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Uncomfortable Truths, Pt. 1: The Inconvenient Manuscripts

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Christianity, Uncategorized | 3 comments

As anyone who has done even the most cursory of examinations into Islam’s origins can tell you, the standard story of how Islam came about is simply false in virtually every respect.

To say such a thing is a mortal insult to most Muslims and inevitably results in exploding heads, spontaneous rage-vomiting, and unhinged threats of extreme violence carried out in the name of their “prophet” in order to wash clean the insult. And, of course, all too often, the insult is answered with bloodshed – as for instance the French found out over 3 years ago when a number of their most provocative cartoonists were massacred by angry Muslims for the “crime” of publishing cartoons deemed “offensive” to the “prophet” of Islam.

Despite the hysterical reactions of Muslims to perceived attacks on their “holy” books and their “prophet”, the fact remains that Islam’s canonical origin story does not stand up to informed and careful scrutiny.

That canonical story basically says that the Koran has always existed contemporaneously in Paradise with God – an entity that Muslims call “Allah” – since the very beginning of time. It is supposed to be the perfect book that provides the perfect moral law, and all other books – including the Old and New Testaments – are mere corruptions of it.

The story goes on to say that the “prophet” Mohammed was an illiterate merchant from the Qur’aysh tribe who lived near Mecca and was married to a rich woman named Khadija – considerably older than him, by the way, and also his employer, but Muslims kind of gloss over that part. He frequently went to a cave to pray to his pagan gods, one of whom was called “Allah”.

The story says that one day, when Ole Mo was about 40 or so, the Archangel Jibreel – Gabriel – came down to speak to him and told him to read the verses of the Koran. Mohammed told him three times that he could not read, and each time Jibreel practically strangled him to make him read. Finally, Jibreel told him to recite instead, and transliterated the verses of the Koran to Mohammed.

Islam claims therefore that the Koran is the perfect copy of the perfect book. It claims that all subsequent Korans are exactly the same as the original Koran as written down by Mohammed’s secretary after his death. Islam claims that the book has never changed in all of Islamic history, that its revelations have never been altered or amended in any way. Islam claims that the first extant copies of the Koran were transcribed into Arabic only well after Mohammed’s passing.

Every single aspect of the standard narrative of Islam is categorically false.

It has already been shown in considerable detail by scholars far more knowledgeable than myself that Mohammed almost certainly did not exist as a single historical figure, as described by Islamic tradition. It is more likely that Mohammed is an invented composite figure retconned into history by the Arabs after they took over the earliest Islamic empire, which was in fact thoroughly Persian in character. At best, Mohammed was likely based on a composite of Joshua of Nun, Jesus Christ, at least one other Persian warlord of that era, and possibly an actual Arab merchant from around that time.

But what about the Koran? What claims can be made about its scriptural accuracy?

As it turns out – almost none. The Koran is plagued by far more problems than the Bible, at every level.

The following 9-part series of videos is something that I spent quite some time watching a few weeks ago, and it contains a huge amount of information and scholarly data that is presented in a highly entertaining, well-articulated, and fascinating manner. If you really want to get to the facts about the Koran, and you want to understand just how perverse even that perverted book is, take a look at these, and then take another look at the standard origin story of Islam. You will quickly see that the closer you look at Islam, the worse it seems.

This is in naked and stark contrast to Christianity, whose origins have been subjected to more scrutiny than that of any other faith or philosophy in all of human history. The closer you look at Christianity, the more you realise that it is internally as well as externally consistent, and the more you see that the ministry of Christ was, in fact, that of the King and Saviour of Mankind.

If only more Christians were able to articulate these things, perhaps Christianity could get off the back foot and stop playing constant defence, and start playing offence again. For Christianity is, in fact, a highly offensive faith, in every sense of the word – and this needs to be well understood.

Truth, after all, is offensive. That’s the point of the truth. It’s supposed to make you feel uncomfortable and offended. You have to take the pain of the truth before you can use it to make yourself a better person.

So sit back, relax, grab a few beers, and enjoy this highly entertaining series of videos from CIRA and Pfander Films:

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  1. xavier


    Sorry to hijack the post.

    Go to PJmedia and look for Andrew Botom's article on Emperor Leo III letter to Omar. It's a remarkable document written by someone who intimately knew the Moslem since a young age He was fluent in Arabic and Greek. Better yet, the dawa hasn't changed one iota. There are lots of mind blowing points for example Leo denounced female circumcision as barbaric EVEN BY 8TH CENTURY standards. He also slams the mysogyny of treating women as fields to be tilled (and totally explains the rape gang phenomeon in England. And provides an outstanding defense of women from a Christain point of view)

    The saddest thing is that the Latins didn't get a copy of this letter as it would've given them lots of arguments to resist and kick the Moslems out of Southern Europe a lot earlier.
    Imagine if St Thomas Aquinas had this letter and used it in Summa contra gentilicum

    That letter needs to be republished in the original language (not sure if in Arabic or Greek) with translations in all major languages.

    Another tidbit:
    1) Some camels supposedly ate some of the palm leaves which had Koranic verses written.
    2) Omar or one of the later caliph gathered those who had memorized and tried to harmonize the verses. If I remember correctly there were obvious problems so there were compromises
    3) The ordinary people need to be aware of extant copies. Written documentation wasn't printed in the millions of copies at the local Kinkos/Big 5 publishers They had to be labouriously handwritten and lot of stuff was lost because they simply weren't needed, interesting or wanted.

    Sorry again to hijack the post.

    • Didact

      I think the comment is germane to the discussion.

      It is true that Islam's problems were known and understood for centuries before the current time. Even during the ascendancy of Islam, the Jews and Christians of Arabia were deeply unconvinced about the claims that Mohammed made as a "prophet" and repeatedly pointed out the contradictions and problems with the Koran in order to highlight the flaws in his teachings.

      As far as the outright misogyny of Islam goes, that has definitely been true from its inception – and actually a closer examination of its roots shows that Islamic misogyny basically takes Jewish teachings about the relationships between men and women, completely distorts them, and claims that all that is wicked and evil, is in fact good and pure.

      It's a batshit insane ideology when viewed through any kind of a rational lens.

    • Anonymous


      Thanks for the comments. remember, that Mohammed was literally tarred and feathered as well as fled for his life from Medina. Yup. Again, it seems that there as an uncle or someone close to him who was a Neestorian monk who inspired Islam. Again, we need to regress harder and take a fresh look at Nestorism. Re-re read Nestor's original writing, those of the Church fathers that led to the Council of Chaldea (Chalidan Council) and then compare it with the latest development of doctrine. Yeah a challenge but a necessary one.

      Yeah it's deeply irrational but St Thomas Aquinas gave the rational in either the Summa or the Summa contra gentiles. Never underestimate human free will to actively choose the bad.


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