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“They’re farmers with pitchforks!”

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In the wake of Robert Francis Shamrocks Padraig Kilkenny Guinness Begorrah O’Meara Shillelagh O’Rourke’s strident insistence that the Daemoncrats absolutely will come and take your guns, Paul Ramsey provides a pessimistic Gen-X Hard Right take on the subject:

I, too, am deeply sceptical about the idea that millions of Americans are going to spontaneously take up arms against their own government when – not if – the Daemoncrats and their Republicuck enablers come for their guns. The reality is that civilians are highly unreliable and risk-averse and undisciplined – and fighting against the government individually is a great way to get yourself killed for absolutely no gain.

What the citizenry actually need to do is to reinstate the old militias.

The text of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States says, in very plain English that anyone but a Leftist can understand, “well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed“.

We right-wing nutjobs like to concentrate on the “shall not be infringed” part, and with good reason. But actually, the genius of the 2A is that it constructs a very clear equivalence between the people and “the militia”. So let’s pay attention to the militia part.

Now, before I proceed, let me make it perfectly clear that I DO NOT advocate armed rebellion of any kind here and nothing that I will write below should be taken as a recommendation toward armed insurrection.

All I am doing is providing some observations and logical conclusions. How you act upon them is your problem.

So. The original vision of the Founders was for an armed body of citizen-soldiers that regularly trained together without government oversight, and which could be called upon in times of crisis to stand against invasion and fight for their country. That was the notion of a militia back then – citizen-soldiers who would volunteer to fight for their land and their people if necessary in times of crisis, and then go right back to their farms and homesteads afterwards.

This was, in fact, an idea that had its origins all the way back in the dawn of human civilisation, and was held up as the ideal of military service right up through to the time of the Greek city-states and then the Romans. Indeed, it wasn’t really until the Spartans and the reforms of the Roman army under Marius that the idea of professional standing armies, made up entirely of free-born citizens and paid after a period of service, became codified and refined and practicable. Most contemporary armies up until that time were conscripts or slaves; the exceptions were the Greek city-states, and their unique style of mostly militia-based shock-troop warfare absolutely dominated the battlefield against other powers for a very long time.

The brilliance of the Founders lay in their understanding that a professional army answers to the government and its paymasters – but a militia answers to its community and people. And, if a nation could be built in such a way that the militia would always outnumber the standing army, then the ability of the government to impose tyrannical laws and taxes upon the people would be greatly limited.

That vision never really came to pass, because it became very clear within twenty years of independence that the new nation needed a professional standing army – which it has had more or less ever since, and which, for all of its merits and for all of the good that its members do, still answers to the Federal government and not to the American people.

Spontaneous civilian rebellion against the government simply isn’t going to happen. When – not if – shit gets real and the gun-grabbing assholes start coming for your guns, you will need a support network, which means that you need to join a proper organisation that trains with guns and prepares for an actual shooting war.

That means a militia of some kind, however you want to define it.

And, make NO mistake, that shooting war IS going to happen. The US government WILL move to destroy the right of law-abiding citizens and residents to defend themselves with force of arms.

The question is, what exactly are the “COLD DEAD HANDS!!!” types going to do about it? Conservatives love to talk about how they will resist tyranny and oppression with force if necessary – but the record of conservatives on the subject of holding back tyranny is abysmal, to say the least. The noun “conservative” is an oxymoron these days, since there is very little of anything that conservatives have actually conserved over the past 100 years.

Now, let’s give credit where it’s due: running on a national gun control platform in the USA is an absolutely losing proposition.

For now.

Why? Because of states like Texas, Arizona, and large parts of the Deep South, where people like their guns and want to keep them.

But – and this is important – states like Texas and Arizona are rapidly turning liberal because of the exodus of Commiefornians fleeing their failing socialist state for places with less actively stupid policies.

We already know that Texas is likely to turn blue within a few election cycles, and Florida is already a swing state because of the composition of its most populous and important counties. If the demographic trends hold steady for at least the next ten years or so, Florida will turn mostly blue and then the four biggest states in the Union will all be blue, so the electoral college mathematics goes from opaque to transparent in a heartbeat.

And that will be all she wrote for conservatives, for quite some time.

Once the Daemoncrats come to full power and control all three branches of the government, with no serious threat to their power from the electoral college for several future election cycles, then the full power of the Federal bureaucracy will be used against law-abiding gun owners to confiscate their guns.

Don’t waste my time talking about “MUH CONSTITUTION!!!” – we already have ample evidence from the Obarmy years that Daemoncrats can and absolutely will use executive authority to get their way if they cannot get things done via the legislative branch. Daemoncrats have been blithely shredding the Constitution for decades, going right back to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and even before him.

(In the interests of fairness, let it be noted here that Republicans in power aren’t very much better – the very first Republican President, Lincoln, basically wiped his ass with the Constitution and suspended or outright violated so many of its provisions that it isn’t even funny.)

So, again, what exactly are civilian conservatives and those same law-abiding citizens going to do?

On their own, they will achieve precisely one hundred percent of NOTHING.

Individual heroics and action will not win a war against a numerically, technologically, and logistically superior opponent. In case y’all haven’t noticed, things have changed quite a bit since the days of the Homeric epics, in which individual acts of brilliance and courage changed the tide of battle.

The only way to fight back against government overreach of the kind that we’re looking at is to recreate the old militias.

A militia is not some rabble that shows up to play soldier on the weekends – not if it wants to be taken seriously. If a militia is going to form, it has to be led by people who know what they’re doing – former military veterans who take their oaths to the Constitution and their country seriously, former policemen, former disaster recovery personnel, and so on.

The new militias will need to be trained, disciplined, and knowledgeable about their own local terrains. That is what will give them a fighting advantage over the US government, when – again, not if, but when – it decides to start throwing its power around and usurping even further the rights of ordinary citizens.

If you’ve ever watched that Mel Gibson film, The Patriot, then you will have seen those great battle sequences in which Col. Benjamin Martin leads his militia troops to overwhelming surprise victories against the British regulars, who do not understand the terrain of South Carolina and are not prepared for the swift and brutal attacks that well-trained, coordinated, and disciplined militia can bring to bear against them:

Now here is where we run into a big problem:

The US government does not recognise loose organisations of civilians who come together to form militias on their own as legal. It considers them as direct threats to Federal power and authority.

And in times of insurrection and rebellion, those loose voluntary organisations are going to become recognised as ENEMIES to the American government – not the nation, but the government. The two are not the same thing.

The United States Code Section 246 explicitly states that organised militias are defined as citizens or residents eligible to become citizens who are organised into the National Guard or Naval Militia, and Section 252 states that in the event of a rebellion in the states which makes it impossible to enforce Federal law, the President may call up the National Guard into Federal service.

This means that the National Guard is, legally speaking at least, not on your side in the event that shit gets real. How the National Guard units at the State level actually respond in such an event is a matter of speculation at this point.

Let’s be clear about this. The US government is going to come for your guns sooner or later. If you as an American citizen want to preserve that right to keep and bear arms – which comes from your Creator, NOT from your government – then you are going to have to act to do so.

And you cannot act on your own, isolated and alone. You’ll be hunted down and killed easily.

You must find yourself some like-minded folks who think the same way that you do. You need to get yourself trained up with basic weapons – preferably on the three main types of guns, rifle, pistol, and shotgun. Find yourself a proper NRA-certified instructor and get trained, get your concealed-carry license if you can, and join a club or just find a group of people who like to shoot shit on the weekends, and hang out with them.

Learn how to hunt. Learn how to grow your own vegetables and other basic foodstuffs. Keep a decent supply of food on hand and ready. Make sure that you know your neighbours and can trust them. Form voluntary random associations – which is something that real Americans do better than anybody else on Earth – to help each other out in times of need.

If you are serious about your right to keep and arm bears – uh, I mean, keep and bear arms – then you have to understand that this isn’t going to happen just by posting up pictures of hot girls with guns. (Yes, I know, I’m as guilty of this as anyone. Unlike most people, I recognise it.) You actually need to do something about it, and that means taking concrete action to build a network of allies and friends who are every bit as serious as you are.

(Aw hell, I can’t resist a good bear meme:

You’re welcome.)

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1 Comment

  1. Tom Kratman

    I have a more, shall we say, automatic plan for annoying the gun grabbers via the militia here: tomkratman.com/rant2ndamend.html

    It's a version of an article I published in Experience, the Journal of the Senior Division of the American Bar Association.

    One important thing you're missing, by the way. We can count on the left to go after the guns at the first opportunity, yes, but we can also count on them doing so in a stupid, heavy handed, unutterably moronic faction. THAT's how the fighting starts.


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