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Friday T&A: Subcontinental Seasons Edition

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Posting this week has been nearly non-existent because I was off galivanting around Bombay and Goa for the past ten days or so. That, along with the fact that internet connectivity here in the subcontinent ranks somewhere between “abysmal” and “retarded”, meant that my ability to entertain and amuse y’all with my irreverent and not-exactly-inoffensive takes on events both current and historical.

That holiday did put a few things into perspective, particularly with respect to how, honestly, life is just too short to give a damn what most people think of you these days. I have been thinking that way for a while, but it is useful to be reminded from time to time exactly why it is a valuable mode of thinking.

Pictures and commentary about Goa and traveling in India in general will follow over the next few days, to be sure. But we must put first things first, and the most important thing to do today is to post up pictures of a hot girl to get this Friday night started right.

Today’s girl has actually been featured at dis ‘ere ‘umble blog before, though not in the context of an installment of this most beloved series. (Hey, let’s be honest – most of y’all really only actually care about the babes; the overbrewed and unfiltered commentary is just kind of a nice bonus.) Her name is Maria Sokolvski, and as far as I can tell she is a Russian model who had quite a decent career for a little while.

The reason why I picked her is not because of laziness. (Okay, intellectual honesty demands that I admit that I did partly pick her because I am kind of lazy, but in my defence, I had about fifty other things to deal with today and didn’t have as much time as usual to go a-hunting.) I actually picked her because my trip to Goa reinforced a lot of the observations that I have made about India and its people, and especially its women, in the past.

One of those observations was brought home in quite pointed fashion when I saw just how gorgeous a girl from Russia looked in clothing designed specifically for Indian women – far, far better than any of the local women did, in fact.

So in honour of that fact, here are a bunch of pictures of Ms. Sokolovski from her modeling days. She truly was a remarkable specimen. (Don’t worry, she’s still around – she just kind of let herself go a bit and is nowhere near “model-ready” these days.)

Happy Friday, chaps. Enjoy the weekend, try not to party too hard, and get some good relaxation and rest.

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