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Even the French don’t like the French

by | Apr 4, 2020 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

As I’ve pointed out before, Corona-chan’s pestilential spread is putting many of the simple globalist illusions about the world through some harsh tests – and one of those illusions is the notion that every society and civilisation is equally capable of dealing with trauma and chaos.

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence, and – rather more importantly – a heaping helping of that rarest of commodities, common bloody sense, could tell you that this notion is ridiculous on its face. But that is nonetheless the lie that many of us were taught from an early age.

It is a lie even so.

Corona-chan has shown us that not all societies and civilisations are created equal. Some are tougher under stress than others.

High-trust, highly homogeneous, highly spread-out societies will inevitably do far, far better in dealing with famines, plagues, droughts, and even wars, than low-trust, highly heterogeneous, compacted societies. Nowhere is this more apparent right now than in France:

The wartime appetite for la délation — reporting wrongdoers to the authorities — has reappeared. In country towns, people are denouncing neighbours to the gendarmerie for breaching le confinement and leaving their homes too often.


Tempers are fraying in supermarkets, with unsmiling shoppers in the Paris suburbs treating others with suspicion. Angry locals in coastal areas are seething over the 400,000 Parisians who are estimated to have fled the capital to spend the lockdown in their holiday homes. Some have been refused service and Parisian cars have been vandalised in Brittany and the southwest.


Conspiracy theories, long popular in France and a fixture of the yellow vest movement, blame the capitalist elite and also Jewish people for starting the epidemic or encouraging it. Many of the claims, shared millions of times on social media, talk of a “military virus” deliberately spread with the aim, variously, of boosting drug company profits, killing the elderly or delivering the country into the hands of multi-nationals or the secret “illuminati”.

One popular belief is that the virus was invented by the Paris Institut Pasteur.

I’m not overly surprised by this, to be honest. It has been clear for quite some time that urban France has been seriously damaged by decades of immigration without any serious assimilation. Entire suburbs of Paris are basically no-go zones with their own codes of law.

More generally, Corona-chan is now in the process of putting to the sword the very notion of pan-European unity. The Euzis know this, all too well, and they tremble in terror at the fact that true nationalists like Hungary’s Viktor Orban are now rising up to take charge of their nations and the destinies of their peoples.

France, meanwhile, is riven by tensions that are only just now coming to light, but which have clearly been developing for decades.

From what I can tell, the story in France is similar to that of much of the rest of the world where nationalism is reasserting itself. It is a situation of the urban elites against everyone else, of rich and pampered globalist tools telling their supposedly dumb inbred rural cousins what to do and how to think – for their own good, of course.

In France, that stratification of the urban elite is far greater than it is even in the USA; while in America the political class is heavily, but not entirely, sourced from the Ivy League universities, and in particular from Harvard and Yale, in France virtually the entire elite group comes from just one or two schools, the Ecole Nationale d’Administration and the Sorbonne.

To call them “inbred royalty” would actually be an insult to the inbred royals of past dynasties.

France, and the other Western European nations that signed on to the lies of globalism, is in for a very rude awakening over the coming years. It is already undergoing significant social and political upheaval due to the nature of the divisions between the rich and poor, the son of the soil and the immigrant, the urbanised governing class and the “great unwashed masses”, so to speak.

That reckoning, when it comes, is going to be exceedingly painful. And given the way that the fault lines in France, and other countries, are deepening and widening, it would not surprise me to see that France will be among the first of the European nations to engage in a real civil war – and will emerge from that war looking very different from what it does now.

In the meantime, though, and seeing as how it is the French we’re talking about, a not entirely related and highly offensive meme might well be in order:

I saw that one and promptly dissolved into gales of laughter. And the funniest part is that it’s absolutely true – the 5th Panzer Division did, in fact, rout the French Army and the Allied Expeditionary Force.

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  1. Eduardo the Magnificent

    This is where "freedom" has become an idol to be worshipped and not an ideal to be realized. Here our governor has ordered us to stay home, but the order has more holes than Swiss cheese and is unenforceable, so nobody does. I'm sick of our half-in, half-out approach to this "epidemic". Either force us ALL to stay home, no exceptions, or end this charade and let us take our chances. If this was really serious we wouldn't be fucking around like we are, so I can only conclude that it is not.

    I have remarked from the beginning that once the face masks become a fashion accessory, that's when you'll know this whole thing has passed its course. I've been seeing people virtue signalling online about wearing their mask, and come across some designer mask ads as well. I'm starting to wonder if I was wrong about Corona-chan being the fixer of society's ills. We really are that dumb. Perhaps we were wrong to get rid of our kings.

  2. Freddo

    Of course the French health care system has been under socialist bureaucratic pressure for the past 20 years, mostly resulting in there being no money for doctors or hospitals in the rural parts of the country, while proliferating bureaucracy, including plenty of diversity and equality officers.


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