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Friday T&A: Thot Patrol Edition

by | Aug 31, 2018 | fat girl jihad, Uncategorized | 3 comments

It’s Friday again, and I have to say, it has actually been a pretty decent week.

I had to fly out to Singapore for a few days for family reasons, and am heading back tomorrow to the old country. I thoroughly enjoyed coming back to this tiny little island nation, “a pimple on the arse-end of Malaysia”, as it was once so memorably described to me by a high-school teacher.

It felt truly wonderful to be back. I lived in Singapore for a couple of years while I completed high school and came back to visit it many times between 2006 and 2013. I have always loved it here. Singapore is clean, beautifully maintained, orderly, quiet, extremely safe, advanced, prosperous, and just plain great to live in.

Even the mental fog that I feel in the old country disappears while I am here – not least because here there are actual churches within walking distance, where the “phone line”, so to speak, to the Big Man Upstairs is always clear and available for use and you never ever have to deal with a “dropped call”.

And Singapore is, of course, a foodie’s paradise. Seriously, you could eat at a different restaurant, cafe, or hawker stall every single night for 20 years and never, ever run out of places to eat or repeat yourself. The diversity of cuisine and palates here is astounding, and it is such a delight to eat real Chinese food again, instead of the horrible over-spiced crap that passes for “Chinese” back in the old country.

Unfortunately, there is a really high price to pay for all of this, and that price is… well, the price of everything. This is an expensive city to live in.

And that brings us neatly to our Instathot of the week – because this city, like Dubai, is a superconducting magnet for women with knockout figures and questionable morals, who come here to promote various products and sleep with the men who paid for their time and company.

This week’s Instababe comes from – surprise! – Russia, and goes by the working name of Anyuta Rai. She has a huge following on Instagram – over 2.7 million people and counting – and insists that she got there through hard work and natural gifts.

Yeah. Right. Pull the other one, why don’t you – that’s got bells on it.

It was actually a Russian girl pointed me in the direction of this particular lady and translated her autobiographical spiel for me. Apparently her autobiography goes something like this:

I moved to Moscow with one small suitcase, and I was not given anything here on a plate with a golden kaemochka [edge], as many believe. There were no relatives, only a couple of friends and a young man with whom I broke up in six months). Perhaps, if not for him, I would have remained in Ekaterinburg. It was difficult to hang out [in] rented apartments, it’s good that at that time I already had about 500 thousand subscribers in Instagram, shooting and a lot of proposals for advertising).

[My father was never rich], and I have nothing to do with the export [sic], although it’s easier for someone to justify someone else’s success!

Uh huh. Sure. Well, let’s just see whether she has any photos taken in Dubai…

Bingo! Sponsored, for sure.

I’ve seen this lady’s photos from back before she had various cosmetic “procedures” done too, by the way. She looked totally different back then – flat-chested, bad skin, bad teeth, weird nose, sunken cheeks, the works. Whoever her plastic surgeon is, he’s a damned miracle worker. I’m seriously considering petitioning the Vatican to have him recognised as a Living Saint – he’s THAT GOOD.

Anyway, enjoy the eye-candy, chaps, because while you’re doing that, I’m going to be on a plane packed full of UIFs and going to a country populated with over a billion pagans and Muslims.

Happy Friday, lads. Enjoy your weekend and get some rest.

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  1. Dire Badger

    I visited Singapore about 15 years ago. It was very clean, but EVERYTHING tasted like peanut butter, even the mcdonald's

  2. Anonymous


    Yup. It's too expensive and the natives are really gettin' hot under the collar.
    She's a lovely woman. Ya know how about a shout out to petite curvy (*cough* like the wife*cough) women.?:)

    • Didact

      Ya know how about a shout out to petite curvy (*cough* like the wife*cough) women.?:)

      Got you covered, bro.

      I'll see what I can do to serve up more of the same in the coming weeks.


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