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Domain Query: Fun With Numbers, Sloot-Hunter Edition

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

Reader Chad Tyrone stopped by to offer his observations in response to a post that I wrote a long while back about how it is tragic to see a woman hit the dreaded Wall:

The man who wrote this must be from an older generation. That’s ok. It’s just that it’s hard for older men to really realize what types of women we millennials are dealing with. I’ve read a ton of red pill men saying women of their generation (boomers I think) would have about 30 men by the time they were 30 years old on average. This is NOT the case for millennial women! Most lose they’re virginities around 16 and by the the they hit 21 they’ve already had 30 partners or more due to apps like tinder. By the time they hit 30 they’ve had 100 or more sexual partners. I’m telling you these women are sociopaths and will cheat in a second. Empty on the inside due to way to much sex with all different types of men. So nahhh, millennials just don’t think it’s sad when we see women hitting the wall. They were the architects of their own misery. It’s like if a man squandered his strong years just sitting around being broke. No one feels sorry for us when we end up with a shit life because we were lazy.

Okay, firstly, I’m barely in my mid-thirties, dude. Boy do I feel older sometimes, though, especially after a hard squats workout. And living here in the old country isn’t doing me any good, that’s for sure.

Depending on how you measure the start of the Shrillennial generation, either I am squarely in the middle of it, or I am just barely at the cutoff point between Gen-X and Millennialtard.

Now, I’ve had readers of this blog tell me personally that they don’t think of me as a Millennial at all. They tell me that I think and act in manners far removed from that twisted and faithless generation, and that I possess a maturity and intellect far removed from the rest of “my” cohort. That comes directly from a Gen-X reader who knows me “in real life”.

I consider that a high compliment, given my utter disdain for the Millennials in general.

But, I have spent quite a lot of time living and working and associating with Millennials. I’ve even gone on dates with some of their women. As a result, I have a decent idea what Shrillennial women are like.

I don’t much like them, overall. I find them to be bad conversationalists. I think they are self-absorbed, poorly-read, uneducated in real-world matters, insipid, vapid, and shallow.

However – that is primarily due to my experiences with American and British Millennial women.

This does not hold true in other countries, especially in Eastern Europe.

I have written extensively about this in the past. I spent a bit over 3 months in 2018 living in Russia, and as such was able to form a number of lasting impressions about Russian women in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the smaller regional cities. And I have found that, once you get out of the bubble of soul-death and degeneracy that is the metropolitan Western world, there is a whole new set of experiences and people out there who are nothing like these awful caricatures that the MGTOW crowd keeps throwing at us.

Now let’s take a look at the numbers that Chad Rogers there is slinging around.

Sit back and pour yourselves a drink, boys, this is going to be a post full of charty nerdy goodness.

According to his (anecdotal) evidence, Boomer women were less promiscuous and Millennial women are vastly more so.

This caused my rather sensitive bullshit radar to jump up and start yammering immediately. So I did a little digging. And it doesn’t take long to discover that these numbers are nonsense.

The global average of lifetime sexual partners for both men and women is about 7 for both sexes. Now, that’s literally just an average, and given a planet of 7.2 billion people (or whatever we’re up to now), is about as meaningful as taking the average of all of the numbers in the phonebook as a “representative” number.

But, once you start looking at the breakdowns of the numbers at a regional and local level, some interesting patterns start to emerge.

The actual serious studies on the subject show some highly interesting conclusions.

In reality, the Baby Boomers have the most sex partners out of all extant generations. That isn’t surprising when you take into account how utterly narcissistic, twisted, stupid, and selfish the Boomers were – and I write that with parents from the Boomer generation who have been married for 40 years, and who are the exact opposite of the selfish dipshits and dickholes who drive around in RVs and boats that literally have “My Grandkids’ Inheritance” stenciled on the sides.

And Millennials are actually having the least sex of all generations – even though those same Millennials have by far the most permissive attitudes toward sex.

Now let’s look at statistics about numbers of sexual partners.

Contra our friend’s insistence – entirely unsupported by hard (heh) data, I might add – the relevant studies on this subject indicate that global attitudes toward numbers of sexual partners are remarkably consistent, and align really quite closely with the global average number of partners for both men and women:

And now let’s look at regional averages for sexual partner counts:

I repeat: these are AVERAGE NUMBERS. And an average number is very easy to skew – it is an extremely poor statistic from a robustness perspective and always has been. This is just basic maths; if you change a single data point in an average calculation, the average changes instantly.

A highly robust statistic is the median number of sexual partners. But that is actually quite difficult to find. Hardly anyone measures for it because the median number only looks at what the 50th percentile of any sample set is doing. The median is highly robust because you have to change 50% of the observed data to change the median – but, it’s useless for telling you what is happening overall.

The best median data that I could find is a study from 2002, the methodology of which I have not had time to examine and therefore the quality of which I cannot vouch for. But there are a few graphs in that study link which are germane to the topic:

Again – the data used in that study are almost 20 years old, so the numbers have undoubtedly gotten worse since then. What is striking, however, is how closely the median and mean numbers agree. This indicates that, in fact, distributions of sexual partner counts by generational cohort and gender do follow approximately normal distributions, albeit with somewhat fat tails.

That is mathsnerdspeak for: “the vast majority of people have sex with between 5 and 10 people across their lifetimes, but there are a few outliers who have sex with huge numbers of people, and there are quite a few who have sex with virtually nobody”.

(And people wonder why I prefer to speak in mathematical terms… It is so much more concise, and precise, than laboriously writing everything out.)

By the way, the charts above show that men far outstrip women in terms of numbers of sex partners, no matter their age group. This makes no sense in a population with two sexes, divided roughly evenly between both.

How do we account for this discrepancy?

There are two possibilities – not mutually exclusive, by the way.

Either men are lying through their teeth about how many sex partners they have had – which is a distinct and likely possibility, given the societal and peer pressure on men to be sexually successful. Since sexual success is a measure of status among men, they have an incentive to increase their number.

Or, because we’re talking about averages here, the numbers for men are heavily skewed by a small number of guys getting laid like tile and slinging seed like an old birdfeeder, while most guys have sex with a very small number of women.

Meanwhile, women – being by biology and nature far more selective about who to mate with – are not nearly so promiscuous, for those very biological reasons.

Also, women who sleep around get bad reputations for being sluts (which they are). So they have a strong incentive to decrease their number.

Again – the data bear out all four points:

I love maths…

Now, even if you insist that Millennial women (and men) are lying their asses off in those anonymous surveys and are exaggerating by a preposterous 100%, that still puts the total numbers at “only” about 14-15 sexual partners. That’s still absurdly high, especially by historical standards, and that many partners does lasting and severe damage to women, but it’s nowhere near the “30 by 30” number thrown about in the comment about Boomer women, nor is it anything like the “100 by 30” point about Shrillennial women.

Again, I fully concede and admit that these are average figures, which means that it is very easy to skew these numbers. And if you live in a big city, especially one where public morality has more or less broken down, such as NYC or LA, then of course the women of the Millennial generation will be very promiscuous relative to the women in, oh, say, Corpus Christi, TX, or Greenville, AL.

But that DOES NOT represent all women, everywhere, of any generation. That is a literal mathematical impossibility, and if I have to explain to you why this is, then you really need to take a remedial high-school level maths class.

This, by the way, is what really annoys me about the “ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT!!!” screeching that happens within the MGTOW/MRA crowd. Look, chaps, I get it. Western women are a disaster. I know. I’ve tried dating them. I’ve tried spending time around them. And I’d rather run a cheese-grater over my ears than listen to what your average Manhattanite Shrillennial girl has to say about, well, anything.

That does not mean that all women are like this in any given part of the world. Again, the data show this to be impossible.

Yes, there are certain countries and states where the women are vastly more promiscuous. I have argued since early 2015 that it is a terrible idea to have sex with women from PommieBastardLand, for instance, and the data back me up on this – look at that image from the Superdrug study about women from Europe, where the UK shows up as possibly the most promiscuous country in all of Europe. (Data for Iceland were not included, but I have no doubt that the Icelanders are even worse, based on what Roosh tells us about their women.)

This is contrary to popular perception. You would think that the fiery hot-blooded Spaniard and Italian men would be the ones boning the most women, but they’re not. In fact, the Italians are highly conservative in matters of sex – which kind of makes sense once you realise that outside of the big cities, Italy is very much a conservative Christian country.

And you can see that even parts of the USA that you and I would consider “loony Left”, such as Commiefornia and Gomorrah New York, actually have pretty low N-count populations. Meanwhile, Louisiana, of all states, has an extremely high N-count population.

What gives?

Again – DO. THE. MATHS. It comes down to the fact that populations ARE NOT homogeneous within American states, within the USA, or within any country. Just look at the statistics about black men, who are far more promiscuous than men of other races in the USA, and you will quickly realise that states with high percentages of black men in their populations will have skewed data sets.

It all depends on where you live – in other words, it all depends on YOUR selection bias.

Yes, if you live in a big city like Sodom New York, or Dogshit Central San Francisco, or (God help you) Los Angeles, or (seriously, you need help) Portland, or the People’s Republic of Austin…

Then you have self-selected for a pool of highly promiscuous people.

But the moment that you get out of those liberaltard hell-holes and into the wider countryside, things change in a big hurry. In small towns and villages across the USA, you still find strong community bonds, Christian morality, and conservative values. There are just far fewer people in those communities, and they are very spread out.

This selection bias also explains the mentality of a lot of “red-pilled” guys who scream and shout about how bad things are.

It says in the Bible, “Seek and thou shalt find, ask and thou shalt receive”, and so on. Those verses have to do with seeking and asking for forgiveness, but they also contain important wisdom about self-selection bias.

If you live in cities where Christian morality has been shot to pieces, and populations are highly transient, and women have every incentive to pursue careers and economic rewards over husbands and children, and the culture is basically a toxic sewer…

Then YOU ARE STATISTICALLY ALMOST GUARANTEED TO FAIL when you try to find a good girl to have your babies.

And, if you spend most of your time around MGTOW types who constantly scream about how ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT!!! and how horrible the world is…

Then you ARE going to come away with a very black-pilled, depressing, and depressed, way of looking at the world. You will be apathetic, broken, and despairing. You WILL be without hope.

I have spent plenty of time in those communities. I have read and seen a lot of the same horror stories. I have experienced, albeit in a very limited capacity, the same madness myself.

So why am I not depressed? Why do I have a lightness of spirit and an optimism that you see here in these blog pages – even as I acknowledge openly the terrible state of the culture today?

Being a Christian has a lot to do with it. This changes you in a big way once you take the leap of faith. We Christians have an extremely dark view of the world – the darkest that there is, in my opinion. But we also know that there is hope, and that we are commanded to set our faces against evil. So we do. And so we fight.

Let me put it another way:

I am currently living in a country where I might as well be a Martian, for all that I relate to the people around me. Most of the women here got beat hard with the Ugly Stick, and the few that aren’t ugly and fat are basically either skinny-fat to the point of looking nearly anorexic, or look like dudes wearing huge amounts of smoky-eye makeup. Women here get married in their early 20s, and for some reason get thumped by the Hambeast Fairy REALLY hard – they balloon after marriage until many of them are basically blimps with feet by the time they hit 35.

Their one and only good attribute is their hair, which girls around here commonly grow out until it reaches right down to the smalls of their backs. But even that stops being looked after once they get married. For some reason, women from this part of the world think that marriage lets them ditch even the very limited amount of care that they take over their bodies and figures, and go the full Hindenburg.

A woman here can have the face of a 7 and the body of a 5, and never go to the gym, and still be considered attractive enough to be a successful actress. Here’s a great example – in fact, she was recently elected to the Lower House of the Indian Parliament, based entirely on her looks and fanbase:

You’d think that, as a red-blooded man who likes beautiful women, I would be catatonic with despair right now.

I’m not.


Because I know that there are ways out. I have hope for a better future. And I try, in my own way, to take what opportunities I am given to get out and go other places.

That is the message of this blog and others like it. We don’t do doom, gloom, and despair – not really, despite the dark content and depressing words. We do hope.

If you’re a younger Millennial guy, don’t give up hope. Stop believing this nonsense that ALL women are whores. If you insist on walking around with an attitude of defeat and despair, and you insist on living in a big metropolitan city where public morality went down the shitter fifty years ago and stayed flushed ever since, then of course most of the girls you meet will be of terrible quality. You are literally setting yourself up to fail by having a shitty attitude and a self-limiting set of beliefs.

But if you do some work on yourself, if you maintain an attitude of hope and faith and optimism, if you lift and eat right and travel and read and keep an open mind, and if you genuinely believe that you deserve better…

Then your life will get better.

That’s your pick-me-up for the day. You’re welcome. Now go away and leave the Didact alone, it’s time for a glass of good red wine. This shitposting is thirsty work, after all.

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  1. John

    The laws you moron; not math. It doesn't matter if there is a so-called good one somewhere. As long as feminist laws are on the books, they're all feminist by default as they won't do shit to reverse said feminist laws. With shit like The Duluth Model of justice, Title 9, Affirmative Action, Yes Means Yes, and #metoo, you might as well go jump into a wood chipper if you want to get involved with women these days.

    • Didact

      Evidently your reading comprehension skills need work. Did you miss the part where I pointed out, at length, that the entirety of the USA is not like New York or LA? Small-town, suburban USA is not the diversitopia hellhole of the kind that Manhattan or San Franshitco are, and the bonds of community that tie together a place like (say) Salem, NH, are a strong form of protection against the very threats that you raise.

      Yes, the laws in the USA are horrible. Every state has some form of no-fault divorce, for instance. Guess what, though: the standards vary state-by-state, and divorce rates are surprisingly low in states that have the strongest no-fault divorce laws.

      Learn how to use the laws that you have on the books. The law is a two-edged sword and the better you learn how to use it, the better off you will be. And pick your community and your future home wisely. The tighter your community is, and the more tilted your local support system is in your favour rather than hers, the less incentive that she has to pull the plug or land you in jail – unless you're dating a real psycho, in which case, God help you.

      Don't presume to lecture me about how bad it is to get involved with women in the USA. I've been involved with women in countries where I hardly speak the language, where the woman that I was with could easily have had me hauled into a police station literally up the road from her house if she was so inclined. Yet, here I am.

      If you are going to continue to insist that ALL of the USA, or the Western world in general, is like the urban horror shows that I lived in during my time in the USA, then you are literally too dense to read what I write. You can always get away from the crap that you hate to go somewhere better – you just have to put in the work to do it, and it's not easy.

      And if you are going to insist on spreading hopelessness and doom, then go somewhere else and do it. You have given up the fight before you were even tested. You have decided to live off of the stored seed-grain of those who came before you, instead of taking the risks involved with planting your own fields.

      To quote our beloved and dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH):

      You quit. You're out. You're done. You ran from the battle. So be it. You don't count anymore. Now go off and die alone, as you've chosen.

    • A.B. Prosper

      Its annoying when MGTOW take their show to Christian blogs

      Christians believe in a God that commands them to procreate and that is a prime teaching of their faith. Convincing Christian men to do otherwise is to lead them astray.

      if you are Christian, to follow God's Will you must marry and have or if sterile adopt children which is prefered ,take Holy Orders if your denomination has them or live a celibate life. Everything else is sinful.

      I guess t MGTOW pester Deus Vult guys for the same reason the Dissident Right is plagued with Libertarian anklebiters . The belief systems have a few things in common enough to convince them there are allies to be found

      This is not the and the MGTOW and Libertarians alike should decamp elsewhere.

      However, a bit more on topic. 80% of US citizens including nearly as many in the Dissident Right live in urban areas and as such are subject to the conditions therein.

      This means the lousy women are most of the herd. They are not nearly as bad as MGTOW horror stories for the most part but also really aren't of much interest to marriage minded men either

      IMO it's less a general bad attitude , though that is there for some , it's just they don't offer very much and the risk is high.

      Also many people may simply not want many children for most part even though they tell pollsters otherwise . if the natural number is 1.5 than this can be good for individuals if bad for society at large

      I can't blame anyone for opting out of our bullshit society at anyway . It's pretty clear that this is the norm as the developed world and parts of the less developed world fertility rate is around 1.5-1.7 and not a single nation has fertility above replacement and no one no matter what religion they push has managed it . There have been improvements in Hungary for example but its not near 2 yet

      Too many people out there already I guess and no real sense of cultural continuity so why bother?

      And yes I think you are wrong on the seed corn issue, the old USA has been dead for decades.

      In the end it is all self correcting, the high fertility, high religion types will carry on (in the US Amish have exponentially higher fertility) in a new society and it will correct at a smaller sustainable number so long as immigration is managed

      However if you are a Christian or call yourself one, you can't opt out and need to fight. It sucks but following Jesus isn't easy

  2. Anonymous

    There's one thought that always hits me when hitting some of the manosphere sites;

    If you're going to fool around in the barnyard, don't bitch that the cows and pigs smell, and act like cows and pigs. And sluts stand out. Usually there's a tell, but if not it doesn't take long to figure it out.

    Everyone pines for the traditional woman, but doesn't want to do what it takes to get one.

    There are plenty of women out there like that 7 above. But you have to be part of their community. I see women like that at my church all day long. And I rib my millennial son to simply go up and talk to them. They are looking for you as well. How do I know? I have two devout millennial daughters.

    You won't find them in the bars and clubs, and they aren't going to pop out of your game console.

    • Didact

      Yes, correct. And your observation holds true across countries and cultures.

      I've spent a decent chunk of time in Russia and I have seen that, for all that Russians are considerably more traditionalist and culturally conservative than Americans, the Muscovites among them, at least, are still just as dysfunctional in their approaches to relationships. Their men treat their women quite poorly, and do not respect themselves or their bodies to any great degree – and then they wonder why they can get decent amounts of sex, but can never find an actual good woman to be with.

  3. Blume

    The mgtow numbers make no sense. The women in their heads are having 7 partners a year or more from 16 to 30. If these women aren't constantly cheating then they would need to bang a basketball team between every long term relationship.

    This just isn't how even promiscuous women act. There are cheaters/ sluts who bounce in and out of bed but they are rarer than even nice girls. Most promiscuous women just have a bunch of short term boyfriends and sleep with them. It seems to be about 3 of those a year but they still have multiple multiyear relationships. So total numbers aren't even half as bad with the actual promiscuous women vs their idea of total population.


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