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Monday morning Roughnecks rumble

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Well, look on the bright side – it doesn’t last forever.

With that in mind, let’s get on with the process of coping, by indulging in some great videos, memes, humour, and hot chicks (preferably with guns).

We start with our friend The Male Brain, who is back with his usual set of excellent recommendations – this time related to STARSHIP TROOPERS. To be more precise, these are about the Paul Verhoeven film adaptation from 1997:

The thing is that the film is, on its own merits, not actually that bad. If it were called anything other than Starship Troopers, it would have been regarded as a very good, if somewhat campy and quite over-the-top, satirical war film.

Unfortunately, Paul Verhoeven was asked to adapt Robert Anson Heinlein’s classic and highly controversial novel. And that was a huge mistake.

That Dutch bastard didn’t even read the book all the way through. He read a little bit into it, found it very depressing, and decided – being a good little man of the Left – to mock the book instead by taking its most important concepts entirely out of context and making them look as stupid as possible.

The result was a mess of a film that was only rescued by the fact that Verhoeven, for all of his political stupidities, actually does know how to direct a good action flick. (See: Robocop, Robocop 2, etc.)

I definitely have a beef with Verhoeven for butchering the movie adaptation so badly. He ruined the entire idea of adapting the greatest sci-fi novel of all time to the big screen, to the point where it is basically impossible right now and will be for quite some time. That film of his is an insult to everything that we fans of the book love about it.


One more from Dawn Pine – this one is an election ad from Israel, featuring a smart, beautiful, and evidently quite humourous right-wing politician named Ayelet Shaked:

As Ms. Shaked points out, everything that the Israeli Left calls “fascist” is, in fact, democratic.

And as Dawn pointed out in his message to me, “fascism” is what the Left calls anything that they don’t like.

Let’s be clear about something: fascism is a philosophy of THE LEFT. Not the Right. I’ve had this argument more times than I care to remember with my own mother, who is a history teacher of some 35 years’ standing.

I have heard it contended, more times than I care to count, that fascism is what happens when the nationalistic Right goes too far and decides to take over government and industry. This is nonsense. Every fascist dictatorship on record has always had its roots in the Left. Mussolini and Hitler were very much men of the socialist Left, and their political platforms reflected this fact.

There are two major differences between Fascism and Communism. The first concerns the role and level of activity of the State in private matters. Communism argues for giving all power over every aspect of life to the State. Fascism argues that some amount of private property is desirable and necessary – but that the State is the ultimate arbiter in all matters.

Based purely upon its merits, Fascism is a more workable and sensible solution than Communism, because it acknowledges the necessity of private property rights.

That is NOT to say that Fascism is a good idea. It is patently idiotic, because its core is still socialist. Anyone who disbelieves this should compare the 25 points of the original National Socialist Workers’ Party of Germany with the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto – you will very quickly realise that the first was heavily influenced by, and copied directly from, the second.

The second major difference concerns which kind of division the particular ideology seeks to exploit. Classical Marxist Communism argues that society is divided along lines of class, and that in order to achieve a true socialist revolution, the revolutionaries need to resort to class warfare, pitting the poor against the rich and giving free rein to oppressed classes to define themselves and overthrow their oppressors.

Fascism, on the other hand, argues that people are divided by national identities, and that the most effective method of splitting societies up is to agitate in favour of national self-determination.

Again, based purely on its merits, Fascism is more sensible because it lines up more correctly with basic human traits. And, again, Fascism is still a monumentally stupid idea.


Related – in case you need it spelled out for you:


Blonde is back with a video on the great importance of being a true happy warrior:

I’d like to take a moment to extend my heartiest congratulations and best wishes to Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone for getting married. They truly are happy warriors. They have had every possible brickbat thrown at them, they have had every possible obstacle thrown in their way, and yet they have decided to make their love for each other manifest in the most real way possible. I am delighted for them and wish them every possible happiness and success, and hopefully lots of children.

God bless them both.


Let us take a few moments to acknowledge a true legend of motorsport – the one, the only, the greatest of all time, Michael Schumacher:

A lot of people criticised Michael Schumacher for being extraordinarily ruthless, monomaniacal, and egotistical driver.

But the reality is that he was also an utterly transformative one as well.

He brought a degree of focus, efficiency, and obsession with fitness to the sport that totally changed it. Every single team, every single driver, in the sport today has to live up to standards of health, fitness, and expertise that simply did not exist back in the days of guys like James Hunt, Damon Hill, Nigel Mansell, and others.

The major exceptions to that trend were other legends like Ayrton Senna and Niki Lauda, who were similarly obsessed with performance – but Schumacher took it to a whole new level, and brought that Teutonic focus and discipline to his job.

And it led him to an unbelievable seven world championships.

Today he is, apparently, a mere shell of the man that he used to be, because of that appalling skiing accident where he suffered a headfirst collision and has been brain-damaged ever since. It is a terrible way for a titan of sport like that to live.


Sticking with motorsport for a moment, here is your engineering upgrade of the week:


If ever there was an example of a blue-pill Beta schmuck who ignored the age-old maxim, “Never turn a whore into a housewife”, this former managing director at Goldman Sachs is it:

A millionaire banker offered an escort girl £500,000 to leave her pensioner husband, a court has heard.

Yann Samuelides, 35, a managing director of Goldman Sachs, became so infatuated with the Slovakian escort girl that he wanted to make her his wife.

And being a money man, he calculated that 28-year-old Alzbeta Holmokova was worth £500,000.

He offered her this amount to marry him, the court was told.

He also threatened to kill himself if she stopped seeing him, Miss Holmokova’s estranged husband claimed during a bitter divorce hearing.

Denis Morley, a 67-year-old retired businessman, told the court the banker had showered his young wife with gifts after becoming her client.

He had even rented a luxurious flat for her before offering his £500,000 marriage proposal, he said.

‘He bribed her to leave me,’ he said. ‘My wife had told him that she loved and respected her husband. She said she was happy and had to refuse him.

‘He threatened to commit suicide if she stopped seeing him. So I said, “You’d better keep seeing him”.

‘His response was, “Here’s a £5,000 diamond ring, here’s a £1,500 handbag and £3,500 cash”.

‘Eventually he said, “Leave your husband and come and live with me and I’ll give you £500,000”.’

Miss Holmokova filed for divorce from her husband in February this year, citing his unreasonable behaviour.

I used to work in an investment bank, so I know a thing or two about how much their star traders and bankers are paid. That Samuelides chap was once the head of Goldman’s FICC business in Europe, which means that he was pulling down a MINIMUM of $2 million a year.

No, I’m not making up that number.

That’s the minimum he could be expected to make, given his status as, basically, a partner in the firm. That doesn’t include bonuses, which would have pushed his total compensation right into nosebleed heights.

Now, that chap retired at the age of 41 in 2016. Do you want to know what he looked like with his hooker wife?

Like this:


So many game lessons in one photo right there…

Stories like that simply prove that money does not buy confidence or skill when it comes to attracting really good women. And that, on the left, is NOT a good woman.


This next one is really, really tragic; I can only let the story speak for itself:

The family of murdered backpacker Hannah Witheridge has been hit by a fresh tragedy with the sudden death of her sister.

Laura Daniels, 30, died in hospital on Monday just five years and one day after her sister Hannah, 23, and fellow traveller David Miller, 24, were murdered on a beach in Thailand.

Last month it emerged that two Burmese migrants convicted of the murders faced execution after appeals against their conviction were thrown out.

Miss Witheridge’s parents Tony and Susan Witheridge announced Laura’s death today, saying they had been left in ‘indescribable’ pain.

They said in a family statement: ‘We confirm that our beautiful girl Laura passed away on Monday, September 16.

‘Laura had been gravely ill and was being treated in hospital. Our hearts are broken, our lives are shattered once more.

‘The pain of this loss is indescribable and our family very much need time and privacy during this unbearable time.’

Ms Daniels is understood to have got married this year. The reasons for her admission to hospital have not been disclosed.

Miss Witheridge of Hemsby near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, was raped before she and Mr Miller from Jersey were battered to death with a hoe on a beach on the island of Koh Tao on September 15, 2014.

Burmese migrants Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo, both 25, who were working on Koh Tao were convicted of the murders and Hannah’s rape on December 24,2015, and sentenced to death.

Look, no fooling about, no jokes from my end, I am truly sorry for what happened to those two young women, and for their parents. No parent should have to bury a child – let alone two of them. And now the Witheridges have lost their two girls – and a man has lost his wife.

Stories like that really drive home the fact that the Prince of this world intends to do every bit as much collateral damage as he can before he is finally defeated. And innocent people end up paying the price.


Your “Bomb the Shit Out of ISIS” Moment of the Week:

Warheads on foreheads – ooooohrahhhh!!!


So apparently nowadays you can change your personal pronouns if you feel “misgendered” – whatever the EFF that means:

I should get in on this too.

I’m going to change my personal pronouns to “UP THE IRONS!” and “The Lord be with you!”.

Of course, none of that is quite as good as that student from Michigan who demanded that he be referred to as “His Majesty”That was pretty damned impressive.


Our boy Razorfist points out what, on reflection, should be quite obvious – the latest attempt to smear Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh (LORD but that is satisfying to write!!!) is nothing more than a truly desperate attempt by the Daemoncrats, and their (((media))) enablers, to deflect attention from the Notorious RBG’s failing health:

Make no mistake – if His Most Benevolent, August, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, gets a third truly rock-ribbed honest-to-Jesus originalist conservative on the bench of the Supreme Court, the Left will have lost a HUGE amount of its power for an entire generation.

And that is precisely what terrifies the Left.

The Court has been one of their most effective instruments for neutering the Constitution’s most important provisions and protections of the rights of ordinary citizens. Their threats to pack the Court are not idle ones – their beloved Saint Roosevelt threatened the exact same thing back in the 1930s, and they absolutely will do it if given even a tenth of a chance.

The fact is that the “conservatives” on the court are actually an ideologically and philosophically diverse bunch. If you look at their track record, the originalists side with the liberals far more often than the other way around – proving yet again that it is the Left that is bigoted and narrow-minded, not the Right.

But that is weak dialectic to use against Leftists, who are rhetorical thinkers in general. Reason does not work with those idiots. So don’t bother.

Instead, just tell them: “It’s 2019, Brett Kavanaugh is a Supreme Court Justice, Donald Trump is still your President, and in a few months, he’s going to have a chance to nominate a THIRD Supreme Court Justice!!!”

And then watch the rabid foaming at the mouth and skyward screaming begin.

Y’all bring the popcorn, I’ll bring the marshmallows. It’ll be a HOOT to watch.


Related – Razorfist LOVES the new RAMBO film, and I have a feeling that I’m going to as well:


Your long read of the week was sent to me by my dad, and concerns the way in which the work culture at Boeing changed over the years to the point where the Boeing 737-MAX’s problems became inevitable:

Sorscher, a physicist who’d worked at Boeing more than two decades and had led negotiations there for the engineers’ union, had become obsessed with management culture. He said he didn’t previously imagine Boeing’s brave new managerial caste creating a problem as dumb and glaringly obvious as MCAS (or the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, as a handful of software wizards had dubbed it). Mostly he worried about shriveling market share driving sales and head count into the ground, the things that keep post-industrial American labor leaders up at night. On some level, though, he saw it all coming; he even demonstrated how the costs of a grounded plane would dwarf the short-term savings achieved from the latest outsourcing binge in one of his reports that no one read back in 2002.*

Sorscher had spent the early aughts campaigning to preserve the company’s estimable engineering legacy. He had mountains of evidence to support his position, mostly acquired via Boeing’s 1997 acquisition of McDonnell Douglas, a dysfunctional firm with a dilapidated aircraft plant in Long Beach and a CEO who liked to use what he called the “Hollywood model” for dealing with engineers: Hire them for a few months when project deadlines are nigh, fire them when you need to make numbers. In 2000, Boeing’s engineers staged a 40-day strike over the McDonnell deal’s fallout; while they won major material concessions from management, they lost the culture war. They also inherited a notoriously dysfunctional product line from the corner-cutting market gurus at McDonnell.

And while Boeing’s engineers toiled to get McDonnell’s lemon planes into the sky, their own hopes of designing a new plane to compete with Airbus, Boeing’s only global market rival, were shriveling. Under the sway of all the naysayers who had called out the folly of the McDonnell deal, the board had adopted a hard-line “never again” posture toward ambitious new planes. Boeing’s leaders began crying “crocodile tears,” Sorscher claimed, about the development costs of 1995’s 777, even though some industry insiders estimate that it became the most profitable plane of all time. The premise behind this complaining was silly, Sorscher contended in PowerPoint presentations and a Harvard Business School-style case study on the topic. A return to the “problem-solving” culture and managerial structure of yore, he explained over and over again to anyone who would listen, was the only sensible way to generate shareholder value. But when he brought that message on the road, he rarely elicited much more than an eye roll. “I’m not buying it,” was a common response.

The New Republic may well be a Leftist rag fit mostly only for use as toilet paper substitute these days, and that article may well be full of a lot of nonsense about how “capitalism” has failed, and so on, but it does make a number of very valid points about the need for good engineers to be given full voice and a fair hearing.

As I had pointed out last week – the best people for getting things done are not the teamwork-oriented individuals or the short-term marketing types. They are the prickly assholes who know how to get shit done and deliver quickly and effectively.


While we’re on that subject – I can’t believe I left Richard Stallman out of my previous article about how effective assholes can be:

In a world where Richard Stallman did not exist, neither would Apple, or the Android phone, or “cloud computing”, or Amazon.com. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The world without Stallman would be a world where you still used a Windows 95 computer, where you paid real money for every single piece of software on it. Internet Explorer would be the browser. Computing would be limited to the upper-middle-class, the way it was in 1985. No matter how you are reading this website, both you and I are using systems which incorporate GNU software. Even if you’re using Windows, which nowadays runs on a very GNU-like operating system beneath the covers.

The idea of truly free software given to the world for humanitarian purposes would not exist without Stallman. He was the only person who ever had the thought. Which means it is more radical than calculus, heavier-than-air flight, the theory of relativity, or the atomic bomb. It took someone with Stallman’s particular blend of Promethean IQ and mentally handicapped social skills to push it all the way to reality. You live in Richard Stallman’s world, whether you like it or not. He has had more influence on how we communicate in 2019 than any other single human being currently living. Any sane society would consider him a national treasure of greater importance than Fort Knox, to be cherished and protected accordingly.

I wrote this post on a computer running Linux Mint, using an open-source build of the Google Chrome web browser. None of that would have been possible without ultra-hacker Richard Stallman. He was, and remains, one of the greatest geniuses of all time. And like most true geniuses, he is pretty close to batshit crazy in a lot of ways – at least, by ordinary human understanding.

That does not mean that he deserves to have his reputation and legacy trashed simply because he has no understanding of human emotions and nuanced conversation.


Our blue-collar friends have some common sense to bring to the issue about whether Big Oil gets special treatment under the US tax code:


Gregory House being… well, y’know, himself:


Your history lesson of the week, via my favourite channel for the subject:


If you’re gonna be an MMA fighter, you might as well learn from a professional shit-talker:


The Drinker has your movie review for the week:

I saw that movie on a flight once. It was pretty terrible.


Classic comedy from PommieBastardLand:

Longtime reader and friend of the blog Kapios made a special request for more politically incorrect John Cleese videos, so… here’s one consisting of John Cleese insulting the Germans:


Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

The boys try to appeal to Shrillennials – God help us all:


Pics, guns and girls time:

Robert Francis Meara Shamrocks Begorrah Padraig Shillelagh Guinness O’Rourke really swallowed his own foot recently with his idiotic comments about coming to take everyone’s AR-15s, and boy has he copped a lot of stick for it:

Daemoncrats – NOT EVEN ONCE, bro:

The Kavanaugh Krackpots over at the NYFT really went off the deep end over the past few weeks:

Here’s a better question – why the HELL would you do a degree in “Gender Studies” in the first place?!?!?

Last week the nonsense about man-made global warming – oh, sorry, climate change – reached boiling point:

It got to the point where a bunch of Churchians, who really should know better at this point, got down and prayed to plants, of all things:

Floriduh Man is on a rampage:

Your NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!! Moment of the Week:

If a bear takes a dump in the woods, and it ends up on a hunter’s head, does it still stink?

Your I’ve Seen This Movie Before Moment of the Week:

This next one needs no elaboration:

Your Whoopsies of the Week:

Your Frankensteinian Horror of the Week:

Don’t know whether spoiled or sensible:

This would explain quite a lot:

If the clown happened to be Pennywise, then I can imagine that he probably kept his job:

Your I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For Moment of the Week:

I know this is probably a little blasphemous, but… holy MOTHER.

The only guy who ever found Crocs to be a good fashion accessory.

That is so true. I’ve been watching this climate propaganda series called Our Planet – I ignore or outright laugh at the bullshit, of course, but the visuals are absolutely stunning – and one thing that you realise after just watching the first episode is that THE ENTIRE WORLD AROUND YOU is full of death.

And now for the chicks with guns:


Your dog of the week is the Australian shepherd:


Time for some gym idiots with the Trap Lord:


And now for some gym beasts doing an incredibly beastly thing:


I love martial arts. I love watching true martial artists in combat. But I will be the first to admit and point out that combat sports are absolutely horrible for their practitioners over time.

Few examples are more sad, painful, or sobering to watch than that of one Cassius Clay – or, as we know him today, Muhammad “The Greatest” Ali:

It is genuinely very sad to watch a martial arts legend go downhill, whether slowly or quickly. In the case of MMA fighters, the decline is often very quick and quite stunning. It just takes one knockout loss to fundamentally change the way that the brain and body handle impact. Men who used to have iron chins suddenly transform into men with glass chins, in the space of just one fight – just look what happened to Renan Barao, or Luke Rockhold, or, to some extent, Chuck Liddell.

It is also interesting to note the effects of different combat sports upon the fighters involved. I was chatting with an amateur muay thai fighter, who was at one point a trainer in my martial arts school, about this, and he pointed out that after ten years of fighting, your typical boxer can move – but he can’t think, because of repeated trauma to the head. Your typical nak muay, on the other hand, can think – but can’t move, because of repeated, and extreme, trauma to the body.

Martial arts are truly brutal on the body, make no mistake. All of my most serious injuries are from sparring and striking, and they hurt. But I will always tell people to take up a real martial art. You will learn more about yourself in a year of training in a genuinely tough martial art than in almost anything else.


On a related note – your Buakaw Beatdown of the Week:


Epic metal shredding – even if it’s in cartoon form:

That DETHKLOK album, The Doomstar Requiem, is one of the biggest surprises that I have ever heard in 20 years of listening to metal. I thought it was completely naff the first time I listened to it. But now I think it’s one of the best metal albums ever made.

And the really amazing thing is that ALL of it, from start to finish, came from the mind of one man – Brendon Smalls.


Your MetalTrump dose for the week:

Seriously, HOW does this Lars von Retriever not have a Grammy Award already?!?



The WTFness is strong with this next one:


And finally here’s your Instathot to get the week started. Her name is Jodie Weston, she is some sort of minor TV personality from PommieBastardLand, and she calls herself a DJ. Which is to say, she’s probably about as much of a musician as Paris Hilton.

That’s it for today, lads. Get out there and crush it today.

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