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The recent news that fed-up and angry weaponised autists from 4chan have made thots the target of their rage has been making the rounds all over the Manosphere of late – and by God, it is glorious:

Just when you thought it would be impossible to top the return of 4chan’s “He Will Not Divide Us” live-action game of capture the flag with Shia LaBeouf, they’ve found a new hobby: Reporting tax fraud by THOTs to the IRS.

A Reddit user shared an example text message from one of these women trying to trap a man into sending her money:


Not only will those who report tax evaders get street cred, but they can be paid a portion of the collected taxes by the IRS too!

OK, first things first, as always:

Am I the only one who thinks that it is a VERY BAD IDEA for the US government to be rewarding people for informing on their fellow citizens for tax evasion?

We of the Right know full well just how dangerous the IRS is by now. The IRS has been turned into a weapon against conservative individuals and action groups before. Have we all forgotten about Lois Lerner and her “my dog ate my hard drive” excuse for being unable to comply with a Congressional subpoena into her emails? The very same Lois Lerner whose tenure at the Internal Revenue Service resulted in what was at minimum extremely suspicious targeting of Tea Party and pro-border security conservative PACs and political organisations?

The very same people who once railed against government overreach and abuse of power with respect to who gets taxed and audited, are now to at least some degree celebrating the fact that those same powers will be used to patrol thots.

Let’s be very clear about this: the use of such government power is deeply troubling and very, very dangerous. There is a precedent being set here which should concern us all.

That being said… Turnabout is fair play, especially in a culture war.

Pretty much every single Manosphere writer who has had a look at this, has fallen off his chair from laughing so hard at the swift and brutal payback delivered straight up the collective backside of the Internet’s huge and growing population of thots.

And pretty much all of the mainstream (((media))) thinks that the men reporting thots to the IRS are a bunch of wretched human beings who should be wiped from the face of the Earth.

As usual, the Manosphere is right and the (((media))) is wrong.

Let’s be perfectly clear about one thing. Liberaltards and Leftists absolutely would use the powers of the IRS against you and me. Make no mistake about that. They already have.

We are simply returning the favour.

And, let’s face facts, it is about damned time that thots are held responsible for their behaviour.

As longtime readers know quite well, I have nothing particular against legal prostitution. St. Augustine of Hippo considered prostitution to be a necessary evil to preserve social order. As the great theologian and philosopher pointed out, prostitution has a place in society – though it is a vile and terrible one, it is still a legitimate one. Prostitution is an evil that exists and is tolerated because the evil that would exist without it, is vastly greater.

If prostitution was at least tolerable to the perhaps the greatest of all of the Christian theologians and philosophers, then I’m certainly not going to argue with him on the subject.

That being said – St. Augustine was right when he pointed out that the place that women occupy in society is the most vile. There is nothing wrong at all with reminding them of this from time to time – and nothing wrong at all with chasing them away from respectable places of living and business.

Which is why I wholeheartedly approve when thots are patrolled and put in their place – such as when a certain elderly Swiss woman did just that using a garden hose and some water:

Yes, you’re an asshole if you find this funny. And yes, I found it hysterical. So too did the (Russian) girl who viewed it with me. In fact, she said, with considerable glee, that she would be more than happy to have prostitutes living near her building – so that she too could douse them with freezing cold water from a garden hose.

She said this when it was -3 Celsius outside on a late-November night. And people wonder why I like Russian girls so much…

Back on topic – if women want to sell their bodies and make money from it, I do not have a problem with this – as long as they are honest about it.

Instathots, Snapthots, Twitch camwhores, and other assorted girls who simply want to use their looks to make a quick buck without any effort, deserve to be called out for their behaviour. Having a vagina does not give you a free pass in society – or at least, it shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, it usually does, because the sad reality is that there is an absolute army of Beta males out there who are sexually thirsty enough to pay some girl with nice tits and a pert ass their own hard-earned money in exchange for some mildly titillating selfies and nudie pics. Several such women have featured in my weekly Friday T&A segments, and I’m quite open about calling those women thots.

We are all a part of the problem, as men. There is no point denying this. Men like beautiful female bodies. We are highly visual creatures, so we pay attention to that which visually stimulates us. So we naturally divert our time, and attention, and clicks, to such girls.

And those girls use that fact. The more followers that they get on Instagram, the more attention they get from advertisers and sponsors, who know perfectly well that men reduced to more-or-less drooling imbecility by the sight of a beautiful girl are much more likely to buy random useless shit as a result.

Sex sells, after all.

I don’t have the slightest problem with any of this. That’s human nature. Getting cheesed off about this is like getting mad at a hurricane for causing flooding. That’s what they DO.

What I have a serious problem with is sex workers pretending to be innocent good little girls doing nothing more than having innocent good little fun by sending innocent good little pictures to thirsty desperate slobbery horndog losers. (I paraphrase minutely from the Jizzabel article taking the Channers to task for their frankly heroic and brilliant work.)

That is why I am delighted to see the mad geniuses of 4chan doing this. Only in a dying, degenerate, and disgusting culture is is acceptable for women to prostitute themselves out for money – which they absolutely do on a regular basis – while pretending that they’re just having fun. The flagrant dishonesty is absolutely galling.

So is the fact that these women have moved into male spaces and are blatantly taking advantage of male thirst. If they want to make money off of men, that’s totally fine – but don’t do it in gaming forums, or in other subcultures created specifically by men to get away from women.

As our friend the Gentleman Adventurer – himself certainly no stranger to female attention – points out quite rightly, women desperately need validation and attention from men… but men don’t need women nearly as much, despite the fact that we love looking at hot girls. Deny them that attention, and unless they are of an unusually good character and have a very sensible head bolted onto their shoulders, such women have no redeeming features whatsoever.

If you are a woman, and your greatest skills lie in the area of getting sexually frustrated young men to give you money in exchange for schmexy pictures of yourself… that is a pretty pathetic statement about the quality of your character.

And you are a prostitute. Make no mistake about that. You sell sex and you get money for it.

Like the rest of us, you need to pay taxes on that income. Pretending that you can just sell sex free of consequences is beyond retarded. Do not be surprised when some of us men decide to call you out on your stupid behaviour.

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1 Comment

  1. xavier


    While St Augustine might've tolerated it, you gotta then look at the next guy in the lineup: St Thomas Aquinas who'll have some pretty sharp things to say on that subject. He'd start with disordered appetites and end with a call to repentance and suppression.
    Other moral theologians would also agree with both St Augustine and Thomas Aquinas: love the sinner but hate the sin and tie millstones on those who corrupt youth



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