing, they simply guarantee that when, not if, the rupture comes, they will be the first ones in the line of fire from enraged civilians with guns.

      The police are already far worse than King George III and the entire British Army ever were.

    • Kapios

      I guess this is the best time to stock some guns, gold and canned food along with a decent vegetable garden and make friends with a Navy Seal neighbor. I guess this is where religion kicks in the most, at least in the strict sense of worshipping a specific entity. That's when people who have a close sense of community will probably fair much better throughout the coming storm. When people stop worshipping fiat money, the government, etc. I think America will at least become more conservative.

      I'm in Europe so I will flee on the first chance to a better continent or country.

    • Post Alley Crackpot

      Back in the 1990s, "Unintended Consequences" by John Ross told a story very much unlike what you'd expect from American literature …

      The novel had its problems, including being roughly twice the size it should have been to tell its core stories most effectively. But what it did do well was that it told the story of what might happen if someone who had been turned into a "targeted individual" by overly zealous bureaucrats decided to fight back against the bullies with an organised campaign against them.

      And so let's talk about the unthinkable for American police …

      The police are valuable on-the-hoof resources of four types: vehicles, weapons, clothing, and food.

      This remains true regardless of any money they may also possess.

      In their homes, they tend to have all sorts of lovely weaponry that may be acquired by people who have been forced to the wall and who no longer give a shit about whether they're particularly in the right.

      Eventually people who have been tormented over various absurd types of malum prohibitorum may no longer give a toss about whether they're committing a few bits of malum in se as well.

      In many American states, the police are also obligated to have their home addresses on their driving licences and insurance cards that they must have in their possession, which makes some of this process of acquisition a lot more straightforward.

      It doesn't take Lex Luthor to connect enough of the dots to know where a ready-to-use arsenal of weapons and supplies might be had in an unconventional survival scenario.

      As for the food angle, that too should be fairly obvious to anyone who owns an industrial-sized smoker, or anyone who can make friends with someone who owns one.

      The smarter among the police realise that the appellation of being labelled "pigs" also works as a functional description for certain types of enterprising groups, and that they personally need de-escalation in order to stay off the menu.

      Those who are even smarter know there's a time of widespread conflict that means that they need to take off the uniform and blend in so that they may survive.

      Selco Begovic's tales of the Balkans include a few characters of that particular variety, some of which sound like former constabulary chiefs who were savvy enough to figure out that they no longer represented any of the operating powers.

      "When people stop worshipping fiat money, the government, etc. …"

      Taking delivery of physical silver these days can be a security nuisance, and yet silver has never been so cheap relative to gold prices through most of human history.

      I doubt somehow that America will become more "conservative", but instead more survivalist and pragmatic.

      I for one look forward to having my own recreational nuclear weapons in an Anarchy for Everyone scenario. 🙂

      Have you ever read Vernor Vinge's story called "The Ungoverned"?

      Click the link and enjoy the story at Baen Books for free.


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