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Jump off the carousel, Hermione

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Most of my readers are familiar with the Harry Potter films. Those of you younger than about 30 pretty much grew up reading the books and watching the movies. Those above the age of, oh, 45, had to endure getting bugged by your children to read the books or watch the films.

While I have watched the movies, and have been forced to become familiar with more than my fair share of Potterverse lore thanks to my kid sister, who can quote that shit chapter-and-verse, I can proudly say that I have never read any of the books. I mean, once you grow up reading Tolkien and watching STAR WARS, anything lesser is just… well… lesser.

With that in mind, I was quite amused to come across this article in The Daily Mail concerning the actress who played the too-clever-by-half annoying little snot-nosed teacher’s pet, Hermione Granger, in the movies:

Talking to Vogue magazine, she revealed that she has suffered from ‘incredible anxiety’ about having not married or started a family by the time she reaches 30 next April.

Describing her single status as being ‘self-partnered’, Watson says she has now come to terms with it, though she panicked as she grew closer to her landmark birthday. ‘I was like: ‘Why does everyone make such a big fuss about turning 30? This is not a big deal . . .’ Cut to 29 and I’m like: ‘Oh my God, I feel so stressed and anxious,’ ‘ she said.

Stylist and friend Caroline Sieber says that Watson is ‘sober in her thinking’ — which is one way of putting it. Private to a fault, she loves jigsaws, yoga and cats. That’s not to say that this currently ‘self-partnered’ star has been short of romance, with ten beaus over the past dozen years.

‘The boyfriends or partners I’ve had have generally made me feel really cherished. They’ve built me up,’ she said.

Uh-huh. Right. Sure. She’s “self-partnered” now, boys.

So, basically, she loves herself, she has sex with herself, she sleeps with herself, and she enjoys spending time by herself.

Among men, this is known as being an “incel”. Among women, this is known as being a “crazy cat lady”.

But apparently these are politically incorrect terms nowadays – especially the CCL terminology. It’s no longer politically correct to say that you’re “single” either, if you’re a woman.

Here’s the interesting thing about a woman who claims that she is “self-partnered”. As the writer of this article over at RT points out, imagine yourself going to a party thrown by a friend in which you run across a 30-year-old woman who looks like she’s seen better days and says that she is “self-partnered”.

Let’s take a straw poll here, gents. Are you likely to date that woman, take her home, wife her up? Raise your hands, don’t be shy – yes, you there in the back – put ’em up nice and high so we can all see…

Wait, what?


Not ONE hand raised?!?!?

WTF, boys?!

You’re really telling me that you wouldn’t want to take the feminist icon who came up with that whole #HeForShe movement, who flounces around on the world stage preaching feminism to the world regardless of whether you’ll listen to her, who can’t act and has become the living embodiment of the single most irritating character in the entire Potterverse, who isn’t feminine or funny or even particularly attractive these days, and who has a Bachelor’s in English Literature and spends her time telling every guy she meets about how wonderful Sylvia Plath and Simone de Beauvoir are?



Oh. Right. I just re-read what I wrote, and now it makes sense. Sorry, guys, my brain is running a tad slow today. It’s Friday, y’know.

OK, enough with the snark, I think we all get the point here. Emma Watson is not a role model for young women to follow. She is simply a preachy, pretentious, irritating faux-feminist and climate change campaigner whose talents are greatly exaggerated by the fact that she became a celebrity at a very young age.

Worse than that, she has absolutely no self-awareness whatsoever.

She is turning 30 very soon. Any man here who has ever dealt with an unmarried woman in her early thirties knows full well that these women are totally different from what they were when they were in their mid-twenties. And the reason for this is simple. (Speaking from long and PAINFUL personal experience here, gentlemen – and I think that every single one of you can relate.)

These women know that they are no longer a young, fit, tight, and hot as they used to be. They know that their expiration dates are approaching very rapidly. And no matter how much feminist bullshit is peddled to them, no matter how much they are told that they should be out there enjoying themselves and having fun, they see their less actively stupid friends getting married, having children, and being happy – especially their less attractive friends who still manage to land men.

It doesn’t matter how much you try to sell feminism to young girls. You’ll succeed in brainwashing them, don’t get me wrong – but you’ll fail to rewire their biology. And nothing makes a woman more insecure and jealous than seeing a younger, less attractive counterpart getting married and having kids and seeing how fulfilling a woman’s natural role in life makes her happy.

This is the savage truth of biomechanics. You can’t get past it. Women do not become happy from “having it all”, as feminist ideology preaches. Women become happy, by and large, from having husbands and children, and taking care of the same. That is what women do best. Feminism is evil and destructive precisely because it lies to women by telling them that the things that would make them happy, will actually make them unhappy.

The sad part is that Emma Watson is unlikely to experience that happiness now, either as a feminist or a wife and mum. And there are simple reasons for this.

First, she has lived her life in the public eye as a celebrity, but she doesn’t have the gravitas, talent, or stage presence to pull off anything other than fairly lightweight roles. The roles where she has starred as a lead have shown her to be a wooden and unlikable actress whose acting range essentially consists of Resting Bitch Face and Big Happy Smile. And that’s it.

She isn’t regarded particularly highly by most real feminists because she isn’t radical enough. She isn’t regarded particularly well by anyone else either, precisely because she is ANNOYING. People listen patiently to her bloviating, because celebrity, but they know full well that she is “all hat and no cattle”, as they say down in Texas.

(God bless Texas, by the way. Just sayin’.)

Second, and more importantly… one major reason why she is “self-partnered” now (my God but that is an annoying term, even for someone as irritating as Emma Watson), is because of her dating history.

Take a look at the pictures from The Daily Mail‘s own profile on her.

Age 17:

Emma Watson at age 17 pictured on holiday with rugby player Tom Ducker, also 17, in 2007

Age 21:

Emma Watson sits on the lap of her then-boyfriend actor Johnny Simmons while they have lunch in 2011

Age 22:

Emma Watson cuddles up to then-boyfriend  Will Adamovicz in California in 2012

Age 24:

Actress Emma Watson and new boyfriend Matthew Janney in north London in 2014

Age 26:

Emma Watson out with then-boyfriend William Mack Knight in London in June 2016

Age 28:

Emma Watson strolling with actor boyfriend Chord Overstreet in 2018

Again at age 28:

Emma Watson snuggles up with then-beau Brendan Wallace during a vacation in Mexico in 2018

And now at age 29:

Emma Watson seen passionately kissing a mystery man while out for lunch in London earlier this month

Eight men over 12 years. And those are just the ones that we have pictures for – the DM article states that she’s had ten boyfriends in 12 years. Given her feminist inclinations, she has undoubtedly boinked all of them, repeatedly.

If she’s had 8 boyfriends in 12 years, that indicates that she jumps onto a new guy every 18 months. If she’s had 10 boyfriends, then that average relationship life drops to only about 14 months. Given her feminist inclinations, she has obviously boinked all of them, repeatedly.

And, again, this is only what we know of publicly. Given what modren feminism teaches about sexual liberation and consequence-free sex for women, it’s probably safe to say that she’s had sex with at least double that number of men throughout her life thus far.

So. Her notch count could be around 15 or 16, and quite likely even higher than that.

(I want to make it clear that this is an estimation based on publicly available information and some, admittedly rough, extrapolations. I have no idea what Ms. Watson’s real N-count is and make no representations on the subject beyond an estimate. Y’know, just in case some legal beagle gets all hot and bothered about those numbers and decides to carpet-bomb with lawsuits.)

We in the Manosphere have a term for this behaviour. We call it “riding the cock carousel“.

It’s not hard to see what happens to a woman who goes through this process. We have a term for that too – “the thousand-cock stare“.

I know that there is a picture of her from roughly the age of 17 or 18 sitting upstairs. Here’s another one from around the same time period to drive home the point.

Show of hands, gents: WYB? (Once she turned 18, OBVIOUSLY. Perverts.)

Yep… right… that’s what I thought. 100%.

OK, so that’s fair. Now let’s see what she looks like in 2019:

There you are, gents. Thousand Cock Stare CONFIRMED.

Once again, we see the impact of riding the Carousel. A woman who does it, hits the dreaded Wall REALLY hard. Every woman becomes a Wall impact victim eventually, but a woman who stays relatively chaste and sticks to one man for as long as possible and settles down and pops out babies in her twenties, rather than waiting until her mid-thirties, is going to preserve her looks and, more importantly, her happiness, much better and for much longer than her feminist “have-it-all” sisters.

I mean, seriously, look at Emma Watson there. She’s not bad-looking or anything, but you could go to Moscow or St. Petersburg or Kiev or Zagreb and find yourself tripping over 30-year-old girls who are much better looking, don’t have such horrid dating histories, are actually sweet and feminine and kind, and don’t talk your ear off with a bunch of feminist bullshit on every date.

That’s a fine example of what I’m on about. Because reasons.

In the end, all young Ms Watson is going to do is to annoy the shit out of the men who she wishes she could date, and the women who she wishes would listen to her. As another Daily Mail columnist has pointed out, if Emma Watson were less pretentious, less irritating, less smug, and frankly a LOT less stupid, she would take her star power and status and stop spouting a lot of feminist drivel, and start actually doing good things for people.

But she won’t. She’ll waste her time and her life coming up with trite and ridiculous nonsense like “self-partnering” instead.

And that’s just too bad for her.

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  1. Rifleman.Chris

    Would "self-partnered" be an overt admission of multiple personality disorder?

    • Didact

      Given Emma Watson's limited acting abilities and extremely irritating feminist personality, I'd say she's certainly nuts, but I think she's "merely" a clinical narcissist, not schizophrenic.

  2. Carl

    Google image search before and after rhinoplasty and lip injections for female Hollywood celebrities. What is seen cannot be unseen.

    • Didact

      Damn you, Carl… Now I need buckets of eye-bleach…

  3. Anonymous

    I was about to raise my hand, then I saw "wife her up". Meh. No.

    Give me a sixpack or so of decent beer and I'd hit that. Don't think I'd stay the night though.

    She, and the chick that's on blacklist, have to be the most unsexy things (even whne young) I've ever seen.

    If she weren't halfway famous, she'd be nearly invisible. Couple more years and she'll look like an old twink.

    • Didact

      Give me a sixpack or so of decent beer and I'd hit that. Don't think I'd stay the night though.

      As US Army 1st Sgt. (Ret) Terrence Popp likes to say, "Hit it, quit it, park stop it, neutral slam it, run it through all the gears, ans leave it on the lot where you found it".

      She, and the chick that's on blacklist, have to be the most unsexy things (even whne young) I've ever seen.

      Megan Boone. Yep. She used to be kind of cute, back when she was in that really silly JCVD movie, Welcome to the Jungle. But nowadays she's turned into your typical annoying whiny anti-gun liberaltard.

      Couple more years and she'll look like an old twink.

      I agree. Especially with that stupid short haircut.

  4. Nikolai Vladivostok

    No doubt some idiot will marry her, then later get divorced by her. You watch.
    BTW, anyone want to put odds on adopting African kids?

    • Didact

      I'm certainly not taking the other side of that bet. I reckon you're right and she'll go the full Charlize Theron – complete with raising her adopted mystery-meat male kid as a girl.


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