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The WINNING will continue until their morale breaks

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His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, has had a VERY good 48 hours.

First came his State of the Union address, which was a true thing of beauty. If you haven’t seen the whole thing, it is well worth watching. I’ve only seen clips of it so far, but from those and from reading the transcript – which doesn’t really do the speech justice, since the God-Emperor is a far better speaker than he is a writer – but what I have seen and read indicates that it was an absolute BARN-BURNER of a speech.

Here it is in full:

The interesting thing about the God-Emperor’s speech this year is that it was full of the kinds of flourishes that you would expect, not from the world’s most powerful statesman and leader, but from a game-show host.

There were several moments in which the God-Emperor basically gave away exceptionally valuable goodies – a full scholarship to a young black child; a promotion to short-General for a black aviator who fought through three American wars while also fighting for his full rights as an American citizen; a Presidential Medal of Freedom for a legend of talk radio; and, most touching and beautiful of all, a reunion of a military man with his wife and children.

Say what you will about Donaldus Magnus – around here, of course, he gets plenty of praise – but there is no doubting his talents as a showman.

He owned the State of the Union address, from start to finish.

He showed us all exactly how to be a true master of rhetoric. The most effective rhetoric is of course always the kind that is rooted in hard truths. That is why the God-Emperor went through a long list of his accomplishments which do, for the most part, hold up to scrutiny.

(It says a lot about the parlous state of American politics these days that the so-called “fact checkers” insist on injecting severe biases, qualifiers, and misleading statements of their own into their “checks”. Ultimately people will read their own “facts” into the President’s words. Every President, EVER, has used the SOTU address – a Constitutional requirement of his office – to show his accomplishments in the best possible light. There is nothing new about this. But in the end, it is up to the people themselves to decide whether they are really better off than they were in previous years.)

You can argue with President Trump’s ways of touting his own accomplishments. A large chunk of the American electorate regards him as basically a giant orange-haired Cheetoh with a big mouth spewing huge amounts of hot air. Heck, I used to think of him that way, for a long time, before it became abundantly clear to me that this was a man of substance as well as style.

What you cannot argue with is that he is, in fact, accomplishing things – great things, which many of us honestly thought would be impossible to do for any President, let alone one as divisive as the God-Emperor.

He is fundamentally transforming America’s economy, mostly for the better.

He is avoiding pointless and endless new “savage wars of peace” overseas, and is trying to wind down the existing ones to the extent that he can.

He is dismantling the unfortunate and misbegotten legacy of his predecessor, President Jackass Odoofuss the Lightworker, at breakneck pace.

And, most importantly, he is delivering on his promises to build a wall on the southern border. It is not happening quite as fast as most of us would like, but it is happening – and, more importantly, Mexico is in fact paying a significant share of the burden for securing America’s borders.

Remember how the liberal (((media))) and the GOPe laughed until tears rolled down their cheeks when the God-Emperor told audiences across the country that America would build a BIG BEYOOOOTIFULL WALL on America’s southern border, and that Mexico would pay for it?

Turns out that Mexico is now telling Guatemalans and Hondurans who attempt to pass through Mexico’s southern border to turn back.


Because President Trump threatened Mexico with massive tariffs if they did not cooperate in keeping caravans full of Dirt Worlders from flooding the American frontier.

And now the Mexicans are hard at work spending quite a bit of their own coin on stopping their own little brown brothers from invading El Norte.

To be clear – it is not enough. In order for the God-Emperor to truly restore the American nation, he would have to send in the American military to deport tens of millions of illegal invaders, and millions more Fake Americans who have American passports but plainly do not support or love the American nation.

But, it’s a start.

And now, with the news of the God-Emperor’s acquittal in the Senate, the God-Emperor has a free hand to continue with the WINNING!!!:

Make no mistake, my friends, this is a huge (YUGE) victory.

Yes, it was preordained. There was absolutely no way that the Republican Party was going to convict its most successful President in an entire generation of totally dubious and trumped-up (heh) charges that are flatly un-Constitutional and without any precedent. The Daemoncrats never had a snowflake’s chance in Hell of getting their desperate grab for power rammed through the Senate.

That does not change the fact that, when you try to kill the King, you’d damned well better kill him. Otherwise, he WILL come back and kill you.

And he will do it in the most humiliating, public, brutal, and summary fashion possible.

There is now virtually no doubt that the Great TRUMPSL!DE OF 2020 will take place. The Daemoncrats have absolutely no candidates of any worth whatsoever to run against the God-Emperor. The best that they can come up with are two septuagenarian grandfathers – one of which is an unreconstructed socialist and cranky Jewish nutbag, and the other is a man so corrupt and slimy that he can’t even keep his own dentures in his mouth – plus a fake Indian (feather, not dot), a gay MAD Magazine mascot, some Asian techie, and a Hindu from Hawaii.

Oh, and there are two other Jewish billionaires in the mix somewhere as well, but nobody cares about them.


They seriously seem to think that a nation that is still majority white and Christian will vote for secular Jewish millionaires and billionaires to lead them. Or, barring that, habitual liars and sexual degenerates.

The Daemoncrats are not only out of ideas at the ballot box. They are rapidly losing public support as well.

Their mouthpieces in the lying (((media))) have seen their ratings collapse over the past few months as America and the world wearies of the shampeachment charade. The chattering classes in Washington, D.C., New York, and Los Angeles certainly love the nightly circle-jerk that pops up on ABCNNBCBS, and it is certainly darkly amusing, in a sadistic sort of way, to watch the hacks on CNNLOL in particular degrage and disgrace themselves on live television every single night, but the hard fact is that the rest of America has much more pressing matters to worry about than a bunch of idiot NPCs yelling “ORANGE MAN BAD!!!” over and over at a screen.

President Trump is winning his war against the establishment with both word and deed – just as his illustrious and legendary predecessor, St. Ronald Magnus of the Right, did so effectively a full generation ago.

Now it is time for the God-Emperor to unleash the long-awaited Storm.

His enemies are weak. They took their best shot at him, and they failed. They are already clamouring for more investigations, more subpoenas, more witnesses, but all they are doing is digging their own graves even deeper. The American people are fed to the back teeth with this charade.

They can clearly see that one political party has absolutely lost its collective mind, and wants nothing more than to destroy a man who inspires fear, loathing, and hatred in their very souls – because he was actually one of them for a long time, but broke ranks with them and became an apostate, a heretic.

And they can clearly see that the leader of the other political party, the guy with the ridiculous coiffed hair and the severely limited vocabulary and the bombastic manner and the Twitter account who loves trolling the SHIT out of his enemies, is actually the one working hard to get Americans access to jobs, healthcare, educations, security, and freedom.

It is not a difficult choice to make, between a party that is frothing-at-the-mouth-howling-at-the-Moon crazy, and a man who is fundamentally reshaping American politics in his own image by delivering on his promises.

The Daemoncrats are plumb out of ideas. It’s just that simple. The very party that has the concept of “democracy” written into its name, is the one that has done the most to damage the actual concept of putting issues to the people to decide for themselves. They have tried, and failed, to remove a democratically and duly elected President from office.

Their mad shrieking carries up to the very Heavens above, where I have no doubt that the Father of Creation looks down and smiles in grim amusement at the sheer pathetic stupidity of so many of His children.

So where do we go from here?

Well, the God-Emperor will simply carry on winning. He now has all of the political capital he needs to unleash the Storm, at long last, and hold his enemies accountable.

Romney the Arch-Heretic should be purged and flayed (politically speaking, of course) in public for all to see. He was a pathetic loser of a candidate in 2012, and he is an even more pathetic loser of a Senator now.

All of the Deep Staters who opposed the President, who did so much to damage his political credibility, and who fought him tooth and nail as he tried to do what is right for the American people, should also be purged, completely and thoroughly.

The FBI, the State Department, and large sections of the military will need to be broken down and fundamentally rebuilt.

The Daemoncrats will, in my personal opinion, lose the House of Representatives in November, and President Trump’s makeover of the Republican Party into a predominantly white-oriented American nationalist organisation will continue at breakneck pace.

The Daemoncrats will continue to try to block the President through investigations and subpoenas, but they have shot their bolt and they know it.

There is nothing left to stop the President from winning in 2020 now.

The most important lesson for you and me is that this is what happens when you embrace the conflict. This is what happens when you learn to love the fight. This is how you win.

The mighty and valiant God-Emperor has given us all courage and hope through his legendary fighting spirit. No righteous man can possibly watch the Lion of Midnight perform so well under such endless assaults and fail to be inspired.

Take inspiration from the God-Emperor, brothers. Stand firm in your faith. Love the fight. Live for the kill. And WIN BIGLY, as he has and will continue to do.

HAIL to the mighty God-Emperor, for he is victorious once again.

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