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The Left’s thermal exhaust port

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Remember the penultimate scene of the very first STAR WARS movie? The iconic, pivotal, brilliant Death Star Trench Run?

Remember how Luke Skywalker piloted his X-wing through a turbolaser-infested trench, into a veritable hurricane of enemy fire, while being hunted by Darth Vader in his TIE Advanced-x1 model with two wingmen in standard TIE fighters?

Remember that edge-of-your-seat final sequence in which Luke raced against time and TIE fighters on his tail to drop two proton torpedoes straight into the mouth of an unprotected thermal exhaust port about two metres wide, linking to the main exhaust port and leading directly to the main power generator?

And remember that incredible feeling when the Death Star finally KA-BLOOIEED into a bajillion pieces just as the switch was flipped to fire on the Rebel moon-base of Yavin IV?

(Yeah, I’ve got a LOT of old leftover STAR WARS trivia rattling around in my skull. It’s actually kind of sad how much time I used to spend on the saga, especially when you consider what a shit-heap it’s become in the years since.)

Well, it turns out that the entire scene, and the ideas that led up to it, have a lot to do with the current state of the culture wars.

Let us do a little number-crunching first to see why.

You see, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! control between them ninety-five percent of the global search market, with Google’s market share at around 86% across all platforms and hitting 93% for mobile searches.

In terms of social media, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit control between them about 76% of the US market alone.

In the mobile and instant messaging market, Facebook (through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp) alone controls about 48% of the market, and Facebook and Microsoft together control 53% of it.

So, no matter where you look, the platforms for speech, communication, and social media are controlled by a handful of giant, oligopolistic operators. And they act in concert to a truly frightening degree.

They are, essentially, a giant monolithic threat to freedom of expression, individual rights, and association.

If one were to flail around for a decent metaphor for purposes of comparison, one might just be able to say that the modern Left controls a GIANT HONKIN’ BATTLE STATION – that’s no moon – with a HUGE-ASS LASER FULL OF THOUGHT-DESTROYING ASS-BEAT, designed specifically to assplode through de-platforming the living bejeezus out of any remaining bastions of free thought and expression.

In other words – the Left is the Empire and has a Death Star (or three, or ten, depending on how you count them), and we of the Hard Right are the plucky heroic Rebellion. This sort of suits us, since we do believe in shooting first when confronted by a mortal threat and have no interest whatsoever in blaster control of any kind.

I kind of like that. I used to be a giant STAR WARS nerd – complete with a STAR WARS club that I helped found in middle school, which went pretty much about as well as you might imagine. (Hint: not very.)

Anyway – the thing about Death Stars is that they tend to be highly complex, poorly thought-out Rube Goldberg-ian contraptions with glaringly obvious weak points and absurdly stupid plot lines that five minutes of careful examination would reveal to all but the most gullible of fanboys.

Such, as it happens, is the case with the Left’s two biggest Death Stars – Twatter and Faceborg.

In case you have forgotten your STAR WARS lore – or, like me, have tried manfully to beat it out of your brain because you’re so disgusted with the flaming shitpile that is the current Mickey Mouse Wars franchise – you might want to go back and watch the ending of the very first STAR WARS film.

To reiterate – in that movie, some farmboy knucklehead in an X-wing (with apologies to John Ringo for blatantly stealing his phraseology) does a full-speed run down a ruler-straight trench against a bunch of Imperial gunners who evidently couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn at ten paces with an elephant gun, while being chased by just two TIE fighters (and one TIE x1 Advanced model piloted by the greatest movie villain of all time), and dumps two proton torpedoes straight down a thermal exhaust port about two metres wide with the help of another magical wish-granting Macguffin called “The Force”.

Yes, it’s almost brain-meltingly stupid when put in terms like that, but the movie itself was actually very good fun.

And, as it happens, there is a good lesson to be learned in the process, as a highly astute commenter over at Sith Lord Heartiste’s lair points out:

I would bet both of my gloriously large balls that Twitter is leveraging a basic psychometric difference between liberals and conservatives to achieve widespread shadowbanning of conservatives while maintaining plausible deniability. Brilliant, yet pure evil. Here’s how it works: It’s long been known that liberals are far, far more likely to block and unfriend people (even close family) over politics than are conservatives. What does Twitter do? Writes an algorithm that squelches people who are blocked by lots of other people. Twitter: “It’s not us, it’s the al-go-rithm.” Also Twitter: “Shitlibs, do yo thing!”

One way to fight back would be to block the snot out of prominent liberals, especially ones without a blue check. This would force Twitter to manually un-ban them and it’s the manual intervention that’s going to get them in trouble eventually since any record of it will clearly show favoritism towards the left. One suspects that this is why Twitter hands out blue checks to Leftists like candy while being notoriously stingy to conservatives – a blue check is just supposed to mean that you’re “verified”, that you are who you say you are – but it probably also means that the shadowban algorithm (((passes over you))).

Right, one moment while I adopt my General Jan Dodonna costume:

The battle station is heavily shielded, and carries a firepower greater than half the starfleet. Its defenses are designed around a direct, large-scale assault. A small, one-man fighter should be able to penetrate the outer defence… Well the Empire doesn’t consider a small one-man fighter to be any threat, or they’d have a tighter defence. An analysis of the plans… has demonstrated a weakness in the battle station. The approach will NOT be easy. You’re required to manoeuvre straight down this trench and skim the surface to this point. The target area is only 2 metres wide. It’s a small thermal exhaust port, right below the main port. The shaft leads directly to the reactor system. A precise hit will start a chain reaction which should destroy the station. ONLY  a precise hit will setup a chain reaction.

It should be quite obvious what needs to be done here.

If you are on liberal-controlled social media – Faceborg, Twatter, whatever – then start blocking any and all prominent liberaltards that you can think of.

Find them all, especially the ones with the blue checks on Twatter. Block them hard. Use their own algorithm against them.

I don’t want to hear any bitching and moaning about how “this makes us just like the Left”. Enough of that nonsense. The classic counterexample is of the Allies using mustard gas against the Germans, who started using it first. Copying, refining, and using the tactics of our enemies against them is not only perfectly permissible, but – as any halfway decent military historian will tell you (a couple of whom read this blog) – quite normal.

The Left started this war. We did not want this. We would have been perfectly happy to let them yell and scream and act like degenerate freaks and clowns over on their side of the playground – but then they insisted on coming over to our side and stealing our stuff, giving us wedgies, and telling us how to play.

Bugger that for a bag of crisps, says I.

Every army in history has either learned from the successful tactics and strategies of its enemies – or been annihilated. When the choice is between life and death, it is not particularly difficult to figure out which one is more appealing.

And if you don’t believe that we are, in fact, at war, then I really have nothing more to say to you. It is not possible to teach you anything, for you are too dense to figure out what is readily apparent to everyone else here.

Make no mistake – we are at war, against an enemy that wants to see us destroyed, root and branch. The Left hates us. They hate everything we believe in. They hate truth, beauty, justice, and the all-powerful, all-merciful Creator who embodies all that is good.

Fighting back against the Left with their own tactics is not only very good fun, it is also extremely effective. You see, our enemies – and that is what they are – are conditioned to seeing conservatives and right-wingers fold like seasonal workers at The Gap when confronted by shrieks of RACISS! and SEXISS! and MUH-SOGGY-KNEES! and MUH PATRIARKEEEE!. That, of course, is exactly what most conservatives did for the better part of forty years.

Conservatives won the Cold War – better understood as World War Three – but could not even conserve the ladies’ room.

The Left has been used to having everything their way for a very long time. They have come completely unglued over the fact that their chosen candidate failed, in spectacular fashion, to win what should have been a walkover election. (Never mind the fact that she could not even walk up a flight of stairs unassisted.) That alone shows that simply refusing to back down is enough to make the Left completely lose their shit.

At that point, all they will have left is name-calling and mud-slinging. Fine. We’ve dealt with a lot worse.

So, my friends, if you are on social media in any capacity, go forth and block. I got off Facebook a long time ago, I have never used Twitter, and I get only moderate amounts of stick from liberaltards about my comments on YouTube, so I cannot do much in this regard – but some of you may well be active Facebook/Twitter users.

You know what to do. Now get on with it.

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  1. Dire Badger


    You know what? Luke may have had the force, but we Have God… and he is vastly more powerful than even Darth Vader could have imagined.

  2. mobius

    Brilliant! I don't use them either, but I'll pass it around.


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