“We are Forerunners. Guardians of all that exists. The roots of the Galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending. Where there is life, the wisdom of our countless generations has saturated the soil. Our strength is a luminous sun, towards which all intelligence blossoms… And the impervious shelter, beneath which it has prospered.”

Music for breaking things

by | Jun 24, 2018 | HALO, Uncategorized | 3 comments

Sent to me by a reader, here is something to start off your Sunday morning the right way:

Oddly enough, the song title features in the last line of the introduction to the book that I am writing. I posted up that introduction a while back, then went through and revised it a bit, and have since been working on fleshing out the rest of the book. It is going to be something of a guide or training manual for young men, drawing on the lessons of my life and the lives of others, to give the lost Millennial generation of men a path and a vision to fight for.

That vision is of a free society, led by and for men, under the Word and the Law of God and His Son.

And the fact is, we have a war on.

The Christian, traditionalist Right has been losing that war for fifty years. We have finally woken up and started to fight back, and it has been a lot of fun to watch the liberaltard Left fall back in confusion and disarray, wondering what the hell happened.

But we’ve got a very, very long way to go yet. And the price to be paid for undoing the follies of the past is going to be extremely high.

So we might as well get in the mood by listening to a few good marching songs in the process, eh, what?

Oh, and I have to toss in one from my beloved POWERWOLF too:


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  1. Dire Badger

    Breaking Benjamin blow me away was a surprising addition. Much more my speed than your usual selections.

    Bands like Godsmack, white/Rob zombie, and Breaking benjamin almost feel like easy listening compared to a lot of the music you put up.

    Not that that is a bad thing.

  2. Ward B.

    Uh, that SINBREED song definitely reminded me of a book I had to read in high school many years ago…."The Metamorphosis". And I must say that the video was a weird as the book was. Well, AD and SABATON made up for it.

    Ok, having just read the comment section of the video, I can see that I am not the only one who thought of the Kafka book. I must say it was….different. Not bad, just….different.
    But that 3 part book was weird.

  3. LastRedoubt

    I was surprised at Breaking Benjamin as well – though I did get hooked on a few of their songs after Ringo so kindly added them to his zombie writing playlist.

    John Ringo needs to pay me for all the music he's made me buy

    The Halo soundtrack instrumental was also an interesting change of pace, but wonderfully victorious.


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