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Do as they say…

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Uncategorized | 8 comments

… not as they do – at least when it comes to Commiefornia liberals and their curious attitudes toward guns:

Pink’s husband Carey Hart is encouraging victims of the California wildfires to defend their properties from looters by using their Second Amendment right to bear arms. 

Hart wrote on Instagram Tuesday morning: ‘It’s unfortunate that some people take advantage of others in a crisis. While the Malibu fires have been burning, some locals have been fighting off and defending their property against the fires.

‘There have been sightings of looters breaking in to homes. Well, if you are a looter, think twice if you are heading back into malibu (sic). #DefendYourLand #2ndamendment.’

The former professional freestyle motocross competitor’s warning was posted alongside a black and white photo of a group of men holding firearms with a sign that reads: ‘Looters will be shot on site.’

It is unclear when the photo was taken. The corner of the sign says: ‘PDC Posse.’

Now, to be clear, I’m not knocking this Carey Hart fellow. I’ve no idea who he is, but I wholeheartedly support his view that people have the right to defend their properties from looters.

I have only a limited idea about his stance on gun rights – apparently he’s quite strongly in favour of them, so good on him. A cursory search revealed nothing useful about the position that his wife, the singer Pink, takes on gun control, other than the fact that after the Parkland shooting in Florida, she reposted a message from unreconstructed socialist Sen. Bernie “Crazy Old Grandpa” Sanders advocating for “common sense gun laws” on her Insty page.

It seems to me as though other Hollyweird celebs could do worse than taking a page out of Mr. Hart’s book. He seems like a good enough egg, at least when it comes to gun rights.

All ribbing aside – I do actually feel very sorry for the ordinary people who lost have lost their homes in the massive wildfires that are causing such havoc in California right now.

As for the celebrities whose properties are threatened by the flames, or have been outright destroyed – nope. No sympathy. At all. (With very specific exceptions – like Gerard Butler, who I think is an awesome actor and who starred in 300, which is one of the best and most badass action films ever made. He is a righteous dude.)

I know that’s not terribly Christian of me, but many of those same celebrities regularly spit upon the name of the Lord and Christ, and have nothing but contempt for the ordinary Americans who make it possible for them to live in their delusional liberal bubbles and pretend that gun control actually works.

Returning to the point raised by Mr. Hart – even liberaltards have the right to shoot looters on sight. I don’t have any problems with that. A man has an absolute right to defend his life, family, and property from anyone who would take these things from him. (This by the way raises some rather knotty questions about whether or not the US government has the right to take income taxes from citizens – income taxation being morally indistinguishable from theft, etc. –  but I’m too tired to figure out all of that right now.)

I just wish that those same folks would be a little bit more consistent about their beliefs. Their attitude toward guns is very simple. They do not hate guns – not at all, actually. They hate the idea of people like you and me owning guns – y’know, because we are part of the great unwashed masses who do not live in the same gated communities that they do, and do not believe in the same batshit insane things that they do, and do not constantly lie to ourselves and to others about everything the way that they do.

The Left loves guns – as long as they are in the hands of their approved peoples, who just so happen to be the same people who enforce the crazy edicts and policies of the Left. Those very same enforces will just so happen to ensure that wealth, power, and privilege end up in the hands of a select few, while the rest of us are stripped of our rights to defend ourselves from them.

Again, I need to stress that this is not an attack on Carey Hart himself. I agree with him completely about shooting looters on sight – note that unlike his friends, I actually know how to spell – and have absolutely no problem with him doing precisely that in order to defend his home from those who would take advantage of the chaos and carnage of the wildfires to steal from him.

I do have a serious problem when those very same liberals and Leftists who inhabit the towns and houses that they want to defend, then turn around and tell the rest of the country that they should have their guns taken from them.

More generally, the Second Amendment is perhaps America’s defining freedom. Without it, all of the rest of the freedoms that Americans take for granted, simply become irrelevant. This is the one right that gives the rest serious teeth.

This culture of freedom, by the way, is utterly unique to Americans. Nowhere else on Earth, and certainly nowhere in the Western world, will you find a similar attitude toward government, individual self-responsibility, and the right to keep and arm bears bear arms.

Not really relevant to anything, I just love that old gag about the Bear Cavalry

You will not find this obsession with individual rights, especially the right to keep and bear arms, anywhere else. To most Australians, the very idea sounds ridiculous and incredibly gauche. The Brits gave up their rights to bear arms decades ago, and have suffered ever since as a result. The Euroweenies think the idea of private gun ownership is thoroughly absurd.

Asian culture considers the entire concept completely weird. Most Indians would be appalled by the idea of even touching a gun, never mind owning one. The East Asians find the whole notion incomprehensible; it’s supposed to be the government’s job to protect the people, according to them.

This right to keep and bear arms is incredibly precious and highly unique to America. It truly is the one right that guarantees all of the others. Americans who insist that it should be given up in the name of “civic responsibility”, “safety”, and “progress” are not merely misinformed or stupid – though both epithets apply.

They are, in fact, enemies of their own people, culture, and nation. And they thoroughly deserve to be treated as such.

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  1. Jonathan

    What about Russian and former Comblock countries attitudes towards private gun ownership? Are any of them moving in the right direction at all?

    • Didact

      Well, here's the funny thing.

      In Russia the sale of actual lethal firearms is strictly regulated – but you can walk into any neighbourhood mall in Moscow or St. Pete's and buy pellet guns, knives, crossbows, machetes, and switchblades without any background checks or paperwork. They are not in favour of individual gun ownership, at all, but they evidently have no problem with people arming themselves with sharp objects.

      Carrying those weapons in public is another matter. They have metal detectors at every metro station in the big cities, so you cannot just carry a blade on your person. And if you get caught while carrying one, this can be problematic, from what I have heard.

  2. Mr.Smith

    Funny story about East Asians and guns. Back in the early 00's a couple of buddies and I were kicking it around Seoul and found a Korean civilian shooting range. We decided to pop in, rent a couple guns, and squeeze off some rounds.
    The place had a SINGLE firing lane. Only one of us was allowed inside the lane area at a time, the rest of us had to sit in the lobby and watch them shoot on a tv screen. We were not allowed to load or unload the weapons, only an employee of the range was allowed to do that, and THEY had to do it behind a black curtain, so that you couldn't see how the weapon was loaded or unloaded if you were watching the tv screen in the lobby.
    The owner of the range was very apologetic since it was pretty obvious that the four white guys in their early 20's with the high and tights probably knew more about the guns than his employees did, but he was very adamant that they had to do it this way because of the local laws. Civilians weren't supposed to know how to operate a weapon outside of pulling the trigger.
    The next weekend my roommate and I were sitting on our apartment building roof and watched a ROK unit install a AAA battery onto the roof of the building next door. Weird country.

    • Didact

      Yeah, it is kind of a weird country. Especially considering that, as far as I know, all South Korean men have to do military service and therefore should have at least a passing familiarity with loading, unloading, and firing a weapon.

  3. AB.Prosper

    A solid article though globally the world is getting more pro gun than every before .

    Even in India you see people wanting arms

    Also while the US gun culture is unique as you said, many places the Philippines, Yemen , Pakistan and even parts of Europe have healthy gun cultures

    Now of course the ruling classes hate private arms but any person who isn't a natural slave probably ought to hate his or her ruling class right back reserving an extra portion for the stooges that help these people achieve their goals

    • Didact

      Indeed. There is no more effective way to keep the elites in their place than to have an armed and educated population that understands that self-defence is a moral obligation, not merely a right.

  4. Anonymous


    In defense of inconsistency. An ideological fanatic like the Khmer Rouge or antifa etc are ideologically consisten. To be inconsistent is a sign that you're a normal human being who's struggling to make sense of the world.
    I do get that if you're pro life you don't support pro abortion politican and so on.
    But you can be pro gun but anti death penalty or pro life and and pro control (which is imprudent)

    The Europeans will remember why they gave up their guns in thee first place and then take back that right. The rampaging rape gangs and the elite's criminal treason towards their citizens will remind Europeans of their right to rebellion and tyrannicide.
    And thanks to those cretinous elites, the European civil war will be far uglier and bloodier than the Spanish civil war


    • Didact

      The Europeans will remember why they gave up their guns in thee first place and then take back that right.

      I agree, but the question is how much longer will it take – and how much more individual suffering will be needed before Europe's "enlightened" elite are bodily thrown out of power and then sent to meet Madame Guillotine for their crimes.


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