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Friday T&A: Bosporus Bazaar Edition

by | Jun 30, 2018 | fat girl jihad, Uncategorized | 7 comments

As you may know, I’m on the road again, staying in Istanbul for a few days and generally enjoying the sights of what used to be the greatest city in all of Christendom – until the Ottomans came long and [2,000 rant about Islam redacted… for now].

And yes, I know this installment of the most beloved and wonderful part of this blog is getting to you on a Saturday. (Let’s face facts – the unhinged and politically incorrect commentary here is just a sideshow, everyone comes here for the babes.) All I can offer by way of excuse is to point out that the only thing worse and more irritating than listening to the adhan, which sounds a lot [redacted] being [redacted], is the appallingly bad state of Turkish “free WiFi”. It’s like they haven’t even heard of the concept of stable internet around here.

Pictures and commentary about my trip out to the ancient capital of the Byzantine empire will be sure to follow once I’m back in the old country. I have to say, though, that it is genuinely hard to see the glorious old churches of Christendom – many of which were over a thousand years old before the Turks got to them – turned into mosques.

That being said – one of the best things about coming to Turkey from the old country was, of course, seeing beautiful women. I am not joking about this – in eight days in the old country, I did not see a single attractive woman. Not one. So it was with great pleasure that I landed at Ataturk International Airport and saw a number of slim, well-dressed, well-made-up, and quite pretty Turkish ladies.

And since I am, after all, in Turkey today, I figured I might as well post up a picture or three of a hot Turkish girl. Her name is Tuğba Ercan, and while she is from Turkey she actually lives somewhere near Fort Lauderdale in Florida, apparently.

Happy Friday weekend, boys. I’ll see you in a few days when I am back in the old country and am back to some sort of regular writing and posting schedule.

A post shared by TUĞBA ERCAN ♠️ (@tugbaercan) on

A post shared by TUĞBA ERCAN ♠️ (@tugbaercan) on

A post shared by TUĞBA ERCAN ♠️ (@tugbaercan) on

A post shared by TUĞBA ERCAN ♠️ (@tugbaercan) on

A post shared by TUĞBA ERCAN ♠️ (@tugbaercan) on

A post shared by TUĞBA ERCAN ♠️ (@tugbaercan) on

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  1. Anonymous

    It was 29May1453. Hope this cheers you up.

    • Didact

      Yep. That definitely helps.

  2. Ward B.

    Well color me surprised. You're right. She's a looker. I somehow was under the impression that Turkey was somewhat….lacking. If this is an average example, I was sorely mistaken.

    • Didact

      She is not the average, unfortunately. She is very much at the high end of the scale. Most Turkish women are nowhere near this pretty, and many of them insist on wearing bedsheets in the form of the hijab, the niqab, and the Godawful abomination we know of as the burqa.

      Though to be fair, the women who are clothed in such bedspreads are almost universally pretty chunky. So they are actually doing the rest of us a bit of a favour.

      The few Turkish women who are not made up like clowns and are slim and attractive, generally know how to display themselves – even if they are in a headscarf and dressed modestly, they still wear clothes that flatter their figures.

  3. Anonymous

    Do you think that miscegenation plays a role in female beauty? I find the Indian women from the Punjabi, and the ex colonial parts (aka Goa, Bombay, Pointdecherry) quite pretty. Given the long history of Ottoman razzias throughout Europe, I wonder if that partly explains it.

    • Didact

      I do not doubt for a moment that it does. Cultural and genetic cross-breeding in limited amounts is definitely beneficial. In Turkey you will find a number of different racial admixtures, particularly in a place as cosmopolitan and literally global as Istanbul. The most attractive of the Turkish women tend to have very European features, which is not surprising when you consider the fact that Istanbul was and remains the gateway between Asia and Europe.

      Again, limited amounts of race-mixing between different cultures does work, which is why Punjabi and Rajasthani women in India, for instance, tend to be quite lovely. Rajasthanis in particular tend to have green eyes, which is an extremely unusual eye colour in India – brown eyes are genetically dominant and that is what just about everyone in India has.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Didact. I see your point. about limited. Too much is as bad as too little. Always moderation.
      I'd be interested in your view of how the IndoEuropean invasions made or didn't the feminine beauty in India.
      I've enjoyed reading your site.


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