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Friday T&A: Amouranthine Edition

by | Sep 7, 2018 | fat girl jihad, Uncategorized | 1 comment

This may have been a short week thanks to Labour Day – at least, in the US – but over in my part of the world, it was long, annoying, and filled with a number of irritations. Nothing out of the ordinary, fortunately, but being back in the old country tends to have that effect on me. Even my injuries seem to hurt more here than anywhere else.

Anyway, enough complaining, let’s get down to the serious business of relaxing.

This week’s Instathot came to my attention via a YouTube video concerning an “altercation” at a certain gym somewhere. You see, the “young lady” in “question” here – she may be young, but if you look around on them thar internetz for her, she ain’t no lady, and her activities are definitely on the questionable side – was apparently caught filming herself “stretching” at the gym for a very, very long time while live-streaming the whole thing on Twitch.

She then had the audacity – and the bad acting skills – to say with a straight face that the gym employees who came over and gave her grief about her very obvious cam-whoring that they were “harassing” her.

Yeah, right, pull the other leg, honey.

Let’s be very clear about a couple of things with Ms. Amouranth or whatever she calls herself.

First – no denying it, she is gorgeous. Big eyes, big firm breasts, a great body, and a very nice arse. She looks (and sounds) a bit like a cut-rate Scarlett Johansson – and actually she could probably match her doppelthoter‘s bad acting skills too. She is rather a good cosplayer, though I have no idea whether she has any skills as a gamer at all. (I’m guessing not.)

Second – don’t let’s try to dignify what she does for a living. She’s a cam-whore who does soft-core (and possibly hard-core) PR0N. If you search for her with your safe search turned off (which I don’t recommend), then you will see very quickly that she makes her money taking her clothes off for the camera for a living for all of her very horny Beta-male orbiters.

So enjoy the sights of a beautiful girl who does what such girls do when presented with an army of thirsty Beta-male admirers. See, that’s the nice thing about understanding a few home truths about women – you can appreciate their beauty while still avoiding the bad ones.

Happy Friday, boys. Have a safe and restful weekend.

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